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    With silk hammocks and a penchant for the experimental, Zorba brings aerial yoga to town

    Purists may shudder, but for those looking for fun new ways to do yoga, ita��s time to roll up your mats. Zorba – A Renaissance Studio has just introduced aerial yoga in the city (at their new Anna Nagar branch, which is also the only centre offering it in the South). a�?People may celebrate World Yoga Day, but most often they just learn a few things and then forget all about it. Our mission is to get people who are not interested in yoga into it and aerial yoga can help spark that interest,a�? says co-founder Sarvesh Shashi.
    Also called anti-gravity yoga, this form is practised using special silk hammocks suspended from the ceiling and can magnify the benefits of traditional yogaa��like increased power, strength and flexibilitya��by supporting the body during difficult asanas.
    Testing limits
    But Shashi warns that aerial yoga is not for everyone. a�?It requires high levels of fitness and knowledge of traditional asanas. Initially, we will take only four students for each class. And for beginners, we will teach them the traditional form before helping them progress to aerial yoga,a�? he assures, adding that the classes will be led by instructors who have been specially trained by him. Shashi also says that for a well-rounded fitness routine, people can take the yoga classes in conjunction with their new coursesa��Zumba (Rs 2,500 a month, three days a week) and Zorba Commando Towna��a routine that combines techniques from cross fit, aikido, kobudo, kick-boxing and karatea��available exclusively at the Anna Nagar outlet for now.

    Aerial yoga is Rs 4,000 a month (two days a week). Details: 9003096902

    Noyal David

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      Sporting energy capsules and anti-shred tech, this new crop of shoes ensure adrenaline junkies stay safe A�

      if you are guilty of slipping into Keds before heading out for a trek, you are on the right page. Matching your shoe to the adventure sport of your choice is essential. With cutting-edge technology (like RopePro wrap anti-shred tech for climbers), they can spell the difference between a great adventure and a stint in the hospital. a�?The right kind of shoe helps protect your feet and prevent injury. Rock climbers and parkour enthusiasts must wear shoes with a good grip in the midsole,a�? says Mumbai-based Giles Da��Souza, a parkour professional. Herea��s our pick of the latest.

      Lead-5-RappelingWhen you are hanging off the side of a cliff, shoes with a good grip can make all the difference. The Belleville Tactical Research Range Boot 6a�? from Belleville Boots is a must-have. Specially designed to be lightweight and give enhanced mobility, the upper is made of waterproof nubuck leather and mesh, while the midsole features moulded EVA for shock absorption. Its outsole comes with Vibram ibex that improves traction on rough terrain. Rs 7,500. Details: amazon.com

      Hit the pedal in Ba��Twin Road Cycling Shoes. Introduced by Decathalon a couple of months ago, this light pair with micrometric tightening gives great grip during long hours of cycling. a�?The sole is made of carbon, making the shoe stiff, giving optimum energy transfer and control even when riding on rugged terrain. Microtightening helps users adjust the tightness of the shoe, which is good for clipless riding (with no buckles on the paddles),a�? says Akshay Achuthan, the commercial manager. Rs 7,999 Details: decathalon.com

      Rope climbing
      This one wona��t leave you dangling with no support. With dual density foam that gives great balance, the Crossfit Nano 4.0 comes with RopePro wrap a�?which provides greater grip while rope climbing. It also prevents shredding of the shoe, a part of the wear-and-tear of this activity,a�? says Somdeb Basu, Reebok India brand director. The shoe also comes with metasplit flex grooves and flexible cushioning. Rs 9,999. Details: 30083661

      Trail running
      For those who find adventure in hitting the trails, we have Adidasa�� Ultra Boost. With a sole boasting 3,000 energy capsules (for better a�?springa��), the shoe is light and promises to maximise energy-return benefits. One of the reasons why ita��s cricketer KL Rahula��s favourite. a�?Running on different terrain is an important aspect of my training regime and the energy return from the shoe is incredible. It doesna��t make you feel tired,a�? he says. With flexible Primeknit fabric, it is both anti-sweat and offers maximum breathability. a�?The Ultra Boost is our response to runnersa�� call for more energy,a�? concludes Damyant Singh, brand director, Adidas India. Rs 15,999. Details: 9841002627

      Rain or shine, this is the pair to pick before heading out into the mountains. a�?The Columbia Sportswear Mena��s Peakfreak Excursion Excel Outdry is packed with three technologiesa��the Omni-Grip gives control on uneven terrain (rocks to loose dirt), Techlite makes the shoe extremely lightweight, and OutDry, the next level of waterproofing technology, makes it effective on trail runs and treks,a�? explains Khyati V Bhinde, the branda��s VP in India. Rs 6,499. Details: columbiasportswear.co.in


      Srishti Dasgupta

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        From Derek Shepherd in Greya��s Anatomy to Jon Snow on Game Of Thrones A�a�� key characters on trending shows who faced an untimely end this year

        While A�fans reeled under the sudden death of Tywin Lannister (played by Charles Dance) in the final episode of Season 4 on Game of Thrones, the producers had yet another unpleasant surprise lined up in Season 5. Meanwhile, Season 3 of The Newsroom knocked off Charlie Skinner (played by Sam Waterston), the veteran news director. Cause of death: heart attack. A�We bring you trending tele serials that have done a number on their fans this season by ousting a pivotal character.

        Kit Harington in Game of Thrones
        Role: Jon Snow is the illegitimate son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell in the medieval fantasy epic.
        Killed: Season 5, Episode 10. In a mutiny against Jona��s decision of bringing the wildlings to Castle Black, some brothers of the Nighta��s Watch, including Alliser Thorne and Olly, stab him to death.
        Reason: The episode is based on George R R Martina��s last novel, A Dance with the Dragons, and the book ends with the killing of Snow.
        Reaction: GoT fans were devastated at Snowa��s death, while some hope that in a weird twist he will be brought back in the next novel.
        Moving on: There are a couple of movies Harington is looking at. He may also try his hand at writing.
        Next on the show: The next GoT book hasna��t been published yet. We will have to wait until next April to find out what happens now that the mystical Lady Melisandre (the Red Woman) has arrived at Castle Black.

        Trieste Kelly Dunn and Geno Segers in Banshee
        Role: In the action-drama series, Dunn is Siobhan Kelly, a sheriffa��s deputy who served under Sheriff Lucas Hood. Segers plays Chayton Littlestone, the leader of the local gang, Redbones.
        Killed: In Season 3, Episode 5, Chayton killed Kelly by snapping her neck. Two episodes later Hood got his vengeance by shooting Littlestone, who also lost half his face in the process.
        Reason: Producers Alan Ball and Greg Yaitanes decided to exit the characters from the show to make the plot more interesting.
        Reaction: Though fans were expecting this, they took it hard.
        Moving on: While there is a possibility of Dunn making an appearance in the next season of the show, Segers will soon be seen in an all new horror series called Bone Tomahawk.
        Next on the show: Hood will remain a haunted soul. They havena��t started shooting for Season 4, but the show is set to return in 2016.

        Tom Cavanagh in The Flash
        Role: Dr Harrison Wells a scientist, whose identity was stolen by Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash, the antagonist.
        Killed: Season 1, Episode 23. Eobard was about to kill Barry (Flash), when Eddie shot himself to end the Thawne lineage, which means Eobard cana��t exist, thus saving his friend.
        Reason: To keep up the pace of the show, Reverse-Flash had to die.
        Reaction: The die-hard fans were thrilled when Wells was revealed as Eobard Thawne. But were disappointed when he was killed.
        Moving on: Currently, he has no projects lined up.
        Next on the show: In Season 2, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg suggests that Cavanagh will be part of the show; after all, the series relies heavily on time travel. But he gives away nothing about resolving the black hole from Season 1.

        Patrick Dempsey in Greya��s Anatomy
        Role: In the medical-drama series, Derek Shepherd, fondly known as McDreamy, is the attending neurosurgeon and board director of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Married to Meredith Grey, their relationship has been the crux of the series.
        Killed: Season 11, Episode 21 and 22. He was in a devastating car crash and due to delayed treatment, ended up brain dead. Meredith had consented to pulling the plug.
        Reason: In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dempsey, who finished second place in the Le Mans on June 14, said that he started to concentrate on racing and spend more time with his three children
        Reaction: It was a heart-wrenching moment for fans to see the last of the dreamiest doctor of the series.
        Moving on: Dempsey will be seen in two small-screen shows a�� a drama called The Limit and a travelogue spy thriller called Fodors.
        Next on the show: After Shepherda��s death, the season ran for two more episodes.The producers have announced that Season 12 will be on air from September 24.

        Jada PinkettA�Smith in Gotham
        Role: In the crime-drama series, Fish Mooney is a night club owner and a mobA�leader who works under crimeA�boss Carmine Falcone.
        Killed: Season 1, Episode 22. In aA�big showdown of villains a�� ButchA�shot both Fish and Penguin.A�But Penguin survived, pushingA�Fish off the building.
        Reason: Smitha��s one-yearA�contract had ended.
        Reaction: Gotham fans wereA�disappointed as none of themA�thought the beautiful villainA�Fish Mooney wouldA�leave the show so early.
        Moving on: Smith will be seenA�in a Magic Mike sequelA�The movie is set to release soon.
        Next on the show: Executive producer Bruno Heller hints at a spectacular villain who wants to destroy Gotham, and Smith might be back at some point.

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          A new venture curates the best of artisanal foods, from pudding to vegan chocolates

          Cashing in on the human weakness for nostalgia and memories associated with food, Place Of Origin, a Bangalore-based start up is offering up everything from cherry Swiss cookies from the legendary Kolkata confectioners Flurys to spicy sev from Anand Namkeen, all the way from Indore. Started by Ashish Nichani who has worked in banking for six years, and Sudarsan Netla an IIT Guwahati and IIM Lucknow alumnus, in October 2014, the idea was born when the duo realised that people have a craving for authentic food that cannot be found at their local supermarket. a�?Whenever we travel, we bring back food that is special to that particular region because there is a lot of authenticity attached to it and people are willing to pay for that kind of authenticity,a�? explains Nichani, adding, a�?we have consciously avoided FMCG products as they can be bought anywhere. Our focus is strictly on gourmet and artisanal fare.a�?
          What caught our eye though were products from Flurys, known for its European sweet treats including tea cakes, cookies and puddings. Choose from their plum cake, plain cake, double chocolate chip cookies or Swiss cherry cookies. We were also equally thrilled about Mumbaia��s Moshea��s a�� a chain of restaurants specialising in Mediterranean confectionery and baked goods including, chocolate caramel squares, French hearts and florentines.
          And for those who are not really nostalgists, Place Of Origin offers plenty of modern snacking options such as vegan, bean-to-bar chocolates from Mason & Co (Auroville) and coffee from Flying Squirrel (Bangalore), among others. Nichani also says, a�?To ensure that our goods dona��t perish before they reach our customers, we stick to products that have a shelf life of seven days or above. You will find that 80 per cent of the products on Place Of Origin have a shelf life of three months or more. What we also do is make sure that retailers declare the expiry date on the packaging so customers can check if a particular products is safe to consume.a�?
          While its sales until now were through its Facebook page, the website was recently launched. Servicing Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi as of now, Place Of Origin began services in Chennai just a few days ago.
          Details: placeoforigin.in

          a�� Rashmi Rajagopal

          Sergeya��s pick
          Celebrate a Russian Food Festival at Winter Palace, where chef Sergey Nekrasov prepares traditional Russian gourmet cuisine. Expect dishes like Borscht (hot beetroot soup with sour-cream), and Fish in Fur (a salad made of cured salted fish and cooked vegetables). A la carte from `150 onward. Details: 8939285725

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            With helmets becoming compulsory, custom paint jobs like these will ensure yours does not become boring

            Come July 1 and helmets will be compulsory across the state. But thata��s no reason for you to settle for monotonous black headgear to protect your grey matter (though ISI certified is non-negotiable). From a simple change of colour to artwork that will speak your mind a�� and finishes ranging from matte to glossy, even weather proof a�� these customisers take your headgear to a new level.

            Tantra – The Art Studio
            City-based Tantra – The Art Studio, popular for their custom paint jobs inspired by the racers in the Formula1 and MotoGP circuit a�� like Mika HA�kkinen and Valentino Rossi a�� are a great choice. They use fire-proof SIS paints that are recommended by racing organisations around the world. `4,000 onwards. Details: 9884357718

            Wild Customs
            Declare your love for travel with the world painted on your helmet. Bengaluru-based Wild Customs has a reputation for creating one-of-a-kind nautical helmets. With an accurate map illustrated on your helmet, your coordinates are sorted. They understand your requirements before settling on a design. From `2,000. Details: 9035419545

            Modsters Automotives
            Wanted to get inked but couldna��t? How about getting your helmet inked instead? Modsters Automotives has a knack for redesigning helmets with tattoo-like designs. From abstracts to tribal art, they can tackle any design you want. Moreover, they use Sikkens Premium 4k quality paint in any customisation they undertake. `2,500 onwards. Details: 9962599491

            Eimor Customs
            Eimor Customsa�� hand painted helmets are mostly inspired by military designs. Using PU-based automotive paints, they incorporate a lot of old school designs. They also make it a point to finish off each helmet with a clear coating, which acts as a protective layer. `5,000 onwards. Details: 973504525


            Grab that beetle
            Tehzeeb Merchant and Manaal Oomerbhoy use upcycled materials like metal scraps to create radical pieces of jewellery. Inspired by Art Deco architecture seen across Mumbai, these Amintah rose gold plated brass earrings call to mind a beetle, in the most geometric fashion. `9135. Details: indelust.com

            buy-snippet-1-altStripes and prints
            Add a dash of colour to your feet. Bata has launched a new collection of funky sneakers in vibrant hues and fun patterns. Comfortable and stylish, the tropical range is pocket-friendly, too, at just `499. Details: 30083008
            Ready for the rains
            Wrangler has unveiled its True Wanderer bike pack city series. Made from water resistant fabrica��with adjustable straps and an easily accessible mobile poucha��these are perfect travel companions on any monsoon expedition. `2500 onwards.
            Details: wrangler.in

            Nature connect
            Fashion and lifestyle e-store, Tjori.com, has launched a new range of danglers. Inspired by naturea��with motifs of flowers, peacocks and the likea��the hand-crafted earrings are made of gold-plated copper, and come embellished with enamel work and pearls. `1,500 onwards. Details: tjori.com

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              Test your beauty products virtually before hitting a�?buya��

              Finding that perfect shade of red lipstick can be tricky. But rather than trying a dozen at your local cosmetics store, make the a�?smarta�� choice. The latest crop of make-up apps will help you choose between shades and brands, virtually. Your only input: your picture. And with celebs like Shraddha Kapoor making the best use of such apps, ita��s only fair that you do, too.
              Lakme Makeup Pro: The latest in the app store, it lets you try on all the products in Lakmea��s vast arsenala��from eye-shadows to lipsticks and foundation. With over 100 real-time cosmetic shades and 74 recommended looks by in-house experts, the app also saves products for future online purchases. For Android users. Details: hul.co.in
              YouCam Makeup – Makeover Studio: Featuring over a hundred makeover and make-up combinations, it uses a�?circlesa�� (similar to Google+) to help you chat with friends, shop and even tag make-up products on social networks. With features like a skin editor (adjusts skin tone), hairstyle changer and an eyebrow editor (perfect your desired shape), it covers all the bases. Available for Android. Details: cyberlink.com
              La��Oreal Makeup Genius: Launched in March with over 4,000 La��Oreal products in its database, this app is one-of-a-kind. Unlike others where you have to upload a photograph, Makeup Genius allows you work while in the camera mode. The best part? The make-up stays in place even if you move your face, thanks to facial recognition technology. Once done, you can save the final selfie and share it on social media. Available for Android. Details: loreal-paris.com
              Karan Pillai

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                Crotchety old uncles and aunts in Tamil households have a strange obsession. They pop up at all the wrong functions and ask all kinds of right questions to the wrong persons. One legendary query that has given many young generations the jitters is, a�?Yenna yaarunu theriyuda?a�? Translated that means a�?Dude, I know you dona��t give a fig about me. But let me embarrass you by asking you to name mea��although theoretically speaking, you dona��t stand a chance as the last time you saw me, you were in your nappy!a�?
                I dona��t know about you, but every time someone asks me their name, I go blank. No amount of panic hitting of the a�?recall memorya�� button seems to help. The farthest Ia��ve gotten so far is remembering the first letter. I used to think that I had Alzheimera��s and the hypochondriac in me was secretly relishing the prospect of chewing some bitter new tablets. But apparently, forgetting names is a not that rare a disease. Ita��s as commonplace as the common cold. And the technical term for it is a�?Nominal Aphasiaa��.
                Aphasia is a�?speechlessnessa�� and nominal aphasia is an apt way of describing how tongue-tied you feel while recollecting a name. Ita��s a very solvable problem if we take the effort to understand how the brain works. Essentially, the brain stores three types of memories: instant, short term and long term. Names are short term memories and they are filed in the long term folder only if they are associated with some other memory. Let me explain.
                Suppose you meet someone named Rahul, chances are youa��re likely to forget it as ita��s not a�?memorablea�� enough. Because three other namesakes (Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Dravid and Rahul Bose) have already occupied some precious real estate in the inner labyrinths of the long term memory folder. To make space for another Rahul, you need a prefix or suffix that generates a visual in your head.
                In the olden days, the prefix used to be a�?thina��, a�?fata��, a�?shorta��, a�?talla��, a�?darka��, a�?faira�� or any other appropriately inappropriate trait. It really worked as ita��s impossible to forget someone called a�?Fat Rahula�� or a�?Rude Rahula��.
                All we need to do is to learn from our forefathers and apply the right name marker. That way, the next time some pesky relative poses that infamous question, you can jog your memory instantly and run away with the honours.

                Anantha Narayan

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                  Aarthi Varanasi kicked off her radio career with a private radio unit just around the phase two implementation of FM stations (over eight years ago). She had also attended a workshop of mine back then, where I noticed her hunger to learn, her attention to perfecting any lags and, most importantly, her love for the microphone. After a stint at Radio City and a sabbatical, she is now back on the air waves, hosting a show on Suryan FM in the breakfast time zone. A perfect mix of maturity and exuberance, hers is a voice that makes the soundscape vibrant. I caught up with Varanasi to find out more.

                  How has the comeback been?
                  It has been fun and challenging. Hosting a totally new show, a breakfast show at that, is a dream come true for me. I am thoroughly enjoying this phase. When you love your work, the outcome is definitely very satisfying and positive.

                  Whata��s the show about?
                  Chennai Mail is the show I host (from 7- 9 am). Ita��s about infotainment and music. We begin the show on a positive note, speaking on health and local happenings. Each day, a Chennai-based issue or topic is discussed, with experts giving their opinions. We alsoA� invite callers to speak on the same.

                  Why the love for the medium?
                  I am a peoplea��s person. I am very talkative and this medium lets me do what I like and be who I am. Being a trained singer, music is my first love and with good music playing all the time, I can perform my job even better. Radio helps me connect with people and express myself. This connect gives me happiness, motivation and makes me feel this is where I belong and this is what I love doing.

                  Given a chance what kind of radio station would you like to create?
                  Knowing fully well the power of the medium, I would like to voice and be part of social issues and good causes that require support and attention. I also want to play the best music and encourage new talent, keeping in mind the core of any stationa��the listener.

                  Catch Varanasi light up your mornings, every Monday to Saturday, on Suryan FM 93.5. See you next week.

                  a�� talkingradio@gmail.com
                  The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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                    The city was buzzing this week, with a line -up of events that would have presented a challenge even for the most dedicated of social butterflies. Which also means Ia��ll do my best to squeeze it at all in. Audi revealed their new Q3 across the country, with a simultaneous launch in Chennai and Bengaluru on Friday. Aimed at a younger crowd, the brand chose young achievers from each city to do the honours. Chennai saw actor-singer Andrea Jeremiah and racer Aditya Patel, with the former doing a good job of keeping the press on track, despite their curiosity about upcoming film projects. In Bangalore, the focus was even more so on the a�?younga�� aspect, with brand ambassadors chef Siddhanth Sawkar, singer-songwriter Soundariya Jayachandran and golf champ Sharmila Nicollet, who are 24, 21 and 23 years old, respectively. Talk about making the rest of us feel small. Post the unveiling, guests got to check out the car, along with a host of its special features.
                    The weekend also saw Gaslight, by the Madras Players in association with The Boardwalkers, at the Museum Theatre. Directed by Michael Muthu, the play commanded quite a turn out, despite the rains, and it was well worth it. Great performances along with fabulous sets and lighting, had the audience riveted throughout.
                    A bit of pampering and indulgence followed, with The Duchess Club and Kama Ayurveda presenting a talk on Ayurveda at Savera Hotel. Women from all walks of life were part of the workshop that addressed various issues, followed by a lively interactive session. The ladies were given tips and tricks with a range of Kama products.
                    Meanwhile, in Mumbai, the rains only showed Cindy Crawford to advantage as the supermodel and Omega ambassador patiently posed for the flashbulbs. At an elegant sit down dinner at the Taj Mahal Palace, both Crawford and fellow ambassador Abhishek Bachchan charmed the audience with first-hand information about the Swiss watch branda��s new Constellation Pluma Collection. Guests sampled everything from avocado with heart of palm to halfmoon chocolate filled with ice cream, while fans managed quick selfies with the glamorous Crawford, who turns 50 next year. Musician Loy Mendonsa and his beautiful daughter, Alyssa, kept the entertainment meter running all night.

                    a�� paloma@newindianexpress.com

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                      Arena��t you happy?
                      June 27 | United Kingdom
                      Watch the last two days of the 33rd edition of UKa��s Glastonbury Music Festival online. The largest greenfield music, camping and performing arts festival in the worlda��with over 500 artistes performing across 50 stages in an area that spans over 900 acresa��this yeara��s line-up includes mainstage acts like Kanye West, Deadmau5, Motorhead, Jon Hopkins and Pharrell Williams. From 11.30 pm IST. Till June 28. Details: bbc.co.uk

                      Let the games begin
                      NissanJune 28 | Express Avenue
                      Gamers from across the country will be playing Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation 3 or public gaming pods, to qualify for the National Final of the GT Academy Asia Competition. Organised by Nissan and PlayStation, the winner of the competition will represent the country at the Silverstone Race Camp, where they will get to race in a real race car. The Chennai qualifying round takes place at Express Avenue, from June 26-28. Details: nissan.in

                      Full throttle
                      June 30 | Ducati
                      Bikers, take note. Ducati has unveiled two variants of its entry-level motorcycle range, the Scrambler. Both at 803cc, the Classic sports a retro look with a vintage-styled seat while the Full Throttle is contemporary with a sporty design. Available at the showrooms in Delhi and Mumbai, they are both priced at `7,98,000. Details: 011 40870111

                      Cannes select
                      July 1 | New Delhi
                      Neeraj Ghaywana��s critically acclaimed Masaan, which clinched two awards at Cannes this year (the first Indian film to do so), is going to premiere in the country at the sixth edition of the Jagran Film Festival. Produced by Anurag Kashyap, the film will be screened in New Delhia��s Siri Fort Auditorium on July 1-2. Details: jff.co.in

                      At the movies
                      June 26 | SPI Cinemas
                      Pete Doctora��s animation movie, Inside Out is about a young girl, Riley Anderson,
                      battling five different emotions (represented by five individual characters) who help her move to a new city. With overwhelming critical acclaim already, the film seems geared up to be a blockbuster. Also releasing is Insidious 3, the horror flick starring Lin Shaye, Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott. Details: 42244224

                      Russell2Brand conscious
                      June 27 | Bengaluru
                      Comedy Centrala��s Chuckle Festival is back, and this time with Russell Brand (ex-husband of Katy Perry) set to perform. Known for his YouTube series Trews and stand-up comedy acts like Messiah Complex and the Ponderland series, he will be performing alongside some of our top comedians like Vir Das and Papa CJ. In Delhi (June 26), Bengaluru (June 27) and Mumbai (June 28). Tickets from `1,500 onwards on meraevents.com

                      In the frame
                      June 29 | House of Things
                      New-York based designer, Jay Strongweathera��s Alexie Peacock Figurine Frame will make a beautiful addition to your living room. If the peacock perched on this double-sided frame is too much for you, try the Javier Bejeweled Frame instead. Originally priced at `2,20,000 it is available at a special price of `1,90,000 on thehouseofthings.com

                      Sound station
                      July 2 | Bengaluru
                      Popular live music and food destination, BlueFROG, opened its doors in Bengaluru last week. After UK-based electronic group Dub Pistols kick-started the performances last weekend, catch Bengaluru-based rock bands, Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ) and Mad Orange Fireworks, in action tomorrow. From 8.30 pm to 11.30 pm. Tickets at `1,600 per couple and `1,000 per head on in.bookmyshow.com

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