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Friday, A�January 1

Highway (Drama), Star Gold HD, 11.40 am
Cast: Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda
On the eve of her wedding, Veera (Bhatt) is kidnapped by Mahabir Bhati (Hooda) and his men. When they realise that she is the daughter of a rich businessman who has links with the government, they panic. However, Bhati decides to stick to the plan and, travel to different cities to escape the police. During the journey, Veera finds a sense of freedom that she has never felt before in her life, and actually starts to feel safe despite being a captive. But with the cops hot on their trail, how long can she escape her real life? The movie is based on an episode (with the same name) from the TV anthology series, Rishtey, on Zee TV.

Erin Brockovich
(Biography), HBO, 1.46 pm
Cast: Julia Roberts
Erin Brockovich (Roberts) is an unemployed mother of three who gets a job at a lawyera��s office. There she comes across the files of a real-estate case regarding Pacific Gas & Electric Companya��s (PG&E) offer to purchase the home of a resident in Hinkley, California. When she investigates further, she finds that the towna��s residents have been plagued with cases of tumors, apparently caused by the PG&Ea��s toxic chromium leaking into the groundwater. Brockovich manages to sign up 634 plaintiffs, along with the resident whose house was going to be purchased, but PG&E is ready to play dirty. Based on a true story, the movie won Roberts the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Saturday, January 2


Raanjhanaa (Romance/Drama),
UTV Movies, 8.30 am
Cast: Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor
A small-town Brahmin boy, Kundan (Dhanush), falls in love with Zoya Haider (Kapoor), a Muslim girl. Though she rejects his declaration of love initially, she later falls for him. However, after Zoya moves away and enrols at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, she falls in love with a student leader, Akram Zaidi (Abhay Deol). On returning home, she forgets all about Kundana��s love and, instead, asks him to convince her family to let her marry Akram. Initially, Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha were signed on as the lead pair.

Die Hard 4.0 (Action), Movies Now, 9 pm
Cast: Bruce Willis,
Timothy Olyphant
NYPD detective John McClane (Willis) is back in action, after the FBI requests him to investigate a case involving the organisationa��s Cyber Security Division. Top computer hackers are being assassinated by a cyber-terrorist, Thomas Gabriel (Olyphant). McClane is asked to bring hacker Matt Farrell (Justin Long) to safety as it appears he knows what Gabriel is up to. They realise that by hacking into government and commercial computers, Gabriel intends to bring the stock market crashing. This is the only Die Hard movie to take place over the course of more than a day.

Sunday, January 3


The Man In The Iron Mask
(Adventure/Drama), HBO, 5.38 pm
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeremy Irons
In 1968, Queen Anne of France gives birth to twins, but very few knew about the younger one, who is hidden away. Twenty two years later, the older brother becomes King Loius XIV of France, and turns out to be an irresponsible ruler who leads his country into ruin. Of the four musketeers who served the kinga��s father, only one, Da��Artagnan, stillA� faithfully serves him. But when one of their sons is forced into battle, where he dies, and the king takes advantage of his widow, the musketeers realise they must stop him. Could the twin, who has been locked away with an iron mask over his head, help them? Alexandre Dumas, the author of the book on which the movie is based, took inspiration from a historical account of a mysterious prisoner in the Bastille who was forced to wear a leather mask.

Josh (Action), Zee Action , 4.40 pm
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai
Max Dias (Khan) and Prakash Sharma (Sharad Kapoor) are rival gang leaders in Goa. When Prakasha��s younger brother Rahul Sharma (Chandrachur Singh), who studies in Mumbai, comes visiting, he falls in love with Shirley (Rai). Little does he know that Shirley is Maxa��s twin sister and, of course, the brother does not approve of the relationship. This leads to an escalation of violence between the gangs. The movie is a remake of the West Side Story.

Our Pick

The X-Files – Essential Collection,
FX and FX HD, Monday-Friday, 11 pm
Herea��s exciting news for fans of X-Files. In a special series, franchise creator Chris Carter has curated 20 defining episodes from the series that premiered way back in 1993. The sci-fi drama follows the lives of two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who investigate unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena.

Artsnight: Will Gompertz,
BBC World News, Saturday, 11 am
In this episode, BBCa��s arts editor Will Gompertz will interact with art connoisseurs and delve into the thriving international art market. He will also discuss the need for better regulations for the market and catch up with Delfina Entrecanales, who has been nurturing artists for 40 years.

Feast Bazaar,
TLC India, Saturday, 6.30 pm
Chef Barry Vera travels to the Imperial city of Fez, regarded as Moroccoa��s capital of fine food and culture. It is quite a strange neighbourhooda��with streets that have no names and donkeys wearing tyres. It also boasts the worlda��s oldest university, the University of Karueein.

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We love to give, but then there better be some entertainment too to motivate us

It has been a series of giving after giving. First it was the Chennai floods, now for an on-going project called ‘Sparsh’- a hospice that cares for terminally- ill cancer patients. This is not an earthquake or flood where one gets psyched up and impulsively gives away. It is a less dramatic and a stark fact of life.

Of course, giving and sharing for any causeA�isA�alwaysA�a very good thing. But this time it was clubbed with plenty of entertainment and grandeur.
IA�haveA�actually always wondered why we all need a heavy dose of fun to motivate givingA�when there is a compelling cause right in front of our eyes. Personally, I have wondered aboutA�the rationale behindA�charity concerts and fundraisers. It almost feels like we need to be bribed to get into donating. But this was different! Perhaps the largest event Hyderabad has seen in recent times and now a brand well-established.A�They say sky is the limit and it was actually called Skyfest. Hot-air balloons, adventure sports, stalls, food and of course a mega musical nite series by popular performers toA�conclude each day.

It all started with a small group of extremely focussed individuals who got together with theA�Rotary club team and they pulled of mobilising half of Hyderabad- at least figuratively speaking! One wonders how they envisioned this right in the midst of ChristmasA�holidays when other things may keep people busy. But over 8,000 music-loving Hyderabadis attended Sonu Nigam’s concert at the Gachibowli stadium.

Apart from this we had an extremely energetic Devisri Prasad nite and a heart-touching RP Patnaik musical nite. “It’s much more special when I have to perform for a cause,” says singer RP. ItA�was truly inspiring to see people respond so willingly to this good cause. At the end of the concert, RP shared about how his father battled cancer and actually spent his last few days at the Sparsh hospice. Despite the freezing temperatures, everyone’s heart melted with empathy towards all those with terminally ill family members.

“We are happy that we became a brand in the maiden year. We will definitley make this an annual affair in Hyderabad,” said Rani Reddy, member of organising committee Rotarian.

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    With Sankranti approaching, people in the city are already excited about getting their kites in the sky. The festival of kites is celebrated not just in Hyderabad, but across the nation too. Here are a few different and innovative kites that one can buy this season.

    Text:A�Nishad Neelambaran
    Try out something different this festive season and go in for fancy kites to soar into the horizon

    Illusion specialist
    Quenching the thirst of flying illusionary air crafts and doubling the pleasure is this one with the Indian army print. This five feet tall one is sure to stand out among the other exotic kites flying high in the sky. This high flier is slightly transparent yet vibrant and is available at Bajaj Patang Mahal. Rs.550 Details: 9866421101

    Filmi stuff
    Gulzar Houz is the place to be for buying kites in the city and Mahboob Aziz Patang House has something different this time to offer its customers. The dealers have got an exclusivity with customisable Baahubali kites. These patangs are made of plastic, lightweight and available in different sizes. The kite by default has Superstars Prabhas and Rana Daggubati on it. Rs.100
    Details: 9848082786

    Game on

    This season, have fun with the officially authorised Angry Birds kites. These cartoon-imprinted kite is attracting a lot of attention. What makes this kite different is that the body is made with nylon. Apart from this, the kite has a 23-inch wingspan, skytails, handle and plenty of line. The kite is available in four different characters from the gaming series. Rs.900 Details: Amazon.com

    Fighter kites
    We Indians are not the only people who love flying kites. The Japanese also have a craze for the same. Nagasaki Hata as it is called, these kites are known as fighter kites and are used in competitions. Generally, one can find these patangs at international kite festivals in India. The kite is extremely balanced, light weight and virtually square. These kites are flown diagonally. Apart from these features, the Nagasaki Hata is always marked with a bird in the kite. Rs.400 Details: vibrantkiteclub@gmail.com

    Bollywood style
    King Kite Centre at Bandra in Mumbai is one place where you can avail patangs anytime of the year. The 60-year-old shop has all varieties of kites and specialises in Bollywood style ones. The shop is known for supplying kites for Hindi movies. These kites shared the limelight when Bollywood director Vishal Bharadwaj used it to promote his film Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola from King Kite Centre. Rs.100 Details: 9224552521

    King size
    Keeping the tradition of making huge kites in the city, Chotamlal Singh Patang Ghar has really huge kites for you to fly this season. The golden kite is seven feet tall and six feet wide. This huge kite comes with a dash of silver colour on its rear. People can even customise this with different designs on the body of the patang as per their demands. Rs.600 Details: 9391097330

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    Give the regular pizzas a skip and try out something different – wood-fired ones – in the New Year. It will be a special treat for you as these pizzas are done on wood that gives them that smoky charcoal flavour. And you dona��t get this anywhere else other than a few select pizzerias in the town. Start your days with bang and try these places below for that mouth-watering taste of wood-fired pizzas that will linger for the days to come:
    Text:A�Saima Afreen

    Calzone Bomba at Prego, The Westin
    The brick of the oven at Prego is oak
    flavoured which gives the aroma of the different herbs used such as sage, oregano and thyme. Says chef Pradeep Rao, a�?Pizza dough ingredients are kept simple whichc is just a mixture of flour, olive oil, yeast and seasonings. We use different vegetables like sweet peppers, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, and other toppings like olives, artichokes, capers.a�? At Prego the most popular wood-fired pizzas is Pizza Quattro salumi, Calzone Bomba. Adds chef, a�?It is different from other pizzas as we serve a thin crust pizza which makes it crispier. The wood fired oven gives it a nice flavour.a�? Price: Rs.800++ taxes. Details: 67676801

    Seasona��s special
    Enjoy the New Year with delicious brunch at Feast, Sheraton. There will be plenty of drinks with live music along with mouth-watering food like Roasted Chicken, Loaves of French Bread, Fruit Roulades and more. Price: Rs.1,700++ taxes. Time: 12 pm-4 pm. Details: 49251122

    Fabulous feast
    Relish the dhaba style food at Friday Dhaba Nights. Novotel, The Square offers a sumptuous spread of Tawa Machi, Methi Murg Tikka, Murgh Keema & Paratha, Sabzi Seekh Kebab, Kulfi Falooda, Imarti, Ghewar and other items. Price: Rs.1,499++ taxes. On till January 15. Time: 12.30 pm-8 pm. Details: 66824422

    ABS Specialty at Bricken Oven
    This place is known for its wood-fired pizzas in the city after it was opened two years back. The restaurant owner Shekhar says they have two varieties – one is the small 12 inches, the large one is 18 inches. ABS Specialtya�� is their signature pizza which is a mix of roasted chicken, smoked bacon, minced lamb with veggies. Another one worth a try is Five Cheese which is a mix of five types of cheese. Price: Rs.500++ taxes. Details: 60026001

    Herb Chicken Pizza at Truffles
    Truffles with its open restaurant complete with ornamental plants and dim lights has amazing pizzas on offer. Their specialty is Herb Chicken Pizza made from sun dried cherry tomatoes, olives and chicken dashed with exotic herbs. The mozzarella is delicious and the smell of wood smoke lingers in your mouth longer than you would expect. Price: Rs.600++ taxes. Details: 23550105

    Summer Salad
    Pizza at Olive Bistro
    Pizza made in live pizzeria with new stuffings everyday is what you will get at this place. The unique part is that the fire is lighted the night before the pizza is made. Informs chef Swapan, a�?Other pizzerias use only one type of cheese whereas we use four types. And because of this, the crust turns out to be crunchy. Our specialty Summer Salad Pizza has toppings of tomatoes, jalapenos and exotic herbs. It takes six minutes for the pizza to be prepared.a�? Price: rs.400++ taxes. Details: 69999127

    Confit Peppers
    Pizza at Marriott
    If you want to savour smoke of a fruit-tree in your pizza, head to Okra, Marriott. They use mango-wood in the pizza oven. Says chef Yogender Pal, a�?The tomatoes have to be just ripe to get the right taste for the sauce and then you can make it as exotic as you desire by adding various toppings.a�? He puts blue cheese which gives a unique taste to the pizza. He adds, a�?A good pizza should be crisp from the edges and from the centre also it should not neither be too soggy or too crisp.a�? Their most popular wood-fired pizzas are pepperoni, Margrita and confit peppers, shrimps and feta.A� Price: rs.500++ taxes.Details:A�27522999

    Winter delights
    Savour the traditional Gujarati thaali at Khandani Rajdhani, Banjara Hills. On their platter is Gatte Ka Saag, Paneer Methi, Kadhi, Bajre Kii Khichdi and desserts like Badam Ka Halwa, Kheer and Rabdi Malpua. Price: Rs.499++ taxes. Time: 12.30 pm-11 pm. Details: 64593998

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    A blockbuster movie in an open-air stadium was quite an experience for the citizens this weekend

    The holiday season was in full swing last week and the city reverberated with the same spirit. The Sky Fest at Gachibowli gave us the ride of our lives with hot air balloons. Add to that the magic of watching blockbuster movies at midnight in an open air stadium and then go para jumping…. It was the best fun the city had in sometime and a dream come true for the weekend revellers. IAS officer and IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan and his wife Ruchi made news by being among the first ones to take the hot air balloon rides.

    Kukatpally boy Bhanu Prakash Racha, who set a record recently by clicking 1,800 selfies in one hour, was a special invite to the Skyfest and everyone there ensured they got a selfie with the record holder.1

    Actress Poonam Kaur ushered in the New Year spirit at Country Club a day ahead to meet and greet the party goers. Actresses Jinal Pandya and Akshita were busy launching a new Creamstone outlet and the Juice Salon in the city.

    Overall, the week that went by ensured the year ended on a crescendo, with a promise of more action, partying and entertainment of course.
    (The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa , salon Meghavi and is a people’s person with a pulse on the city’s

    Fun time
    January 4 | Hussain Sagar
    Ring in the New Year with some kayakaying on waters of Hussain Sagar lake located in the heart of Hyderabad. The event is organised by The Yacht Club, Hyderabad. Tickets: Rs.550++ taxes. Details: 64640518

    Hot talk
    January 6A�| Banjara Hills
    Renowned scholar Prof David Lelyveld of the William Paterson University, USA, will deliver talk on the university founder and visionary Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and the history and ideas of Aligarh Muslim University. Lelyveld has written a�?Aligarh’s First Generation: Muslim Solidarity in British Indiaa��. The Aligarh Club is hosting this talk. Entry is free. Time:A�7 pm. Details:A�http://www.lamakaan.com/events/2619

    January 5A�| Masab Tank
    Melange CafA� at Golkonda Hotel will host a sumptuous dinner on with live music played by Steve Adams and Zeba. This will be a buffet spread that will be on tillA�3 am. The platter will comprise biryani, chicken preparations and desserts like Badam Ka Halwa. Price: Rs.1,700++ taxes.
    Details: 66110101

    Arty affair
    January 2 | Ameerpet
    An exhibition of artworks by painter Sweta Chandra is going on at Dhi Artspace. The exhibition is titled a�?Talking Worksa�� consisting of works highlighting many social issues. Time:A�11 am-7 pm. Entry is free.
    Details: 8096663907

    Grand start
    January 1A�| Nampally
    Ita��s time to ring in the New Year with Hyderabada��s own yearly industrial exhibition Numaish that has been there since 1936. This is the 76th edition of the exhibition. Merchants from Pakistan, Iran, Kashmir, Baluch, Rajasthan and other places sell their exclusive goods.
    Time:A�2 pm-9 pm. Tickets: Rs.20. Details:http://exhibitionsociety.com/

    Soft notes
    January 3 | Secunderabad
    Get ready for a guitar workshop with musician Jayawant Naidu. Expert in North Indian classical music on Hawaiian Guitar. He performs on the
    nineteen string guitar. Time:A�10.30 am-11.30 pm. Details: 9030013344

    Write choice
    January 7A�| Begumpet
    Ita��s that time of the year when Lit Fests begin. The sixth edition of Hyderabad Literary Festival starts on January 7 and will continue tillA�January 10. The fest will be held at Hyderabad Public School. Some of the writersa�� and poetsa�� names are Nayantara Sahgal, Tabish Khair, Christine C Fair, Meena Alexander, Rochelle Potkar, Kazim Ali and
    other writers. Entry Free. Details: 23350473

    Royal colours
    January 4 | Begumpet
    An exhibition on the Princess Niloufer entitled ‘No More Rafaths Will Die’ will be curated by Birad Rajaram Tagnik at ITC Kakatiya. It celebrates the 100th birthday of the princess who lived her life in three cities namely Istanbul, Paris and Hyderabad. Niloufer was married to Prince Mozzam Jah the son of seventh Nizam of Hyderabad. Time: 5.30 pm.
    Details: 23401045

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      Drastic weight loss has always found takers in tinsel town. We hunt down the celebs who shocked the world with their recent physical transformations

      SelenaA� Gomez

      In April last year, the actor and singer was photographed in a pink bikini, splashing around on a Mexico beach. While she looked happy, her full figure received a barrage of harsh comments from the online community. New to the experience of body shamming, the 23-year-old decided to go topless for her second studio album, Revival, after she drastically dropped 20 pounds in three weeks. Gomez even channelised the experience into music lyrics for the same.

      John Goodman

      Though hefty, Goodmana��s character in The Flintstones endeared to us all, back in 1994.A�More recently, hisA�beefyA�looks added to his characterA�Dan ConnerA�inA�theA�televisionA�series Roseanne (which even earned him a Golden Globe). But last October, when Goodman turned up at the BFI London Film Festival, the world unanimously gasped as he had dropped about 100 pounds from his initial 400 pounds. The 63-year-olda��who confessed that his battle with weight is an a�?on-going processa�?a��follows a Mediterranean-style diet plan, along with exercising six days a week. In fact, he makes sure heA�takes between 10,000 and 12,000 steps a day. Phew.

      Zach Galifianakis

      Who doesna��t remember theA�adorablyA�annoying Alan,A�pudgyA�and pot-bellied, crackingA�usA�up in The Hangover series. One cannotA� recognise him easily anymore. While Galifianakis is being coquettish about his weight loss, after he was spotted at the Screen Actors Guilds Awards in October last year, it is believed that he lost about 50-60 pounds. The 46-year-old actor said he was a�?done witha�? drinking when he decided to lose weight and that he felt much lighter in his current physique. He cut down on his favourites like pizza and opted for fresh fish, egg whites, vegetables and, of course, a lot of green tea.

      Jimmy Kimmel

      To feature in Kimmela��sA�eponymousA�show is a coveted feat. This Emmy-winningA�comedian recently achieved a milestone of his own. No, we are not talking about the fact that Jimmy Kimmel Live is now ABCa��s longest running chat show, but about the drastic weight loss of the host himselfa��that too with no exercise. All he does is fast two days a week, and then eat a�?like a piga�? on the other days. From 208 pounds, he went to a fit-looking 182 pounds, following this same diet plan. And those who are exercising diligently toA�lose weight, the jokea��sA�on you.

      Chris Hemsworth

      To lendA�authenticityA�to Owen Chase, the ship-wrecked and starved sailor he plays inA�The Heart of The Sea, Hemsworth, along with the other cast members, restricted himself to just 500 calories a day. Despite warnings from actor and friend Matt Damon, the Australian actor pursued his a�?starvation dieta�? and dropped 50 pounds. This role came as a huge digress from playing the brawny Thor. The 32-year-old was quoted saying that his wife would snap at him and say, a�?Oh shut up and eat somethinga�? if he went through diet-induced mood swings.

      a�� Compiled by
      Seema Rajpal

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      Choose what youa��d like to start the New Year witha��yoga, art, electro house music or a good meal

      Unwind in peace
      Refresh your mind, body and soul at the International Yoga Festival. Organised by the government of Pondicherry, it will have workshops (to be held behind Gandhi Statue on Goubert Avenue) and competitions (at Subalakshmi Mahal). The festival will also include cultural programmes like dance dramas and folk performances. January 4-7, from 9 am to 8.30 pm. Packages start from Rs.500. Details: 9488084667

      Rock the beat
      Tomorrow, get ready to groove to the beat of electro house, by German DJ Mr Gof. At the Asian House, the evening will begin on a spirited note with complimentary beer or vodka. Buffet includes dishes like American corn curry and poulet Marengo
      (a French chicken and tomato dish). From 7.30 pm. Rs.1,500 for couples. Details: 8489107734

      Food therapy
      With unlimited beer, the Hangover Brunch at Blue Line, The Promenade, promises to be a hit. Along with special interactive counters for risotto, burgers and hot dogs, the main course will have poached pear and gorgonzola, phad Thai veg and more. The dessert counter will include kesar shrikand, mixed berry tart and the like. Rs.2,100. From 12 pm. Details: 0413 2227750

      Malabar musings
      Adishakti theatre kick-starts the New Year with Theyyam, a ritualistic performance popular in Keralaa��s North Malabar region. Veteran artiste Lakshmanan Peruvannan and troupe will perform the Bali Theyyam, one of its variations. From 7 pm on January 1 and 5.30 am on January 2. Details:A� 0413 2622287

      Folk check
      Enjoy cultural performances at DakshinaChitraa��s Marghazhi Village Festival. Dance troupes from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh will present silambatam, suggi kunitha, panchavadhyam and tappeta gullu respectively, among others. Till January 31, from 10.30 am to 6 pm, except Tuesdays.
      Details: 9841436149

      Paint it pink
      After a short hiatus, Kalinka art gallery on Rue Bazar has reopened with a new exhibition, titled Unexpected Pink. Featuring the works of French artist Nadeea��who works out of Paris and Marseillea��it will feature oils on canvas and paper that strike a balance between the real and the abstract, and has pink as a recurring hue. Till February 7. Details: 7094956976

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      Handmade folders, cloth bags and calendars, at Art-Y-Fair

      ARE there times when you feel the need to engage closely with art, and not just look at it hanging on a wall? Perhaps make it a part of your routine? Thata��s what Tasmai art gallery is trying to achieve with the second edition of its Art-Y-Fair.1

      The 10-day event is not just about replicating artwork on souvenirsa��though you will find a few paintings printed on coffee mugs. a�?We want to encourage artists and artisans to come up with creative objects or what we call art-y-facts,a�? says Kirti Chandak, the founder of Tasmai. The result of this artistic outpouring is seen in the form of spray-painted files with stencilled flower motifs, thick handmade paper folders covered with Spanish marbling and hand-painted cards with rustic themes. a�?People from the cities are thrilled to find a folder or a card that is handmade and hand-painted,a�? shares Chandak. Marbled cotton stoles and saris from Lakshmi Kraft in bright hues await those who want to wear art.

      Cloth bags hand woven by tribal women in Igatpuri (Maharashtra) have been embroidered with kolam designs by local women, to create an alternative to plastic bags. But stealing the show are duppatas and saris from Kalahasti in Andhra Pradesh. Designed by Krishna and Lakshmi Reddy, these are printed with Kalamkari motifs and filled in with natural dyes (around Rs.1,500). Also pick up the 2016 calendara��designed around the theme of upcycled installationsa��which will be launched today.

      Till Sunday, at Kuruchikuppam. Details: 0413 2221052

      a�� Olympia Shilpa Gerald

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      Classical and contemporary block prints beckon at Lal

      YOU might be a die-hard fan of polka dots or graphic tees, but you cana��t walk out of the Living Art Lifestyles boutique without falling a little in love with block prints. The six-year-old boutique has re-branded itself as Lal (red in Hindi), since last month. Situated next door to its former premisesa��which featured an eclectic mix of products from designers across the countrya��it now exclusively showcases designs by Pondicherry-based Samantaray duo: mother Bitasta and daughter Bidisha.

      Your choices1
      Their divergent tastes make for an interesting ensemble. From traditional mango and peacock motifs block-printed on elegant salwar-kameezes to chic crop tops with the on-trend houndstooth print, youa��ll find both the ethnic and the edgy. a�?We have more than 2,000 blocks,a�? says Bitasta, who became enamoured with block printing as a teenager. a�?But what makes each piece exclusive is our unique combinations of colours and prints,a�? she adds.

      Bidishaa��s palazzos, shirts and dresses (Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,600) are summery, in zesty oranges and greens. In contrast, Bitastaa��s silk-cotton designs (Rs 11,200) sport large motifs in rich, earthy colours. Diaphanous dupattas with gold prints (Rs 750) and soft malmal saris (Rs 2,200) with subtle prints are show-stoppers.

      Lal also stocks lampshades designed by the duo. Fashioned out of silk and cotton, with prints of motifs and geometrical patterns, they make for statement pieces. Available in various shapes and sizes, Bidisha suggests they can be attached to antique wooden carvings (discarded tops of old pillars) for a touch of drama.Cushions with geometric prints (Rs 200 to Rs 600) and handprinted foldable stools are other unusual dA�cor you will find here. And if youa��d rather carry block prints with you everyday, their 2016 diaries are your best bet.

      Next up
      Lala��s upcoming spring/summer collection (to be launched in February) will feature sling bags and bedspreads printed with recycled blocks. Bidisha has sourced a�?useful wastea�? like ropes, plastic and mats to experiment with new designs and textures. She adds that a range of home linen, bags and clothes, with a relaxed-yet-cool vibe, will be printed using the new blocks. a�?The look and feel will be contemporary, but the technique will be traditional,a�? she states, adding, a�?I hope to create a line that makes sustainable use of recycled waste.a�?

      Open between 10 am and 8 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays, on Rue Bazar St Laurent. Details: 0413 4308773

      a�� Olympia Shilpa Gerald

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