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Mantraa��s first store in the city promises to bring in the same divinity that is in Indian temples







Mantra Gold Coatings, which has been associated with more than 2,000 temples such as Sabarimala in Kerala and Iskcon in Bengaluru across India and abroad for gold coatings, has launched its first retail store in the city. They have been reinventing the magic of ancient Indian bronze arts since 1998.

a�?We wanted to extend our experience in gold coating to come up with a range that people can purchase for their homes. We have an interesting selection, ranging from a traditional Poona room set to a six-ft tall Buddha,a�? says Pankaj Bhandari, CEO, Mantra Gold Coatings.
Located in Road no. 12 in Banjara Hills, the 2,100 sq.ft showroom has a wide range of Japura rooms and Hindu idols. Everything in the showroom is 24 karat gold coated with lacquer finish which protects it from tarnishing. The brand offers five-year warranty for its products but if taken care of it on a regular basis the products may last for more than a decade.
a�?We have done gold coatings for many temples in India and we know when we say five years and if the customer is keeps dusting it regularly, our products will not tarnish even after a decade,a�? says store manager Pradeep.
The puja room concepts are displayed right there in the store. The brand offers its customers the puja room under the title of Samarpan.
MantraA�also boasts of designer name plates, bronze screens and partitions. It also has a wide range of vases, baskets, paperweights, wall-hangings, kitchen and dining ware and gift items. Mantra has an extensive range of products from traditional pieces to ornate Buddha statues and golden Bodhi trees.
The time taken for any accustomed delivery is minimum time of 30-45 days. Price ranges from `350 a�� ` 6,00,000. Timings: 10 am to 8 pm. Details: 42222223

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    Gear up for a zumba session or run a barefoot trail this weekend. Plus, kalamkari and 3D modelling to try

    No shoes, please
    Marathons are a dime a dozen these days, but Certitudea��s race this Sunday invites you to run barefoot along the streets of Auroville. It is believed that different sets of muscles are exercised when we run sans shoes. Avail these benefits at Certitude, where the race will begin and end. Open to everybody aged 10 and above. No registration fee. To register mail eric.courage@gmail.com

    Eye for dye
    Learn the niche art of Kalamkari at DakshinaChitra tomorrow and Sunday from 10.30 am to 5 pm. Chennai-based Krishnamurthy will teach dye-extraction from natural materials like barks, leaves, roots and flowers. Techniques of block printing will be taught too. Priced at Rs 2,000. Materials, refreshment and transport will be provided. Details:A� 24918943

    Girl power
    The female form and its various portrayals are at the crux of the latest exhibition at the Atelier Art and Cultural Centre. Titled a�?Art and Womana��, the show curated by Kerala-born gallery owner Prasanna Gresillon, exhibits her acrylics along with paintings by artists Alain Gresillon and Ramesh Kumar. Open till April 30, from 4 pm to 7 pm at Rue Corps de Garde. Details: 9442400208

    Movie love
    Stay up till dawn to binge on French classics as the Alliance Francaise offers an all-night bonanza for film buffs, this Saturday. Kicking off the Nuit du Cinema is Renoira��s magnum opus, La Grande Ilusion at 8 pm. Also catch Beckera��s tragic Casque da�� Or, Jean Vigoa��s anarchic Zero de Conduite and Goddarda��s travelogue Pierrot le Fou, before winding up with Van Gogh, a biopic by Maurice Pialat. Subtitled in English, at the AF auditorium. Details: 0413 2334351

    Counting dimensions
    Kids can get creative with a dash of science at the 3D modelling (for ages five to 12) and robotics workshop (for ages seven to 14) at the summer camp by Auro Systems and Communications. Here, graphic designer Puja Parekh will help you make your own models using papier mache while robotics engineer Karn Parekh will teach the basics of robotics with arduino processors. From April 18 to May 23 at Chetty Street. Fees for 3D modelling is Rs 1,000, for robotics Rs 2,000. Register at auroinnovations.com Details: 9952415872

    Make your moves

    Haed to Shenbaga Hotel and Convention Centre, to entrol in a one-hour zumba session – with Agilan. After which, you can cool off by the pool and also enjoy a multi-cuisine dinner spread that includes date and walnut spring roll, dorado fish and cocktails. Priced at Rs 1,000 from today till April 17. 6 pm onwards. Details : 04132233991

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      Urban Sparrow puts all things essentially Pondicherry on everything from clothes to souvenirs

      THE swirly pattern sprawled across the pastel peach tee, flanked by coconuts and clouds, gives off a decidedly tropical vibe. But a closer look and Pondicherrya��s many tropes emerge from the elaborate design a�� from surfboards and structured totes, even historic sites like the Old Lighthouse and the Gandhi Thidal, find a place.
      Graphic tees that let you wear Pondicherry on your sleeve are new souvenir brand Urban Sparrowa��s most distinctive offering. Founded by advertising professionals, S Asokan and S Sendhil, the brand builds on their shared affinity for Pondicherry.A� a�?We want to showcase Pondicherrya��s heritage value and its peaceful, harmonious vibe,a�? says Sendhil, a seventh generation Pondicherry resident. a�?Where else on a street can you hear thankyou, nandri and merci?a�? he asks.
      While Pondicherry is the theme of only three of the 18 designs, one can also find tees with funny phrases like a�?Good karma gives me roti and kurmaa��. a�?Our USP is aesthetic design and most of it is hand-drawn,a�? says Asokan, crediting comic book illustrator Gaman Palem as a chief contributor.
      Urban Sparrow is a translation of oorkuruvi which denotes a town gossip in Tamil. But the brand takes its name seriously and plans to sponsor community campaigns to save the citya��s dwindling sparrow population. ReligiousA� symbols, interactive kidsa�� stories and Tamil literary works will all feature in the upcoming line.

      In basic colours and all sizes from Rs 499 at Casablanca. Shipping services available on urbansparrow.in from May. Details: 0413 4201118

      a�� Olympia Shilpa Gerald

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        Come Tuesday, treat yourself to Le Dupleixa��s new menu. Drunken chicken with lemon and tequila anyone?DSC_4207 NEW

        COMBINING Pondicherrya��s three great culinary loves a�� seafood, meat and liquor a�� Le Dupleix brings us one intoxicating meal in its week-long special a�?Drunken Meatsa�� menu.a�?It was actually an accident,a�? chuckles executive chef Sathish Rajasekaran, whileA� I dig into the tarty tiger prawns soaked in vermouth, between scoops of buttery mashed potatoes.
        a�?I was cooking prawn biryani when I ran out of water. But there were four cans of beer in the fridge,a�? Rajasekaran grins. a�?I substituted the beer for the water, my colleagues lapped up the biryani and we thought why not introduce alcohol infused foods in our menu,a�? he concludes, adding the dishes are inspired by Western cuisine, where summer heralds a blend of beer and barbeque.
        The meats are marinated in the selected spirit for 12 hours to ensure the alcohol seeps in but does not overpower the taste. The pork chops are surprisingly tender though there is barely a hint of the promised whisky, which is drowned by a sticky sweet maple syrup. I skip the beer soaked steak in favour of the drunken chicken which turns out to be a delight a�� the lemon gives it a lively zest and the tequila, the right zing.

        Around town
        Mediterranean dishes cooked in wine, including snappers swimming in white wine or coq au vin a�� shredded chicken and mushrooms soaked in red wine a�� are staples in most restaurants serving French food like Rendezvous, Dis Dis and La��Orient. La Plancha has a selection of beer battered foods including fried calamari and crispy onion rings while Umami Kitchena��s pastas can be paired with a white wine sauce. If sizzlers are right up your street, Spice Routea��s chicken and vodka, prawn and tequila pairings are intriguing. Satsanga holds its own for peppery steaks marinated in beer or white wine. Seafood lovers will relish Palais de Mahea��s white wine soaked grilled prawns served with couscous and papaya salad. For an inebriating sweet note, there are plenty of picks right from a vodka spiked lemon sorbet at Villa Shanti to a warm rum wrapped banana flambe at Le Club. At Le Dupleix however, the exquisite red-wine ice-cream , true to its name, gets headier with every scoop, providing a perfect final note.

        From April 19 to 24, between 7 and 11 pm. Meal for two costs Rs 2,000 approx. Reservations: 0413 2226999

        a�� Olympia Shilpa Gerald