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    Whata��s the best way to relish the leg a�?o mutton? We tell you various ways so you can pick and choose

    While the winter chill still hangs in the air and the party drinks flow freely, how about treating your guests with roasted leg oa�� mutton? No, we are not asking you to serve it in the same old way. There are plenty of unique ways that makes that delicious aroma ofA�raanA�emanate from your kitchen. Raan, the leg oa�? mutton or leg oa�? lamb as it is called, is traditionally always made from meat of a goat and not a lamb.A�We present a selection of cookedA�raansA�cooked with saffron, smoked with thyme and roasted with Afghani condiments. Take a look:

    Text: Saima Afreen & Pics: Suresh and Vinay

    Bukhoor and Zafran Raan
    Yes, ita��s that royal herb and condiment saffron that gives it delicate-yet-strong flavour and colour to the leg oa�� mutton. For that typical warm-spicy fragranceA�bukhoorA�is added while marinating. Informs chef Inam Khan, a�?Bukhoor is a kind of food fragrance exotic in nature which gives a nice subtle flavour. For thisA�raanA�specialty I use sun-dried spices such as juniper and dry thyme.a�? While he prepares thisA�raanA�at his restaurant Steak House in Banjara Hills, he adds Himalayan Pink Salt, paprika and cashewnut paste along with yogurt and other spices and leaves it for 12 hours to marinate. It takes him half an hour to roast the meat. He suggests, a�?You can serve it with grilled or steamed vegetables. Price on request. Details: 69994858

    Braised Raan
    As the name suggests, at Hotel Marriott chef Yogendar Pal braises the leg oa�� mutton. Braising is a slow method of cooking with combination heat which is moist and dry heats. The ingredients used in cooking this leg oa�� mutton are: star anise, lamb stock, coriander root, dark soya, cloves, cinnamon, broccoli, sesame oil and honey. Says chef Pal, a�?The lamb leg which we use for this dish does not weigh more than one kg. It should not be too fatty and should not have any extra tissues attached to it.a�? It takes a minimum of four hours to braise it. Braising keeps the meat stays extra tender and succulent. Price on request. Details: 27522999

    Sajji Afghan RaanA�
    Well, in movies you may have seen those Afghanis wearing their trademarkA�salwar kurtaA�and biting into those long leg oa�� mutton. But now get the taste of Afghani raan traditional style at Kabul Darbar. Says the owner and food consultant Amaan, a�?Sajji means coal in Dari language. ThisA�raanA�used to be cooked by nomads on coals hence, the name. We use dry fig powder and North East chillies for that exclusive taste. The goat must not weigh more than eight kg, otherwise the meat wona��t be tender. We apply olive oil and cook it on burning coals for 35 minutes.a�? The dry fig powder they use is not available in Hyderabad is sourced out from Afghan.

    Raan Jugalbandi

    Ever heard ofA�raanA�stuffed with minced chicken? Well, Sheraton does it for you and names it thus. It takes three hours to cook it inA�tandoor. It can be savoured withA�roomali roti. Says chef Kapil Dubey, a�?We prepare thisA�raanA�with two types of meat. We marinate the meat for 6-8 hours with our special condiments. After that ita��s kept in the oven overnight covered with flour with minimum heat so that the meat gets tender and can be picked just with fingers.a�? Price: Rs 1,500 per portion. Details: 49251111

    Stuffed Italian Leg Oa�� MuttonA�
    Want to savour leg oa�� mutton Italian style? Park Hyatt,Tre-Forni Bar & Restaurant is the right place for you. They prepare it with a lot of exotic condiments and herbs. A mixture of minced lamb meat, Parmesan cheese, nutmeg, and thyme is prepared and stuffed inside the leg oa�� mutton after removing the bone. a�?We add white wine for that extra taste. It is roasted for 45 minutes,a�? says chef Daniele Macioce. He serves it with vegetable caponata. Price: on request. Details: 49491235

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