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The comedian on being a father, making his son laugh and all the pitfalls that come with it

Sorabh Pant is on a play date with his son, Vikramaditya, when I call him. a�?For some reason, ita��s turning out to be a flop show, and I dona��t know why,a�? he exclaims. a�?I first took him to a play centre for kids, which was closed. Then I took him to a park nearby, which was closed too. Now, just as we are about to enter another park, it starts raining. The kid is not happy and is giving me this a�?what the f**k are you doinga�� look,a�? he chuckles. Ita��s incidents like these that makes fatherhood challenging yet memorable, and what makes up the content for Panta��s new show, My Baby Thinks I Am Funny, which he is bringing to town this weekend.
In fact, Pant says his experiences with Vikramadityaa��from conception and delivery to growing upa��can become a book of its own. The 34-year-old, who regaled us at Starbucks last month, says, a�?For the past 25 months, Ia��ve written more than 100 pages of content. Ia��ll keep updating it as he grows and Ia��ll also put up new clips related to it, every few months.a�?
Talking about the early jitters of being a father, he advises, a�?A new dada��s experiences are not as harrowing as they sound. It can be fun and relaxed, too. How about providing sperm samples!a�? Currently, Vikramaditya is at a stage when he finds crows funny. So Pant is trying to update his crow-related material. a�?Constant updation is the key or else he will get bored with my jokes,a�? he chuckles. Expecting a mixed crowd at his show, he assures that you do not need to be a dad to enjoy it. a�?I am pretty juvenile on stage anyway,a�? he signs off.
August 13-14, at Museum Theatre. `200 onwards. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

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