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    Is there a shiny new gadget youa��dA� like to tell us about?A� Mail gadgetboy@newindianexpress.com

    Tapp Lock
    Tapp is a smart lock that you can unlock with your fingerprint. You can also provide access to other family members or friends using an app. Access can be limited as required, too, and a history function allows you to keep track of padlock use. The lock is water resistant, rugged and durable. Bluetooth can also be used to unlock it. Coming later this year, it has a battery life of three years. tapplock.com

    Sony H.earIn Wireless
    Available in five bold colours, theA�h.ear in earphones have hi-res audio capability. Rich, dynamic sound is always at hand, whether youa��re listening to music or taking a call. Up to seven-and-a-half hours of battery life. Available soon. sony.com

    Fluance Fi70
    The Fi70 is a wireless hi-fi audio system with three-way speakers. It also has an integrated amp and six-speaker configuration, which include dual 8a�? subwoofers for loud, full and rich acoustics. The cabinet is hand-crafted, using audio grade wood, and music can be streamed via aptX BT. Other features include AM/FM radio, optical input and a USB port. fluance.com

    Sony USB Csony usb c
    Pen Drive
    Sonya��s upcoming flash drives will have USB-C and USB-A connectors. Available in 16, 32 and 64 GB variants, the drives can easily be interchanged between compatible smartphones and PCs. sony.com

    Zero Halliburton Suitcase
    This unique limited-edition carry-on spinner case is made of aluminium, and looks and feels vintage. It pays tribute to mid-century camera and military cases. zerohalliburton.com



    Olympus Pen Folympus pen f
    Olympusa�� new Pen F comes with a 20 MP 4/3 live MOS sensor, five-axis image stabilisation, Wi-Fi and compatibility with
    M.Zuiko premium lenses. The camera includes retro, vintage-looking gear, plus a bag, wrapping cloth and leather straps. getolympus.com

    IWC Mark XVIII
    IWC is releasing its latest series of Mark watches, including the above-pictured Mark XVIII a�?Le Petit Princea�� blue dial special edition.The Mark XVIII has a self-winding mechanical movement with a 42-hour power reserve, sapphire glass, an inner case for magnetic field protection, 40mm diameter and a strap from Santoni. Also available in a regular Mark XVIII version, with black and white dials. iwc.com

    Just In Case
    Made for iPhones, the a�?Just Ina�� case not only protects your phone but can also record calls using its microphone. It has a 2 GB micro SD card to save your calls. Coming soon. indiegogo.com

    Ashok Pandian


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      Meet the Chennai-based motorcyclist who crowd-funded his solo road trip covering India, South East Asia and Europe

      Not all who wander are lost. Meet 21-year-old Rohith S who personifies the immortal words by JRR Tolkien. When the odometre on his Royal Enfield struck 3,000, the Chennai lad set out from his hometown on a 1,00,000 kilometre road trip that would take him all through India and South East Asia (via the new India-Myanmar-Thailand highway) before reaching Europe. Two weeks into the trip, he reached Kochia��after riding through Puducherry, Kanyakumari and Alappuzha. a�?I am riding in an attempt to forge universal brotherhood, kindle the spirit of adventure and, more than anything, to prove that you can see the world even if you are cash strapped,a�? he begins.
      Cashing in Rohith had set the wheels in motion in 2013, when he launched fundmydream.in, a crowdfund sourcing platform. Through this, he later launched his project, The 25 Million Metre Ride, promising backers priority access to his travelogues, including a documentary titled, After all its your Life, and a coffee table book featuring the best 100 photographs from his journey (hea��s carrying his trusty digicam and a Go Pro for the shoot). The effort helped raise Rs 6 lakh and soon brands including The Wicked Ride, Wrangler and Ustraaa��sponsoring the maintenance of his beard throughout the tripa��stepped in. But the plan wasna��t without roadblocks, as the Myanmar inland permit cost a steep Rs.A�3.5 lakh. So, instead of hotels, he bunks with friends and acquaintances along the way and survives on Rs 100 a day (excluding fuel). a�?I dona��t ride just for pleasure, I also make a living on the road through social media product plugging, blogging and my vlog on #fame,a�? explains the young entrepreneur, who is heading to Goa next, via Kozhikode. If the roads are forgiving, Rohith will reach London (the last point on his trip) by July 2017.
      Follow his inspiring journey: instagram.com/misfitmagellan

      a��P Peter

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      Twisted comedy
      A protege of acclaimed director, SS Rajamouli, Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi, is a debut project of Jagadish Talasila. The comedy thriller has Naveen Chandra and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles. M M Keeravani has composed the music. Produced under the banner of Mayukha Creations, the movie hit the big screen last week and is doing well at the box office. The movie revolves around a hiest and love.

      Horror house
      Director Sundar C is back with the second installment of his blockbuster film Chandrakala. The film titled Kalavathi, has Siddharth, Trisha and Hansika Motwani in the lead roles. Sundar C has played it well in the film by adding good comedy, thrill and intense scenes. The story revolves around ghostly incidents happening in the house. Released on January 29, 2016, the movie has been doing really well at the box office.

      Throwback romance
      A youthful entertainer, Seethamma Andaalu Ramayya Sithralu, directed by Srinivas Gavireddy, has young hero Raj Tharun and Aarthana in the lead roles. The movie is a throwback at old romantic movies where the protagonist is trying to woo the heroine but she keeps rejecting and finally when she agrees, her family goes against the couple and asks the hero to accomplish certain tasks in order to marry their daughter.


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      Bodyguard (Action/Drama), Star Gold HD, 5 pm
      Cast: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor
      Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar) is concerned for the safety of his daughter, Divya (Kapoor), a college student. So he hires Lovely Singh (Khan) as her personal bodyguard. However, she is annoyed by the fact that he follows her everywhere, and so decides to distract him by crank-calling him as a fictional woman called Chhaya. Lovely falls for the trick, and his mysterious caller. But her father, sensing there is something fishy between them, sends men to kill Lovely. Is it too late for Divya to tell her bodyguard the truth? After flops like Kyo Kii and Main Aur Mrs Khanna, this was Khana��s and Kapoora��s first blockbuster together.

      Red (Action/Drama), HBO Hits, 9 pm
      Cast: Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren
      Retired black-ops CIA agent, Frank Moses (Willis), is nearly killed when his house is raided by assailants. Certain that his phone has been tapped, he first heads to the home of a pension officer whom he chats with occasionally, to warn her that she could be in danger because of her friendship with him. Next he contacts his old associates, and they find out that they are being targeted by vice president Robert Stanton (Julian McMahon), who is secretly eliminating agents who were involved in a mission back in 1981 in Guatemala, so as to bury the fact that he ordered the massacre of civilians. Can Moses survive this conspiracy? Meryl Streep was first considered for the role of Victoria, which later went to Mirren.

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      The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (Fantasy/Action), HBO, 9 pm
      Cast: Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbach
      The fate of Middle Earth now rests in the hands of Thorin and his band of 13 dwarves whom he must lead to the Lonely Mountain, in an attempt to take back their land from the villainous dragon, Smaug (Cumberbach), who after rampaging the dwarvesa�� homeland is now guarding the Arkenstone (Kinga��s Jewel). But they need the services of a burglar to sneak into the mountain. Luckily, Gandalf (Ian McKellen) claims he has the perfect candidate, a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins (Freeman). Can Bilbo prove Gandalf true, and retrieve the jewel? The song I See Fire by Ed Sheeran was originally written for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but it was rejected and then approved for this movie.

      Birdman (Black Comedy/Drama), Star Movies HD, 6.30 pm
      Cast: Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone
      Once known for playing the infamous character of Birdman in a superhero movie of the same name, actor Riggan Thomas (Keaton) is now attempting to make his Broadway debut with his adaptation of Raymond Carvera��s story, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. Together with his friend Jake (Zach Galifianakis), Thomas runs into many production issues, like finding a replacement for the supporting male role. But his biggest problem lies within himselfa��in the form of a self-manifested voice of Birdman that constantly mocks him. This is the first movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture, to have been shot entirely in digital.


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      Happy Feet 2 (Animation/Drama), Romedy Now, 9 pm
      Cast: Robin Williams, Elijah Wood, Pink
      Master dancer, Mumble (Wood), gets a shock when he realises that his son Erik is unable to dance like him. In shame, Erik runs away and comes face-to-face with The Mighty Sven, a penguin who can fly. Erik is in awe of Swen, not realising he is a puffin, and doesna��t think his father can match up to his a�?miraclesa��. But when Emperor Land, the penguinsa�� home, gets cut off from the rest of the land by large chunks of glaciers, it is up to Mumble to rescue his family and friends. This is the last animated feature film to have the late Robin Williams in its cast.

      Exodus: Gods and Kings (Epic/Drama), Star Movies HD, 9 pm
      Cast: Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton
      The biblical story sees Prince Ramesses II (Edgerton) ascending to the throne of Egypt and becoming the pharaoh, after the death of his father Seti I. His relationship with his brother Moses (Bale) is ruined upon finding that he is, in fact, a Hebrew. Moses is exiled, but he returns to Egypt after a decade, demanding freedom for all the enslaved Hebrews there. The enraged pharaoh orders the execution of Hebrew families until Moses is found and killed. Can Moses save his own kin and prevent further bloodshed? The movie was banned in Egypt owing to alleged distortion of historical facts and improper representation of Jews.

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      Regardless of how many malls come up, shopping at the exhibition still rules.

      Here is a great way to test one’s ability to focus even in utter chaos. Just spend an evening at Numaish, Hyderabad’s very own exhibition. If you are brave enough, you can venture out on weekends. We witness this annual fete every year and yet it has not lost its charm. I set out this week to get a personal experience. Once I got off my car, I did not have to walk. The crowd walked me to the gate. And we are talking of Monday here, when the crowd was around 30,000. “The numbers swell to 78,000A�on SundayA�and on weekdays, it’s 35,000 visitors,” said a friendly traffic cop.
      Now that is true city spirit. Just to think that despite our festivals, celebrating, shopping and numerous other sales, so many still have the time and stamina to walk through the mad rush and actually haggle, buy, eat and pack some home. One’s got to have a tremendous zest for life to be able to have fun here.8-H-LA8
      There were women, men, kids, old and young and it was sheer amusement watching them asking for various permutations and combinations at clothes stalls. The shopkeepers to pulled out each garment patiently as the shoppers bargained away. From a showroom full of beautiful girls showing off home appliances to sweet corn in five flavors, every bit was engaging. It is difficult to imagine people buying rice cookers at a place like this, but there were some buying even mixers and grinders, with the sales people explaining everything in detail amidst the din. In case you have not yet visited Numaish, it’s on for just two more weeks.
      I bumped into Pavan Charan, a playback singer and performer who you would least expect to see there. “ComingA�here brings back childhood memories. I just finished a recording and decided to check out the atmosphere”, he says. Along with him was Anu, a designer who runs a block printing unit in Hyderabad. For her it was to check out new designs and styles. For me personally, it started off as an objective observation thing but within minutes, I got engrossed looking at the glitter around. I love you Hyderabad for being you and letting me be me.
      (The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)

      Dhaba style
      If it is Friday night, it better be at The Square, Novotel, where you can relish delicacies typical dhaba style at a food fiesta titled ‘Friday Dhaba Nights’. On the menu are Punjabi dishes like Tawa Machi, Methi Murg Tikka, Murgh Keema & Paratha, Kulfi Falooda, Imarti, Ghewar and many more dishes. Ita��s on till Feb 26. Price: approx Rs.A�799++ taxes. Details: 66250000

      Season’s delights
      Enjoy wintera��s specials at Hotel Firdaus, Madhapur. Other than their signature dish biryani, Firdaus has lined up some choicest winter delicacies like chicken broth, chicken stew and mutton shorba. Ita��s on till February 28. Time: 12.30 pm-11 pm. Price: Rs.A�450++ taxes. Details: 23541313

      At your doorstep
      Tired of other apps that promise quick service, but delay the delivery? Well, now foodmingo.com, a new food delivery app is there to take care of your hunger cravings. The chain claims that it has more than 1,200 restaurants on its listings. Details: 33163316

      The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace introduces new Middle Eastern dining at its posh rooftop lounge Casbah.

      Casbah the new lounge at The Westin looks interesting with its rich ancient Middle Eastern tapestries, low seating and the dim lighting of the filigree lamps. Open to skies, Casbah offers signature dishes such as Shish Kebabs, Souvlaki and Shawarmas along with traditional delights such as Hummus, Falafel, Babaganoush and Labneh. There’s subtle Sufi music to modern contemporary pop tunes playing in the background which one enjoys while sipping the signature cocktails. With the sun set backdrop. Casbah makes for a nice venue for Valentine’s Day is round the corner. Time: 5 pm-2 am. Entry only for people above 18. Price for two: Rs.A�1,500++ taxes. Details: 67676767
      a�� Saima Afreen

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      How to bring in the Chinese New Year with the city’s best chefs.

      February 8 is when the city hotels and restaurants turn into mini Chinese towns. This is the year of Red Monkey or Fire Monkey according to the Chinese calendar. The celebrations in the city are in tune with the theme of the year.
      Here is a list of the places that you should drop by to savour the festive delicacies

      Calligraphy and more at
      Oriental Bar & Kitchen, Park Hyatt
      So ita��s not just good food at Oriental Bar & Kitchen, the festivities extend to live counters and the most eye-catching inclusion of live ancient Chinese calligraphy art. A Chinese calligraphy artist will be there at the restaurant and will present the guests with their names written in this unique style. The staffa��s costumes will be in sync with the Chinese theme. On offer are authentic dishes like Braised Tiger Prawn, Corn flitters with Sweet Chili Dip and Kung Pao Chicken. The hotel imports authentic ingredients from China and Thailand. Chef Phongthorn Hinracha says, a�?We have handpicked the delicacies for the special Asian buffet. Chinese favourites and the best of Asian culinary delights will feature on the menu.a�? Price: Rs.A�1,400++ taxes per head. Details: 49491204

      Basa Fish at InAzia, Sheraton
      Chinese cuisine can never be complete without any fish. And New Year dishes become more important when it is basa fish. This fish is considered significant thanks to its symbolism associated with prosperity. Keeping this in mind, InAzia, Sheraton, has picked the fish as the main ingredient in the special dishes as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Says chef Ninja, the Pan Asian gourmet expert, a�?It will be steamed basa fish for the main course and this is the first ever Chinese New year Celebrations at InAzia. I have brought some authentic and traditional dishes to Hyderabad this year, which guests should definitely not miss.a�? They also have Fried Rice with Crab Meat and other delicacies. Price: Rs.A�3,000++taxes. Details: 49251187

      Special dumplings Dumplings
      at The Square, Novotel
      If other restaurants are celebrating fish and prawns for the Chinese New Year, Novotel, has decided to celebrate it with DIm Sum Festival. It will be a 10-day affair starting from February 4 and is on till February 13. There is a whole selection of different dumplings like Chicken Sui Mai, Juicy Lamb Dumpling, Cheese and Spinach Dumpling and the Mushroom and Tofu Dumpling. Executive chef Muthu Kumar says, “We have a range of home-made unique sauces.a�? Price: Rs.A�1,900++ taxes. Details: 66824422

      Pakchoi items at
      Golden Dragon, Taj Krishna
      Fish is not just the prosperous food item. Vegetables count, too. Chinese cabbage and Pakchoi denote prosperity which are part of the different menu at Taj Krishna. There will be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian courses. For the non-vegetarian platter there is Pan Fried Prawns with Wolfberries, Fish Ball Lettuce Soup, Tender Lobsters, Braised Duck in Mandarin Sauce and Sliced Fish with Tofu along with variety of rice and noodles. Says chef Chef Ng Hung Fong, a�?We have crafted a special menu with traditional specialties of Chicken Jiaozi and Niangao along with large selection of seafood specialties.a�? The celebrations will be on till Valentinea��s Day. Price: Rs.A�3,275++ taxes. Details: 66662323

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