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    The host and executive producer of reality game show, Survivor, talks about the upcoming seasons.

    The Emmy-award winning reality series, Survivor, has recently announced its Indian premiere of season 29, 30, and 31. Executive producer and host, Jeff Probst, whoa��s probably as popular as the series itself, talks about whata��s to come.

    What can we look forward to in these upcoming seasons?
    You are in for a treat! Season 29 is Blood vs Water II, where we have loved ones playing together. It changes the game quite a bit because you are not making decisions in a vacuum; you have someone else to worry about. Season 30 is White Collar v Blue Collar v No Collar. White collars make the rules, blue collars follow them and no collars break the rules. Season 31 is Second Chance, where we take a group of people who had only played once and left something on the table. Ita��s an outstanding season and definitely one of our very best.

    Whata��s your favourite Survivor location?
    I think Kenya would be at the top of my list because of its amazing wild life. We were on a safari every single day of shooting. It was outstanding and I still have very vivid memories of those days. We have a team that scouts locations for us. And factors like the number of available islands, the weather, the costs of local labour and how well we get along with the government helps us to choose.

    Whata��s the real motivation behind this show?
    Human behaviour is the crux of everything. Ita��s all about why we do what we do, and how we justify those choices is the essence of human drama. Putting the carrot of a million dollars in front of people is just one of the many ways they are tested. Ultimately Survivor is the adventure of a lifetime. Most people will never again find themselves in a situation like this and I think thata��s pretty cool.

    You have a 72-year-old former FBI agent on the show.
    With age comes experience and impatience. Joseph Del Campo is unique in that way. He was a hostage negotiator so he has a lot of experience in dealing with people in a crisis situation. At first, most people will judge him as the a�?old guya��. But if he can survive the first couple of a�?tribalsa�� (how Survivor teams are referred to) he may find himself doing okay. Hea��s also incredibly fit, for any age.
    Premieres on April 11, 9 pm on AXN
    a�� P Peter

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    Friday, March 25

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Superhero/Action),Sony Pix, 3.55 pm
    Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone While he fights crime in New York City as Spider-Man, Richard Parker (Garfield) continues to look for clues regarding his parentsa�� disappearance. Elsewhere at OsCorp, Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) survives an electrical accident and transforms into the bad guy, Electro, who can insert himself into electric lines. And Harry Osborne (Dane DeHaan), plagued by an unusual
    disease, becomes dangerously obsessed with his fathera��s biogenetic projects at OsCorp. All three conflicts soon come to a head. This is the longest Spider-Man movie ever, at 142 minutes.
    Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon (Comedy/Romance),
    UTV Movies, 8.10 pm
    Cast: Kapil Sharma, Elli Avram
    Maintaining three different identities is no easy task. And, with three wives, it gets tougher. Kumar (Sharma) is married to three women under different identitiesa�� Shiv, Ram and Kishana��and he lives with them in three separate apartments on different floors of the same building. Things get even more complicated when he contemplates a fourth marriage, with Deepika (Avram), while the first three wives befriend each other. Can Kumar survive this mess? This is stand-up comedian Sharmaa��s debut Bollywood movie.

    Saturday, March 26

    The Lego Movie (Animation/ Adventure), HBO, 6.58 pm
    Cast: Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks
    Eight years after the wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) failed to save the super weapon Kragle from the clutches of the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell), and prophesied the arrival of a a�?Special Onea��, ordinary Lego mini-figure Emmet finds himself tasked with the daunting job of stopping the evil one from misusing the Kragle. With the help of Wyldstle (Banks) and Batman (Arnett), can Emmet retrieve
    the weapon before ita��s too late? The film received the Academy Award for Best Original Song for Everything is Awesome, by Tegan and Sara ft The Lonely Island.

    Happy Ending (Romance/Comedy), Zee Cinema, 6.21 pm
    Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Ileana Da��Cruz
    Yudi (Khan) is a former bestselling writer who is still raking in the money and leading a lavish lifestyle. But soon another writer, Aanchal (Cruz), emerges and publishers start flocking to her. Yudia��s finances
    take a toll and he is forced to come out of his ennui and take the help of a Bollywood actor, Armann (Govinda), to overcome his writera��s block. But he soon realises that the only solution is to Aanchal herself
    and get some inspiration through love. Shah Rukh Khan was the first choice for the role of Yudi.

    Sunday, March 27

    Khiladi 786 (Action/Comedy), B4U Movies, 6 pm
    Cast: Akshay Kumar, Asin
    Mansukha��s (Himesh Reshammiya) failed attempts to broker marriages have affected his father, Champak Lala��s (Manoj Joshi), once-successful wedding organising business so badly that he expells his son
    from the house. To salvage his reputation and prove his talent, Mansukh attempts to fix the marriage between Indu (Asin), the sister of an underworld don, and Bahattar Singh (Kumar), a a�?copa�� who is also
    called Khiladi 786. But Mansukh soon realises that Bahattara��s family of a�?copsa�� is actually a bunch of con men in disguise. Can he find a solution? Kumar returns to the Khiladi series after 12 years.

    NessonTaken 3 (Action), Star Movies HD, 9 pm
    Cast: Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen
    Former covert operative Bryan Millsa�� (Neeson) life turns upside down when he finds his ex-wife, Lenore (Janssen), dead in his apartment. Meanwhile, the LAPD tries to take Mills into custody, and though he
    escapes, he soon realises the CIA and FBI are in pursuit of him, too. He now faces the gruelling task of protecting his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace), who is in danger from the same assailants. Will he
    find the real murderers before the agencies catch up with him? The movie got the Favourite Thriller Movie award at the 42nd Peoplea��s Choice Awards.

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    From crop tees and jackets to anti-fit separates, the sari blouse is losing the tassels and getting an unconventional update

    THE sari blouse is no longer content hiding behind five yards of material. It is boldly coming out, grabbing eyeballs with its evolving shape. With designers like Anamika Khanna, Gaurang Shah and Urvashi Kaur doffing their hats to slow fashion and anti-fits, most of the designs can even double as smart separates. We take a look at what you must have in your wardrobe this summer, to help you stand out in the crowd.
    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar

    In the red
    Ita��s not just the contrast between the red and pink that we love in this Raw Mango ensemble. Made with silk-cotton mashru fabric, embellished with gold zari Asharfi buti, the blousea��s raglan
    sleeves and high round neck give it a boho chic vibe. From the Sanjay Garg Signature Line, it is available on order at the labela��s Delhi Studio and Bengaluru store. `9,800. Details: 011 65026437, 080 1213161.

    Linen story
    Paromita Banerjee keeps it simple yet striking with her blouse top. In linen, the traditional Bengali laal-paar (temple border motif) is done with silk. If youa��d rather not wear it with a sari, ita��s versatile enough to be paired with any garment of your choice. `4,200 approx. Available on order, at the Ensemble store in New Delhi.
    Details: 011 46040745

    Sew simple
    Step up the playful with this printed satin crepe crop top from Mumbaibased designer, Sonam Parmar.
    Featuring cabbage roses and sewing machines, the designa��s retro touch is amped up by the gold tulle flounce down the right sleeve. Available for Rs 5,775 at MaalGaadi, Besant Nagar.
    Details: 42103242

    Royal fit
    Be prepared to steal the limelight with this egg blue handwoven chanderi jacket from Rahul Mishra. While we recommend that you team it with the hand-embroidered gold sari pictured here, the colour and cut give you plenty of room to experiment. The jacket retails at Rs A�38,650A�and the sari at RsA�32,603. On order at the Rahul Mishra Studio, Noida.

    Details: rahulmishra.sales@gmail.com


    Back up
    Giving upcycled a sexy touch is this blouse from the House of Wandering Silk. Made with vintage silk saris, and covered in kantha running stitch, the design, with its open back, is inspired from Rajasthani
    blouses. As they are fair trade, tooa��made by a womena��s cooperative in West Bengala��picking this up helps you make a social statement. On order at Amethyst. Rs 3,400.
    Details: 45991630

    Indigo files
    Light, airy and versatile, this cotton blouse with a patch yoke design is superimposed with indigo block printing. From Anavila Misraa��s collection for Bungalow 8, the concept store in Mumbai, it will help
    you beat the heat even as you raise the temperature. Rs 5,500. On order at Anavila Studio, Bandra (W), Mumbai.
    Details: 022 26430150

    Do the dress
    Trust Masaba Gupta to brighten things up by challenging the concept of the blouse. The Mumbai-based designer has teamed the red georgette sari with a sleeveless poplin coverup dressa�� with a single
    horseshoe printa��from her new line, On Your Mark. Now if this isna��t a conversation starter, we dona��t know what is. Rs 16,000. Details: perniaspopupshop.com

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      a�?When you are out of college, you have no idea whata��s happening. You just go with the flow, you are not really planning but you want to be occupied for at least six months and then you look at the next ten months. For me, most of it was a gamble and Ia��ve just been lucky.a�?

      For actor Neil Bhoopalam life has been a gamble in many ways, and most ofA�it has worked in his favour.

      Actor Neil Bhoopalama��s is a happy, inspiring story. At least thata��s the feeling you get when you chat him up. With absolutely no background in films, his only connection to Bollywood is his birth place (Mumbai), he has managed to draw some success with films like Anushka Sharma-starrer NH 10, David, No One Killed Jessica, and Ungli.
      Back to television for a new stint, Bhoopalam plays the host of a brand new Nat Geo series called How to Win at Everything that demonstrates live hacks to give viewers smart advantages in various aspects of life. a�?The show has five segments of different things like cook your food while in car or something involving martial arts. It is not exactly a game show. The series explores human physiology, psychology, physics, technology and mathematics to show how people can win in any scenario. I will analyse every action and will demonstrate ways to approach real world situations offering shortcuts for life,a�? Bhoopalam tells us in an exclusive telephonic interview.
      And then therea��s the upcoming season of 24, in which the actor will take on the role of the Prime Minister. a�?There is a lot of ideology I put into it, and the character in season two also works towards betterment of the society. But in terms of the plot, therea��s a lot going on, and sometimes during the shoot, I get confused as to whata��s going to hit me next,a�? he reveals.
      Neil Bhoopalam_One on One Part 2Even flow
      The name of the series a�� How To Win At Everything a�� ironically sums up Bhoopalama��s career too in many ways. At 19 he tried his luck on radio as a jockey, followed this with a debut on stage. The day he quit his radio job he went to his college where theatre artist and director Atul Kumar was holding auditions for a play Voices. The audition went off well and Bhoopalam was on board. a�?Back then, opportunities in radio had just opened. But for me, it wasna��t a plan; I just did what seemed like fun at the point. Stage seemed exciting so I did it. Channel V sounded like fun too, and I made use of the opportunity. When you are out of college, you have no idea whata��s happening. You just go with the flow, you are not really planning but you want to be occupied for at least six months and then you look at the next ten months. For me, most of it was a gamble and Ia��ve just been lucky,a�? says the actor who began his stage career back in 2003.
      And that is how Bhoopalama��s career as a theatre personality has lasted over a decade, and he owes much of his recognition in mainstream cinema to that. a�?That is what made people take notice of me,a�? he says, adding, a�?Ia��ve been at the right place at the right time, whatever break Ia��ve got has been a collective growth.a�?
      But when you ask him if he would choose stage over movies, his answer is instantaneous. a�?Maybe four years ago I would say stage but now I am enjoying cinema. I like being in front of the camera,a�? he says.
      Being Bhoopalam
      Call it coincidence, but we caught up with the actor on his birthday (March 19), and he seemed to be in a rather candid, yet retrospective mood. a�?In films, I dona��t think I have got a role that tests my skills yet, but then again people also dona��t know what I have been up to. But I dona��t feel the need to chase anything either, I think things are working out fine. I remember a few years ago, during the shoot of Shaitan, I sat and wrote down what I was doing in life at the time. I back tracked a little and tried to jot down how I landed up in showbiz. I made a tree, literally, of the people I have met. One thing had led to another, and I am extremely happy how things have transpired. If I ever get bumped out, it is not because of anything else, but because I am sitting around not making big use of the opportunity,a�? he admits.
      Life within
      Bhoopalama��s love for food is no secret. In fact he even enjoys rustling up a meal every now and then for his wife Nandini. a�?Recently my cook didna��t turn up and I ended up making pasta for luncha�? he says. His routine also involves a strict exercise regime with his personal trainer. a�?But I believe in stretching a lot. You know, like how the dogs do before and after sleeping. Just like that,a�? he says, laughing. He also likes to spend time watching web serials online, and in fact he also stars in the YouTube mini-series Bang Baaja Baarat.

      Rapid Fire
      Co-star you enjoyed working A�with the most
      Ita��s too hard to pick a favourite
      All-time favourite movie
      Ace Ventura Pet Detective
      All time favourite actor
      Jim Carrey
      Judi Dench
      Favourite play
      Notes On Chai by Jyoti Dogra
      Best VJ you have seen this far
      Trey and Muriel from the show By Demand
      Guilty pleasure
      Perfect way to unwind
      Favourite web series
      In todaya��s day and age one really is spoilt for choice.
      How To Win at Everything airs every Monday-Wednesday, 9.30pm on National Geographic Channel
      a�� Nandini Kumar

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      Renowned comedians, Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie, are back in town after six years.


      COMEDY mavericks, Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie of Whose Line Is It Anyway? fame, are back in town (after almost six years) as part of Black Dog Sparkling Watera��s Easy Evenings, their four-city tour in India, and the two are looking forward to exploring India a little more this time. a�?We are more relaxed, and we want to see the beautiful cities in India. Last time, we hardly had any time. We both love Indian food and we hope to tickle our taste buds this time with some serious spices,a�? says Colin Mochrie.
      When the duo first set foot in India back in 2010, stand-up comedy was not an everyday concept. a�?Stand-up comedy in India is surely growing by leaps and bounds, and the Internet has helped people see different performers around the globe, and also the domestic performers who have become popular in the past five-six years,a�? says Sherwood. a�?It is a slow build, but people always need to laugh, and they need to laugh out hard and loud,a�? adds Mochrie. Speaking about the first time he performed on stage he says, a�?I was a high school science student until one of my friends asked me to perform on stage. But when I got my first laugh, I decided that this is what I want and all the science dreams were kept aside.a�? However, Mochrie never diverted from his dreams of becoming a comedian. a�?I started performing on stage as an actor at the age of eight. I always liked to make people laugh and in school when you make people laugh cutting up, I was already doing improv comedy. I found the same in college, and since then I have never stopped,a�? he says.
      When asked about Donald Trumpa��s campaign to be the next President of the United States of America, Sherwood, 51, says, a�?He is a terrible idea for our country. A lot of people are just satisfied with our economy and so if you stand up and point out, a lot of people would follow you down the road even if you are not qualified to be a good president.a�? Colin however has a slightly different opinion. a�?As a comedian there will be a lot of material if he was elected as the President. But as a concerned citizen of the world what if the world ends in three weeks after he has been elected?a�? says the 58-year-old Canadian.
      March 29.At Kalinga Hall, The Lalit Ashok. 8 pm.
      Tickets (Rs 1,750-4,400) on bookmyshow.com
      a�� Nishad Neelamabaran

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        Prince Narula is back on reality TV, but this time as a judge.

        Life has come full circle for model-turned-reality show winner Prince Narula. He will be seen as a judge on the current season of MTV Roadies a�� the reality TV series he was part of as a contestant last year. After winning the MTV Roadies X2 title, he went on to win two other reality shows a�� MTV Splitsvilla 8, and Bigg Boss 9 a�� back-to-back. He says, a�?I can add my profession as a a�?reality show winnera�� in my resume.a�?
        His new Roadies stint a�� MTV Roadies X4 a�� is all the more special because he was named for the part by Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar, who had judged Narula in the last edition. a�?When Kumar told the MTV team that he is busy with his sports schedule and wona��t be able to judge the show, everyone told him a�?you take care of your game, we will take care of the showa��. I was not part of the audition rounds, but I will be seen in upcoming episodes,a�? says the Chandigarh boy.
        Kumara��s decision was backed by MTV Roadies winner-turned-judge Rannvijay Singh. Thata��s because Singh had mentored Narula in the last season, so he knew the latter fit the bill.
        The current judging panel includes actors Neha Dhupia, and Karan Kundra, besides Singh and Narula. We asked Narula what he is going to assess the contestants on, and he says, a�?Their 100 per cent commitment to the game, team spirit, and love for the Roadies title. I always wanted to win the title, because so many youngsters look up to us as youth icons.a�?
        Any tips for surviving the reality TV show grind? a�?100 per cent commitment. Thata��s what I have done,a�? says Narula, who first shot to fame as the second runners-up of Mr Punjab 2014 model hunt.
        You will get to see more of Narula on TV, as hea��s also taken up two acting assignments a�� one is a love story on MTV, and the second is on &TV.
        Saturday, 7 pm on MTV
        a�� Barkha Kumari

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