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So you had a cheat week of sweets and late nights? Two top trainers and a nutritionist show you how toA� get back on track

Boxes of mithai, calorie-dense meals and playing hooky from the gym. Barring the truly disciplined, most of us can check all these boxes this week. So how does one get over this self-inflicted health setback? You can begin with a meal that includes a lot of dietary fibrea��the sooner you get rid of the unhealthy mass in your dietary tract, the better. Keep track of your blood pressure and cholesterol readings and pay your nutritionist a visit. Plus, it helps to stay on the move and do whatever it takes to meet the 10,000 steps a day target. We got three fitness pros to tell us how they would tackle the post a�?cheat weeka�� damage.

Mind-2Move on: Anjali Sareen
Accept you indulged and instead of expending energy over the guilt, use that energy more productively. Ensure there are no leftover sweets sitting around. Carry snacks or home-cooked meals to avoid eating out, at least for a couple of weeks till youa��ve re-established your regular routine of exercise and balanced eating. Set up a little reward for yourself if you do not miss a single workout for the next two weeks. Drastic diets or a dramatic increase in workout routines, especially after a week of over-indulgences and less or no workouts, is just an extreme reaction!Sareen is a fitness and Pilates educator in Bangalore. www.thezonestudio.com



Back to the core Mrinalini Sekar
Get right back to your routine, be it walking, yoga or whatever you enjoyed doing earlier. If you werena��t exercising much before, begin with breathing exercises, stretches and move on to twists and jumps. After strengthening exercises and spinal posture work, finish with a cool down. Include lots of water, fresh and whole foods. Core Combo, a workout programme at Blue, focusses on core strength and uses HIIT (high intensity interval training) to burn off excess. The routine, when done for only an hour, three days/week for three months shows great changes in tone, stamina and around the midriff. A new batch begins on October 27. Sekar is Programme Design Director at Blue Movement Circle. www.bluemovementcircle.co

Mind-1Go raw: Shonali Sabherwal
Cheat days usually involve copious amounts of sugar, so balance your next few meals with good quality sugars from vegetables and fruits. Stick to a plant based diet and keep away from animal foods, dairy, sugars, anything processed/refined, coffee and tea. Have a leafy green smoothie, or even juices for a half day regimen. Going raw is a great balancer and restores the body to alkalinity faster. A one-week detox diet, including brown rice, pressed salads, a good probiotic supplement, food cooked in no oil and soups is also a good balancer.Sabherwal is Indiaa��s first practising Macrobiotics Counselor and author of the books The Love Diet and The Beauty Diet


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