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Dance mania
This Saturday, Link Brothers will wow you with their play list of evergreen Hindi and English hits. So put on your dancing shoes and get your friends to the a�?Blockbuster Holly-Bollywood Carnivala��. January 2. At No Limmits Lounge & Club, Magrath Road. 7 pm onwards. Details: 49333000

Sing along
Walk in to Indigo Bar for a karaoke session this Sunday. Pick a song from host Martin Da��Souzaa��s collection, get your gang ready and you are all set to rock the mic. And if you are feeling too shy, head to the bar and get your drinks, and get started. At Koramangala. 8 pm onwards.
Details: 9632357766

Go Latino
a�?Indian salsa kinga�� John Anthoney, who
runs the famous Latino Rhythms Dance Academy, will teach you the Latin dance form at Sanctum Club on Tuesday. Therea��s nothing like learning the basics from the best in the scene. Ladies, dona��t forget to carry your heels along. January 5. At Residency Road. On invite only.
Details: 9611411122

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    What better way than standup to prove that women can be funny? A�If men can be funny, women can be funnier. And while ita��s true that there are a lot more male standup artistes out there, the scenario is changing steadily.

    Punya Arora, 26, who broke into the Bengaluru standup scene in 2013, puts things into perspective. a�?Since audiences see less women standup artistes on stage, they are mostly pleasantly surprised when they do, and are curious to see what we have to say. Of course there are still a few who come with the pre-conceived notion, a�?oh ita��s a girl!a�� but in Bengaluru people have warmed up to standup comediennes,a�? she says.
    Aroraa��s journey into comedy was rather spontaneous. In school, she would often imitate people, and entertain her friends. a�?I was welcomed when I first began standup, but I didna��t pursue it for long. I moved on to setting up my photo studio, and got busy with it. But now that I am back on stage, I get complimentary messages from comedians in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai,a�? she says.

    The fact that established standup artistes such as Praveen Kumar, Sundeep Rao, and Sanjay Manaktala encourage young and upcoming standups makes a world of a difference, feels Arora. a�?Be it a boy or a girl, therea��s no discrimination. These guys are always there to listen to us and tell us how we can get better,a�? she explains. On Saturday, Arora along with Sumukhi Suresh will be part of Gender Wars, and will share the stage with their male counterparts Manaktala and Vamshidhar Bhogaraju. a�?Ita��s not that we will be fighting to prove who is funnier. Each of us will get our own time on stage,a�? says Arora, who is also a professional photographer.

    Some of Aroraa��s favourite acts include imitating the Malayali accent, women drivers, and single parenting. a�?Ita��s not my goal to offend anyone but I do enjoy talking about lady drivers, and poking fun at people who are judgemental about women driving. Lately I have also started speaking about having a single parent. Since my mother is also a single parent, in a way, I bring attention to the fact that how people react about having a single parent and so on,a�? she says.

    Incidentally, it was a picture of her mother taken during one of Aroraa��s acts that made her take up standup full-time. a�?It was the pride, the happiness on her face that was captured as she watched me perform, which made me realise that what I was doing is worthwhile,a�? Arora concludes.

    January 2. At BFlat, Indiranagar. 9 pm onwards. Tickets (Rs.500) on bookmyshow.com
    a�� Nandini Kumar

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      SPB live
      January 3 | Jayanagar
      The BHS Higher Education Society is hosting a musical night featuring singer SP Balasubramanyam. He has recorded over 40,000 songs in various Indian languages, and has lent voice to hit films such as Ek Duje Ke Liye, and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Through the event, the institution hopes to raise funds for 140 merited, economically backward and physically challenged students. Tickets (Rs.1,000)available at the venue. At Prof BV Narayana Rao Auditorium, Vijaya College. 6 pm onwards. Details: 26632871

      Special screening
      January 3 | Banashankari
      Dark Frames in association with Prakash Belawadi presents a private screening of the movie a�� Unfreedom. It is a contemporary thriller about a society torn apart by political, religious, and sexual turmoil. Shifting between New York and New Delhi, the film juxtaposes two powerful and unflinching stories about religious fundamentalism and intolerance. At Suchitra Cinema and Cultural Academy. 10.30 am. Details: 26711785

      Stand up and laugh
      January 3 | MG Road
      Begin 2016 with a hilarious comedy event brought to you by mime outfit PunchTantraa. Joining this event to entertain you is city-based comedian Praveen Kumar along with Raja Sekhar, a comedian with Hyderabadi tadka. Tickets (Rs.300) available at the venue.
      At Rangasthala Auditorium, Rangoli Art Centre. 7 pm onwards. Details: 22969265

      Pedal power
      January 2 | Indiranagar
      Rejuvenate from all the NYE partying with this cycling escapade organised by Cycling Boutique. A weekend endurance ride, looping through the calm and quite villages in the outskirts of Bengaluru, the idea for this ride is to bring more people to take up cycling. It will start from Indiranagar and proceed towards Varthur, Sarjapur and Chikka Thirupathi. Entry free. 5.30 am. Details: 8277276424

      Leta��s rock
      January 7 | St Marks Road
      Girish and the Chronicles are back to enthrall the Bengaluru audience with their rock numbers. At this gig, GATC will perform songs from their signature album Back On Earth, which they launched with the support of Universal Music Group, Hard Rock Cafe and VH1. Tickets (Rs.600 onwards) available at the venue. At Hard Rock CafA�. 8 pm. Details: 41242222

      LOL night
      January 7 | JP Nagar
      Ita��s your weekly dose of fun and laughter at the Underdoggs Sports Bar with their a�?Prim and Impropera�� feature. Be ready for insane humour as Vasu Primlani will narrate her funny tales. With live comedy and beers, it doesna��t get any better. At Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill. 8.30 pm onwards. Tickets (Rs.500) available on bookmyshow.com

      Game for it?
      January 3 | Koramangala
      An event to discuss a career in sports will be hosted by ESPNa��s former stats analyst, Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan. Titash Banerjea from Gyaanspace will put together a short sports quiz to stoke the audiencea��s interest. The event is meant for students. At Atta Galatta. 5 pm onwards. Details: 41600677

      Fleeting art
      January 1-14 | Infantry Road
      A riveting new show at Kynkyny Art burrows into the heart of hushed, mysterious worlds, from the deep recesses of the feminine psyche and the realms of gods and goddesses to rapidly extinguishing, dying ways of life. It features the latest works of four major contemporary artists a�� Anand Panchal, Nishant Dange, Ramesh Gorjala and Sachin Jaltare. At Kynkyny Art. 10 am to 7 pm (Closed on Sundays). Details: 40926202.

      Picture perfect
      January 1-7 | Kasturba Road
      a�?India 50/50a�� is a travel art project,A�comprising of 50 photographs taken over 50 days by Mexican artiste Alejandro Gomez de Tudd. In 2010, Gomez spent 50 days in India travelling the length and breadth of the country taking photographs of the spaces and places he came across.
      At Tasveer Art Gallery. 10 am-7pm. A�Details: 40535212

      Fun on the farm
      January 3 | Bagalur
      Nalini Murthy of Cityzen Farming is organising a workshop that provides information on how to establish and manage kitchen gardens. She will also demonstrate how to grow herbs and vegetables. The participants can also enjoy activities like bullock cart ride, pottery, astrology and several traditional games. Fee (Rs.899 per person) at the venue. At Jain Farms. A�10 am onwards. Details: 67415551

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      Join Kryptos this Sunday as they pay tribute to Metallica

      Bengalurua��s thrash metal band, Kryptos, also hailed to be one of the pioneers of the genre in India, will start 2016 on a rather nostalgic note. Theya��ll pay tribute to American heavy metal band Metallica, as part of the sixth edition of Impending Doom Club Festival.
      Kryptosa�� frontman, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Nolan Lewis tells us, a�?Most of us, I mean metal musicians around the world, have grown up listening to Metallica. Their songs have become a part of us and have shaped our music sensibilities. You can find the right balance of aggression, melodies and musicianship in their work.a�?

      Metallicaa��s guitarist James Alan Hetfield has particularly influenced Lewisa�� guitar work. a�?Their instrumental song Orion is another source of inspiration. It influenced my songwriting process. Ita��s a heavy riff with lots of melodies, and harmonies,a�? says Lewis, whose four-member band also looks up to metal torchbearers a�� Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

      After the Sunday gig, the band will get down to putting their fourth album together which they plan to release by the mid of 2016. Ita��s going to be a�?a classic 80s album, with retro soundsa�?. Yes, the band likes their music to be old-school. Even at this gig, they will perform songs from Metallicaa��s older albums, Kill a�?Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and The Black Album. a�?We have always liked the music of the a��70s and a��80s. It makes us feel good. We dona��t care whata��s hot in the music circuit now. We play only what we enjoy. If people like it, ita��s great. If not, it will be more like a tribute to our own good ola�� music,a�? says the 36-year-old Lewis.

      a�?Always keep an eye on your own musica�?, Kryptos received this a�?tipa�� straight from none other than the American thrash metal superstars Death Angel during a tour to Europe last year. a�?It (meeting them) was a total fan moment,a�? says Lewis, adding ,a�?We got to learn so much just seeing them perform on stage. These people might be hitting their 50s now. But when they perform, they have the zeal of a teenager. They told us, a�?Concentrate on your music. Dona��t get into the business side of it. Or, you will lose focusa��.a�?
      January 3. At Vapour Pub & Brewery, Indiranagar. 8 pm. Tickets ( Rs.450) on
      a�� Barkha Kumari

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        Nimish Bhatiaa��s new restaurant Nimisserie introduces a�?aspect cuisinea�� to the city

        ChefNimish Bhatiaa��s new restaurant Nimisserie falls under the category of a�?aspect cuisinea��. Since that term is completely unknown to me, not that he didna��t try explaining, leta��s just make it simple and call it a�?modern Indiana�� food. According to Bhatia, the food here is an amalgamation of imaginations, and ingredients. And the menu is proof of that.1

        Food for thought
        The meal begins with an amuse bouche a�� guava and pomegranate juice bubbles, with a hint of masala
        such as jeera, served atop a papdi a�� to resemble a papdi chaat. Ita��s quite a tasty way to begin the meal. Next came the reconstructed chilled samosa made with slivers of melon that wraps around the usual samosa filling (only cold), some greens, and served with chutney on the side in case you want it.

        The smoked chicken breast and arugula salad is a pretty appetiser. Thin slices of smoked chicken breast, greens, marigold flowers, dehydrated pineapple, and charmagaz (almonds, pumpkin, cantaloupe and watermelon seeds) come in a lovely cocktail bowl, and you add the vinaigrette dressing thata��s served separately.

        The Nakhlawi galauti a�� Bhatiaa��s version of the galauti kebab served in a cream horn shell a�� is a neat looking dish. But it was main course that made me happy. The a�?fishy affaira��, has red snapper grilled with kasundi (mustard sauce), tuna with gooseberry chutney on top, and seer with curry leaf pesto. Each of the fish brings a distinct flavour to the plate, and that is what I enjoyed the most. It was served with duck, and apricot and chilli baby naans, but I am not too sure if the fish and the naan pairs well.

        The last touch
        For dessert, the misthi doi crA?me brA�lA�e served in a butter cookie tart shell is probably the most elaborate dish a�� visually that is a�� because not only do you get to eat the dessert, you also get to stare at a hand-pulled mini rickshaw that comes with it. However, I would have liked it if the sweet yoghurt had set better.

        If the a la carte menu confuses you, put yourself in the hands of the chef, and pick one of their tasting menus. Sometimes, ita��s less tiring to go with the flow.

        Nimisserie has about 157 covers. Ita��s a massive restaurant, spread across two floors, and dressed to the hilt a�� handmade marble plates on the tables, red beaded drapes to segregate the private dining sections, bright white chairs, and even brighter lights a�� you could very well be in the dining room of a royal household. The restaurant is only about a week old, and it has a distance to go before it can make its own space in the city, but till then, happy instagramming. Take it from us, you will be tempted!

        Rs2500 onwards (a la carte, for two). At 120, Brigade Road.
        Details: 40988989
        a�� Priyadarshini Nandy