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    Floral garden chairs, photo booths and eco-friendly home decor, at Weekend Sandhai today and tomorrow

    Taking you back to the beginning of the 19th century, Weekend Sandhaia��s third edition will be screening cartoon films for children on a bioscope (the instrument on which the first moving images were viewed). Plus, hardcore fans can invest in T-shirts from Urmi, with Rajnikantha��s iconic dialogues printed on them.With 80 stalls this time (up from 50 last April, in Coimbatore) and 16 stalls dedicated to food, the two-day flea market is ready to please.
    All in one
    10350413_583218405124346_29a�?Youngsters can choose from the tattoo corner and photo booth, with a funky auto decorated with flowers, while there are bumpy castles, games and cotton candy for kids. Block printed saris and salwar sets, with intricately embroidered dupattas from Bani Thani are available for the ladies,a�? begins Shiva Chandrika, the project head. Find dolls by The Utimate Kopie, footwear from Bangalore, party dresses from local brands and home dA�cor too at the event by Anusha Alagiri. Take a break with dance performances and puppet shows, mimicry by Mohan of Vijay TV fame, and a music performance by Namma Ooru Boy Band.

    Tasting point
    Listing the menu, Chandrika informs, a�?Wea��ll have biryani from Midnight Masala, pastries from HotBreads, goli soda, momos from Simply Momos, chaat, ice golas and other street food.a��a�� And before you head out, stop by the stalls from NGOs Make A Difference (Bangalore) and Rista (Kolkata) for storage boxes and vases made by villagers using bio-degradable raw materials like cane and golden grass. Priced from `25. At YMCA Grou-nds. Details: 42666001.

    a�� Sharmistha Maji

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    Friday, August 29

    TeleWatchFriday_Sibling-RivSibling Rivalry (Comedy), MGM, 9 pm
    Cast: Kirstie Alley, Bill Pullman, Carrie Fisher
    Frustrated wife Marjorie Turner (Kirstie Alley) tired of her husband of 10 years and his stuck-up relatives, takes her sistera��s advice to indulge in a fling. All seems to be going to plan when she allows herself to be picked up in a grocery store by an unknown man, and taken back to his hotel room. Things get complicated when her new lover dies during their sexual encounter. Carrie Fisher, who has a supporting role in the film, is best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars Trilogy.


    TeleWatchFriday_XMen1X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Action),
    Movies Now, 10.50 pm
    Cast: Hugh Jackman,
    Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds
    The fourth instalment in the X-Men series takes us back to Wolverinea��s childhood. Jamesa��the boy who become Wolverinea��witnesses his fathera��s murder. The shock triggers his mutation and he kills his fathera��s murderer, but not before finding out that the killer is his real father. He escapes with the killera��s son Victor, his half-brother. The two join Team X, a team of mutants, but trouble comes when James wants to leave. Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber performed many of their own stunt scenes in this film.

    TeleFridayTrustTheMan1Trust The Man (Romance / Comedy), Romedy Now, 2.10 pm
    Cast: David Duchovny, Julian Moore, Billy Crudup, Maggie Gyllenhaal
    The story revolves around Tom (David Duchovny) and Rebecca (Julian Moore), who are having troubles with their marriage. Rebecca is an actress, whose career has forced her husband to give up his lucrative job in advertising to be there for their daughter. With close to no intimacy between the two, Tom turns to pornography and other women, while Rebecca is toying with the idea of sleeping with her younger co-star. Director-writer Bart Freundlich is married to Moore, and some think that aspects of the film are modelled on their relationship.


    TeleFridayAnimalKingdom1Animal Kingdom (Crime / Drama),
    Z Studio, 4.50 pm
    Cast: Ben Mendelsohn,
    Joel Edgerton, Guy Pearce
    Joshua a�?Ja�� Cody (James Frecheville) is forced to move in with his grandmother, after his mother dies of a heroin overdose. The matriarch of a Melbourne crime family, his grandmother Janine Smurf Codya��s (Jacki Weaver) house is used as a base for a host of illegal activities including drugs and arms dealings. The 17-year-old soon finds himself in a web of crime, with his family seeing him as a potential threat to their
    safety. The film is loosely based on Melbournea��s Pettingill family. Saturday,August 30

    TeleWatchSaturday_CitizenKaCitizen Kane (Drama), TCM, 11.45 am
    Cast: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Dorothy Comingore
    This classic American drama revolves around the life and legacy of Charles Foster Kane, a millionaire newspaper tycoon played by Orson Welles. Following his death, a reporter attempts to decipher his mysterious last word, a�?rosebuda��. As his investigations delve deeper, Kanea��s fascinating rise to the top of the publishing world is laid bare. The film was nominated for Academy Awards in nine categories when it was released in 1941, and is considered by many critics to be one of the greatest films ever made.


    TeleSundayPriest1Priest (Sci-fi / Action), &Pictures, 12 pm
    Cast: Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Lily Collins, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q
    A war that has lasted for centuries between vampires and humans has caused a a�?theocracya��, ruled by an organisation called The Church, to protect the few remaining humansa��with giant walled cities and warriors called a�?the priestsa��a��from vampires that still roam the Earth. But now that the war is over, the priests are disbanded. However, when one of them learns that his niece, Lucy, was abducted by the vampires, he asks for the reinstatement of the priests to rescue her. The release date of the film was pushed from 2010 to 2011, to accommodate a 3D version.


    Ultra-VioletUltra Violet (Sci-fi / Action),
    Star Movies Action, 4.30 pm
    Cast: Milla Jovovich, Cameron Bright, Nick Chinlund,
    William Fichtner
    Ita��s 2078 and a global epidemic seems to have taken over the world, infecting humans with a virus that causes vampire-like symptoms that include superhuman strength and long canines. A medical militant group has taken control of the government and is exterminating affected humans to help control the virus. But Violet Song Jat Shariff (Milla Jovovich) has made it her mission to find a cure for the virus. Jovovich claimed she was not part of the discussions in the editing stages, and was not allowed to see her own performance, which might have been better if she had had a say.

    Broken City (Crime / Thriller),
    HBO Defined, 11.30 pm
    Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jeffrey Wright
    When cop Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) kills Mikey Tavarez, the murderer and rapist of 16-year-old Yessenia Barea, mayor Nicholos Hostetler (Russell Crowe) lets him walk free. Seven years later, Taggarta��s detective agency is struggling to stay afloat. So when he is asked by Hostetler to spy on his wife, Cathleen (Catherine Zeta-Jones), he takes up the offer. Little does he know that his past would come back to haunt him. Alona Tal, who plays Katy (Taggarta��s assistant), was born in Israel and served in the Israeli Defense Forces.

    TeleSundayBulletRaja1Bullet Raja (Crime / Politics), Star Gold, 2.50 pm
    Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Jimmy Shergill, Sonakshi Sinha
    When Raja Misra (Saif Ali Khan) gatecrashes a wedding while escaping from goons, he bumps into Rudra Singh (Jimmy Shergill). The two get talking and they soon become firm friends. But later in the day, Raja overhears a plot to murder Rudra and his entire family. Thus begins a tale
    of crime and politics, but will the two be able
    to make it out of the complex web safely?
    Saif Ali Khan used real guns in the scenes for a truly authentic look.


    Queen (Comedy / Drama), Sony Max, 8 pm
    Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Lisa Haydon
    Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is a middle-class girl from a conservative family, whose fiancA� walks out on her a day before their wedding. Instead of moping at home, Rani decides to go on her honeymoon alone. While in Paris, she befriends Vijayalakshmi (Lisa Haydon), a fun, outspoken girl, who opens up Rania��s sheltered world to new experiences. She moves on to Amsterdam and makes new friends there. However, her fiancA� tracks her down and now wants her back in his life.
    Will getting back together be her happy
    ending? Haydon practised French for a month to get her part as an Indo-French Parisian just right.

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    With talks on for a fourth installment
    of Expendables, here are some
    actor who may fit in

    fast-and-furious-6-still031Enter the villain
    Though Stone Cold Steve Austin was the first WWE wrestler to be part of The Expendables franchise, action king Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock, would be a good addition to the next version. This star, who has boosted franchises like Fast and Furious, The Mummy and G I Joe will bring in some style and muscle to the movie. In fact, rather than being part of the team, the actor wants to be their rival in the movie. a�?a�?I don’t want to be on their team and be buddies with them. F**k that noise. I want to hunt every single one of them down and tell them to a�?send your soul to heaven causeyour a** is minea��,a��a�� he had said recently.
    Now that would be fun to watch.


    Touch of humour
    Though this franchise has just enough humour, adding Mark Wahlberg to the list would not hurt. Having shown some varietya��with movies like Ted, and a serious role in Lone Survivora��Wahlberg would make a good choice as an expendable. In fact when director Michael Bay chose the 43-year-old to make the sequel to Transformers, there were rumours of Wahlberg being part of the third instalment. Hopefully, he will make it to the fourth.

    Good to be bad
    Karate king Jackie Chan has always been the hero. But the Asian actor has expressed interest in the next installment of The Expendables and, like The Rock, as a villain. Now that will be worth a watch. a�?a�?I (want to be) against all the Expendable guys, but as a good-bad guy. Ia��m a good guy at the end,a��a�� he said. a�?a�?If I go against them, I stand out. Otherwise Ia��m (part of) the group,a�? said the actor, adding, a�?Stallone liked me to join two and three but at the time, I was doing Dragon Blade in the desert. If the script is right, (there arena��t) that many people and my part is more importanta��its not just coming in for three seconds or two minutes and then a�?byea��a��I would do it, especially with so many big stars,a��a�� he said.

    RobertDe-Niro1Small impact
    Having done fantastic films like The Godfather, Robert De Niro is one actor who is most likely to feature in the next instalment of the movie. Having worked with Stallone in Grudge Match, the 71-year-old has been wanting to be a part of it for long. Though Niro has small roles in upcoming movies like The Bag Man, The Intern and Hands of Stone, the actor might just take up a small role in this instalment too.



    Woman power
    Though an all women Expenda Belles project was proposed two years ago, there has not been much progress. Expendables 2 director Simon West was the first to express interest. a�?a�?I like the idea of the Expenda-Belles where ita��s seven or eight women mercenaries. It would be Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich, the list goes on. It would be running parallel. They would meet up and then they would fight and they would join up and
    save each other.a��a��

    A taste of Bond
    Though former 007 Pierce Brosnan has been busy promoting his spy thriller The November Man (that is close to the British spy role), he would be the best choice for the fourth instalment of The Expendables movie. In a recent interview he said, a�?Sylvester Stallone is the one thata��s given us these wonderful platforms for actors who have had careers to go play and have fun and to entertain. To bring a bunch of guys together who saved the world, fought the bad guys, and put them all on the same stage, thata��s crazy good. Ita��s just about entertainment. Avi Lerner is somebody Ia��ve heard about and his movies always have a big, brash entertainment value to them. You can really change the world and thata��s great, but The Expendables? Yeah, Ia��d love to do The Expendables. Ita��s just a kick in the pants.a�?

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    Identify rare desert flowers and experience walking across a frozen river on these nature trails

    FIND out how leaves can be ladles, how you can taste water stored in a creeper, and other such nuances of fauna and flora on the many nature walks being organised across the country. Taking pains not to disrupt the environment, there are umpteen optionsa��from one-hour walks to three-five day sessions. We take a look at a few such interesting ones.
    Arty Plantz, Bangalore
    This group helps people connect with plants and trees with their sense of sight, touch and smell. a�?Hebbal and Cubbon Parks are a must-visit for nature walk lovers. December to February is the peak season where we find a lot of birds and insects,a�? shares Janani Eswar, a member, adding that their monthly Sunday walks are popular. One of the unique experiences on the Cubbon Park walk is collecting the leaves of the Ficus Krishnae (Krishnaa��s buttercup). a�?The leaves are shaped like ladles and walkers love to drink water from them,a�? she adds.
    What to carry: Shoes, jackets and a poncho are a must. You could also bring along a sketch book, a field guide (of the citya��s fauna and flora) and binoculars. Eswar also recommends a frog app, Frog Find (Google Play Store), that identifies the sounds of frogs when the walkers are in its vicinity. `300 for a one-and-a-half-hour walk. Details: 08861115565
    Nature-walks--WayanadGet Up and Go, Chennai
    This organisationa��s nature walks on the Markha Valley trail and Stokangri peak are widely recognised. One of the heads, Neha Khotari, an archaeologist, shares that sighting a snow leopard, marmos and ibex (a type of mountain goat) makes the trek complete. a�?These walks are a little challenging but wildlife lovers have an amazing time,a�? shares Khotari, adding that she also oversees walks to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand and Kalsubai (in Sahyadri, Maharashtra). While they tie up with local guides, she says, a�?Arjan Kripal Singh, my business partner, has travelled across the country and provides titbits about the locality that people are not aware of.a�? They also organise winter walks to Chadar, a frozen river in Leh. a�?The entire river is frozena��it is like standing in a bowl and watching the world,a�? she concludes.
    What to carry: With drinking water, shoes, rain gear and torches on the list, Khotari adds that compass apps and fitness apps like Endura are also popular among walkers. From `25,000 onwards (six days and more). Details: getupandgo.in
    Muddy-boots-2Muddyboots, Wayanad
    This nature walk and trekking organisation keeps it very local by hiring guides from among the indigenous people. a�?This helps walkers connect with the people in the locality,a�? says Pradeep Murthy, director, adding, a�?Our team of three naturalists help walkers identify endemic species of birdsa��from the Nilgiris flycatcher to the Wayanad laughing thrush.a�? They also help people in locating rare species of moths (like the Atlas moth), herbs and butterflies. Adding that September to February is the best time for walks, Murthy shares that people who have joined them have enjoyed collecting frankincense (an aromatic resin) from the trees and drinking out of water vines, a creeper that stores water.
    Where to stay: He recommends Vythiri Resorts, Windflower, Pranavam Homestays and Misty Hills Wayanad. `1,250 per person for a day of activities. Details: 09544201249
    The Wild Walk, Chennai
    Tying up with most of South Indiaa��s national parks, The Wild Walk organises walks on designated paths with an abundance of wildlife. a�?Kabini, Bheemeshwari and Tadiyandamol in Karnataka are some of the most interesting spots for walks. You never know when you will spot a laughing thrush or a wild flower,a�? shares Shrilekha Venkateswar, founder, adding that they instruct walkers not to pick up anything from the ground as it might be part of the natural cycle of decomposition. They also employ local guides to help walkers get information about the forest, the fauna and flora and the local tribes. a�?If you come here, ask for Kuttappan and Bheemaiah,a�? she concludes.
    What to carry: A personalised first-aid kit is very important. Apart from this, water, lemons (for salt balance), energy bars, comfortable clothes and a map of the area are essential.`12,000 for three nights. Details:thewildwalk.com
    Desert Rock Park, Jodhpur
    The rocky wastelands at the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, in Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, gives you desert flowers, migratory birds, sand and rock, all in one packagea��an eight-hour nature walk. Organised by Devinder Yadav, of Desert Rock Park, the walk starts from the foothills of the fort and participants will get to see some rare species of desert flowers like rohida (flower of the desert teak) and missi (a small purple flower). a�?July to October is the best time to visit the park as the rains will result in ephemeral flowers like kheer kheemp and vajradanti,a�? shares Yadav.
    What to carry: Walkers are expected to bring along a sturdy pair of hiking shoes, hats, sunblock, drinking water, fauna and flora guides and binoculars. a�?If lucky, you will also spot birds like the grey francolin and demoiselle cranes,a�? he concludes. From `100 onwards. From 9 am to 5 pm. Details: 9413844937

    a��Aishwarya Kumar

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    Increase your self esteem and awareness through art

    Take a break, sit down and make art for free. Thata��s what youa��ll get to do on September 5, at Auroville Visitora��s Centre, as part of Art Break Day. Sponsored by Art is Moving, a US-based non-profit, it is a global community art event, taking place simultaneously in nearly 30 locations in the US, Mexico, Amsterdam and India this year. The event is open to all. a�?We will have a variety of art materials including tempera paints, oil pastels, markers, pencils and recycled paper. It is a chance to break through self-doubt and insecurity by openly expressing oneself, and to cross all cultural, age, gender and socio-economic barriers by connecting to others creating in the same way,a�? shares Krupa Jhaveri, 31, who has completed her masters in art therapy from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, and will be conducting the event here.
    This will be the eventa��s second annual edition and this yeara��s theme is a�?I wisha��. While last year saw close to 200 participants, Jhaveri expects a little more participation this time. a�?Adults and children can both benefit from this. Many adults have more fear than children, as they have not expressed themselves creatively in many years. Like children, once they break through, they can feel empowered for opening up through their art,a�? says the Gujarati, according to whom, original self-expression through art can increase self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate imagination, relaxation and play. She recollects her experiences during a survey in Nepal and India, a�?I found children in a remote village called Sirubadi in Nepal who had never used coloured paints. We used a small poster colour set and banana leaves as palettes and covered the walls of a mud hut. I learned the importance of providing basic materials for self-expression as the foundation to a deeper process of healing and change.a�?

    No registration. On September 5, from 5 pm onwards. Details:sankalpajourneys.com.
    a�� MS

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      A new stopover for hardcore bikers sees pasta on the breakfast menu and eight villas with a chakra theme

      Given my Google search for Tummy Tucker on East Coast Road only resulted in 15 options a��on losing weight with a flexible belt or nip-tuck optionsa��Facebook was the next stop. For now, there are 20 likes, but it seems likely to grow. At the vegetarian eatery on Kovalam Road, I learn that Harley Davidson riders (HOG) are regulars, especially on Sundays. At around 6 am, you will find at least 50 super bikes ranging from the sportier Fat Boy to the latest Daytona from Triumph. The general manager of the cafe, S Peruman Pillai, justifies why the cafe is called Tummy Tucker. a�?Most of the guys who ride in are a little old, often with a belly. They come here every weekend and relive what they did 20 years ago. The name with the thin mana��s logo is what most of them want to look like (see picture)a��young, with a narrow waist, broad shoulders and chiselled features,a�? he jests. Though Pillai is not a biker, the cafe has wallA� hangings of bikes sourced from China.
      Got an appetite?
      Besides the usual idli, dosa, sambar vada and uthapam, Tummy Tucker has pasta and macaroni and cheese for breakfast. With other options on ECR like Sangeetha.a�?We wanted to concentrate on both Indian and Continental dishes,a�? says Pillai, who has more than 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Try some of their South specials like cashew masala dosa, aloo bonda, pesarratu with upma and idly vadacurry. I try their indulgent a�?mac and cheesea��, that is creamy and reminds me of comfort food and my companion tries the rava dosa that is crisp and not too oily. Pillai also has a Sunday brunch (`200).
      Stay the night
      Pillai gives us a tour of the eight villas behind the restaurant. Chakra Villas, an initiative by Pallavarajha promoters is perfect for a weekend getaway, with 16 rooms named after each chakra like vayu and mahatala. The room rates are priced higher (`8,000 for weekends)A� for a reason. a�?I want families to come. I do not want to fall under the budget hotel category,a�? he clarifies. For entertainment, there is a club house, a mini theatre, a volleyball court and a conference room. However, the highlight is the sea-facing cabana. a�?We also plan to introduce sea food platters and a spa room,a�? shares Pillai.

      Lunch for two costs `300 Details: 27443359
      a��Mrinalini Sundar

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        Cook, zone out at an amusement park or make time for a weekend of parties

        Snow & a movie
        Catch up on The November Man, and go snow bowling this weekend at Mayajaal. For snow lovers, there is also Folks Land, an amusement park at Besant Nagar beach, where there is a snow show, a food court and several acts to entertain the little ones. Till the end of this month. Details: 9600150336

        ecr4aBurger attraction
        Have you tried the new Jumbo Sloppy Joe burger at La Plancha? Known for their pizzas, this cafea��s new addition to their menu comes with an egg and meat patty. One can also ask for extra bacon and cheese. The cafe will be screening My Cousin Vinny, on August 31. Burgers at `350.
        Details: 0413 4300333




        ecr2Tamil kitchen
        Sita Cultural Centre is back and this time with their Indian cooking classes. Learn to make kathrika sambar, rasam, kootu, poriyal and kesari. For all those who are new to the city and want to learn the language, sign up for their Tamil classes, starting soon. At the centre, today, from 10 am to 2 pm.
        Details: 0413 4200718



        20140826_110929Cotton collection
        Joelle Valade (a philanthropist from France) has opened Sunda��art which specialises in bags, purses, jewellery, toys for kids and babies, table covers and cushion covers, among other thingsa��all made from pure cotton. Also available, clothes for men, women and children. Prices start from `100. Details: debaratinandee@gmail.com




        Full house
        Party lovers get ready as DJ Gof from Germany will perform at Timber Resto Club, as part of the Beat Blast Night, organised by Hutte Royale Group of Hotels & Resorts. Entry fee `350. Free for ladies. Tomorrow, from 7 pm onwards. Details: 9944189587



        Disco-Ball_FrancisB_KJDIn the name of love
        Shake a leg to DJ K Leea��s beats, at the Pudu Music Vibrations party. Lee specialises in electro, progressive, house and EDM. At the event called The Party of Love, Peace and Happiness, complimentary drinks and dinner will also be served. At Asian House, today, from 8 pm onwards. Details: 0413 2226139.



        a�� Team Indulge

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        The--LeftoversThe Leftovers, HBO, Sunday, 10 pm
        Based on the novel by Tom Perotta, of the same name, the eighth episode of season one, based in fictional Mapletown, sees a falling out between the two main characters, Jill and Aimee. Meanwhile, there is a struggle between protagonist Kevin and Patti, the person whom he kidnapped with his friend Dean, the previous night.




        Teen-WolfTeen Wolf, AXN, Friday, 11 pm
        The villain of this season, The Benefactor, has a list of supernaturals on his hit list, called the dead pool, and with the help of a group of assassins, he is on a killing spreea��keeping the residents of Beacon Hills on the run. As the were-jaguar, Kate Argent, continues to disrupt protagonist Scott Mccalla��s plans, werewolf Derek Hale, who has lost all his powers, learns to survive as a human.




        Dead-or-AliveDead or Alive, National Geographic Channel, Sunday, 11.30 pm
        The latest episode of Dead or Alive, called Blood in the Water, shows two gory shark attacksa��one in California and the other in South Africa. The attacks leave the victims aghast and the community restless. This series shows what it is like when human beings and wildlife clash, resulting in heavy damage.




        Look-who-is-talking'Look Whoa��s Talking with Niranjan,
        Z Cafe, Sunday, 9 pm
        In the latest episode, Niranjan Iyengar has a candid conversation with Parineeti Chopra, talking to her about her upcoming ventures, her plans to buy a flat, her life in Ambala, her interest in scuba diving, and her take on working with the Khans. In the show, Iyengar touches upon all possible topicsa��from starsa��s professional lives to their interests and upcoming projects.



        NecessaryNecessary Roughness,
        Star World Premier HD, Friday, 10 pm
        This Long Island-based show stars Callie Thorne as Danielle Santino, a divorcee who joins a professional football team as a therapist. Catch the telecast of season two of this show, which starts off with a huge problem within the team, leading to the protagonist and the coaches taking drastic action against the team members.



        Fast-n-loudFast N Loud,
        Discovery Channel, Saturday, 9 am
        In the third season of Fast and Loud,
        Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman travel to sign a deal to buy a classic 1970a��s Jaguar. On the trip, they are required to overcome dangers like wildlife, treacherous weather and not-so-friendly locals. Catch their mission on Discovery Channel as they try to make a deal with the devil.

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        Step Up all In

        Director: Trish Sie
        Cast: Ryan Guzman, Briana Evigan
        This story sees all the actors from the previous Step Up instalments in Las Vegas, where they are participating in a competition. If they win, it will define their lives and careers.
        Did you know? It was producer Adam Shankmana��s idea to bring together all the cast members. a�?a�?He loves the Fast & Furious series and he loved how the biggest stars came together for the last movie. But this is not the final sequel. It is not a franchise that is led by characters after all, but by dance,a��a�� says the director of the movie.

        a�� Team Indulge

        preview_2Raja Natwarlal
        Director: Kunal Deshmukh
        Cast: Emraan Hashmi
        This crime comedy follows Raja, a con man who is also involved with a bar dancer. Life is smooth until Raja
        unwittingly gets involved with a big businessman
        and is cheated.
        Did you know? Actor Paresh Rawal says, a�?a�?I liked the
        script and this genre of con. I am a big fan of confilms like Sting, Matchstick Men and others. It (this genre) is not an assault on your senses. It has intelligent material, there
        is logic and a scientific way to do it (the con).a��a��

        a�� Team Indulge

        review_3Rumbu Kuthirai
        Director: Yuvaraj Bose
        Cast: Atharva, Priya Anand
        A love story weaved against the backdrop of bike racing, it had a knot with the potential to turn into an engaging action thriller. But apart from a few impressively choreographed bike-chase and fight scenes, there is not much going for the film.The love interludes between Atharva and Priya are lukewarm. Alisha Abdullah, Indiaa��s renowned bike racer, is reduced to doing a miniscule role. Ita��s at the most, a promising work from a debutant director.

        a��Malini Mannath

        0 140

        Director: Trish Sie
        Cast: Ryan Guzman, Briana Evigan
        This story sees all the actors from the previous Step Up instalments in Las Vegas, where they are participating in a competition. If they win, it will define their lives and careers.
        Did you know? It was producer Adam Shankmana��s idea to bring together all the cast members. a�?a�?He loves the Fast & Furious series and he loved how the biggest stars came together for the last movie. But this is not the final sequel. It is not a franchise that is led by characters after all, but by dance,a��a�� says the director of the movie.

        preview_2Raja Natwarlal
        Director: Kunal Deshmukh
        Cast: Emraan Hashmi
        This crime comedy follows Raja, a con man who is also involved with a bar dancer. Life is smooth until Raja
        unwittingly gets involved with a big businessman
        and is cheated.
        Did you know? Actor Paresh Rawal says, a�?a�?I liked the
        script and this genre of con. I am a big fan of confilms like Sting, Matchstick Men and others. It (this genre) is not an assault on your senses. It has intelligent material, there
        is logic and a scientific way to do it (the con).a��a��


        Director: N V Nirmal Kumar
        Cast: Vijay Antony, Aksha Pardasany

        In his second movie, music director Antony plays the role of a doctor while Pardasany plays his fiancee. Antony is frustrated with life and wants just one day all to himself. What he does in that one day forms the story.
        Did you know? The movie was named after Antonya��s character in his first film, Naan. Since the movie involves daredevil stunts, Antony went through rigorous Taekwondo training for two months. He has also composed music for the film.
        a�� Team Indulge

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