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    Rohit Roy turns narrator on the hard-hitting Khooni Saaya

    A far cry from dramatic soaps and reality shows, Investigation Discovery rolls out Khooni Saya. A look into lurking evil, actor and host Rohit Roy says that no supernatural show or ghost film has ever given him the chills like this show. “Television has evolved and now the audience wants to be more involved. These stories are all based on reality and are therefore more identifiable than fiction,” Roy shares, adding that what drew him to the show was that even though the murders are dreadful, the fact they eventually find the culprit was hopeful. “It highlights the perseverance of the people involved in solving the crime. Some episodes show crimes solved over 12 years after they take place,” he tells us.
    Interviews with investigators, prosecutors, family members and neighbours build the narrative and as Roy says, he plays the sutradhar. Explaining that it will affect people at a deeper emotional level, Roy admits that it was his desire to give back to society which pushed him towards this. “You have stories like a 13-year-old being raped and murdered. I felt it was a social responsibility to make people aware of the dangers. It is time to wake up and notice.”
    Apart from this series, Roy, who says that his role in Khooni Saaya is an extension of his real self, will also be taking on lighter roles this year. “My plate is actually quite full. I’m doing a TV comedy called Peterson Hill. And then a play called Unfaithfully Yours – where two married people bump into each other at a marriage and fall in love,” shares the actor. Also on the cards in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls. But what he is most looking forward to is directing his first film. “I’ve been there and done that with everything else. So directing is what I am really looking forward to and the production begins later this year,” he signs off.
    Airs June 1, Monday–Saturday at 8 pm on ID
    — AD and Manishita Jha


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