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Touch wood
If conventiona��s too confining, then SS Hommea��s handcrafted wooden bow ties are just the thing for you. Perfect as gifts and souvenirs, these quirky limited-edition accessories are available in various styles: from chequered coffee coloured ties to basic chocolate brown ones. At `5,500. Shipped to all the major metros.

Details: 08080614777

Fifa find
If you areA� heading to Brazil to watch the World Cup, dona��t come back without these adorable Fuleco slippers. Fashioned on the tournament mascot, the Brazilian three-banded armadillo, the polyester slippers are priced at Rs. 1,811. Details: shop.fifa.com

NYPD1Ita��s Awrap
We just cana��t get over how cute these little rice crackers are. With the face and clothing of Japana��s traditional hostesses, the Geishas, these will make great gifts for your little onea��s friends back home. Pick up these delicious treats at the Narita International Airport or at any of the 100 yen shops in Tokyo.

Coffee case
Ditch the keychains and fridge magnets in favour of some interesting memorabilia to remember the worlda��s most iconic police force, the NYPD, and New York City. Mugs to show off in the office and cute teddy bears for younger family members are all on offer, but our personal favourite is the branded notepad. Take the most inconsequential notes and feel like youa��re investigating crime on behalf of the people of Manhattan.

Whisked away
A sign of nobility and a mark of authority in many regions across the African continent, the horse tail fly whisk is both easy to find and makes for a beautiful decorative piece. They come in varying sizes. Look for the most striking options that come with carved bonne handles native to the Maasai tribe, often with beaded trimming or inlay work. Their price varies according to quality, with most priced aroundA� Rs. 1,000.

Mosaic memories
A trip to Barcelona is overwhelmingly laden with the works and architecture of the great artist, Antoni Gaudi, through his signature Gifts-3aceramic mosaic work. The Gaudi & Barcelona Shop, at most tourist spots around the city, is the official creator and seller of replicas of Gaudia��s work with jewellery, apparel and decorative merchandise that make for a colourful and quirky keepsake of GaudA� and Barcelona. Rs. 500 upwards. Details: gaudibarcelonashop.com

Quick draw
Herea��s a souvenir that pops: the rubber stunt Webley a�?Tower Bulldoga�? pistol used in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. A high quality casting from a real Webley revolver, it features the weapona��s original stampings. At Rs. 48,000. At the Prop Store in Los Angeles. Details: propstore.com

Best bite
Dare we ask you to give wooden fans and kimonos a miss and, instead, pick up something that the Japanese are totally in love with? KitKat bars! They gobble up these chocolate-covered wafers by the dozen, but go for unique flavours like green tea, chilli, edamame, wasabi and cheese. We also love their red bean toast, mandarin-lemon, cinnamon and sweet potato. Available at most supermarkets, from Rs. 100 onwards.

Gifts-6Sword Point
We are not asking you to tilt at windmills, but a visit to Spain calls for a stopover at Toledo, the sword-making hub of the country. Famous for its unusually hard steel (once wielded by Hannibal in the Punic Wars), it now creates blades mostly for tourists.A� Pick up hand-crafted daggers and broadswords, from Rs. 16,000 onwards.

Royal masquerade
No trip to London is complete without a little bit of Royal spotting. But stan-ding outside Buckingham Palace or hanging around Kensington Gardens, hoping to catch a glimpse of Their Royal Highnesses is so pre-royal wedding. The past few years have seen an explosion in London of the sale of celebrity look-a-like masks, meaning that you can have your photo taken with the Queen or Kate Middleton outside all of Londona��s landmarks. Tacky? Perhaps. Entertaining? Definitely!

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Tishani-Doshi-1a�?a��My favourite holiday destination is Thailand, as it has the right mix of beaches, shopping and great food. I always carry a pair of sparkly wedges and a tan Michael Kors bag that will go with all outfits.a��a��Rochelle Rao, model

a�?My favourite destination is Japan a�� a beautiful place, with friendly people. I got lost twice and people were very helpful. I love their chicken curry with ricea�? –Sharad Haksar, photographer

a�?Though I am a complete Madras girl, my favourite city in the country would be Bombay. It is super textured and layered, offering different experiences. Yet very contained and intensea�?- Tishani Doshi, dancer

a�?I love New York for the art, food and shopping. The city never sleeps, ita��s full of life and I can never get tired of walking from one end to the othera�? –Shalini Biswajit, gallery owner

a�?If you can drive in India, you can drive abroad. Your Indian licence is good for you to drive a hired car for six months. Ask the car karthikhire company to fit you with a GPS and a toll passa�? –Vipin Sachdev, restaurateur

a�?My favourite holiday destination is the Barefoot resort on Havelock in the Andaman Islands.A� I am leaving today to Andalucia, to buy myself a new Spanish horsea�? –Jacqueline Kapur, Hidesign

a�?a��I write my stories when I am on long flights. I board the flight, buckle up, open my laptop and start writing. All my movies have come out of extensive travellinga��a��- Gautham Vasudev Menon, director

a�?a��I have travelled a lot because of work and my favourite place would be Morocco. I like hitting the beaches and when I do, I make sure I carry my T-shirts, shorts and lots of sunscreena��a��- Jiiva,A� actor

a�?a��If you are ever in Scotland, therea��s a six-mile walk between the River Almond and the Fourth River Bridge in Edinburgh. Dona��t miss it for the worlda��a�� –Bruce Lee Mani, musician

Vipin-Sachdeva�?a��When in London, I walk around, maybe grab a coffee or read a nice book. When I am on a long flight, I try to catch up on sleep or I write or sketcha��a�� –Tanvi Shah, singer

a�?a��My life is all about travelling. I generally hit either forests or beaches. I especially frequent the Kabini forests. I am a very outdoor person and the city does not cut it for ma��a��- Tuhin Mehta, DJ

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    Few things match a driving holiday in Ireland after non-stop filming and gym hours, says the actor who is in Shankara��s Ai

    KNOWN for his extreme physical transformations on screen, Vikram has pushed the envelope with Shankara��s romantic thriller, Ai. Not only did he drop 21 kilos for the project, but he has experimented with his styling and fitness routine for the film that also stars Amy Jackson. The actor, who is most comfortable in jeans and flip-flops has been making an effort by a�?mixing it upa�� with brands like Giorgio Armani, D&G and Etro. Currently wrapping up his last few days of work in central London, he is making time for sartorial outings and to take in the sights and sounds of the city. But what he is looking forward to most is his big break in a few days, when his family joins him.

    The-City-Hopper3Irish road trip
    On the cards is a self-drive holiday in Ireland. Having spent other such breaks behind the wheel in France and New Zealand, he insists,a�?a�?All you need is your GPS. We look out for BNBs and farms that offer simple accommodation and good food. I drive for half a day non-stop, avoiding the motorway and choosing the countryside instead.a��a�� The tranquility in the car is rarely interrupted, perhaps only when his teen off-spring take exception to his taste in music a��a��Kishore Kumar and vintage Hindi songs. Vikrama��s ride of choice is a Range Rover, but Ireland will see him making a few concessions. a�?a�?Once they realised my nationality, and that insurance would not cover the drive, I had to settle for a Land Rover,a��a�� says the actor, who has been working on Ai for close to two years and is looking forward to its release in a few months. After his holiday, he will be joining Goli Soda director Vijay Miltona��s team, for a Fox Star Studios movie that will also have actress Samantha.

    Vikram recently spent 45 days at Banyan Tree Shanghai, for its signature spa treatments (part of his training for Ai), and he says, a�?a�?All I did was go to the gym, spa, walk a lot and eat.a��a��

    a�� Rosella Stephen

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      Location hunting in the South can throw up a lot of surprises, admits cinematographer and first-time director, R Velraj

      IN the industry for over a decade, cinematographer R Velraj is happy with his directorial debut, Velaiyilla Pattathari. Velraja��s cinematography in movies like Aadukalam, Polladhavan, Kandhar and Enge-yum Eppothum has had a lasting impression on the audience. Now the Madurai native is geared to work with his favourite actor, Dhanush.

      Movie scout
      The a�?velaiyilla pattathari a�� in the movie is Dhanush who faces issues at home and is in love with his neighbour, played by Amala Paul. a�?I had a story, and mentioned the name to Dhanush. He suggested we work together and contributed to each shot, the story, etc,a�? says Velraj, 44. Having known and worked with Dhanush since Polladhavan, Velraj is quick to comment on how the actor has changed over the years. a�?He has matured a lot. He gets involved with direction and comes up with many ideas,a�? says Velraj, who has travelled extensively in Tamil Nadu for his movies. a�?I travel to different places, but recently I went to Namal Medu and loved the place. It is close to Theni and Suruli. I like shooting in forests and unexplored areas,a�? he says. HighlightingA� significant places in Tamil Nadu, he says Karaikudi is his first choice a�?for the houses and courtyards.a�?

      Home bound
      Velraj is in love with Madurai for its food as well. a�?I have grown old, so I am on a diet. But when I am in Madurai, I like the curry dosai which you will find only there,a��a�� he says. a�?a�?I also like the spicy nandu omlet with rice,a�? adds Velraj, who gets nostalgic about Pongal celebrations at his hometown.

      a�� Mrinalini Sundar

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        The enchanting JapaneseA� concept that combines food and felines, branches out into various shapes,
        sizes and speciesA� across the globe

        THE Putrina One Cat Cafe, a pop-up concept that recentlyA� opened in Manhattan,
        New York, for just three days, proved very popular, with people waiting in line for over three hours just to get in. We list popular animal cafes around the world that allow you to sip your cuppa along with some furry friends.

        Feline nation
        Kitty parties take on a whole new meaning at this new London cafA� in Shoreditch. The cozy English tearooma��named after Lady Dinah, Alicea��s cat from Alice in Wonderlanda��offers coffee and afternoon tea, with sandwiches, cakes and scones for you and the kitten curled up on your lap. Lauren Pears raised more than $181,000 through a crowd-funding campaign to set up the cafA� and, as of March, has opened its doors to humans and felines both as a place to de-stress and as a rescue home for abandoned cats. Rs. 515 up (approx). Prior reservations required. At Bethnal Green Road. Details: ladydinahs.com

        Hoot hoot
        CafA� Little Zoo, an interactive Japanese cafA�, offers you a taste of the wild in a charming zoo-like setting, replete with iguanas, snakes, falcons, turtles and owls who will dine alongside you as you are served a choice of Indian, Japanese and a�?Americana�� food. Each table here is equipped with hand sanitisersA� so you can tuck into your meal in comfort. Rs. 200 upwards (approx). Reservations and walk-ins are accepted. At Chiba, Narashino, Tokyo.
        Details: little-zoo.jp

        Puppy love
        Bau House in Seoul is a dog loversa�� heaven where you can snuggle up to golden retrievers, labradors Beagles and even the sociable Cavalier King Charles at will. Dogs are encouraged to wander freely between tables and make new friends in the interactive atmosphere created. Watch out for the clever ninja-like pooches who are capable of stealing treats from your table. Rs. 200 up (approx). At Mapo-gu. Details: cafe.daum.net/BAUhouse

        Animal club
        In Vietnam, Pet CafA� lets you hang with your choice of animal, from snakes and tarantulas to squirrels and hedgehogs, while you sip on some hot tea. Rats and other rodents are also welcome here and the owner, Nguyen Minh Nghia, even claims that they are as friendly as in Ratatouille! CustomersA� sit at small bamboo tables, order a hot drink or juice and interact with animals a�� something Nghia thinks will help people overcome their fears.
        AtA� Hanoi. Details: 0466556699

        A�a��Aakanksha Devi

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          Sign up for a weekend with your pet atA�destinations that pull out all the stops to keep them happy

          hen the person on the phone says, a�?Your dogs can sleep on the bed with you,a�? you know thata��s as close to home as youa��ll ever get on vacation. And thata��s what our first impression was of the Sharoan homestay in Kodaikanal, long before we made the 500 kilometre drive from Chennai. A beautiful gray-stone home, the place looks like ita��s straight out of an Enid Blyton novel.A�Owned by Manmohan (Mac) Sahani, thisA�a�?pet and youa�� getaway is almost enough to make you forget that you just drove 10 hours with two dogs in the same car.

          Mac and  Sasha

          Mac and Sasha

          Increasingly, pet owners are finding that taking their dogs along onA�a holiday is a viable optiona��sentimentally and financiallya��over leaving them in expensive kennels. And ita��s all thanks to a few indulgent pet lovers with property, who have decided to create holiday homes that are open to the whole a�?extendeda�� (theA�waggingA�tailed kind) family. a�?Ia��ve been driving up hereA�(to Kodaikanal)A�with my pug Sasha for years now,a�? Mac recalls, but adds, a�?every time this would come up in conversation with friends, I realised very few people had the same option.a�?

          However, several holiday options that are pet friendly choose not to go overboard with publicity. WhileA�MacA�has confined his a�?ada�� to a single poster outside his veta��s Chennai clinic, Nicholasa�� La��Escale guesthouse in Pondicherry leaves it to good old word-of-mouth publicity. The Englishman who has settled there with his French wife tells us, a�?Wea��ve had three owners come with their pets in three years.a�? Do they allow any kind of pet? a�?Yeah, as long as ita��s not a tiger!a�?A�La��Escale responds with a laugh.

          Also in the same vicinity is the boutique resort, the Dune. Formerly an artista��sA�residence, the 40-acre property has been converted into 55 gorgeous cottagesa��each aesthetically unique and all open to canine guests. a�?We even cater to custom doggie meals on request,a�? Dunea��s director Sunil Varghese tells us. And the dogs are free to roam the property on or off the leash. Perhaps the only no-paws zone is the restaurant. a�?We keep this off-limits to pets for hygienic reasons,a�? Sunil explains, sounding a little apologetic. But hey, as long as you get to wake up every morning toA�a wet-nosed greetingA�even when youa��re on vacation, what more can you ask for?

          The Farm
          The Bed and Breakfast on OMR is less than an hour away from the city and has a relaxed set up of 12 rooms (all pet friendly), a lake that is great for a doggie swim and plenty of farm animals to socialise with. Says Shalini Phillip, who co-runs the space, a�?Since we dona��t
          specify what pets are allowed, wea��ve had dogs, cats and even turtles!a�? Cost per room: Rs. 3,000 plus taxes

          Vivanta by Taj Connemara
          Would you believe Connemara has been open to furry five-star guests since the 80s? And now that the hotel has been rebranded, pet-friendly rooms are a part of the policy. Once you check in, your pet can enjoy a host of luxuries. a�?That means a doggie bowl, a separate mattress and custom food, like lamb broth,a�? says Ashirbad Praharaj, the accommodations manager. He adds that guests with pets usually get an upgrade to a deluxe room with direct garden access. Cost for pet for the duration of your stay: Rs. 3,000

          Outstation getaways
          Sharoan Cottage (Kodaikanal): Rs. 4,000-5,000 depending on which room you pick La��Escale (Pondicherry): Rs. 450 for the pets and Rs. 2,200-Rs. 2,700 for the rooms
          Dune (Pondicherry): Rs. 5,500-Rs. 19,000 depending on proximity to the sea

          A�a��Sonali Shenoy

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            Grecian turn
            For cinematographer-director K V Anand, ita��s not the beauty but the feel of a place that reels him in. The Mediterranean and Greek islands are his favourite holiday spots. a�?Specifically, the Mykonos Island in Greece. I love to frequent it,a�? he says. a�?Ita��s a charming little island, and the people are friendly and warm. And, of course, the food is delicious.a�?

            Dreaming of NYC
            Vishala��who is on cloud nine, with his performance in Naan Sigappu Manithan garnering praisea��recently injured his finger while shooting a stunt sequence for Poojai. To take his mind off his 16 stitches, we asked him about his favourite vacation spot. a�?New York,a�? he says a�?because you get to see the entire world there.a�? The actor-producer adds that it is a place a�?full of energy, with so much to do.a�?

            Getting candid
            He may not be on holiday, but Jeyam Ravi fondly remembers the gondola ride he took in Venice with his wife. a�?I was just married and romance was in the air,a�? he reminisces. His favourite holiday spot? a�?I would love to go to Las Vegas. Ia��ve heard so much about it and I would love to experience that kind of fun,a�? is his enthusiastic reply. Incidentally, the US is one of the countries Ravi hasna��t visited yeta��either on work or for
            a vacation.

            Malini Mannath

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              The local delicacies you do not want to miss on a road trip around the state

              The Chettinad belt alone leaves us with a list of over 200 spice-laden indulgences. Add to that the Nadar specials of Nanjil Nadu and nutritious millet-based dishes still prepared at the homes of many farmers, and you have enough to fill books. While it would take several months of travelling to sample every treat this state has to offer, we present a list of places you can cover in about a month a�� each offering a delicacy that has become synonymous with it. Read on:

              a�� Ryan Peppin

              1. Chennai
              ?A�A� Sukku malli coffee
              For starters, have you tried the sukku malli coffee in Parrys? Generally made with a blend of dry ginger, coriander seeds, pepper and cumin seeds, the version served at Kurlagam Complex near High Court has close to 13 ingredients (including long pepper and palm jaggery), and is brewed for two to three hours. The medicinal drink does wonders to battle cold and flu.

              2-kanchipuram-idli2. Kanchipuram
              ?A� Idli
              Said to have
              originated at the Sri Varadarajaperumal temple in the town otherwise known for its silk saris, these idlis are still sold here by the kilo. Dotted with pepper corns, jeera (and cashew nuts in some versions), these mammoth idlis are usually steamed in tumblers or thalis.

              3. Arcot
              ?A�A� Makkan peda
              Loaded with dry fruits and nuts (think almond, raisin, cashew, pistachio, walnut, etc), the makkan peda resembles a flattened gulab jamun. The sweet, said to have its roots in the homes of the Arcot Nawabs, is popular at stalls like Chairman Sweets and The Arcot Chettiyar Sweet Stall.

              4. Chidambaram
              ?A�A� Korai kizhangu laddu
              It shouldna��t be hard to find the Bhoo Varaha Swamy temple in the Kattumannarkoil taluk, around 35 kms West of Chidambaram. The 4-korai-kezhanguprasadam, unique to this temple, is a korai kizhangu laddu (made with a type of root) that will make your journey worth the while.

              5. Kumbakonam
              ?A�A� Degree coffee
              Kumbakonama��s famed degree coffee is distinct because of the purity of the milk used. While most of the places offering the original coffee made popular by Panchapikesa Iyer are shut, Muralia��s Cafe offers a version closest to the original. For breakfast, try idlis with kadappa, a kootu-like preparation of moong dal and mashed potatoes.

              6. Thanjavur
              ?A�A� Arachuvitta sambar
              ?A�A� Beans usili
              The city popular for its Chola temples, Maratha palace, unique paintings and veenas, is also regarded as the birthplace of sambar by many. While there, be sure to ask around till you find a vegetarian meal that serves arachuvitta sambar (made with fresh ground masalas) and beans parrupu usili (a dry dish of beans and dal).


              7. Srirangam
              ?A�A� Samba rava dosa
              The small island town that is part of the city
              of Tiruchirappalli, is famous for its landmark,
              Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. Be sure to try the
              samba rava dosa (a thick rava dosa, sold by the piece) that is available near the temple.

              8. Salem
              ?A�A� Mutton chukka
              ?A�A� Pichipotta kozhi varuval
              Aside from the steel and sago, Salem is popular for its non vegetarian fare. The mutton chukka, popular around the region, is slightly crispy compared to other versions. Also ask for Parasakthi mess, run by Vaishya Chettiyars, where the pichipotta kozhi varuval (stir fry of shredded chicken) is a must try.

              9. Coimbatore
              ?A�A� Angannan biryani
              ?A�A� Kambu koozh
              ?A�A� Coconut buns at bakeries
              Your first visit in Cotton City should be to the Angannan Hotel in Town Hall, where you can enjoy a unique biryani devoid of tomato and onion-based masala. Using only dry masala for flavours, the Angannan biryani looks like a mild green pulao. Another dish you must try is the kambu koozh a�� a kanji-like preparation of mildly spiced crushed millet, that is both healthy and cooling. The city is also famous for its numerous bakeries where you can sit down for puffs and coconut buns with your tea.

              10. Madurai
              ?A�A� Kari dosai
              ?A�A� Aira meen curry
              ?A�A� Nandu puttu
              Besides the famous jigarthanda, Madurai is said to serve the softest idlis in the state. And while there, be sure to try the aira meen 11-aira-meencurry (made with a small river fish that is usually cleaned by soaking in milk) at Ganesh mess and the kari dosai (dosas topped with meat) at Konar mess. Amma mess, another popular eatery in the city, offers fare like nandu (crab) puttu, moolai (brain) masala, pura (wild pigeon) kozhambu and muyyal (rabbit) curry.

              11. Karaikudi
              ?A�A� Kari kola urundai
              ?A�A� Kavan arisi puttu
              ?A�A� Rangoon puttu
              ?A�A� Pazhaya soru meen kuzhambu
              You could stay here for a week and not get tired as the home of Chettinad cuisine has a lot to offer. Be sure to try the kola urundai (spiced, mince meat balls) that is sometimes tied with string (this version is said to have been introduced to Tanjore by the Marathas), before being fried. The region also has its share of vegetarian fare that stands out a�� the kavan arisi puttu (made with black rice) and Rangoon puttu (named after the former capital of Burma) for instance. If time permits, visit Kanadukathan, a small town about 14 kms from Karaikudi, where the pazhaya soru meen kuzhambu (previous nighta��s soaked rice, had with fish curry) is quite famous.

              12. Virudhunagar
              ?A�A� Poricha parotta
              ?A�A� Kothu parotta
              Also the birthplace of K Kamaraj, the town to the South of Madurai is famous for its varieties of parotta. Dona��t leave without sampling their versions of kothu parotta (egg, chicken, mutton, vegetarian) and the famous poricha (deep fried) parotta also called the yenna 14-munthiri-kothuparotta or varki parotta.

              13. Tirunelveli
              ?A�A� Iruttu Kadai Halwa
              ?A�A� Munthiri kothu
              ?A�A� Sodhi
              While the a�?iruttu kadaia�� halwa in Tirunelveli needs no introduction, this city is also popular for a sweet called munthiri kothu (literally translates to bunch of grapes) made with moong dal and jaggery. The sodhi, a vegetable gravy made with coconut milk, is another delicacy that is common in households of the region.

              14. Thoothukudi
              ?A�A� Macaroons
              ?A�A� Muscoth halwa
              This coastal city, popular for pearl fishing and its port, is also famous for its macaroons made with generous helpings of cashew nuts. Another special here is the muscoth halwa, a slightly harder version of the sweet, made with wheat flour.

              15. Sengottai
              ?A�A� Border chicken
              Located to the West of Tirunelveli, Sengottai or Shenkottai is popular for a spicy fried16-chakkoli-A
              chicken called border chicken. Sold at a number of shops along the border, this is
              especially famous among visitors to the Courtallam water falls.

              16. Kanyakumari
              ?A�A� Chakkoli
              ?A�A� Panagam
              What better way to end the trip than at the Southern tip of South India? The spicy cuisine of this coastal town takes influence from the bordering state of Kerala, so expect a good variety of appams and seafood here. Do try the chakkoli (kozhi pidi in Kerala), a delicacy of rice dumplings in a coconut-based chicken or prawn gravy. Panagam, a cooling drink that is good for digestion, is also popular in nearby places like Nagercoil (do try the Nagercoil fish curry, made with coconut).

              15-border-chickenAlso popular
              If you have extra time on your trip, here are the more popular regional specials that you will not have trouble finding:

              ?A� Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Dindugal a�� All three places are popular for their versions of biryani made with seeraga samba rice.

              ?A� Ooty a�� Do not leave without a bag of varkis from Woodlands Bakery in Ooty, or the New Indian Bakery, Coonoor.

              ?A�A� Kodaikanal a�� You will find home made chocolates in plenty at this hill station.

              ?A� Srivilliputhur a�� This town in the Virudhunagar district is known for its palgova, a milk sweet available at many outlets around the local bus stand.

              ?A� Kovilpatti a�� The second largest town in the Thoothukudi district is known for one of the most common sweets in the state, kadalai mittai.

              ?A�A� Manapparai a�� Originally made with butter, the murukkus of this town are still a hit across the state.

              Inputs from: Chefs Damodaran, Praveen Anand, Sheetharam Prasad, Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Alok Anand, Regi Mathew, PA� Soundararajan, Harish, Ashok Kumar

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                From swimwear andA� summer wedges to that trusty eye-mask, fashion experts share what must go into your bag

                Can you travel light and yet be prepared for any sartorial challenge? Stylists and designers share ultimate summer holiday essentials you must carry along. The rest, they say, can be picked up wherever you are.

                Accessorise right

                To avoid excess weight, carry a few pieces that can be worn in many ways. Dayal suggests packing a sling bag with enough pockets that can also pass off as an evening bag. a�?Ia��ve started packing bindis lately and pair them with different outfits and tribal jewellery for interesting looks,a�? Ramani says. She swears by red lipstick and a terracotta bronzer by Guerlain to instantly glam up her look and relies on rose water face mist by Kama Ayurveda to keep herself fresh on long flights. Reversible cuffs from Marini are a big hit, she agrees. If you are headed for a boho or a beach holiday, a�?pack beads and accessories with feathers. And if you are headed for a city getaway, include a statement necklace, a watch and stud earrings,a�? Lulla suggests.

                PACK5Expert speak

                Fashion director, Elle, Malini Banerji recommends packing separates like a a�?nice pair of jeans, tops and skirts that can be mixed and matched.a�? She swears by high street brands like Zara and Mango for these essentials. a�?I would also include a nice day dress by French Connection and dress it up for the evening with accessories,a�? Banerji says. She also suggests carrying a pair of flat sandals as a backup, in case your heels give way. Banerji says we should pack keeping in mind our destination. a�?If you are headed to a place like Karachi, youa��d want to step out covered up.a�? It is also a good idea to include a cover up like a stole or a shawl, in case it gets cooler in the evening.

                Known to stack bangles to dress up a look, she prefers accessories from Mawi, Akaliko and Suhani Pittie. a�?I prefer packing a nice pair of earrings or an ear cuff, a couple of rings, a few bangles and a statement necklace to pair them with my outfits,a�? she says. Carry a miniature version of your favourite perfume, a nice eye liner and a mascara to transition your look from day to night adds Banerji, who relies on a Chanel bronzer and a lip balm by Burta��s Bees handy as long flights can leave your lips dry and flaky.

                Malini Ramani:A� Known for stylish beach wear, the Delhi-based designer says, a�?I always pack my wedge heel kolhapuris, and a valliyanjumpsuit wherever I go, as these are very versatile.a�? Kolhapuri wedges, the designer says, can be worn with a beachy dress during the day or with a dressy outfit in the evening. And while the jumpsuit can be dressed up or down with accessories, the kaftan will see you headed from beach to cocktail party, with no stops in between.

                Nishka Lulla: The young designer suggests, a�?Pack separates like a light blazer, a sun dress or a maxi dress, brogues or ballet flats from the same colour scheme or family.a�? This helps you mix and match looks with ease.

                Anupamaa Dayal: The cheerful Delhi-based designer suggests carrying pashmina shawls to brighten up a plain dress, tunic or kurti. a�?Packing a long silk dress, a chiffon scarf and a silk jacket are a must,a�? she adds. While the dress can be worn for a day outing, the scarf and the jacket work as great add-ons to a plain dress or even a jeans and T-shirt outfit.

                a�� Sumitra Nair

                  0 91

                  The potential that radio, as a medium, has as a driving force is yet to be experienced. Yes, we know that it can provide non-stop music, content-driven concepts, game shows and the like, but when it comes to fund raising or creating awareness on a social issue, thata��s when radio can be heard well above the rest.

                  Radio stations in the country havena��t really embraced the idea of fund raising. Ia��ve spoken to a few (who hold good positions at radio units) on why it wasna��t on their agenda and their reply was that it was too much paper work and, most importantly, what if their target listener didna��t responda��it would throw bad light on the stationsa�� ability to drive its listeners to contribute towards a cause.
                  Most of us want to contribute towards a good cause, but finding the time has always been the obstacle. If there was a fundraiser on radio, it makes it easy for the listener to participate as you are involuntarily on a platform where you can helpa��be it while driving or even at home.

                  Fund raisers have been a practice in many stations around the world. A radio unit in the UK raised more than a million pounds for children in need. That is what the medium can achieve and, let me also tell you, that if there was an on-air marathon that ran for a week then the amount would increase tenfold.

                  In India, where radio stations are formatted and want to believe that a particular segment is their target group, the idea of fund raising gets a little complicated. Would the listeners reciprocate, would they contribute, would they even tune in are the questions the station would have to answer if they had to get a charity going on-air.

                  Radio units shouldna��t fear the feeling of rejection if a fundraiser flops. It is up to them to get back to their drawing boards and re-figure their design. That will make us listeners reach out. See you next week!

                  a�� Niladri (talkingradio@gmail.com)
                  The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.

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