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MTVa��s Rannvijay Singh brings us up to speed on a show that sees him challenging Red Bull extreme atheletes

Reality series that have a good dose of drama and adventure have minimum chances of failure (think Survivors, and Roadies). That said, few Indian channels have xperimented with the extreme sports reality genre. MTV takes another step in that direction with their new show, Rann VJ Run (10-part-series). Launched on October 27,A� it sees host and producer Rannvijay Singh travelling to different parts of the world, discovering new sports, as he is mentored by ten Red Bull extreme athletes. a�?Ia��m getting trained in extreme sports like BMX riding, kite surfing and more, by atheletes like Ryan Doyle and Kriss Kyle. Ita��s more than just sports as Ia��m also getting to experience their lifestyles,a�? Singh explains the concept behind his maiden production.
For the VJ, the first episode, where he was seen motorcrossing racing in the sands of Dubai, was an eyeopener. a�?It was a huge shock to my body, something I didna��t expect.a�? Being an athletea��hea��s a national basketball playera��also helped. a�?I worked on my core, strength and stability for the show,a�? he mentions, adding that he enjoyed parkouring at Liverpool with champion Ryan Doyle, a�?The way Boyle taught was amazing. I would like to go back and do it again.a�? He also experiences life around Liverpool, by taking in a football match and a Segway ride.
Singh, 30, is clear that the show bears no resemblance to Roadies, which involves adventure activities. a�?Here, Ia��m going out of my comfort zone,a�? he says, adding that he will be bringing out the 11th season of Roadies it this month with a change in the format. a�?There will be no a�?vote outsa��,a�? he shares. On the movie front, having acted in four Bollywood films so far, his next is with younger brother Harmanjeet Singh Singha, for Abbas Tyrewalaa��s comic thriller, Mango, scheduled to release this year. a�?Harmanjeet is also directing a romcom with me called Love Ka Hangover,a�? says the fan of Top Gear and Breaking Bad.
Rann VJ Run airs on Sundays, MTV at 6 pm
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