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With intelligent filtering and real-time alerts, eKavach promises child safety online

A series of incidents propelled the launch of Certus Technologiesa�� mobile application, eKavacha��Indiaa��s first digital-parenting application. a�?My sona��s addiction with the internet, growing concerns among friends, and stories Ia��d hearda��like an 11-year-old budding online chess champion who suffered from depression after cyber bullyinga��inspired me to launch it,a�? says Noopur Raghunath, founder, who moved away from her core areas of finance and public administration (she has an MBA in the former and an MA in the latter) to start the company in February.
Virtual guardian
The appa��s filtering technology and real-time alerts, which helps parents monitor and engage with their children remotely, are its biggest pluses. a�?If your child has searched for a black-listed category, you will get an alert, giving you the flexibility to block it from your phone,a�? she says, explaining that you can also fix time limits for internet activities. While there are plenty of virtual nannies in the market (like Net Nanny and Playrific), Raghunath says eKavach is customised for the Indian consumer. a�?It includes over 1.5 lakh Indian websites, 600 categories, and six lakh words (slangs/abbreviations) thata��ve been vetted by our experts panela��which includes Dr Deepali Batra, a clinical psychologist at Delhia��s Batra Hospital, Shefali Bakshi, deputy director of languages at Amity University, and Ramya Gopalakrishnan, editor of Parent Edge,a�? she says, adding that the app compiles weekly reports on a childa��s activities.
Beyond browsing
Raghunath says they are now testing eKavach Social, which will include social media monitoring. a�?We are also working on eKavach Protect, with geotracking, to ensure the physical security of your children,a�? she concludes. Available for iOS and Android. Details: yourekavach.com
a��Surya Praphulla Kumar