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The comedian and TV anchor walks us through the new online show, Beauty and the Blogger

ome May, and you can catch the all-new online talent reality show Beauty and the Blogger, by the Famebox network. Hosted by actor and ex-VJ, Cyrus Sahukar, it will see bloggers teaming up with models to perform tasks like writing slogans and promoting themselves on social media to win the three-episode show. Besides a cash prize, the winning model will also become the ambassador for clothing brand American Swan, and the blogger will be designated the social media brand ambassador for the same.

Setting trends
The show will be highly interactive, promises Sahukar. a�?The beauties (models) and the bloggers will attempt something that takes them out of their comfort zone. And I can promise you, it doesna��t involve showcasing talents like singing or dancing,a�? he assures us. According to him, the show is made more for digital viewing and will involve the use of platforms like Facebook and Twitter. a�?Bloggers are known for promoting themselves online and the outcome of the show will also depend on how much they take it forward with social media,a�? says Sahukar, who is planning to launch content online for his company Humble Pie Productions, that plans to make exclusive content for the internet in the form of short films and videos. a�?Airing shows digitally excites me. YouTubeA� has made viewing shows online big. Look at Netflix. It created House of Cards as an online show, that is now being shown on television,a�? he adds.

Funny business
As for Indian television, Sahukar hopes to see more Indianised versions of international shows, like 24 did recently with Anil Kapoor. He also expects to see more variety. a�?Though I dona��t watch anything on a regular basis, I try tuning into Comedy Nights with Kapil,a�? he says. As for Indian comedians not receiving their due on TV, he feels it is because of the lack of good writers. a�?If you look at shows abroad, like the Jay Leno Show, there is a team of six to eight writers coming up with good content. Also, comedy is different. It is tough to write, while keeping in mind the commercial aspect that appeals to a lot of people,a�? he adds.
Sahukar, who likes spending time on the internet (he usually logs on to funnyordie.com and topdocumentaries.com), feels more online shows are the way to go. Currently shooting for Sab Khelo, Sab Jeeto, a show on Sab TV, Sahukar will soon be busy launching content for Humble Pie, which he promises will feature a�?strangea�� comedy.

Log on to youtube.com/fameboxfashion for updates on Fameboxa��s Beauty and the Blogger. Uploading of videos, posts and blogs will start from the second week of May. Details: facebook.com/fameboxnetwork

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