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    This weekend, make time for a party, a workshop on decorative paper makingA� and a fashion show

    Perfect Spanish moves
    Learn Flamenco with a class at Auroville. Participants will learn different positions and movements. Also listen to Flamenco music to understand the roots of this dance. Every Wednesday, from 5.30 pm onwards. Details: cripa@auroville.org.in auroville.org.in

    Party people
    After Pondicherrya��s East Coast Musiq Festival, this week will see another big night. Electro Pondya��a party based on the themes of love, peace and happinessa��will haveA� DJ K Lee perform at the party. A specialist in EDM and house, the party is tomorrow from 7 pm onwards. Entry at Rs.700. Details:asianhouse@gmail.com

    Paper rush
    DakshinaChitra is having a one-day workshop on decorative paper making, using homemade colours, especially for children. Participants will learn how to create unique eco-friendly colour paper using ingredients from their kitchen. it can be turned into gift wrappers, paper bags, envelopes and folders. Tomorrow. The workshop is priced at Rs.500. Details: 27472603

    Runway select
    Get high on fashion this week, as the Kingfisher Ultra Pondicherry Fashion Week starts today. Look out for designers like Shivali Singh from Hyderabad, Hari Anand from Kochi (with actress Sada as his showstopper), Jules Varghese from Chennai and Jadar Kochhar from Delhi. From the city, designer Disa Gudmundsdottir is taking part. At Atithi Hotel, till Sunday. The show begins at 7 pm. Details: 4132345000

    Gujarati fillers
    Are you a fan of Gujarati farsan? Stock up on ghatia, khata mitha and garlic mixture and other snacks from Kirti Foods. The store, located on Lawspet, also offers samosas, kachoris and vada pav in the evenings. Open from 9 am onwards. From Rs.180 onwards. Details: 9025 983259

    Snap shut
    The next time you visit Kasha Ki Asha,
    the handicraft store, check out their line
    of handmade leather bags. Fitted with brass buckles and zips, the backpacks, and large and medium totes, come in
    different colours like red, natural (brown) and black. They also have laptop and iPad cases. Details: 0413 2222963

    a�� Team Indulge

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      Started by zumba trainer, Kash Kelsang Dolma, La Casita offers a new space for dancers

      THE colourful stairs at La Casita are hard to miss and lead us to the new 1,700-square-foot dance space on Eeshwaran Koil Street, started by Kash Kelsang Dolma.A� a�?We can conduct dance and yoga classes here. The space can also be used for movie screenings. Bollywood and Western dance classes are already taking place here and we also have the Travellera��s Cafe,a�? begins the professional zumba trainer, who has been working on the week-old La Casita since March. With the capacity to accommodate 100 people, it is divided into two levelsa��the first floor includes a dance and activity area and the rooftop houses the cafe. Was dance her inspiration? a�?Not just dance, but music, colours, costumes, people and history inspired me to create a space to share/experience under one roof,a�? says Dolma who used to conduct zumba classes at Auroville, among other places in Pondicherry.
      Food for thought
      Dolma points out that the cafe is a breezy al fresco area with a view of a local neighbourhood temple. Stocked up with books, guides and table games, the cafe has no set menu. Try their refreshing beverages like agua de Jamaica (hibiscus tea), agua fresca (cucumber juice) and papelon con limon (jaggery and lemon juice). For quick bites, ask for theirA� aloo tarkari or momos, which are light on the masala. Targeting students and residents, La Casita mostly sees an expat crowd.
      Coming up
      Currently trying her hand at shooting an amateur film in Ladakh with her husband Romain Timmers, Dolma says the studio will stay open. Once back, Timmers will start Capoeira classes (Brazilian martial arts)A� and, since he has a background in Batukada (samba percussion), he also plans to kick-off Latin percussion sessions.Meal for two from Rs.200 onwards.A� Details: 09159180875
      a�� Mrinalini Sundar

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        With foie gras banished from our menus, hope comes in the form of Mango Hilla��s line of gourmet spreads and meats

        FIVE years after the resorta��s launch, the team behind Mango Hill in Auroville is ready with their cheese making workshop. Ita��s never too late, we think, given that the Mango Hill brand of cheeses is steadily developing a fan club across the country. Max Laederich, 29, says his chatty French cheesemaker and business partner, Marion Ducret, is responsible for this new initiative, which begins next month. At Rs.2,500, you learn to make five fresh cheeses a�� Cottage, Ricotta, Mozarella, Spiced and Mascarpone a�� get a tour of the small cellar and a tasting, plus a glass of wine. Not a bad bet, you said? Plus, they have added a new garlic gouda to their platter of eight varieties.
        Pass the meats
        Meanwhile, Maxa��s older brother, Francois, 31, has been busy too. In charge of the resort, and the fairly new La Plancha restaurant, his charcuterie menu features smoked and cured meats, fish and pates. While he seems averse to going commercial, Francois admits that expats and Chennaiites are already dropping by for a taste. Sold by the kilo and in small quantities as well (100 gms), you get smoked and marinated fish, pork rillette, country style pate, chicken liver pate and dried ham. The last is hard to resist and can be used in salads, or with butter, soya sauce and honey. Francois and his uncle, Olivier, enjoy the process of chatting with guests, while making a sale. There have been some disasters a�� some time ago, a couple sent the smoked fish back to the kitchen to be deep fried a�� but most are thrilled with the products. Francois says the ideal storage would be 12′ C with less humidity. Guests prefer the country style pate for its texture and taste, observes Francois. The marlin and swordfish are used for the smoked fish, served as thin slices, with cottage cheese on a baguette. It is a hit at the restaurant, as are the tomato mozarella sandwiches. a�?a�?We have huge, sweet tomatoes in our garden in January,a��a�� shares Francois, confiding that their avocado tree has just begun bearing delicious fruit. The pates, smoked fish and cured meats are priced from Rs.1,200 to Rs.2,500 per kg. 0413 2655491
        a�� Team Indulge

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          Getaway (Action/ Thriller),
          HBO Hits, 8 pm
          Cast: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez,
          Jon Voight, Rebecca Budig
          Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke), an unsuccessful
          race car driver, comes home to find his house burgled and his wife, Leanne, missing.
          Almost at the same time, he gets a phone
          call from a person who calls himself The Voice (Jon Voight). He is instructed to steal
          a Shelby Mustang and bring it The Voice, upon which he will be reunited with his wife. Magna faces obstacles like police chases and accidents, to follow through with the mission. But will he be able to pull off it off and see his wife again? This is director Courtney Solomona��s first movie in eight years (he last came out with An American Haunting in 2005).

          Winter People
          (Drama /Romance), MGM, 3.30 pm
          Cast: Kurt Russel, Kelly McGillis, Lloyd Bridges
          Wayland Jackson (Kurt Russel), a widower, relocates to North Carolina with his 12-year old daughter. There, he becomes friends with Collie Wright (Kelly McGillis), a single mother. Jackson soon falls for Wright and has to face the wrath of her ex-husband, Cole Campbell, who threatens to take away her baby. The climax sees Campbell murdered and Jackson and Wright being asked to give away the baby to his clan, in return for his death. The movie is based on the book of the same name written by John Ehle.

          Red Riding Hood (Fantasy),
          WB, 9 pm
          Cast:A� Amanda Seyfried, Max Irons, Shiloh Fernandez
          The story revolves around Valerie (Amanda Seyfried), a young girl who is in love with woodcutter, Peter. On being asked to marry the wealthy Henry, she decides to run away with Peter (Shiloh Fernandez). Meanwhile, it is found that a werewolf has broken the pact of not attacking villagers by taking the life of her older sister. The werewolf hunter, Father Solomon (Gary Oldman), then reveals that the werewolf could be anybody in the village as they take the shape of a human during the day. The film was originally titled The Girl.

          Heropanti (Action / Romance), Sony, 7 pm
          Cast: Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Prakash Raj, Vikram Singh
          Chowdhary (Prakash Raj), a popular and revered man in the
          village, is furious when his daughter, Renu, elopes with her
          boyfriend, Rakesh, on the night of her wedding. In a bid to find the eloped couple, Rakesha��s friend, Bablu (Tiger Shroff), is kidnapped
          by Chowdhary and kept imprisoned with two other friends for information. Meanwhile, Bablu falls in love with Dimpy, Chowdharya��s other daughter. Things go downhill when Chowdhary finds out that Bablu is the one who helped the couple elope.
          The movie is a remake of the Telugu movie, Parugu.

          Family Weekend (Drama / Comedy), HBO Defined, 10 pm
          Cast: Olesya Rulin, Kristin Chenoweth, Matthew
          Modine, Joey King
          The story revolves around a talented 16-year-old rope-jumping athlete, Emily (Olesya Rulin). After winning the regional rounds, she is selected to represent her school in the state championship. Frustrated that her parents do not care about her performance, in a spurt of anger, she kidnaps them for 24 hours, to make them understand that it is important that they cheer for her. But her performance at the state championship loses its edge when she finds out that the police are looking her. Rulin had to train for four months to get the rope-jumping scenes right.

          Savages (Crime / Thriller), Star Movies, Saturday, 12 am
          Cast: Blake Lively, Taylor Kitch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson
          Former Navy Seal, Chon (Taylor Kitch), and his friend, Ben (Aaron Taylor), a botanist, turn marijuana growers, importing their seeds from Afghanistan and producing good-quality weed. Besides their business, they also have a shared love for Ophelia (Blake Lively), a pothead. But when a Mexican cartel wants to partner with them to produce weed, things start to go bad. The friends refuse the offer
          and the cartel members kidnap Ophelia to force their hand. So the duo joins hands with a Drug Enforcement Administration agent, Dennis (John Travolta), to rescue her. Will they be able to come out of it alive? The movie is based on a novel of the same name, written by Don Winslow.

          The Master (Drama), HBO Defined, 10 pm
          Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman,
          Amy Adams, Laura Dern
          World War II soldier, Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix ), finds it difficult to adjust to life after the war. Addicted to sex and alcohol, he cana��t hold down a job. As he wanders around the country, unable to fit in, he meets Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman), the head of The Cause, a cult that helps people find a purpose. The movie received three Oscar nominationsa��for best actor, supporting actor and actress.

          Chasing Mavericks (Biopic / Drama), HBO Hits, 3.55 pm
          Cast: Gerard Butler, Jonny Weston, Elisabeth Shue, Abigail Spencer
          Surfer Jay Moriarty finds out that the Maverick surf break, one of the largest waves on the planet, exists close to where he lives. Armed with this information, he takes the help of local surfing legend Frosty Hessen to learn how to survive the wave. In the process of learning, Moriarty becomes close to Hessen, butA� Hessen realises there is much that he can learn from Jay, too. The movie is based on the real-life surfing legend, Jay Moriarty.

          The A-Team (Action /Comedy)Star Movies, 11 pm
          Cast: Liam Neeson,
          Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Quinton Jackson
          Four American soldiers, lead by Hannibal (Liam Neeson), are sent to Iraq to retrieve stolen plates used for printing billions worth of currency. After aA� successful mission, they return to find their commanding officer killed and the plates stolen again. The mission is declared unauthorised and the four are sent to prison. Will they be able to clear their names? The movie is based on the TV series of the same name by Frank Lupo and Stephen J Cannell.

          Uninhabited (Horror), Z Studio, 2.45 pm
          Cast: Geraldine Hakewill,
          Henry James, Tasia Zalar
          Young couple, Beth (Geraldine Hakewill) and Harry (Henry James), visit an uninhabited island on the Great Barrier Reef for a holiday. What was supposed to be a relaxing trip turns out to be a horrific one when they discover they were filmed while sleeping and that the island is haunted. The couple then finds a journal written by the ghost named Coral. Though they light a bonfire in the hopes of being rescued, Coral has other plans. The movie premiered at the
          2010 Cannes Film Festival.

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            Royal retreat
            Navratri reaches television, withA� Big Magicsa�� comedy caper, Har Mushkil Ka Hal-Akbar Birbal, screening a special episode today to celebrate the festival. The episode sees Raani Sahiba announce a dandiya competition to put everybody in the festive mood. Expect a mix of dance, music and a lot of fun. At 9 pm.

            otb_newSound of music
            Playing a round of antakshari can make for a great way to spend time with the family. Sab TV is launching a special show, Family Antaksharia��Baithe Baithe Kya Kare, that also promises to engage the entire family. Hosted by the talented Mantra and Sugandha Mishra, it premiers tomorrow, and will be telecast every Saturday and Sunday, at 8 pm.



            pg25Perfect misfits
            Inspired by a true story, Scorpion is a high-octane drama about eccentric genius Walter Oa��Brien and his team of misfits, who comprise the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats of the modern age. Starting today, every Friday, at 11 pm on AXN India.

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              Image: On Location For "A Walk Among The Tombstones"A Walk Among the Tombstones
              Director: Scott Frank
              Cast: Liam Neeson,
              Dan Stevens, David Harbour
              Based on the novel of the same name by Lawrence Block, the film revolves around Matt Scudder (Neeson), a cop who is hired by a drug dealer to find out details about the murder of his wife. Though the makers call it a mystery-thriller, it is just an action film without any car chases and special effects. Watch it for Neeson who is compelling and authoritative.
              a��Team Indulge

              Director: Habib Faisal
              Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur,
              Parineeti Chopra
              This plot is not new to Bollywooda��not after Bluffmaster and Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. The story is about Gullu (Chopra), who is trying to stay far from dowry-hungry families. She then meets Taru (Kapoor), who owns the oldest kebab place in Lucknow. While Chopra gets repetitive with her acting, watching Kapur in bright yellow kurtas and surma, hurts the eye. Do not go expecting a food based movie.


              a��T I

              Santhanam, Lakshmi Rai Hot in Aranmanai Tamil Movie StillsAranmanai
              Director: Sundar C
              Cast: Vinay, Hansika, Santhanam
              It centres around a haunted mansion and the supernatural happenings there, after the heirs converge to sell it. While the ghostly presence is a crude, in-your-face act with cliches abounding, ita��s in the humour quotient that the director scores. Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between. Hansika seems miscast as the rustic belle. Santhanam manages to pep up the narration to an extent, preventing it from being a total downer.


              a��Malini Mannath

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                A new show traverses the length of India with a focus on some clever illusions

                CHECK out the new travel show, You Got Magic with illusionist Neel Madhav and explorer, playwright and actor Aakash Arora, trying to bring out the a�?magic of Indian cities.a�� The two young adventurists explore lifestyles, food and people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. a�?The 13-part travelling series will discover the most magical elements in a citya�� food, places, people or music,a�? begins Madhav. As well as the wackiest. Then, by drawing people in through magic, they will aim to showcase the hidden treasures from a new and fresh perspective.
                Aroraa��s passion for food, travel and exploration is also perfectly channelled here. Not only will he treat his palate to exotic flavours but hea��ll also learn the history, cultureA� and significance behind them.
                Working with a magician, Arora admits is great fun. a�?I was amazed by what I saw. But I think, when you work constantly with a magician, you get an idea of how the illusion comes about,a�? he shares. a�?There was this one trick Neel did in Jaisalmer when he turned sand into gold dust. That was pretty awesome,a�? he reveals.
                Apparently, there is never a dull moment in the series, although Madhav feels it is a a�?a�?balanced one with a little bit of everything for everyone and in the right proportion.a��a�� And although ita��s a travel show, it isna��t the run-of-the-mill sort. a�?Travel, food and adventure are the main hues, tempered with human interaction and celebration, then embellished with my magic,a�? Madhav tells us, confessing that he hasna��t actually been able to figure out the whole package entirely, which makes it more mysterious and enjoyable a�� both for him and the audience too.
                Look out for episodesA� where the duo hits Jaisalmer for live music in the desert, a Ganpati visarjan in Mumbai, chilling out at a restaurantA� overlooking the majestic Himalayas and playing with Tibetan children in McLeod Ganj, with stops at the Kullu Valley and the Neeralaya resort by the Beas river as well. And, of course, a visit to Dr Bhang in Jaisalmer a�� a shop that sells some a�?special lassia��.
                Premiers tonight (every Friday) at 8.30 pm on NDTV Good Times

                a��Aakanksha Devi

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                Laura Carmichael tells us more about being a lady in the 20s and why Downton Abbey is a family favourite

                NEITHER as smooth talking and spunky as her little sister Sybil nor as beautiful and passionate as her elder sibling Mary, this season sees Lady Edith break all the rules. Laura Carmichael, who has played the role since the start of the series, lets us in on her storyline. Plus, a sneak peek behind the scenes of the period drama:

                What have you most enjoyed about season five?
                Ia��ve actually found it the toughest season because ita��s very emotional and my storyline is quite separate from the rest of the house.

                Could you sum up Lady EdithA� at the start of the season?
                Shea��s in a bit of a mess and a web of secrets. Shea��s had a child out of wedlock and thought she could give up her daughter for adoption in Switzerland, but has realised thata��s impossible. She has to be part of the childa��s life in some way, even if ita��s from afar. One of the farmers down the road, Mr Drewe, takes her in under the guise that shea��s an orphan. But some of the family knows about the child. Edith and Mary are always feuding as well.

                With such heavy plots, is there any fun on set?
                When youa��ve wrapped a scene or break for lunch, you laugh harder because youa��ve been crying all day. Ita��s very enjoyable, although they are tough scenes to do. Ita��s not something you can take lightly.

                Are there many gaffes when youa��re filming?
                Yes, lots. And therea��s nothing funnier than hearing someone whoa��s extremely posh get their lines wrong.

                The best part of 1920s fashion.
                I love the daywear because ita��s something you could easily wear now. The coats are phenomenal; theya��re so well-tailored and they finish the look. The dresses look fabulous and theya��re not just something you throw on. Even the 1920s flapper look is weirdly flattering and risquA�; there are a lot of dresses that go quite low in the back. Ita��s a different kind of sexy a�� classy and glamorous.

                You dona��t look like Lady Edith in reality. Does that help in public?
                I am recognised sometimes though. I was in the stairwell of a tube station recently and this tourist went berserk. At first, I just thought Ia��d dropped something, but it turned out theya��d figured out who I play on the show.

                What makes the show so popular globally?
                Julian Fellowes (the director) took the framework of big US shows like The West Wing and ERa��with many characters, short scenes, everyone circling around each othera��and he gave it a very British twist. Ita��s a classic period drama thata��s told at such a fast pace, and there are 17 or 18 lead characters and more characters besides. Ita��s lavish and ita��s a fantasy, with a no-expense-spared look to it. That, I suppose, has drawn attention.
                Thursdays, 10 pm, on
                Star World Premiere.

                a�� Team Indulge

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                  Actor and VJ Rannvijay talks about his upcoming film 3AM, love for horror and MTV Webbed

                  f not for television and movies, Rannvijay would have been part of the Indian army, just like many members of his family. The actor and VJ, who first got noticed after winning MTV Roadies, has nine movies under his belt. Though he has noA� blockbuster to his credit, movies like Mumbai Cutting and Action Replayy did catch the audiencea��s attention. Now the 39-year-old is all set for the release of his horror film, 3AM, directed by Vishal Mahadkar . He is also busy completing an episode of MTV Webbed and is hosting MTV Roadies X1: Ride for Respect.

                  More from the actor:
                  My character in 3AM is called Sunny, who is very curious by nature. He makes TV shows and will go to any extent for his love. When his girl friend dies, he convinces his friends to make a movie about paranormal activities. But his main motive is to find a way to connect with his deceased love.
                  Ia��ve been working in the television industry for 11 years and Ia��ve always been myselfa��depicting my real emotions and feelings. In a movie, I need to depict another character. Besides, I think television is a strong medium when compared to movies because a movie will run in theatres only for a few weeks, but a TV show goes on for months. Many actors, like Akshay Kumar, do TV and movies; even I enjoy both in their own elements.
                  I really enjoy the adrenalin rush you get while watching a horror movie, the excitement level is also high. The first time I watched The Grudge, and you see the hand coming out of Sarah Michelle Gellara��s head in the shower, I was shaken. The next best horror film is The Winged Serpent. This is a different film as it is fantasy and horror. I also like Bhoot because it is well made and deals with very realistic experiences.
                  I am doing an episode for MTV Webbed. I play the role of Sunny, again, who falls in love with a girl who teaches him how to take videos differently. I am this light-hearted person who keeps cracking jokes and playing pranks.Something happens and I get trapped with the wrong people. 3AM is scheduled to release today.
                  a�� MS

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                    Richa Chadda talks about her role in Tamanchey and why her Paro in Aur Devdas is newer and quirkier

                    If one had to describe Richa Chaddaa��s journey, it would be a�?follow your hearta��. The Delhi-based actress started off with theatre, and then bagged her first film, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! with Abhay Deol. Known for her fiery roles, the 25-year-old has been part of path-breaking movies like Gangs of Wasseypur. Bold and experimental, Chadda is all set for the release of her next movie, Tamanchey, a feel good, quirky love story filled with twists and turns. It sees Chadda playing the role of a criminal who a�?meets a small time thief and falls in love with him. How the two, despite their differences, get together is the story,a�? she begins.

                    Paro upgraded
                    Besides looking at the director, script, banner and her role, Chadda is choosy about her films because she does not want to get repetitive. a�?Bollywood boxes people very easily. After finishing Gangs… I got a million or more offers to play a rustic woman. I did not choose any; I chose to be jobless. A lot depends on the actor as well. Almost all actors have played the role of a cop, but what each actor brings to the role is important and should be different,a�? she says. Currently filming Sudhir Mishraa��s next, Aur Devdas, in Lucknow, Chadda plays the role of Paro, Devdasa��s lover. a�?It is a political film. And the film is a tribute, not the next version of Devdas. My character does more than just light diyas. She is a woman of the present,a�? she insists.

                    Guard up
                    On her recent theatre outing, the actress, who was busy travelling with the play, Trivial Disasters, till last week, says, a�?Theatre is a good change for an actor. Also, I could commit myself only for a brief time, so working with (director) Atul Kumar was perfect.a�? For Chadda, Meryl Streep and MadhuriA� Dixit are her inspirations. Confessing that criticism affects her deeply, she says, a�?I hate it when the media treats actors as commodities. I was recently criticised severely and it hurt me.a�? Voicing her opinion on the Deepika Padukone row (there was a demeaning news item titled OMG! Deepikaa��s Cleavage Show), the actress says, a�?More than print, it is live media that is more dangerous. When we go for press shows and other events, they zoom in on unwanted body parts and that can be misused. I think an actress has to defend herself and there is nothing wrong in that.a�?
                    Tamanchey is scheduled to release on October 10.

                    a��Mrinalini Sundar

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