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    Armaan Ebrahim

    Witty, with a hint of reserve, racer Armaan Ebrahim, 24, is anything but over the top. This is evident in his sartorial choices. Choosing comfort over runway must-haves, his ensembles have a cool vibe. For the son of ex-Indian F3 champion Akbar Ebrahim, a standout moment remains the Formula V6 Asia in 2007 where he captured five race wins and finished second in points. Next month, he will be back in the driver’s seat, at the FIA GT World Series in Azerbaijan. While not racing, Ebrahim divides his time between the family business of motor sports, his friends and quick breaks in Goa, Pondicherry and Singapore. He shares how his understated style fits in at lounges across the world.

    The 'mrporter' Jacket
    The ‘mrporter’ Jacket

    Seek hide
    This jacket, crafted from butter-soft leather punctuated with bold zips and quilted panels from Balmain is a stunner. Wear it with tailored trousers and boots to complete the look. Just in time for the year end festivities. Priced at Rs 2,63,315 approximately. Details: mrporter.com

    A polo from Hackett

    A polo from Hackett

    Green connection
    For a sporty evening, a polo from Hackett in pique cotton will do the trick. “I dress up very casually and even when I go out with friends for a night out, I choose plain T-shirts,” says the racer. Priced at approximately Rs 6,289, available at the Collective. Details: 28332128

    The TAG-Heuer Carrera 'Monaco Grand Prix' Limited Edition Chronograph

    The TAG-Heuer Carrera ‘Monaco Grand Prix’ Limited Edition Chronograph

    Watch it forever
    A fan of Tag Heuer, Carrera Connection, Ebrahim says, “I have never taken this watch off my hand since the time I got it. I love it and it goes wherever I go,” he says. The TAG Heuer Carrera ‘Monaco Grand Prix’ Limited Edition Chronograph is based on the 1964 Jack Heuer tribute to the Carrera Panamericana Mexico road race of the 50’s. Priced from Rs 1,59,000 and above. At the store in UB City Bangalore. Details: 080 22711488

    Wallet from Gucci

    Wallet from Gucci

    Money flow
    Again, keeping simplicity in mind, this wallet from Gucci passes the test. With six card slots, the billfold wallet is sleek and a considered choice. Made in Italy, it comes in different colours too. Priced at approximately Rs 25,000, available at Galleria Shopping Mall, Mumbai. Details: 022 25797506

    Straight cut Armani jeans

    Straight cut Armani jeans

    Cut it straight
    From the house of Armani, straight cut jeans are hot now and Ebrahim owns five of them. They look and feel fabulous. Priced from Rs 11,000 onwards, the jeans are avilable at Luxxe Box. Details: 28464544

    Leather brown belt from 'Brooks'

    Leather brown belt from ‘Brooks’

    Wrap around
    A leather brown belt from Brooks Brothers is a classic, also right for the club. Pair it with a black T-shirt and blue jeans and you are good to go. Priced at Rs 6,990 at the store in Phoenix Market City. Details: 30083007

    Bolan sunglasses from Paul Smith

    Bolan sunglasses from Paul Smith

    The ‘cool’ factor
    These Bolan sunglasses from Paul Smith have the right attitude and look. With a touch of gold and quirky guitar detailing on the inside, the aviators offer some privacy. Priced at Rs 15,750, at Luxxe Box in Express Avenue. Details: 28464544

    Loafers from 'Language'

    Loafers from ‘Language’

    Floor smart
    Ebrahim prefers loafers. A casual dresser, the racer likes them in dark brown. These loafers from Language are comfortable and will also prove their worth on the dance floor. Priced at Rs 4,990, at the store on Rutland Gate. Details: 32210400

    Just Different ( by Hugo Boss)

    Just Different (by Hugo Boss)

    Smell right
    Ebrahim prefers Hugo Boss when it comes to fragrances. The Hugo Just Different has a scent that is adventurous and perfect for a night out. For approximately Rs 3,563. Details: hugoboss.com


    – Text by Mrinalini Sundar

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      Singer Tanvi Shah

      Rocking an ensemble from Tarun Tahiliani, singer Tanvi Shah has a few pointers for the wedding and festive season. Most recently in the news for her song in the Ajith starrer Arrambam, Shah shot to fame with numbers like Boom Boom from Enthiran, Magudi Magudi from Kadal and Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire. Currently busy with movies and shows, she also found the time to speak at a TEDx meet in San Francisco.

      Balis from 'Amethyst'

      Balis from ‘Amethyst’

      Hoops and more
      These silver gold-plated balis (earrings) from Amethyst are trendy and the leaves at the bottom give it the movement. Pair with a heavy necklace to compete the look. Priced at Rs 16,000 approximately. Details: 45991630

      Dipsiee Gold by Steve Madden

      Dipsiee Gold by Steve Madden

      High heel confidential
      Indulge in this desirable Dipsiee Gold from Steve Madden. This dreamy pump is wrapped in beige fabric and embellished with sparkling stones. They go well with a short cocktail dress as well as a grand sari. Priced at Rs 8,999, the pumps are available at the store in Phoenix Market City. Details: 30083579

      Star Classique Automatic Red Gold Watch (Montblanc)

      Star Classique Automatic Red Gold Watch (Montblanc)

      Vinage match
      How about the Star Classique Automatic Red Gold watch from Mont-blanc? Inevitably a classic, it will go well with formals. Priced at Rs 6,45,000. Available at the boutique in Sheraton Park Hotel. Details: 24993650

      An elegant white bloom on the bun.

      An elegant white bloom on the bun.

      Blooming already
      When it comes to her hair-do, Shah likes to keep it simple. An elegant white bloom on a bun works. For those who do not like jasmine, the clip makes do. Priced at Rs 298, available at the Ayesha Store in Phoenix Market City. Details: 30083007

      Kanchipuram silk

      Kanchipuram silk

      The silk weave
      Besides the ghagra, Shah also prefers a Kanchipuram silk for auspicious occasions. A traditional red sari from Nalli Silks is just the thing with intricate detailing and some modern shine. Available at the store in T Nagar, from Rs 41,000. Details: 24984262

      A Kundan set from Devraj Nensee Jewellers.

      A Kundan set from Devraj Nensee Jewellers.

      The shining
      Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and Shah’s had her eye on this diamond necklace, a traditional Kundan set from Devraj Nensee Jewellers. Pair it with a deep neck blouse for maximum effect. Priced from Rs 7 lakh onwards. At the store on Chamiers Road. Details: 24348771

      The Ruby and Pearl nose ring from Amrapali.

      The Ruby and Pearl nose ring from Amrapali.

      Ring a ruby
      Shah loves nose rings. This ruby and pearl affair from Amrapali is regal and traditional. Other celebs like Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Madhuri Dixit made the nose ring hip this year. Priced from Rs 50,000 onwards, available at the store in Bangalore. Details: 08750428685

      Eye shadow from Mac-Riri

      Eye shadow from Mac-Riri

      Cocoa special
      Shah is known for her understated make-up. Her pick is the Mac RiRi collection. As part of the fall line, the eye shadow is soft and smooth with a beautiful colour payoff. Part of the fall line 2013, the smoked cocoa eye shadow is priced at Rs 2,900. Available at the store in Express Avenue. Details: 28464634

      Deco Oval from Judith Leiber

      Deco Oval from Judith Leiber

      Full circle
      A fancy minaudière will not hurt. This Deco Oval from Judith Leiber is modern and sophisticated. Made for the urban girl, it is studded with stones and is priced at Rs 2,24,000, at the store in DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Details: 011 46098269

      – Text by Mrinalini Sundar

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        Life of Pi,
        Star Movies, 1 pm
        Cast: Suraj Sharma,
        Irfan Khan (Drama)

        The movie centres on Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma), the son of a zoo keeper. Residents of Pondicherry, the family decides to move to Canada, hitching a ride on a freighter. After a shipwreck, Pi finds himself adrift in the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a zebra, a hyena and a Bengal tiger. M Night Shyamalan was attached to direct.

        Sony Pix, 1 pm
        Cast: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem (Action)

        The movie begins with a protracted chase by car and train in Turkey which ends with James Bond (Daniel Craig) failing to retrieve a list of MI6’s special agents around the world. He falls into a river, presumed to be dead. Few months later, MI6’s servers are breached and the office is attacked, killing a number of employees. Bond, having used his supposed death to retire, learns of the attack and returns to London. It earned $1.1 billion worldwide, and is the highest-grossing film for Sony Pictures.

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          HBO, 9 pm
          Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt,
          Bruce Willis (Action)

          When the mob wants to get rid of someone, they will send their target 30 years into the past, where a ‘looper’—a hired gun, like Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)—is waiting to mop up. Joe is getting rich and life is good until the day the mob decides to ‘close the loop,’ sending back Joe’s future self (Bruce Willis) for assassination. Levitt had prosthetics to make him look more like Willis in order to play his younger self.

          HBO Defined, 10 pm
          Cast: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston (Drama)

          In 1979, as the Iranian revolution reaches its boiling point, militants storm the US embassy in Tehran, taking 52 Americans hostage. Six Americans manage to slip and find refuge in the home of the Canadian ambassador. A CIA ‘exfiltration’ specialist named Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) comes up with a plan to get them out of the country. The production was granted unprecedented access to the CIA’s headquarters, both for interiors and exteriors.

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            Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium,
            WB, 7.05 pm
            Cast: Natalie Portman, Dustin Hoffman (Fantasy)

            Mr Magorium (Dustin Hoffman) is the 243-year-old proprietor of a wondrous toy store. He is planning to depart and pass the baton of responsibility to his protege Molley Mahoney (Natalie Portman),
            a one-time piano prodigy who has found refuge managing the shop. He hires Henry Weston to adjust the accounts of the Emporium and asks him to move it to her name. But she insists that he stay. Drew Barrymore was originally cast as
            Molly Mahoney.

            Once Upon A Time In  Mumbai Dobaara!,
            MAX, 8 pm
            Cast: Imran Khan,
            Akshay Kumar (Action)

            Shoaib (Akshay Kumar) is a mob boss. Aslam (Imran Khan) is his loyal protégé. Both men are attracted to struggling actress Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha), who is close to Aslam. But she doesn’t know that Shoaib is a don, or that Aslam works for him. Emraan Hashmi, who appeared in the original film, was initially chosen to play the lead role. However, director Milan Luthria was searching for an older actor and he chose Akshay Kumar.

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              Forget the Cronut mania or the cupcake revolution. This Parisian bonbon — light, airy and delightfully addictive, stages a comeback

              While Paris is seeing pop-art colours and novel flavours like popcorn and salted caramel this season, our patissiers are not far behind. The finger-shaped choux pastry comes in high-gloss versions which taste just as good.


              XL@ Ecstasy

              Yet another masterpiece from the renowned kitchens of Mickaël Besse. These meticulously detailed couture éclairs see choux pastry studded with sinful Valrhona chocolate crémeux, available in a host of flavours like Tanariva and ivory with nuts or coffee. Delicately wrapped in a chocolate leaf that is all about the sheen — with edible metallic dust. Minimum pre-order of a dozen at Rs 2,500. Details: 43920444



              Raspberry & Bell Pepper@ ITC Grand Chola

              An unlikely pairing of raspberries and red bell pepper create a gorgeous deep hued crémeux. The filling against the crunchy pastry case is a textural discovery, setting it apart from the classic éclairs. Perfected by executive pastry chef Guillame Bonnety. Pre-order at Rs 200 per portion. Details: 22200000


              Orange & Stem Ginger@ Courtyard by Mariott

              Executive chef Sridhar Sigatapu’s favourite creation is an eclair that will keep you flavour guessing till your last bite! Tangy orange rind hobnobs with sweet stem ginger and dark chocolate cream, used as a filling. The topping of candied orange peels make for a pretty picture too. Minimum pre-order of a dozen at Rs 1,250. Details: 66764000



              Choux Pastry Swans@ Hyatt Regency

              Chefs Anand and Gopi’s handiwork sees elegant swans baked to perfection. The filling, with creamy ricotta cheese, tangy caramelised orange rind and sweet glossy cherries are in a different league. Served with light vanilla cream, fresh raspberries and pistachios. Pre-order at Rs 200 per portion. Details: 61001234


              Fresh Fruit@ The Westin

              Pastry chef Thangathambi Kannaiah presents an eclair loaded with vanilla pastry cream and topped with fresh fruit. The fruit slices are dusted with icing sugar for extra sheen. Chef Kannaiah informs us that the choux pastry can be done to a crispy finish if desired. Pre-order 12 hours earlier, at Rs 120 plus tax per piece. Details: 22553366



              Frozen version@ The Park

              With its jumbo size and a crispy buttery profiterole case, chef Santhosh’s exquisite éclair is loaded with frozen homemade icecream stuffing of either custard apple or burnt milk and praline or decadent with Gianduja bitter chocolate. The topping, when slathered with melted white chocolate or roasted hazelnut nibs is a match made in heaven. Pre-order at Rs 1,800 onwards per kilo. Details: 42676000



              Rum & Fig@ The Kuki Jar

              Popular home baker Kuki Ravindran’s éclair, with a filling of rum soaked figs folded in a thick vanilla bean, almond pastry cream, is guaranteed to win you over from the very first bite. The soft and light filling compliments the crisp choux puff along with its topping of luxurious Belgium chocolate and more figs. Also try her amuse bouche-inspired bite-sized savoury eclair of ham and cheese. A creamy béchamel sauce is spiked with ham, fragrant parsley and gouda cheese to create a thick and gooey filling, perfect as an appetiser. Minimum pre-order of a dozen at Rs 1,400. Details: 9841090592



              Caramelised White Chocolate@ Sandy’s

              Sandesh Reddy simply sums up the taste as “soft, chewy and epic.” An unusual caramelised white chocolate ganache works wonderfully well along with a surprise infusion of black pepper. Taking a detour, the profiterole isn’t oblong but a cream round puff that ups the hip and fashionable quotient. Minimum pre-order of a dozen at `1,200. Details: 42134000



              Tutti-fruity@ Park Hyatt

              French pâtissier Fabien Berteau puts his signature spin on these creamy winners. Passion fruit cream crowned with medallions of sweet fig, watermelon, strawberry and kiwi make perfect use of the soft choux, complete with a generous crunch of bitter dark chocolate glaze. Pre-order at Rs 80 a piece. Details: 71771234

              – Preeti G T

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              – Ashok Pandian

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                Time is luxury, for Karun Chandhok. “Since 17, I have taken over 100 flights per year, so for me, getting time to spend with friends and family, is a huge luxury,” confesses Chandhok, who is excited about Race Of Champions (ROC)—he will be representing India with with racer Narain Karthikeyan at Bangkok’s Rajamangala Stadium on December 14-15. The former Formula 1 drivers joined forces for Team India at last year’s inaugural ROC Asia and topped at it. “I feel lucky as my job allows me to experience a life which only a few can dream of,” he shares, adding that his luxe list is a mix of gadgets, toys and a holiday. 


                Space drive
                “I guess if you had to have a big bucket list, then flying into space would be high up on mine. It would be fantastic to go on the Virgin Galactic space mission. It allows you to experience zero gravity and look down at earth from above,” says the excited racer. Tickets are priced at Rs 1,53,90,297 approx, scheduled to begin next year. Details: virgingalactic.com


                McQueen’s choice
                “The Tag Heuer Monaco 24 is the iconic watch that Steve McQueen chose to wear in the film Le Mans. It is an amazing timepiece that I would love to have,” shares Chandhok, who admits to a weakness for watches. With the appealing square case design of a classic Monaco, it (Calibre 12 Automatic chronograph) has a sapphire crystal caseback. At Rs 3,33,000. Details: 43114312


                Ear comfort
                “I’ve averaged between 80 and 120 flights a year and spend a lot of time watching TV shows or movies on my iPad. The Sennheiser HD800 headphones are certainly the top of the range for ‘must have’ headphones,”he says. With a super comfy over-the-ear design and top-notch engineering, this piece means business. At Rs 82,999. Details: flipkart.com


                Get sharp

                “I do like to cook dinner as often as I can. Nothing irritates me more than not having knives that are sharp enough to chop my meat and vegetables and the Wusthof ones are fantastic for that,” he shares. The Gourmet 14-piece set from the German brand, includes a straight edge paring knife, utility knife, bread knife and has been laser tested for cutting angle consistency. At Rs 20,633. Details: overstock.com


                Toy land

                “I have to say the Traxxas XO-1, which is the world’s fastest RC Car, would be a superb toy to have. My uncle in Chennai is a huge RC car fan but I would conclusively thrash him in a race with this,” says our happy globetrotter. Need proof? This radio controlled car covers 0-100 in 4.92 seconds and its top speed crosses 100 mph. At Rs 40,044 (approx). Details: amazon.com


                Mediterranean summer

                “In 2010, when I raced in the Monaco Grand Prix, we stayed at the Monte Carlo Bay hotel. Since I was basically working all weekend, I didn’t get a chance to really enjoy it. I would love to go back there for a week in summer when the water’s nice and warm,” he shares. The hotel is said to be one of the finest luxury hotels Monaco has to offer with, ten-acre gardens and uninterrupted sea views. At Rs 20,520 per night. Details: montecarlobay.com


                Close shave

                “I’m actually too lazy to shave most days but I think having a retro shaving set like the Merkur Vision Chrome set would be very cool,” says the racer. It comes with a Vision razor, a matching silvertip badger brush, and a mixing bowl resting in a chrome-finished stand. At Rs 23,174 (approx). Details: royalshave.com


                Pedal control
                Chandhok points to Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think2’s improbable combination of ride quality, stiffness and handling.“I’m a huge cycling fan and I’d love to have the Pinarello Dogma bike that Chris Froome rode to victory in the Tour de France this year. It’s an amazing piece of carbon fibre engineering that anyone into cycling would want.” Priced at Rs 9,40,035 (approx). Details: competitivecyclist.com





                Formal invitation

                Chandhok gives Canali a thumbs up, “I’m not very fussy when it comes to clothing. But I have to say a nice Canali suit won’t be something, I would pass up on.” Canali’s A/W’13 collection is classic Victorian and comes in rich earth tones with luxurious velvets and plush furs. From Rs 1 lakh onwards. The pocket square is priced at Rs 6,000. At the store in Bergamo. Details:42050956


                Pack up

                “Tag Heuer have a new range of leather bags this year and I’ve actually just ordered some because they are seriously cool,” he exclaims. Rs 13,500 onwards. These 70s motorsports-inspired travel bags come in calf leather. At the boutiques in Phoenix Market City and Bergamo. Details: 43114312

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                Master a rock, tree or wave or turn a bicycle into your canvas, with some help from these teachers in Pondicherry

                We hear of expats heading to Pondicherry to meet friends, visit the Ashram or explore this part of the world. Eventually, they fall in love with the city and decide to stay on, sharing theirs skills with the community. The story behind this group is similar, but their lessons are of the adventurous kind — tree climbing, rock climbing, scuba diving, circus acts. Add farming and cycle design to the mix and you have many reasons to head to Pondicherry over the weekend. Text: Mrinalini Sundar

                Romain Timmers, 34
                circus5Timmers has been visiting India since 2006 but decided to stay on three years ago. Before discovering the city through a documentary, Auroville, The City That Earth Needs, Timmers worked as a circus artiste in a French company, touring Europe, and freelancing for a vertical dance outfit. His five years in a professional circus school are now being put to use with workshops on vertical dancing and circus tricks. Plus, a performance, Goutte à Goutt, meaning ‘drop by drop’, is coming up. “Tourists and people in and around Auroville sign up for the dancing. The classes start full swing in January,” concludes Timmers. A juggling workshop costs Rs500. Details: 9626797736




                Fiona Guerra

                Fiona Guerra and Idriss Madir, 26 and 25
                The couple, from France, have been customising cycles for more than a year now. They began with an old style Atlas bicycle (lady’s model). “It was

                Idriss Madir

                Idriss Madir

                our prototype and is hand painted, very colourful,” says Guerra. They work only with Indian models like Hercules, Atlas, Hero, BSA and preferably the old models. “Their look, their mechanic, everything is of very fine quality. Also, we transform them into fixed gear bicycles,” she says. The couple invite people who are interested in painting their own cycle, from school boys to doctors. Four days to about two weeks is spent redesigning a ride. Priced from Rs 5,000 onwards. Details: my.vintage.bicyclette@gmail.com


                Krishna Mckenzie, 40

                Krishna Mckenzie

                Krishna Mckenzie

                Settled in Auroville for 16 years now, McKenzie, a musician, is from Britain and is well known for his farm, Solitude Kitchen. It is inspired by Japanese farmer-philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka and it has a big open well and solar panels for electricity. McKenzie grows samba rice, organic vegetables, fruits, millets and wheat as well, and visitors are welcome to try their hand at farming, “We also have a South Indian kitchen and if informed in advance, I show guests my methods of organic farming,” he says. There are about six people living at the farm in addition to volunteers coming in to learn farming. Details: 0413 2622068


                Samai and Juan, 28 and 30



                Spanish brothers Juan and Samai Reboul have attracted a lot of media already. Their Kallialay Surf School (KASS) on Serenity Beach, which began in 2009, has seen many converts and last month, they organised their second surf competition. “We want to promote surfing as a professional sport in India,” says Samai who, with his brother, enjoy the company of the growing surfing fraternity from Chennai and Bangalore. “We mostly teach corporates, models, photographers and children of fishermen. Two years ago, model Lisa Haydon surfed with us. And entrepreneur Ayesha Kapur, from the Hidesign family, drops by from time to time,” he concludes. A surfing session costs `800. Details: surfschoolindia.com

                Julien Fortin, 32



                Julien Fortin and team climb the canyon close to the Auroville cheese factory every week — a 20-minute activity. People come down from Bangalore and Chennai during the weekend for either rock climbing or scuba diving lessons. “They generally want to take a break with adventurous activities,” says Fortin. He has taken a team to Hampi, and vouches that it is safe. “These activities make a person more responsible,” he says. Dona Aideau, a PR and regular rock climber, says, “I go climbing every week. We see IT guys from Amazon and designers from Auroville come in,” she says. Details: julien@temleadventures.com




                – Mrinalini Sundar

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                Have a burning desire to climb that coconut tree at home? Sat Yaaji, 47, from Auroville Skyworks, will teach you to climb trees the right way, with the right equipment. “I have formal training in climbing trees and I provide the ropes, hooks etc,” says the former acrobat from France.

                Besides tree climbing, he is also into tree maintenance. Sat Yaaji has launched a coconut picking team that will also prune trees. Details: 9585165882

                CAR & BIKE

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                Reasons why some Yamaha YZF-R3 owners may have to take their bikes back to the workshop Launched in India back in September 2015, the Yamaha...


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                The legendary Martin Scorsese opens up about his latest film, future projects and more in an exclusive interaction with Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo It was the...

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