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From an over-protective father to an honest look at eating out, herea��s whata��s trending online.

Daddy uncool
How often do you get to see a four- year-old screaming about wanting a boyfriend from the backseat of a car? This video shows a little girla��s heated argument with her Scottish father over wanting to get a boyfriend. Initially posted on Twitter, it has now made its way to all social media sites. Titled Dada��s Hilarious Reasons Why His Daughter Cana��t Have A Boyfriend, it has gathered four million views. Watch John Tierney playfully threaten his little girl, Grace, while she screams a�?No!a�?

Lazy bonesRadioAnchor2
a�?Me trying to get out of bed every morninga�� is how this video is captioned, with a labrador trying to step down from a couch. With its master asking his pet to wake up and walk, this adorable dog takes over 40 seconds to just place his feet on the ground! Youa��ll giggle and go a�?awwa�� when you watch him doze off as soon as he manages to get off the couch!

RadioAnhcor3Honestly speaking
Is honesty really the best policy? Watch AIBa��s three video installment of HonestA� Bars and Restaurants and decide for yourself. With over four million views, the three videos were made in collaboration with Swiggy. Dealing with topics such as ordering takeouts, shady bars that engineering students rely on, house flies discussing what food to sit on and a mother grilling about the food ordered from a random restaurant, this one will have you in splits, and may even make you hungry!

a�� Monisha Bhat & Anushka Bohra



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