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Four standup A�comedians to descend on the city to crack jokes on Fathers

If Mothera��s Day can make the Hyderabadass Comedy Club crack jokes on moms, can Fathera��s Day be far behind? The club is roping in dads of all sizes, shapes and forms for its June 18 event at Hotel Marriott. Two from the city, one each from New Delhi and Bengaluru will perform live and dads will be at the receiving end. Price per ticket ` 399 Details: facebook.com/hyderabadasscomedy

Shadab Aziz
Shadab, third-time dad who is now busy changing diapers to his one-week-old daughter, will give us an insight into the troubles, travails and trauma of being a dad, in general and a new dad in particular. a�?Russell Peters and Raj Shekhar inspire me,a�? says the stand-up comedian who is also the head of sales at Avinash construction company.

Alick Bailey
a�?Ita��s tough being a dad. The mother gets the credit for everything. No one wants to talk about the dad’s contributions,a�? cribs Alick Bailey. His session will focus on gender rights and equality. Three years into the scene, Bailey says stand-up comedy is at a a�?semi-infant stagea�� in India. said that he is also going to talk about equality. Bailey is gearing up to crack jokes when he is not busy conducting management workshops for

Maheep Singh
The Delhi-based comedian who is the winner of a�?Comedy Central Indiaa��s Best Comic Hunta�� says he has been experimenting with his career options has been performing on the stage for the last six years. The 45-year-old would be performing for the first time in the city of Nizams. “I am looking forward to my Hyderabad debut at The show is at the Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre, Tank Bund road. I hope you guys like me,” he says.

Suman Kumar
This stay-at-home Bangalore dad tells us that he is going to speak about his take on marriage and his experience as a parent. a�?Trying to put my baby to sleep was an eye-opener. Those few awkward moments when I thought she dozed off and would put her on the bed and she would wail at the top of her voice and I would rinse and repeat made me think of a few jokes on dads.a�? He said that ita��s been a year since he started doing stand-up comedy and that his life experiences have helped him in doing his gigs.]

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