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    Catch French choreographer Olivier Bessona��s first performance in India.

    In the emerging world of contemporary dance, an increasing number of choreographers are asking their students to improvise, and contribute more to choreography. This is the observation of Olivier Besson, a French improvisational movement artiste, and choreographer from Boston. He came down to Bengaluru last month (on his first visit to India) to conduct an improvisational workshop for the students of LshVa dance space. And this week, he will stage a performance called A Time Upon Once, along with six contemporary dance artistes from the city.
    The dance piece has no narrative, but Besson is hoping that the audience will relate to the choreography. The faculty member at The Boston Conservatory, who specialises in the technique of contact improvisation (which involves partner work), explains, a�?A lot of contemporary dance work happens to be abstract, sometimes they even exclude emotions. But I am interested in creating something that evokes feelings in the audience, as well as the dancers. I want my audience to notice (what the dancers are doing, and how they are responding to each other), experience what they notice, and respond to that experience.a�?
    In the past few weeks, Besson travelled in and around Bengaluru attending classical dance recitals, and meeting creative professionals. And he is quite taken in by the improvisation that Indian classical music offers. He also liked the use of eyes to emote during classical dance, and now wants his students in Boston to try that.
    January 17. Entry free. At Alliance FranA�aise, Vasanthnagar.
    5.30 pm. Details: 40808181
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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