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Five things you need to know, before the Udaipur HOG meet in March

Every month, the Southern Harley Owners Group head out along the ECR to give their machines a workout. Last Sunday, during a pit stop at Burger Shack in Mahabalipuram, the director of the group of 30 bikers, Shiva Swamynath, shared five things Harley aficionados in Chennai need to know:

1. Ride the twist: We are cruisers and we go on a ride every fourth Sunday. Anyone can join us. As riders, we like the stretch between Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram called Mudaliarkuppam boat house. The stretch has a lot of curves and twists that make the ride interesting. We do not ride very fast, maintaining a speed limit of 60 to 80 kms per hour.

2. Souped up: We generally modifyA� our bikes with different dealers of the Harley Davidson. They generally add a new exhaust, change the handle bar etc. We have X-Torque in Bangalore that modifies bikes and there are a few in Pune as well.

3. Get geared: While going on a ride, one must carry a first aid box, a lever, a battery charger, and the minimum spares.

4. Dress code: The Harley company keeps updating their accessories but the latest boots, helmets and jackets are remarkable. My favourite are the gloves that can be used all season. You can use your touch screen phone using these gloves and they are pretty good for the winter. I used them recently when I went on a ride to Rohtang Pass.

5. Mark your calendar: The next ride will be on March 8 at Udaipur. This will be part of the Western HOG.
Details: harley-davidson.com

a�� Mrinalini Sundar

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    Peloton cycle

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    The Peloton bicycle is constructed out of carbon steel and sports a 21.5” full HD multi-touch console. The Peloton also offers live streams and on-demand classes from top cycling instructors direct to the bike. USD 2,000*. Pelotoncycle.com

    Ashok Pandian

    A�*All prices are approximate and may vary according to dealer

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      A cafe that makes equal room for art and coffee

      On an unusually quiet, tree-lined bylane of Koramangala, is Dyu Art Cafe run by four lads from Cochin. Its sloping, tiled roof, wooden pillars and slate floors invite you to take a creative break in the middle of a busy day, while you sample their salads, sandwiches, coffee and infused teas in the midst of art work that is refreshed every 60 days.

      The place serves as the perfect backdrop for a changing collection of art and a friendly cashier will happily introduce you to the works on display. A bright courtyard serves as the dining area with an adjoining space for live performances.

      Food for thought
      Soothing world music sets the mood as you get comfortable on the wooden benches and walled-in platforms that serve as seating. The salads are of the simple tossed variety and the creamy pasta salad with chicken, tuna or vegetarian options. Wash it down nicely with their popular Soda Ice Tea a�� a refreshing, fizzy mix of freshly brewed tea and cold coffee made from diluted coffee decoction poured over a mug of ice and served with milk on the side.

      Tuna seemed to be on the cards as we decided on a tuna melt and tuna salad sandwich. The club sandwich here comes highly recommended as well. We could easily make a meal of the generously buttered and toasted brown bread, but add the lightly seasoned tuna and cheddar on the melt and it literally dissolves on your palate. For health buffs, it comes on a bed of fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Other options include, mixed vegetable, herb cheese (homemade cottage cheese with cream cheese and garden herbs), chicken and egg.

      For a true dessert indulgence, try their homemade banoffee pie, their rich chocolate cake or French toast with wild honey and whipped cream. Finish off with some house-ground coffee that can be filtered to your liking or brew a cup of flavoured and masala tea instead.

      Rs 500+ for two. 5th Block, Koramangala. Details: 9742076685

      a��Susanna Chandy

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      From stardom to lip balms, Parineeti Chopra and Sidharth Malhotra talk about being an odd couple

      After a dream debut in Karan Johara��s Student of the Year (SOTY), former model and Delhi boy, Sidharth Malhotra is preparing for his second release next week. He will be seen as one half of an odd couple (with Parineeti Chopra) in Hasee Toh Phasee. Excerpts from an interview with the student whoa��s ready to graduate to the big league:

      Is there more pressure to prove yourself in your second film?
      I was a wreck during SOTY because of its sheer scale and the thought that I was doing a Karan Johar film. Being an outsider, the whole experience overwhelmed and distracted me. I feel I was far more focussed and relaxed in my second film. I would like to believe that it is a more well-rounded performance. If I pullA� offA� this and my next film (Villain) this year, then I think I will prove my mettle as an actor.

      What do you think is the USP of your pairing with Parineeti?
      I think our chemistry onscreen worksA� and our director, Vinil Mathew, incorporated what he saw of our personalities into the script. The USP is how two odd people with different characters are so sweet together. Vinil is not portraying us as aspirational, but as two odd characters.

      What are you enjoying most about stardom?
      This industry gives so much back: you get recognised, feel special, lucky and blessed. It has made me more humble because I was not expecting this. Though it has made me more relaxed, content and happy, I have also become less complacent. Working hard comes with every job and I have to live up to my launch, which I am prepared to do.

      What is the downside of fame?
      You get less and less time for yourself and have more pressure to perform as a human being because you have to be nice to everyone a�� from a stranger on the road to a big director. You have to be careful not to offend anyone, and perform even when the camera is off.

      a�� Udita Jhunjhunwala

      untitleddShea��s shrugged off the tag of being Priyanka Chopraa��s cousin, and is now a sought-after actor in her own right. Parineeti Chopraa��who debuted with the 2011 romantic comedy, Ladies vs Ricky Bahla��has her hands full this year with three big releases. She talks about co-star Sidharth Malhotra, her contemporary Alia Bhatt, and the pitfalls of stardom:

      Tell us about your role in Hasee Toh Phasee.
      I play an exciting rolea��that of a mad, quirky scientist named Meeta Solanki. She is brilliant and intelligent, but she is mentally off. It was interesting to play this role because we havena��t done a scientist for a long time in Bollywood.

      You are constantly compared to Alia Bhatt.
      I dona��t think people should compare us at all. She has done just one film and she is going to do some tremendous work now. I predict shea��ll be one of the biggest stars in the industry.

      Tell us something we dona��t know about Sidharth Malhotra.
      He uses way too much lip balm. I got along really well with him because I use a lot of lip balm, too (laughs). On a serious note, he is a very nice person, very chivalrous, and a great actor to work with.

      Who is your inspiration?
      There is no one. I like to use my brains for everything and not follow anyone specific.

      Tell us about your upcoming movies?
      After Hasee Tho Phasee, I have Daawat-e-Ishq with Aditya Roy Kapoor, and Kill Dill with Ranveer Singh.

      What are the pitfalls of stardom?
      Other than your privacy going for a toss, stardom is a great thing to have. Who does not mind having the spotlight on them all the time!

      How are you with social networking?
      I am pretty active on Twitter to keep my fans updated about my roles. But people are constantly talking about your clothes or what you said, and this tends to affect a person physically and mentally.

      Hasee Toh Phasee is scheduled to release on February 7.

      a�� Mrinalini Sundar

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      (From left) Puneet & Jyotika Dhawan, Rahul Uppal & Ema Trinidad; Sajai Singh, Farheen Singh & Arjun Pandalai

      Ita��s not often that our paths cross with the sinister and dark side of Bangalorea��s underworld. We hear hushed whispers when we fleetingly see swarthy men dressed in white (down to their foot wear I might add), swish by us in a hotel lobby, their multitude of gold chains and bracelets twinkling in the glare of the chandelier. We hear hushed whispers of names which usually have a sinister prefix like a�?Razor Raghua�� or a�?Machete Machaiyaa�� or a�?Slasher Subbu’ attached to them.

      I think I espied one or maybe all three of the aforementioned gentlemen at a book reading by the a�?Reformed Dona�� Agni Sreedhar at

      Prakash & Ujjwala Padukone

      Prakash & Ujjwala Padukone

      theA�Park Hotel recently. This Nietzsche reading, Sartre quoting, self-admitted a�?cold blooded killera�� was charming, erudite and quite alarmingly frank and forthright. His book is an unabashed exposA� of the sordid nexusA�between the politicians, police and the underworld a�� names, places, dates et al. If he is the voice of truth, then march on Agni!

      Popular socialite couple Amrita and Uday Gokani pulled out all the stops for their landmark anniversary party at the Taj West End. We danced to the groove of a band flown in from Goa and shimmied with a belly dancer brought in all the way from Russia, while the celebrity bartender from Mumbai mixed up some mind-boggling single malt cocktails. It was a fabulous party as friends milled around the couple and partied till the wee hours of the morning, fortified with an amazing choice of liquor and food.

      Ema (fiery Filipino) Trinidad, just about made it back from the Philippines to her own Chinese New

      Amrita and Uday Goklani

      Amrita and Uday Goklani

      Year party at Yauatcha! Weary, yet party happy, she made sure all her 150 odd guests had a fabulous time. Of course, the brilliant dim sums and free flowing wine and beer made it all the more easy to enjoy oneself. Brightly dressed, boisterous expatriates flashed their chopsticks with pleasure as they heartily tucked into the fabulous fare. So, yet another ExpatLife India party was a roaring success.

      Laughing lawyer extraordinaire, partner of JSA Associates, threw his annual charity art gala at the Ritz Carlton. Bigwig corporate lawyers from all over the world rubbed shoulders with Bangalorea��s elite. It was great catching up with old friends sipping on Italian wine and buying art, which only re-enforced the adage a�?that charity begins at home.a��

      It might be the year of the horse dahlings, but Ia��m certainly riding a unicorn!


      Rubi Chakravarti (m rubichakravarti@gmail.com)

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