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    Ia��ve SAID it before and Ia��ll say it again. Dance and let dance. Praise the Lord, let out a sigh of relief, our weekend night life deadline has been extended! Come Friday and Saturday, you and I are allowed to get our boogie on, drink our glass of ale and dine without having to worry about being kicked out, at least till 12.59 am.

    As someone who works till 10 pm, Monday to Friday, ita��s comforting to know I can dig into some food at a restaurant after work. More than being able to dance, drink and party, my priorities have and always will be food. It was so unfair to wrap up work at 10 pm only to make it to a restaurant after theya��ve taken the last order. Now I stroll in like a a�?boss-ettea�� and order my meal at leisure.

    Having shared my joy and happiness with you now though, I want to remind you that this freedom, this a�?luxurya�? wea��ve been granted is temporary. We have to be on a�?probationa�? for the next three months here in Bangalore. But honestly you grown women and men, we should be on good behaviour all the time anyway.

    Either way, Ia��ve put together a few scenarios you should deal with in order to help yourself, others and the city on a whole, enjoy a late night butter chicken-and-naan run. Youa��ve probably dealt with at least one or more of these scenarios.

    Your BFF is screaming at the top of her lungs outside the club: Calm her down with the promise of retail therapy from her favourite store the next day. When shea��s distracted, usher her into the nearest known car or back into the club.

    Your man refuses to leave the pub post closing time: I would say slap him into submission, but instead mention the stats of his favourite sport. Hea��ll be gone before you can say Ronaldo!

    Designated life saver: Dona��t try to avoid the cops because the faster you run, the more chances you have of a run in. In order to save your nightlife, do a little advance planning. Decide which one of you isA� the designated driver. Make a deala��the sacrificial lamb who volunteers to refrain from drinking and drives you around will have their food sponsored by the rest.

    With a clever distraction, some quick wit and a lot of hope in the future of Bangalore nightlife, you and I can help make this eight year-long wait worth our while. Save us will you? Be smart and stop a potential problem before it starts. Your fellow dancers, eaters and Bangaloreans will thank you, and maybe even offer you a plate of fries after 11 pm!

    a�� ShaguftaA� Ahmed (shagufta.ahmed@indigo919.in, The author is an RJ and creative executive at Radio Indigo)

    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in her personal capacity.


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