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    After organic vegetables, we take a look at the freshest milk being delivered from farms around the city

    Why settle for anything else, when you can pour farm fresh (or even organic) milk into your bowl of cereal? While the debate of whether pasteurisation is harmful or healthy rages on, brands like The Right Moo and Madras Milk have sprung up, offering milk from cows that are fed grass that is free of pesticides. The Right Moo also assures that the medication administered to their cows in the event of an ailment is herbal and natural, thereby ensuring their milk is free of antibiotics. Read on for the farm fresh offerings you can subscribe to.
    Text: Ryan Peppin

    Madras MilkMadras Milk
    Started by Sidharthan and Karthyayini Sidharthan last December, The Farm has been retailing organic productsA�varying from roasted monkey coffee to mountain honey. Their organic cow and buffalo milk grew so popular that the couple decided to dedicate a website to it earlier this year and started Madras Milk. Sourcing from a network of organic farmers, their a�?desi cow milka�� and a�?buffalo milka�� is available only on a subscription basis and is sent to you in glass bottles of half or one litre capacity. The cows milk is priced at Rs.70 and buffalo milk at Rs.80 a litre. For samples, order a half litre plastic bottle on thefarm.in.
    Details: madrasmilk.com

    Astra DairyAstra
    Rakesh Ravindran started his farm two years ago, around 40 kms from Chennai, in Gummidipoondi. Here, the cows are milked automatically in a milking parlour and the chilled milk is then bottled and delivered to around 2,000 homes in Chennai. Ravindran says, a�?The fodder we feed our cattle is pesticide free. But we dona��t claim that our milk is organic.a�? Astra Dairya��s Farm Fresh milk is available at a minimum subscription of 30 days (Rs.65 a litre) and is delivered between 5.30 am and 7.30 am. Also offering buffalo milk, Astra Dairy makes ghee, paneer and buttermilk that will be available in stores soon. Details: astradairy.in



    Our milk is boiled, not pasteurised. The latter kills both good and bad bacteria. We do what has been done on farms for generationsDSC03377
    a�� Ashley Koshy

    The Right MooMoo1
    Started two months ago by a group of like minded people from different backgrounds, The Right Moo aspires to provide milk that is of international standards. Kishore Menon, one of the 25 people behind this brand and who handles its marketing, says, a�?Our milk is sold in 500 ml food grade cans and our website has details of the periodic tests that we do on the water, milk, air, etc.a�? This is why the group chose Tanjore as the location for their 43-acre farm, because of its pure water conditions. Rs.49 for 500 ml and delivered across the city. They also produce organic curd, ghee and paneer. Details: therightmoo.com

    kay&sidWe also sell almond milk and seam paal (the first milk after a calf is born) that are available on our site thefarm.in
    a�� Karthyayini Sidharthan

    Trader Koshy (1)Trader Koshy
    Reviving tradition a�� this is the goal of former management consultant Ashley Koshy and his wife Sneha. Thata��s why his farm fresh milk is delivered in stainless steel vessels that are similar to those we used to pick up milk from the Aavin booths in. a�?We also bottle the milk in food grade plastic bottles, but these are for the stores,a�? says Koshy, who supplies to 40 homes in the city. Rs.100 a litre. Details: 9444908420, facebook.com/traderkoshy


    The Madras Pinjarapolecow
    A non-government organisation that has been working for the welfare of sick animals since 1906, The Madras Pinjarapole on Konnur High Road, is home to thousands of abandoned cows. They produce nearly 800 litres of milk every day and deliver only to their members. With volunteers signing up to feed the animals, the shelter relies on donations for its operations. Details: facebook.com/tmp1906?fref=photo


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