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    Surfa��s up
    Till January 26,A�Covelong Point Surf School
    The Pongal surfing camp is still on at the Covelong Point Social Surf School. Open to all above eight years, ita��s a great chance to learn the basics of surfing under the supervision of lifeguards. Catch some breakers and understand how to read the weather, waves and use the equipment. Rs.1,500 per head. From 8.30 am to 6 pm. Details: 9840975916

    3Raise a toast
    January 22, Taj Coromandel
    Southern Spice, the fine dining restaurant, invites wine connoisseurs to enjoy wines from the iconic Alsace region in France. Presided over by Ettiene Hugel, whose family owns the label Hugel and Fils, sip on Riesling and Gerwurztraminer wines from their cellar, paired with our spicy local cuisine. Expect a four-course menu crafted by executive chef Sujan Mukherjee, which will include banana dosa and idiyapam with Alleppey fish curry. 7 pm to 11.45 pm. Rs.4,000.
    Details: 66002827

    Wire and stone
    January 22-23, Nungambakkam
    This weekend, learn the art of jewellery making. International Designer Jewellerya��a boutique for customised jewellerya��is hosting an intensive two-day workshop. Participants will learn wire-component creation and wire-wrapping techniques in gemstone and pearl jewellery. From 10 am to 5 pm. Rs.3,500 per head. Materials will be provided. Details: 65452020

    Little scientists
    January 23, Anna Nagar
    Tomorrow, Kangaroo Kids Preschool is hosting a science workshop for children. Featuring activities like Giant Air Bubbles, Water Tricks and Kid-o-Tronics (basics of robotics), they will be shown how dry ice behaves as a solid and learn about the concept of air pressure, among other concepts. From ages three and upwards. Rs.300 onwards. From 10 am to 12 pm. Details: 45550155

    4Game on
    February 13, JawaharlalA�Nehru Stadium
    Disha Sports Academy is hosting the second edition of its Inter Corporate Carrom Tournament. With two categoriesa��Mena��s Singles and Mena��s Doublesa��corporates are invited to register teams of eight people (maximum) for a fixed fee of Rs.12,000. Registrations close on January 29. Winners will be awarded trophies, certificates and Rs.5,000 as cash prize. Details: 7358048338.

    Birthday bash
    January 22-24, Phoenix Mall
    Phoenix MarketCity is turning three tomorrow. And it is celebrating with performances by Richard and Jude (today, free entry), the standup show Laugh Ok Please (for more details, turn to page 19) and singer Joanna Winchester (Sunday, free entry). For guests, there is free parking all day tomorrow, and they can also participate in a quiz. Winners will receive gifts from brands like Forest Essentials and William Penn. Details: 30083007

    Plan it right
    Ongoing, Online
    Therea��s a new app out and it has an interesting story. Inspired by their own cross-cultural weddinga��when they found it difficult to get a reliable wedding plannera��blogger Mehak and her husband, Anand Shahani, launched a wedding-planner app last month. WedMeGood provides access to clothing vendors, make-up artistes, choreographers and venues across the country. Monthly reminder-checklists and group chats with family and friends are added features. Details: wedmegood.com

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      Textile revivalist Ratna Krishnakumar is in the city for a panel discussion on her favourite subject

      WE know her as the textile revivalist whose vision resulted in the intricately woven Benares saris showcased at the Taj Khazana outlets. And on the other hand, there is the delicious High Range preserve featuring Sweet Charlie berries or Seville oranges that some of us begin our day with, also courtesy her social work in Munnar with the Tata Foundation. Ratna Krishnakumar has many projects to her credit, but it is her work in both Varanasi and Munnar that keeps her on her toes. a�?It began as an attempt to protect heritage and craft, at a time when there were so many unemployed weavers in Varanasi,a�? says Krishnakumar. Besides weaving saris for Taj employees and Taj Khazana, the master weavers were encouraged to revive old Benares saris (under the guidance of Jay Ramrakhiani, a Mumbai designer). a�?We began getting requests from people who had preserved saris that were dear to them, and I can recall at least 40 to 50 such saris. A few years ago, a lady brought us a beautiful sari, a little over four metres, that belonged to her grand mother-in-law. She wanted it to be revived to gift it to her new daughter-in-law!a�?
      Background story
      What started as a Taj CSR is now an independent trust and Krishnakumar is working towards making the weavers self-sufficient. The village on the edge of Varanasi, adopted by the Tata Foundation 11 years ago, sees weavers dealing directly with online retail platforms like Jaypore and Parisera. a�?For the revival of classic saris for individual clients, all the team needs is the border or pallu of a sari and the colour to recreate it. Some of them take three to four months of labour,a�? says the lady whose love for textiles is what introduced her to Vijayalakshmi Nachiar of Ethicus, a Pollachi brand that creates fashion ethically. And that is why she will be in Chennai tomorrow, to participate in a panel discussion on textiles, called Warp & Weft, with Ananka Narayanan of Brass Tacks and Nachiar of Ethicus.
      On January 23 at 4 pm, at Kingsley in Chetput. Details: 9962260372

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      Double Impact
      Produced by superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni, Soggade Chinni Nayana, is a family fantasy film. Directed by debutant, Kalyan Krishna, Nag plays a double role in the film. Ramya Krishna and Lavanya Tripathi play leading ladies in the two-hour long flick. The movie that released on January 15, coinciding with Sankranti, opened to positive reviews at the box office. The movie is currently in its second week at the theatres in the city. The movie is also doing well in American box office. Nag is back in form and his dance moves have especially been appreciated in this film.

      2Daddy’s boy
      Marking the 25th film of N T Rama Rao Jr, Nannaku Prematho, is a complete family entertainer. Directed by Sukumar, the movie has Rakul Preet Singh playing the leading lady. The plot revolves around a son seeking vendetta for his father from a man who cheats them and wreaks havoc with their lives. It’s only in the end that he realises that he has fallen in love with Divya (Rakul Preet Singh) who turns out to be the daughter of the baddie who cheated them.

      3Action unfolded
      Directed by Sriwass under the banner of Vedhaaswa Creations, the film marks the 99th film of Nandamuri Balakrishna. This action-packed family drama has its usual dose of punchy dialogues, novel stunts and sentiment – all the components of a movie you would associate with the action star. The movie also has Anjali and Sonal Chauhan playing the roles of Kathyayani and Indu respectively opposite Balakrishna. Besides this the flick also has Shraddha Das in an item number that attracted a lot of audience to the theatres. The story revolves around his life in the past as a rich industrialist and connects it to the current scenario.

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      Suddenly 20 lakh people went out of the city to their hometowns and for four days of Sankranthi, leaving the city empty, but ring roads clogged

      Ever heard of cities being vacated? Well this was the reality during Sankranthi last week! It is an annual affair, but we seem to take more notice now. Suddenly 20 lakh people went out of the city to their hometowns and for over four days, Hyderabad was on vacation. Commutes were faster within the cityA�and roads were unclogged.
      2But thata��s just inside the city. Take a tour on the ring roads and you will see that the toll gates and entry-exit points on all sides had a rush hourA�time before and after the festival. There were almost 30,000 plus vehicles in key entry points like Choutuppal! This is almost one and a half times the usual traffic. The street vendors seem to know about the festive rush and were their with their ware. And I hear that the group of girls on bikes – called Bikernis – take off to amazing destinations during such long weekends.
      While travel mode to villages and townA�for festivals is typically a busA�or train- if planned, many choose to drive or ride home a few hundred kilometres away merely for the spontaneity and convenience it offers. Others who choose to take a bus are rethinking their plan because of the increases fares and rush at bus-stations. Although extra buses and almost ten extra trains were allotted for festival day rush, car jams on Kurnool-Hyd and Hyd-Vijayawada roadsA�reminded of highways abroad.
      3Festivals are just a planned holiday for the city. Temple tourism to Basara, Yadadri and other placesA�A�hasA�markedly increased car-commuters inA�Hyderabad. What do people living here feel? The truth is that everyone enjoys the silence in the city for brief periods. “It just gives us a chance to actually look at our roads attentively.A�But itA�also makes Hyderabad too quiet and pale,” saysA�banker Surya, who observes these trends.
      Playback singer Saandeep has another take. “Even the movie theatres were empty and I could get a first day first show ticket without online booking.”
      Now before we crib about our jams and rush – let us feel glorious that there is still a predictable arrival time, here unlike Delhi, or a Bengaluru. If things worsen, we stillA�have Kejriwal’s odd-even formula.

      (The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a
      hardcore Hyderabadi)

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      Order yourself a Luxpresso while in Hyderabad, for the city offers the best of the luxuries in the country – from the Grand Royal Suite where the richest person in the world stayed to a chandelier that costs as much as a Hyundai Elantra. By Manju Latha Kalanidhi

      If it comes from Coco Chanel, the high priestess of French fashion, youa��ve got to believe it. The founder of Chanel brand that wows the world with its haute couture and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods and fashion accessories puts it subtly: Keep your heels, head and standards high. Hyderabad seems to take her words a tad too seriously to push its limits for luxury a bit higher, with every passing year. If 2015 was about having parties at Indiaa��s top luxury hotel that had every visitor walk away with a Swarovski crystal worth `6,000, as a party takeaway, the New Year promises more action for the elite who thrive on luxury.
      a�?Up next is the Bentley furniture store in the upmarket Jubilee Hills. Ita��s going to be a three-floor showroom, Indiaa��s first with limited edition pieces,a�? announces Karan Bhangay, founder of Jukebox, The Indian Luxury Expo and co-founder at WowsomeApp, a�?Forget about studies and surveys, one just has to look around to feel the momentum. The Mercedes brand had one showroom five years ago and now they could be selling two or three Mercedes Benz CL Class every month.a�?
      International real estate consultancy firm JLL which is building a 1.2 million square feet luxury residential project in the upmarket Hitec City said in its a�?India Retail Luxury Quotienta�� report of 2013 dubbed the city as South Indiaa��s hub for luxury cars – A city that has a roaring love affair with high end cars like Maybach and retail brands such as LV. So how luxurious can the city get? We give you a list of the best in the city that merit as the best in the country too.

      Royal suite

      The Taj Falaknuma Palacea��s Grand Presidential Suite is ranked among the top ten in the country by none other than Wall Stree Journal blog. The 1,077 sq ft suite of sheer opulence boasts of 120-year-old Burma teak rafters, a private swimming pool, a private Jacuzzi, ornate furnishings and soothing marble fountain, and Cararra marble floors, was once the Nizam, the richest man in the worlda��s private chamber. Historian Prabhakar, who has also been a residence manager of the palace, shares, a�?In 1895, the sixth Nizam took over and stayed over there for 16 years. It was worth `6.8 millions back then! Not much is known about their residence though.a�? The first VVIP to stay here was Dr Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India. Not surprisingly, it is called the presidential suite! Price: Rs.2,25,000 + taxes per room per night. Details: 66298585
      Extra: We hear Reliance Group chariman Anil Ambani paid over Rs.3 lakh for a night and that musta��ve been the most luxurious stay anyone has had in the country so far.

      2Ornate chandelier
      Prakash Lights in Gachibowli gets Hyderabad its most luxurious chandeliers. Their top pick is the Flame Chandelier from Iris Bohemia crystal from a 400- year-old factory in heart of Bohemia which specialises in handmade blown crystal glass. a�?The craftsmen, through their ancestors, have learned to mould glass in an intricate manner to give the flame chandelier the look,a�? says Bina Mehta of Prakash Lights. Price Rs.7 lakh for 19 lights and up to Rs.15 lakh for 32 lights (available in Crystal Clear, blaze Red and Champagne Finnish).
      Details: 8499966005.
      Extra: Actor Allu Arjun buys his chandeliers from here

      4Fetching course
      Hyderabad has been rated as a favoured destination for education at global level, after New York, and ita��s the International School of Business in the city contributes to the fame. Founded in 2001, it ranked 33 by Financial Times in their 2015 Global MBA Rankings. It’s here that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella often finds best entrepreneurs for his projects. With more than 800 students in the campus currently, the Management Programme for Family Business (MFAB) course at the institute is one of the finest streams provided by the college ISB. Says Chittipantulu, director- marketing and communications, a�?We dona��t really position it as the a�?most expensivea�� course or on those factors. We provide the best education in the continent.a�? ISBa��s fee is more than twice of IIM Ahmedabad and thrice that of XLRI Mumbai as it attracts international faculty and offers best placements (up to `1 crore annual package). Cost of MFAB Rs.35 lakh for an academic year. Details: 23007000.
      Extra: Most ISB-ians are the CEOs where they work
      3Ultimate paan
      The name is a dead giveaway. Hyderabada��s most expensive and luxurious pan is called the Honeymoon Special and it is in demand during the wedding season at PVS Pan Mahal. a�?We use Unani herbs (aphrodisiacs with no side-effects) and Ayurvedic ones such as kasturi, kesar along with gold foil to make this one,a�? says owner K Srinivas. “We also add other special ingredients if the customers asks for. Most newly-weds order for this to mark their nuptial night,” he says. The juicy pan has a predominantly sweet taste intersperesed with a nutty flavour. Price Rs.2,500. Details:9346888123. Extra: The pan has a cooling effect, ideal after for the couple who have had a hectic day.

      5Peerless jewel
      Ita��s a piece of jewel that you dona��t just adorn, but rather wield and brandish. Krsalaa��s antique 18th century gold knife that belonged to the Maharaja of Bikaner is special edition one made of 22 karat gold
      encrusted with uncut diamonds, rubies and emeralds. a�?There are many interesting anecdotes about this special knife and my mom (and Krsala owner) Bunty Bajaj will share those secrets only to those who we think can desire this and deserve this,a�? says Samarth Bajaj, director of Krsala. The knife also comes with a snug fit sheath. Just the weight of the gold is worth Rs.20 lakh, not to mention all other accoutrements, making it a collectora��s item. Price on request. Details 09820822271
      Extra: Therea��s a tremendous story of the knife and the Maharaja who owned it.

      6Premier flights
      You know you have arrived, when you leave behind business class and have arrived literally in style in the Citation Bravo, an exclusive seven-seater business jet chartered flight that allows you to land even in small airports. With a speed range of 850 to 1100 kmph, Titan Aviation has a fleet of eight aircrafts in South India including Hyderabad. Your safety is assured as the company also has a Medevac aircraft – an air ambulance – to transport patients either domestically within India or to international destinations during critical medical emergencies, natural calamities and unforeseen mishaps. This jet from Titan Aviation India can fly you out of Hyderabad to Chennai and back in less than two hours. Cost: Rs.2 lakh. Details 9900616175
      Extra: Our sources say cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and Superstar Amitabh Bachchan use such private jets to get across for events at short notice

      7Fine dining
      Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centrea��s Bidri promises a royal feast on a carefully crafted seven-course meal. Feast like the royalty and indulge in an array of specials from the royal kitchens of Hyderabad, Kakatiya, Awadh and Kashmir. The meal for two comprises a fine selection of red and white (old and new) wines and Moet & Chandon champagne paired with your meal courses. As soulful ghazals by their in-house artistes is in progress, the seven-course exquisite dinner is served. Other highlights include a pick up from home in a BMW 5 series and chilled champagne on the way to the hotel. Price: Rs.12,000 ++ taxesA�Details: 27522228
      Extra: The hotel offers the best views of the Hussainsagar lake. So plan one when the weather is clear.

      8Supreme spa
      Jiva Spa of Taj Falaknuma Palace offers a special spa treatment known as the Nawab-e-Khaas which is inspired from the kind the Nizami royalty would love. The spa holds its daily morning yoga sessions by the well over 100-year-old banyan tree inside the retreat area, next to the restored Nizami pool. The 150-minute signature treatment begins with a soothing foot wash, an exfoliation body scrub of a blend of almonds, rose petals, vettiver, saffron and rich herbs, offered in languid strokes, cleanses and relaxes your body. It ends with a light facial scrub followed by a restorative massage with an exclusive hand-blended oil. A sherbat suffused with the distilled fragrance of flowers, fruits and herbs acts as a good wrap for the therapy. Price Rs.10,600++ Details: 6629 8585
      Extra: Celebs who took the spa treatment say the yoga near the tree is an unusual experience that adds to the entire experience.

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      This winter, relish organ meats A�not just for their taste but their nutrient factors too. Plus these meat delicacies will keep you warm

      Ita��s almost the end of January, and by now most of you have savoured those steaks, kebabs, legs oa�� mutton and what not. But think of the organ meats such as liver, brain, tongue and even tendons as part of trotters that make for mouth-watering broths and terrific meat preparations. Back in old days our ancestors used to hunt game and eat all the body parts of the animal. The belief was that eating the organs would protect their organs. Whatever their beliefs maybe, medical experts tell us that the any organ meat is packed with nutrients. Eating these in winters not only helps immunity cells store more energy, but also provides a different taste to your taste-buds. We list some of these organ meat preparations. Check these out:

      Text: Saima Afreen

      2TrottersA�Paaya Soup

      Ita��s that delicious bones broth that is cooked overnight till in the morning the stickiness is released from tendons that is considered good for joints. Informs Aman Khan , the owner and food consultant of Kabul Darbar, a�?We cook the trotters for five hours on very slow coal fire. For exclusive taste, we use cashew nuts, watermelon seeds, almonds and fig powder to the dish.a�? It is served hot with a dash of lemon and finely chopped coriander leaves and green chillies. Before serving nicely-browned crushed onions are sprinkled on the broth. The dish is savoured with tandoori roti or Afghani naan. Some people relish it even with roti. This paaya dish appears creamish white in colour. Price: Rs.150++ taxes. Details: 9885946811

      Liver -Keema Kaleji

      This dish has variants, even in names. The list begins with Bhuni Kaleji, Chatpati Kaleji, and even Tamatar Kaleji. Another variety Keema Kaleji is available at Hotel Radisson Blu. Lamb or goat liver is cleaned chopped in little cubes and cooked in a gravy of onion-garlic and ginger paste along with garam masala. Chef Thejeswara N Rao says, “We prepare minced meat, add the sauteed liver and cook for 20 minutes. Ita��s garnished with fresh coriander leaves. Available at Sunday brunches of the hotel. Relished best with pao. Price: Rs.450++ taxes. Details: 67331133

      4Kidneys -Gurda Masala

      A storehouse of nutrients, kidneys are cooked often with liver. But when cooked separately, it tastes heavenly. Kidneys of lamb or goat are cleaned and boiled in salted water in which a pinch of turmeric and chilly powder is added. After that onion rings are fried to which ginger-garlic paste, garam masala, chopped tomatoes and finely chopped green chillies are added. Ita��s cooked on slow to medium heat for 15 minutes. It is served hot and eaten with rumali roti. A�At some places kidneys are also cooked with kaleji.Available at Shadaab. Price: Rs.180++ taxes. Details: 66230012

      3Brain- Bheja Fry

      Sounds thoughtful? Also called Bheja Fry, this freshly procured goat or lamb brain is cooked on medium heat with chosen condiments. What usually goes in the dish is a mix of finely chopped coriander leaves and green chillies along with regular condiments. Says executive chef Somnath Das of Taj Banjara, Kebab-E-Bahar, a�?We clean and boil brain with turmeric powder and salt and then cook.a�? Sliced onions are fried with ginger garlic paste. Turmeric powder and red chilly paste is added.Then garam masala and lime juice is put and the dish is cooked on medium heat for 10 minutes till a delicious aroma rises. Garnished with chopped coriander leaves, it is served hot with Tikona Parathas. Price: Rs.575++ taxes. Details: 66669999

      5Tongue – Zabaan Nihari
      Quite a tongue-in-cheek experience, the tongue of lamb or goat is cleaned with fire till the extra layers burn off and a smoky flavour is retained in the meat. The trotters and tongue are A�slow cooked on charcoal fire overnight. Herbs and 32 kinds of varied spices such as fennel seeds, dried betel roots, stone flowers, Kapoor Kachri (Ginger Lily), Khas Kii Jadi (Dried Vetevier roots) and rose-petals are added tied in a bouquet garni. The slow fire releases the sticky texture of the meat. Ita��s served hot with lemon slices, fresh coriander, ginger juliennes and slices of green chillies. Savoured best with naan, kulcha or tandoori roti. Available at Shah Ghouse. Price: Rs.160 Details: 24524506



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      Taste of India
      Kanak, Trident as they have come up with a food festival celebrating cuisines from different parts of India like Bihar, Jammu and Arunachal Pradesh. Named a�?Incredible Cuisines of Indiaa�� the festival is on till January 30. On the platter are dishes like Aloo Chokha with Litti, Thattai and Jan among other dishes. Ita��s a la carte. Price for two: Rs. 2,500++ taxes. Time: 12 pm-11 pm. Details: 66232323

      2Chinese trails
      China Bistro comes to Hyderabad after its success in Mumbai. The restaurant opened at Jubilee Hills, Road No. 1. On offer are wide varieties of Chinese delicacies like Som Tam Salad, Chicken Satay and Cheong Fung Dim Sums. They present old age recipes from Qina��s dynasty of China. Rs.440++ taxes. Details: 65160999

      3Street affair
      Live counters of street food will be set at Syn Asian Grill & Bar, Taj Deccan. The food festival titled a�?Street Nightsa�� is about Pan Asian street food sold by hawkers all over East Asia. Availble platters will be of Mongolian grills, wokery station, oriental baguettes. It is a la carte. On till February 5. Price: Rs.1,350 ++ taxes per person.Details: 66663939

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      You can now customise A�your sunglasses too with your kind of rim, colour and lens A�at Lawrence & Mayo’s new boutique A�store

      Ever wanted to wear shades with your own trademark? Lawrence & Mayo, who opened their second designer eyewear boutique in the city this week makes it possible. The Hyderabad showroom inaugurated by renowned actress and social activist, Amala Akkineni is spread across 1,400 sq.ft and has all luxurious brands under one roof.
      The store has brands such as Bentley, Burberry, Bvlgari (Bulgari), Cartier, D&G, Armani, Maui Jim, Maubach, Mont Blanc, Oakley, Polo, Prada, Swarowski, TAG Heuer, Tom Ford, Versace. Then the top favourites like Hugo Boss, Chopard, Chrome Hearts, Dita, Porsche Design, Silhouette, Starck, Alain Mikli, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs too.
      9The outlet has more than 1,000 varieties of glasses in display. Customers can even avail the option of customising their glasses according to their choice of colours, lenses and rims. Apart from this, the store has amazing collection of sunglasses of all the brands mentioned. The store allows customisation even for sunglasses. Besides this, in the high-end spectacle lenses category, the boutique also offers personalised lenses.
      Speaking on the launch of the store Amitava Mendonca, director, Lawrence & Mayo said, “The boutique is for those with a penchant for the latest styles. They can whet their appetite for the newest trends here.”
      Price range: Rs.7,000 – Rs.22 lakh.
      Details: 66511877


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      Skip the bikes and cars to ride the All-Terrain Vehicles, off road, literally, in the city for an adrenaline rush

      We all have that one poster that we love – which talks about taking the road not taken. Now with Polaris, the renowned off-road American vehicle manufacturer, recently opening its showroom in Hyderabad, you can perhaps hop off the regular road to ride some real monsters – the All Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs.
      The 3,200 sq. ft. showroom in Jayasuda Heights, Hitech City, has on display four side x side vehicles and five ATVs. Ranging from a simple 50cc to a mean 1,000cc vehicles, the outlet also entices riders with a variety of helmets, chest guards, elbow pads, gloves, knee pads and shin guards.
      2Across the ages: Go with your friend, cousin or nephew, for Polaris has got something for all. A 50cc ATV for kids in the age group of six to twelve, 170 – 300cc vehicles for children above 12 – 16 years old and from 300cc – 1000cc vehicles for adults above 18 years of age. Take your pick from their three models – The RZR series, Sportsman series and Ranger series.
      The specs: Side x Side vehicles are All Wheel Drive (AWD) two-seater cars with power steering of 25.4cm tilt adjustability. The internal LED lights give it a warm blue tint while the headlights which can throw light up to 5 metres on a high beam mode can make you look like a star on the ATV. a�?The vehicle is made of plastic and stamped steel making it lighter than the on-road cars. The vehicles weigh from 95 kgs to 755 kgs depending on the size,a�? explains the showroom owner Ch Vikram.
      The features: The All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), the real gems of Polaris, are like four-wheel bikes. The bike has front and rear brake, but the clincher is the accelerator which is actually a thumb-controlled knob on the right handle. The manufacturers offer a choice between AWD and Two Wheel Drive (TWD) in ATVs. Besides this, there are two seater ATVs and single rider bikes available in the showroom. These ATVs have a small locker at the back above the engine where equipment such as air filling machine which is offered to the customers to be used in case the tubeless tires are punctured can be stored.
      3The accessories: The gallery has safety equipment like helmets, chest guards, elbow pads, gloves, knee pads and shin guards one must mandatorily wear before hopping on to the four-wheel monsters. All the vehicles are fitted with rubber tires with a life of more than four years off-road. Polaris also offers customers annual maintenance schemes where the oil and grease are changed annually with normal servicing of the shock ups and engine. The showroom also ensures that the vehicles are insured before handing it over to the customers. Polaris vehicles run on normal fuels like petrol and diesel. However, the mileage of the vehicle is only 5-6 kmpl.
      Price: Vehicle cost ranges from Rs.5.5 lakh to Rs.2 crore. HelmetsA�Rs.12,000 – Rs.18,000. Details: 9000981959
      a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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      The Hyderabad Golf Club was the hub of festive action and some high flying with kites

      The week began with Archana and Alok Jajua�?s 25th wedding anniversary celebrations. The duo relived the entire wedding complete with all the rituals of a marriage – from a south Indian saptapadi to the north Indian mehendi, friends and family who gathered where happy to see a couple who wanted to marry again, and of course, to the same person.
      2The Sankranti flavours were evident, thanks to the long weekend. The Hyderabad Golf Club (HGC) and the Old City reverberated with kite-flying jargon. Manjula, in her English hat and glares and denims, along with her friends was determined to enjoy every bit of the fest. Preethi Rao Errabelli, popular in the circle for her taste in colours and designs, was spotted wearing an orange outfit befitting the festive spirit in the air.

      3Sridevi and her son Milan, dressed in green and blue outfits respectively, proved to be a cool mom-son combination.
      Meanwhile the Tablers decided to try out a new concept of meeting up. Round Table 186 organised its monthly meet in a spa format with hot Hyderabadi Biryani in conjunction with de-stress acupressure foot and shoulder massages at Meghavi while they discussed their upcoming activities for social development. While Dhiraj and Rajiv brought in the summery touch through their khakis, Anju in her blue dress was a stunner. Dressed in aqua green and heels, Shalini looked fabulous.
      4All in all, the Hyderabadis reflected a fusion of shades of summer and winter along with flavours of the ethnic and modern in their appearances and vibes.
      (The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa , salon Meghavi and is a people’s person with a pulse on the city’s happenings)

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