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    Surprise dad with apps thata��ll help him with daily chores and even a game of golf

    IMPRESS your tech-savvy father with our pick of handy apps this Fathera��s Day. From tracking his game of golf to managing the fuel in his car, there is even an app to unlock his door without getting up from his la-Z-Boy!

    Kevo: Now dad can use his smartphone to unlock the door with this app by UniKey Technologies. It takes less than 20 minutes to install the electronic touch screen dead bolts and set up the app. Available in polished brass, satin nickel and Venetian bronze, it is priced at `11,103. Details: kwikset.com
    GrillTime: Perfect for the father who is hands on at the barbeque dinner, it recommends grilling times and temperatures, and simultaneously runs multiple timers for a mixed grill. It will even send a pop-up notification to remind him when to flip the meat once ita��s cooked. Available for Apple iOS at Rs 134. Details: itunes.apple.com
    Game Golf: This golfing app supports a device called the Golf Game System (`17,787). With plastic sensors attached to the top of the club, it can also be attached to your glove to get instant analysis and evaluations. The app also provides you with the required distance for your shots. Developed by Active Mind Technology, it is available for both Android and Apple devices.Details: gamegolf.com
    Gas Manager: This app by Kiwi Objects creates a detailed dashboard with fuel consumption, gas expenses and the miles you have travelled. You can also maintain records for more than one vehicle, plus find various services around your location like gas stations and garages. Free on both Apple and Android devices. Details: kiwiobjects.com

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