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    Young entrepreneurs, Kushal Chudiwala and Nikhil Tibrewala, growing frustrated with the lack of facilities, joined hands to create an effective educational tool called Educync. Meant to revolutionise education in India, it is a cloud-enabled service that allows for the cataloguing of study material for students, teachers and parents.
    a�?We spent a bit of time looking into the market and realised that we needed better Internet infrastructure for out-of-classroom interaction,a�? begins Chudiwala, adding that despite a large part of India being offline, they hope to change that with the right kind of exposure. The portal can be used by schools, colleges, playschools, tuition and education centres and for distance learning programs. It can also work for an institute from 10 students all the way up to 10,000.
    Emphasising that the team at Edusync does not create any teaching content, Chudiwala explains that they are a portal not a software. a�?Ita��s a simple sign up portal. It is like creating a email account with the simplest registration process. The only thing required is the institutea��s consent and willingness to use Edusync as a platform for better student-teacher interaction,a�? shares the co-founder, adding, a�?The beauty of Edusync is that service is absolutely free of cost for the first year and will be chargeable at `10 for the successive year.a�?
    Targetting any school and institute that doesna��t have the infrastructure, expertise or funds to directly empower their teachers and students with the Internet, he adds that initially, people were sceptical. a�?But once we made the first year free, ita��s been cautiously positive.a�?
    Cutting down unnecessary elements like carrying extra books, misplacing study material and costs of photocopying, Chudiwala aims to change the educational space in time, by a�?getting the word out therea��.
    Details: edusync.co.in
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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