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    From left: Shyam; Niladri, Natasha, Sowmya, Franklin, Tharun

    Ita��s that time of the year when people suddenly find themselves wondering what to do, now that the summer cricket extravaganza is over. Despite the fact that our boys in yellow werena��t in the finals, people were glued to screens across the city as they watched Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta go head to head. While Ia��ve had my fill of Veer Zara jokes, a couple of Facebook status updates had me cracking up a�� about the histrionics on and off the field. Sports buffs are breathing a sigh of relief though, that they wona��t be left completely in the lurch, with the FIFA World Cup looming large and loud just around the corner. Yet another reason to make a party of it, root for our a�?favouritea�� teams and get a dose of good ola�� eye candy.

    Guests at Hilton

    Guests at Hilton

    And speaking of festivities, Chennai Live 104.8 FM celebrated their sixth anniversary this week with a fun bash at The Hilton. Besides recapping the past few years as Chennaia��s only English radio station, they also unveiled tit-bits of new shows to come, alongside video wishes from well-known personalities from across the city. Keeping the mood light was a dance performance by Jeffrey Vardon, followed by stand-up comedy courtesy Shyam, giving us a taste of his show Shyam Dog Millionaire. His various avatars a�� everything from a raunchy Bulgarian to a very a�?Mallua�� Tony, to even a slightly inebriated Jack Sparrow a�� covered a multitude of hilarious topics. The occasion warranted an appearance from executive director George M George, who told us the story of how it all began, while giving credit to the team. Post formalities there were toasts, dancing and the mandatory group selfies.

    Most of the party animals didna��t seem too tired as they lined up for round two with DJ Arjun Vagale at The Park. It started off as a pool party at Aqua with resident DJ Faezal and Sameer Shroff behind the console. Closer to midnight, it shifted to Pasha with the crowd continuing to pour in. The opening set was by DJ Karty followed by Vagale who performed an incredible six-hour-long set till the early hours of the morning. Pasha stayed packed right till the end with people queuing up just to get a glimpse of Vagale.

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