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    With zero sugar and preservatives, Relish delivers your daily nutrition in a bottle

    Aanesh Krishnan has been perfecting smoothies for over six years. With no sugar (some with five grams of palm sugar) or preservatives, his smoothies imbibe the goodness and nutrition of fruits, in a milk, yogurt or whey protein base. Before long, Krishnan, his wife Sowmya Ganesh and friend Vikram Chandrasekar, were convinced that these nutritious drinks they had designed for their family, were a necessity in todaya��s fast paced world. Thus was born Relish, an outfit that gets smoothies delivered to your home, office or gym, everyday, at a time of your choice. Made just half an hour before the time of delivery, each of these drinks are validated by nutritionists and can be customised according to your subscription.

    IMG_0654Consume at once
    a�?You can choose delivery between 6.30 am and 3 pm,a�? says Chandrasekar, who also owns a small tech company. Krishnan, a former banker, starts at 4 am and churns out 100 servings of smoothies in a day. Working with organic milk, and fruits sourced from farms around the city, he keeps experimenting to come up with new combinations that use a lot of seasonal fruits. a�?Our customers appreciate that the shelf life of our product is just three to five hours. We do not add ice in the smoothies, but transport them in ice containers and insist they are consumed immediately,a�? says Sowmya, as she serves us a few samples at their cottage-like office and production centre in Alwarpet.

    What goes in
    We taste combinations like Sundance (with dates, banana, apple, flax and sunflower seeds), Pink of Health (with banana, strawberry, almonds, whey protein), Cold Sun (with psyllium husk, palm sugar, papaya) and Dark Star that has Barry Callebaut and cinnamon. Krishnan, who is practically an expert by now, is particular not to add more than one high-fructose fruit in a drink and his combinations are not based on taste, rather the nutrition in the output. So how do they know they are on the right track? a�?A few families who started with one smoothie, have gone in for multiple deliveries in a day,a�? says Chandrasekar. a�?We also have cases of customers who never have their breakfast, going in for a smoothie instead,a�? Sowmya chips in.

    Relish delivers between Chetpet and Besant Nagar. Subscriptions from Rs. 1,550 a month (12 smoothies). Details: 9840310312

    -Ryan Peppin

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      3 good reasons to shout a�?Jamesona�� this weekend A�

      Tommy-McCready-2Jameson is synonymous with Irish whiskey and to ensure it stays that way are four ambassadors, Irish naturally, in the country to organise tastings, contests and more. Plus, it has the backing of French spirits maker Pernod Ricard, who own the brand. We spoke to Tommy McCready, 26, the Jameson Irish Whiskey Ambassador for Bangalore, ahead of his visit to Chennaia��s The Moon and Sixpence, Hablis.

      He is scheduled to conduct a special tasting for 25 whiskey lovers here. In the country for two years, McCready loves how we are taking to the triple-distilled smooth spirit and shares why Scotch whisky fans should go Irish this season:

      1.Ita��s triple-distilled, unlike double-distilled Scotch whisky, and is smoother, great tasting, accessible and not extremely sweet. We only use smokeless fuels to prepare our malt so it is balanced. At earlier tastings it appealed to hardcore single malt Scotch drinkers as well as those who had never tasted whiskey. It can be drunk daily, hourly and does not really need a sit-down event.

      2.Wea��re the first and only Irish whiskey in India. This is an extremely premium product, but we market ourselves through word of mouth and events, not banners. There are Hollywood competitions, one of them being the Jameson Empire Awards Done in 60 Seconds, where participants recreate a movie in a minute.

      3.At the tasting in Chennai, I will present American, Scotch and Irish whiskeys from the same category. There will be a short presentation about the history of the brand, production and key differences. It will be convivial and once the chattering begins, we will open the bar. I believe you should drink Jameson as you like it. For me, it differs according to where I am, what I am doing and who I am with. Given our weather, 30 ml with a splash of water is good.

      The Moon and Sixpence in association with Jameson Irish Whiskey will be hosting a whiskey tasting session on March 29, 7.30 pm onwards. By invitation only. Details:A� 22334000

      -TeamA� Indulge

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        In the wine and spirits business? You could learn a thing or two at Vinexpo, Hong Kong

        xaiverhte_3_1_2UR fondness for bling is evident when it comes to fashion. Now this appears to be a deciding factor for our tipple of choice. According to a proprietory study by Vinexpo, the worlda��s leading wine and spirits exhibition, Indian sparkling wine consumption is expected to double in the next five years. Together with rose and premium wines, it is becoming a Sunday brunch essential in most cities. Other useful nuggets of information from the five-year forecast include the observation that the Asia-Pacific will consume more than four billion bottles of wine in 2017. And China has pipped France and Italy to the post to become the worlda��s leading red wine consumer. While spirits like rum continue to get the popularity vote in India, what has changed are the new consumers for scotch a�� in Brazil, the consumption has gone up by 55.5 per cent!

        Australia comes first
        Xavier de Eizaguirre, Chairman of Vinexpo, who insists India can still surprise him 25 years after his first visit, admits ours is a�?a�?a complicated market.a��a�� And yet, the whole world wants to invest in Asia. Our large population offers tremendous potential, something none of the big wine exporters want to miss. At present, Australia is right up front, by becoming our leading supplier of imported wines. And it seems we have a preference for Italian (volumes up by 104.5 per cent) and Chilean wines (up by 75.89 per cent) too.

        a�?a�?Everyonea��s looking at the younger generation in India, under 30 and the middle class market with a disposable income.a��a�� He confides dsadsfsethat the country, despite its sometimes inexplicable alcohol policies, is not as hard to crack as the Canadian liquor boards. Which is a relief to know, considering the growing demand for wine and fashionable spirits. a�?a�?Wine is a cultural beverage,a��a�� agrees Eizaguirre, adding, a�?a�?There is a lot of growth in terms of education in this field. We are in a fortunate business.a��a��

        Chinese whispers
        While much has been said about Chinaa��s growth and dominance when it comes to wine and spirits consumption, Eizaguirre suggests that all it may take is India opening up taxes, to give the former serious competition. Given that India, like China, is a wine producing country, consumers are easily created. But for now, all roads lead to Vinexpo Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong, for those in wine trade, retail or travel. And later in November, the first Vinexpo Nippon in Tokyo will explore the many business options in Japan.

        Vinexpo is from May 27 to May 29. Get your electronic access badge at vinexpoasiapacific.com

        -Team Indulge

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          Rubato, the Delhi-based watch label, is all about using Indian aesthetics on timepieces

          Baroque embroidery, silks and phulkari work with striking embellishments create watches that are unusual. Conceptualised by two women in their 20sa��Ashima Chhabra and Mehak Kalraa��the timepieces from Rubato (Italian for a�?stolen timea��) promise quirky designs and interesting trappings. Chhabra and Kalra met at NIFT Delhi in 2012, while doing a diploma in luxury product design, and teamed up. Why watches? a�?The market was overflowing with garments and accessories. None specialised in designer watches,a�? says Chhabra, who works with meenakari beads, swarovski elements and even ghungroos. The metallic tasslesA� are made of brass and aluminium that is given an electro-plated finish.

          State your purpose
          Popular with celebrities, these watches were sported by Chitrangada Singh and Esha Gupta recently. The label, which was launched this January, is available at MaalGaadi, a multi-designer store in the city. Operating out of a studio in New Delhi, Chhabra and Kalra plan to launch an online retail option soon. They also do plain leather watches for daily wear and custom-made pieces for bridesa��according to the colour and work on the lehengaa��like the haathphool watch.

          Say it with flowers
          The duoA� plans to release collections every seasona��20 pieces eacha��in a bid for exclusivity. They plan to make it available in more multi-designer stores. Inspired by nature, Chhabra says, a�?You will see a lot of floral and paisley patterns in the current collection.a�? She adds that the timepieces sourced for Rubato have Japanese movement and come with a one-year warranty. a�?Rubato is designed for independent women who like all things Indian,a�? she concludes.

          Available at MaalGaadi, Besant Nagar.A� Rs. 18,000 onwards. Details: 9940665588

          -Sumitra Nair

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            Indian radio is a hot bed for the content crazy. Ia��ll tell you why in the course of this column. When I get asked why radio in the US, UK or Australia sounds so different, a huge debate often ensues. We always refer to these countries like they are benchmarks when it comes to comparing clothes, music, lifestyle, civic amenities and the like. But the fact is that the medium of radio, especially the one beaming to the numerous towns and cities in this country, cannot be compared with any other nation.

            In the countries mentioned above, the advantage for radio is that its people speak one language, English. Every 300 kilometres, the accent probably changes but the language remains the same. In India, every 300 kilometres, not only does the climate change (the biryani also varies in taste), but the language and, leta��s not forget, the culture of that town or state. This topographical tango means a lot of work for every radio station in India when it comes to choosing the right content.

            The challenge is not in the change of languages, but understanding the heartbeat of the place and its culture. Being a�?public sensitivea�� is another imperative quality all stations in this country possess because you never know what could spark controversies and unrest.
            In India, in spite of everyone embracing the social media and whatever is next gen, society still remains very traditional. Any out-of-the-box venture, especially sensitive content on religion and politics, is not entertained by any radio unit. These are a few safety precautions that are still tethered to the medium of radio in India.

            The fact remains that radio in India is like a kaleidoscope of music, content, languages and entertainment, and is like no other country in the world. Therefore, it would be unfair to make comparisons.

            So the next time you catch an international station, remember they might have Tommy, Mickey and Yarn, but humara Bharat mahan!

            – Niladri (talkingradio@gmail.com)
            The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.

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              From sunglasses and sweaters to floral flip-flops and suits a�� lads, get on board the pink parade

              David Beckham may be the embodiment of the metro sexual male but Liam Neeson, Brad Pitt and even William, Duke of Cambridge are sporting thepastel look very comfortably. And for those who are still wary of the rosy hue, we give you tips on how to turn the girly colour into a sexy stylea��statement. a��Team Indulge

              Perfect fit

              Picture 1 of 9

              This contemporary-style jacket by Corneliani comes with unlined linen mattings, two patched pockets and a contrasting motif. Perfect for both, a weekend brunch or summer cocktail evening. Rs. 48,000 upwards. At UB City, Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 41738170

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                Group dining gets an online makeover

                Planning a family lunch or an office dinner, but cana��t fix on a price and place? TableTime.in is a new platform that helps you get the best restaurant deals and crafts special meals for you. It is an initiative of Media Forge Business Solutions, and Hiren Doshi, its co-founder and CEO, says that it was the daily struggle that co-workers faced about lunches and expense that triggered the website. a�?One of the main concerns is budget. We help you pick the place and choose how much youa��d like to spend,a�? he tells us, adding that they have deals to suit every budgeta��from as low as `180 per person to indulgent fine-dining options that start at Rs. 4,000.

                Deal or no deal
                We love that TableTime meticulously explains how the deal will benefit you and how much youa��ll be saving compared to other websites. Most of the deals are personalised to suit customers, and the trend is fast catching on, with restaurants who usually dona��t offer any fixed price options now jumping on to the bandwagon.

                Foodie haven
                TableTime has 100 restaurants on its growing list, with over 200 crafted deals to offer. All you need to do is check for deals on the site and specify the group size and youa��ll get confirmed reservations. a�?People are welcome to send us suggestions of restaurants, as we plan on getting more options online,a�? says Doshi, adding, a�?Next up are plans to expand to Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. We hope to do this by the end of this year.a�? A mobile app is also on the cards for them. Details: tabletime.in

                -Aakanksha Devi

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                  Arti, Mayuka, Ekta, Vimmi Deepak, Shilpa, Shahnaz, Venkata Lakshmi

                  Sanjay Pinto, Dhananjayan, Tapsee, Nadia at the JFW event

                  Womensa�� Day might have been two weeks ago, but the focus this week continued to remain on the ladies. Or maybe ita��s something about the month of March. The FICCI ladies organisation hosted an awards ceremony honouring women achievers, mainly from the fields of business and social work. It looks like they waited for all the madness to die down before they rolled out the red carpet. The impressive gathering included heavyweights from various arenas, on stage, in the audience and on the runway. Complementing the ceremony was a fashion show where FLO members like Vimmi Deepak, Arthi Bagdy, Surekha Kothari as well as Chairperson Mrinalini Dhanesh Maher showed off exclusive pieces by VBJ.

                  JFW Magazine, instead of their annual awards, hosted a high-powered womena��s summit, a�?March for Changea��. Speakers included iconic women from different fields, and despite being on a serious note, the event saw loads of humour from the panellists. Celebrating their third anniversary the very same day was bridal magazine Wedding Vows, opting for a masquerade party at The Park Pod. Youa��ve got to love commitment to the theme, and our hosts went all out. Instead of making the guests work too hard, they kept things

                  Arun Vijay with Aarthi at the Wedding Vows event

                  Arun Vijay with Aarthi at the Wedding Vows event

                  light and easy, allowing for people to mingle.

                  Masks were handed out at the door, giving couples the red carpet a�?photo-opa��, or they could choose the more dramatic Venetian option

                  indoors. The dA�cor, whether intentional or not, was sort of a cross between Vegas and a�?Phantom of the Operaa��. It was an interesting mix of people, from actors and photographers, to several of the citya��s leading wedding planners.

                  Meanwhile, at the much anticipated premiere of Santhosh Sivana��s Inam, everyone from actor Siddharth to Lekha Washington turned up to support the director and cinematographer. A saga about the orphans in Sri Lanka, it left everyone with much to think about.

                  -Paloma Rao (paloma@newindianexpress.com)

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                  A new suburban spot for a weekend get-togetherA�

                  MishMASH, a restobar in HSR Layout, offers locals a mix of Indian and European-inspired cuisines and cocktails in a pleasant, understated space.

                  afterdarkanchor2Straight up
                  We decided to dive into the drinks, starting with a fresh watermelon martini a��A� vodka, Cointreau liqueur and juice. Then, Love for Sale a�� orange vodka, Cointreau, orange juice and passion fruit syrup. On the side, we nibbled on finger foods such as a mild Mangalorean pan-grilled chicken dish called chicken sukka and machli ki tikka a�� seer fish char-grilled in tandoori masala which we washed down with the death by chocolate a�� a heady whisky-based drink, a classic margarita and a perfectly balanced Bloody Mary. We also had the Amadeus a�� a sweet mocktail of apple juice, grape, peach and kiwi syrup that was like a refreshing fruit salad in a glass.

                  The mainline
                  If you are done with starters, we recommend the pasta primavera a�� penne with sun-dried tomatoes and a creamy basil pesto. We also enjoyed the tequila-marinated chicken, cooked with a spicy tomato sauce, served with steamed rice and veggies and the methi murgh a�� a fenugreek-flavoured dish that was served with naan.

                  Rs. 500 for two. At Sector 1, HSR Layout. Details: 22580091

                  a��Avinash Kumai

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                  Serious Men looks at the scientific community from a fresh perspective

                  ADAPTED for theatre from Manu Josepha��s award-winning novel of the same name, Serious Men is aboutA� Ayyan Mani and Acharya Arvind, each brilliant in their own way. Successful astronomer, Arvind, who almost won the Nobel prize, is trying to discover alien life and get a deeper understanding of the universe, while Mani, his assistant, aims to give his family a better life, away from their tiny one-room home. Mania��s 10-year old son Aditya, an apparent budding science genius, acts as a stimulant to the story, his actions on the verge of affecting the lives of many people.

                  Creative interpretation
                  Featuring a 13-member cast, the stage adaptation and direction is by Nikhila Kesavan who has previously worked on adapting novels such as Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat and Jhumpa Lahiria��s Temporary Matters for the theatre. a�?While staying faithful to the plotline of the novel, this play attempts to imaginatively bring alive Manua��s compelling story on stage,a�? Kesavan tells us. a�?It involves a lot of contemporary and urban themes and therefore is very relevant and relatable,a�? she adds.

                  Quest for truth
                  Involving a richly conceptualised set of quirky characters, the storyline is continuously connecting Mani and Arvinda��s search for the truth and takes a closer look at politics in the scientific community. It also brings out the class differences in society and provides a refreshing take through various perspectives. a�?Ita��s a significantly long novel with a complex storyline. So adapting it was challenging but also very exciting,a�? Kesavan shares.
                  Having premiered in Chennai in September last year, the play comes to the city at the invitation of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and is being staged at National Centre For Biological Sciences.

                  March 29 and 30. At Dasheri Auditorium, Bellary Road. Entry free. Details: indianstage.in

                  a��Rashmi Rajagopal

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