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    The king lives on in music while evolution comes through in frames and Dads take centre stage

    Drink to that
    The King of Pop may have died five years ago, but his music lives on, undoubtedly. Therea��s no shortage of covers of his 1982 hit Billie Jean, but the Denmark Bottle Boys take on the song at a whole different level. Using only beer bottles, the group plays out the entire song with elements of soul music and hints of Bobby McFerrin too. While on the groupa��s channel, also check out their covers of Call Me Maybe and Party Rock Anthem.

    Papa bear calls
    This Dove ad for mena��s care (Calls For Dad) was made to celebrate fathera��s day with people (from toddlers to adults) calling for their father in times of need. From panic-stricken a�?Daaaaaaaaaada�� from a little boy stuck in his shirt to the melancholic a�?Daddya�� from a broken-hearted girl, the ad is a lovely representation of the relationship between children and their fathers no matter how old they both are.

    Heritage documents
    Thanks to her fascination for evolution, photographer Cyjo, has brought out a series of portraits of mixed-race families, called Mixed Blood which examines how race, ethnicity, and heritage categorise an individual. The artiste, born in South Korea and raised in USA, shot the series from 2010 a��13 in New York and Beijing. Each photograph is accompanied by a brief textual explanation of the familya��s heritage. Details: cyjo.net

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