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    3Bus 657
    Director: Scott Mann
    Cast: Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kate Bosworth

    Luke Vaugn (Morgan) is refused help when he asks his boss, the wealthy casino owner a�?The Popea�� (De Niro), for money to treat his daughtera��s illness. Desperate and with no other way out, he robs The Popea��s casino and, when the plan goes awry, hijacks a bus.
    Did you know: Though releasing as Bus 657 in India, nternationally the movie released as Heist.


    4Pugazh1 Director: Manimaran
    Cast: Jai, Surabhi

    Pugazh (Jai), whose life initially entailed goofing around with friends, finds himself
    being used by deceitful politicians for their own agendaa�� including a land-grabbing act. What ensues is a common mana��s fury clashing with the corruption of the system.
    Did you know: A whole seque-nce was shot at the Ranipet bus stand, amid a large crowd.

    Director: Vijay Anand Sriram
    Cast: Irfan Mohamed, Deekshitha

    Based on true incidents, the story deals with the nationally-relevant issue of brain drain. Mohamed plays a revolutionist who attempts to bring about changes in the education system.
    Did you know: The movie features a song dedicated to former president APJ Abdul Kalam, which they planned much before his demise.

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