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    Papa CJ takes the comic route with Naked and his musings on rasam

    When it comes to English standup in India, one person has helped define the concept: Papa CJ. The internationally-renowned comedian, who has been making people laugh for more than a decade now, is coming to town with his latest show, Naked. a�?It is a unique show that straddles the genres of standup, theatre, storytelling and improv. Or maybe it doesna��t and I just like using the word a�?straddlesa�� and a�?nakeda�� in the same sentence,a�? chuckles the 38-year-old.
    The comedian says that he intends to tell an entertaining story to his audience through the show. a�?In Naked you will see multiple aspects of my personality. In addition to the best bits that my audience has known me for, they will also get a chance to see aspects of my personality that Ia��ve previously never brought to stage. This show has a lot more honesty and truth to it,a�? he adds.
    The veteran who has done over 1,000 shows around the globe, is visiting Chennai after two years. When asked about his expectations from the city, Papa CJ jokes, a�?Groupie sex and rasam. But just not together.a�? On a serious note, he says he is a�?really happya�? to see how the city has embraced standup comedy in recent years. a�?Standup comedy has grown exponentially and will continue to do so. As someone who made an early effort to propagate the art form, it is very heartening to see. And it isna��t just standup, it is other forms of comedy, too, like sketch and improv. Comedians are also using multiple channels to reach audiencesa��including live, audio and video. The future is bright and the future is funny,a�? he concludes.
    On October 24, at Sir Mutha Hall, from 7 pm. `500 onwards. Details: eventjini.com
    a��Nishad Neelambaran


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