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April 22nd

For poetrya��s sake
April 22 | Banjara Hills
The US Consulate Hyderabad is organising a Poetry Slam at Cafe Mocha. Those you have a poet inside will be performing live. This is the third year in row that the Consulate has organised this poetic evening. Time: 7 pm-9 pm. Entry: Free. Details:


April 23ndECR2-SnipReplacement

Remembering Shakespeare
April 23 | Saifabad A�A�
To commemorate the death anniversary of this Bard, Nishumbita Theatre Group will stage a�?Soliloquy: A Night with Shakespearea�� at Ravindra Bharati. Tickets are available at bookmyshow.com. Time: 6.30 pm. Details: 9704153263


April 24

Act on


Art on
April 24 | California
From art installations to musical performances by 200 chart topping Pop/Rock/EDM acts, the 15th edition of Californiaa��s annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a special one. The festival boasts of reuniting legendary bands like Guns N Roses. Catch the live broadcast of the festivala��s second weekend on Coachellaa��s Youtube channel. Details: www.youtube.com/coachella


IPL is back

April 24 | Rajkot
Cricket mania has erupted again in the country thanks to the IPL. Watch the clash of Titans between Gujrat Lions and Royal Challengers. The match is being held at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot. It’s weekend you can enjoy the match with your loved ones. Time: 4 pm. Details: cricbuzz.com

April 25

Sail onSail on
April 25 | Hussain Sagar
If you want to sail on waters right in the middle of the city. The Yacht Club of Hyderabad is organising learning sessions every week with seasoned sailors to make you ready for kayaking. Time: 9.30 am-11.30 am. Charges: `750. Details: 64640518



April 26

Dump Correct


Eco-friendly act
April 26 | Banjara Hills
As part of a�?Earth Day: E-Waste Collection Drivea��, Goethe Zentrum raises awareness through cultural programmes encouraging people to bring e-waste to their centre when they come for a German Movie Night. The collected e-waste will be processed for three Ra��s reduce, reuse and recycle. Time: 7 am. Details: 23350443



April 27


Bombay times
April 27 | Banjara Hills
ICONART Gallery, at Road No. 12 is holding a photography exhibition of the dark sides of Bombay. The exhibition is titled a�?Black Windows of Bombaya��. It will be on till April 30. Time: 11.30 am-7.30 pm. Entry free. Details: 9849968797



April 28


Cricket delights
April 28 | Banjara Hills
T20 cricket is over, but IPL is back and the restaurants in the city are offering menus based on the shots. Chilia��s offers a variety of American and Mexican food items that have unique names. Time: 11.30 am-11.30 pm. Charges: `750. Details: 64640518





Laughter ride
April 28 | Banjara Hills
At Lamakaan, Kissago presents a comic play Dil Toh Phisla Hai Ji. The play is about the humorous journey of three men who keep searching for love. The play is directed by Jay Jha. Time: 8 pm. Tickets: `100. Details: 8374734142

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Like in love and war, A�all rules are broken during a crisis, which is why even starry A�events like IPL are being questioned in these tough times

Hyderabad 360 -A�Swapna Sundari

Water water everywhere.. But not enough in Hyderabad, says an activist who is part of the water war. Although an expected phenomenon, the water crisis has hit us country wide in many areas this summer. Ita��s a misconception that water crises doesna��t affect the elite. Well sweethearts – like in love and war, all rules are broken during a crisis, which is why even starry events like IPL are being questioned in these tough times. And yes, the elite are the one who need water for their pools, for the pets, to clean their cars and what not.
Apparently it takes a lot of water to wet the ground and make it pitch perfect. Now when people have no drinking water and farmers are hit by severe situation do we need all the fringes and entertainment is the discussion point. After Maharashtra was told to shift the matches to other places declaring drought cricketers and fans reacted strongly.A�It reminds me of the movie OMG – where one cannot decide who to blame for nature-driven matters and calamities. Or whom to pass on the stress to during such times. Of course on another note I never understood why people schedule these events during this time. Perhaps rains, winter and other reasons matter too but we are not thinking water loss, severe heat and even exam season. I know a lot of parents who struggle to get their kids to study when an exciting match is on.
Senior cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar frowned at the very idea of cricket being brought into such issues. They feel that there are several other water- consuming things that can be addressed instead. We are a country where cricket is religion and I come from the television world where cricket drives TRPs. But wait. We blame governments. We discuss the rationale behind major events. We still see tankers leaking away through the road.A�I would guess that a leaky tanker travelling 20 km would waste at least 15 buckets of water, enough for a small family in these days. While people are debating away, can we as sane responsible Hyderabadis start raising an alarm and conserving water? Because every drop counts.

a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)

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The DJ known for Koocha Monster promises to make fans in the city a�?dancea�� to his music

A pioneer of the Indian dubstep scene and co-founder of Bandish Projekt, Udyan Sagar – better known to the music lovers as DJ Nucleya – neither wants to go click a selfie at the Charminar or relish the biryani, but to a�?meet his fans and make them dancea��. He has an unusual name and his fans are keen to know why he chose that. Says the DJ, a�?It was my laptop password when I was in school and I just thought it was a cool name to keep.a�?
The console king who specialises in fusion of western and Indian sounds says he has been doing what he loves – fusion – for the last 15 years. a�?My music focuses on sounds that are Indian in nature and mixed with some slick beats,a�? says the DJ who will perform at Rendezvous on April 30 and is a frequent flier to the city.
He started his musical journey towards the end of ’90s when he co-founded Bandish Projekt. Since then, he has released over 14 singles, studio albums and numerous collaborations. He has performed at numerous music festivals around the world including Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Lille 3000 and the Electron Festival, where he performed alongside artists like Diplo and Modeselektor.
Simple, fun and fancy. Three words that best describe his music and is what fetches him his fans. As he performs in Bengaluru today, his work will take him to Delhi on April 29. What gives Nucleya the edge over the others in the already crowded world of DJs? a�?I make sure that my sets are interesting and fresh. My song selection and timing also really plays an important role in giving me an edge,a�? he says.
In the next few months, the 36-year-old music junkie says he is taking time off from shows to work on new music and a new album. Every DJ has a favourite playlist and for Nucleya, it has got to be from Bass Rani and Koocha Monster. That is what Hyderabad will be treated too. Details: bookmyshow.com

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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The Jaipur-based Sabri Brothers will enthrall the city with soulful Suifyaana qawwali this weekend

Musical performances at historical places are rare and it gets really royal when traditional cultural musical performances happen at landmark monuments. Taking back the city of Nizams to the royal era, Jaipur Sabri Brothers would be performing at Charminar, the global icon of Hyderabad.
The government of Telangana agreed to host the next musical event of Hyderabad Arts Festival under Charminar, as a gesture to show their love for art.
The musician duo are known worldwide for their powerful, full-throated qawwali that has enchanting nuances, beauty and alchemy of poetry. While the Sufi poetry takes you into a trance, the qawwali will send you into a rapturous mood.
Haji Ustad Farid Sabri (53) and Haji Ustad Ameen Sabri (51) got their singing skills from their father Haji Ustad Sayeed Sabri (80).
It all began in 1975 when the duo performed in Rajasthan. a�?Our first performance was at Ajmer and the moment Bollywood actor Randhir Kapoor approached us for a song in his movie, Henna, it was the stepping stone of success in our career,a�? says Haji Ustad Farid Sabri.
When asked about what Sufiana Qawalai defines, Haji Ustad Ameen Sabri says, a�?Our music speaks about love, brotherhood and is an expression of devotion to God. It does not give momentary pleasure like other Bollywood songs but, it makes your soul happy.a�?
They believe that Sufiana qawwali is directly connected to the almighty and it cannot be separated.
a�?Even if people do not consider this genre of music over other party songs, this genre of music is the message of love. Removing this from music would be like separating the inner soul from a person’s body,a�? says Farid Sabri.
The duo who are currently working on their upcoming album titled Pyar Tha Ya Fareb Tha and a few Bollywood flicks, believes that Hyderabad is one of the best cities in India who are still deeply rooted to their cultural values. a�?The city respects all traditions and cultures and there are a lot of people who still enjoy Sufi and Qawali music in Hyderabad. At last, they are all part of Nizam dynasty. They know how to respect and treat their guests,a�? says Ameen.
The Jaipur-based siblings will be in the city for their 12th performance in Hyderabad and the first under Charminar on April 23. Entry free. Details: 64646262

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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Telangana trails
Telangana trails

Enjoy Telugu Food Festival at Hotel Aditya Park, Ameerpet. The festival will be on till April 30. It will comprise dishes that you can savour en route from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. So get ready to enjoy Thalakaya Kura, Pulihora, Poorilu and Bobbatlu. Time: 7 pm-10.30 pm. Price: approx `1,000++ taxes. Details: 66788888





Go Goa A�A�Go Goa





Get set to relish Goan food on these sultry summer days. Radisson Hyderabad Hitec City is organising GoanFood Festival at their restaurant Cascade. You can have Mutton Vindaloo or savour the shrimp dishes. The fest is on till May 1. Time: 7.30 pm onwards. Price: approx `2,000++ taxes. Details: 67696769




sri lankaTaste of Sri Lanka

Enjoy a�?The Spice Island Flavoursa�� at ITC Kakatiya. The cuisine flavoured with the spices of Sri Lanka. You can relish dishes like Manjal Soru, Brinjal Moju, and Chicken Badun .The festival will be on till May 1. Time: 7.30 pm-11.30 pm. Charges: approx `3,000++ taxes. Details: 23400132


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Fresh paint and Pochampally carpets greet us as we enter the eleven-storeyed property of Mercure Hotel at Somajiguda. Opened this Monday, the first property of Mercure Hyderabad KCP, part of Accor Hotels, debuts in Hyderabad. What works to its advantage is its location in the heart of the city and its proximity to many important destinations.

Since the hotel has just opened, the bar IQ, though complete with its seating arrangements and decor, is yet to open for the public. Say the staffers, a�?We expect it to open by June.a�?
The deli patisserie named Macaroon is to open in the first week of May. The restaurant a�?Cayennea�� runs all-day long. It was interesting to see Italian cuisine among the regular Pan Asian, South Indian and North Indian cuisines. The Nawabi Nashtaa�� which starts fromA�6.30 amA�comprises food items like shirmal, Mattar Qeema and Gurda Kaleji. The restaurant offers Asian and Continental breakfast as well with items like sausages, eggs, bread-rolls, and croissants.

Says executive chef Vinay, a�?Our speciality is Cup Kebab which is minced meat prepared in clay cups over hot charcoals.” We tasted Thai Tom Yam Soup, the soup was nicely done with flavours intact.A� Afghani Murgh we tasted was a bit bland but the Chicken Roulade made up for it as the pieces were succulent. Prices stat from `250 onwards. Check some interesting items on their menu like Chicken Tikka Risotto, Roasted Pumpkin & Ricotta Ravioli. The Gulqand Cheesecake is something to look forward to. They have something really interesting and that is rabbit on the platter. Try Rabbit Gnocchi which is rabbit stew with potato gnocchi and Taleggio Cheese.
Decor and design
The marble flooring and white walls of the hotel with minimal decor looks interesting for business meetings and conferences. There are four conclaves and a large conference room. In all they have 128 rooms that includes seven suites and 12 rooms that face Hussain Sagar.
The rooms are complete with a master bed, study table and chair. The suites have a separate living room can the guests get a bathtub which might be off-putting for some. The furniture is wooden and curtains in pale shades is soothing to the eyes. Charges begin from Rs.6,500 a room with complimentary breakfast.
The outer compound surrounding the hotel is not big. They can plant decorative trees to make it look more appealing as the area is filled with concrete structures. They dona��t have spa or swimming pool. Their fitness centre is yet to come up. In short, the place is worth trying. Details: 67888888

a�� Saima Afreen

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Indulge in the different taste of the golden fruit orange

Seasonal Tastes at The Westin will host an exclusive orange brunch this Sunday. Sounds interesting?
The brunch is an annual affair that comprises sumptuous delights made with oranges. It’s the fifth edition of this brunch. Other than fruit baskets of oranges and Fuji Apples, the variety includes Salami Milano, Chicken lyonner, Chorizo, Smoked Salmon Flower, Chicken Salami, Chicken Liver Pate, Pickle Onion, Artichoke, Gherkins, sun dried tomato garlic confit, Onion Confit, Berries Capers, Marinated Green & Black Olives.There will also be dips and dressings of balsamic, Lemon Vinaigrette, Orange Ginger and Lemon Orange Zest Dressing. The cheese counter has an appetising variety ranging from Brie, Cheddar, Gouda, Gruyere cheese with crackers, raisins, walnuts, apricots and prunes, pineapple chutney, red wine pickle and pears jam. Try salad stations that offer Zucchini and Ricotta Roulade with Kinnow Confit (From the spoon), Smoked Chicken Roulade with Arugula Salad and Aged Balsamic Drizzle.
The officials of the hotel tell, “We have been celebrating it fot he past four years. Ornage is a colourful fruit and can be experimented with hence we chose this fruit.” There will be Japanese bar with Sushi, Maki rolls California Rolls & Sashimi Bar. The Western section will comprise Herb and Cointreau marinated Grilled Beef Medallion with Duxelles and Braised Shallots, Thyme Jus Narinja Orange Flakes Crusted Fish with Barley Green Bean Risotto, Pepper Coulis.There will be kids buffet as well with orange pancakes and waffles, fish nuggets with orange mayonnaise.
The European Bar-be-que grilled station serves a variety of exquisite food items like Grilled T-bone and Rib Eye Steak with Creamy Horseradish Sauce, Jerk Spiced Grilled Chicken Breast and Grilled Potatoes and Jerk Spice Jus, Grilled Fish with Tangy Tartar Sauce. Price: Rs.2,500 AI.Details: 67676801
a��A�Saima Afreen

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Delhi-based brand INV introduces decor brands like Versace to the city

Our search for a one stop home decor has a new address now. INV Home, luxury lifestyle decor retail brand, has set its foot in South India after opening their first showroom in Hyderabad. The Delhi-based brand is known for bringing different designs from around the globe under one roof. Spread over 12,000 sq ft. the store is a home for more than 75,000 designer products.
The store located at Road No 12, Banjara Hills has exquisite textiles, high-end furnitures, tableware, lighting and a separate spa-specific section. The store is designed in such a way that it provides a experiential feel of living, dining and bed room with huge section for display of accessories and artifacts.
INV Home also introduces international brands like Versace, Rosenthal, Castelbell, Schott Zwiesel, Chilewich, Chacha, Herdmar and many more for dinnerware, glassware, candle stands, vases, bath collection, placemats, doormats, cushions, scarfs and cutlery.
Nitin Jain, Founder & managing director, INV Home says, a�?Hyderabad is a place where people want to add the luxury quotient to their home. We want to give our Hyderabadi customers a place where they can find international products for their houses.a�? The brand also has its signature collection which is designed by Nitina��s wife and co-founder of INV Home, Ritika Jain. a�?Our designs are inspired from different cultures across the globe. I and my wife love traveling and we try to present an amalgamation of different traditions through our designs,a�? says Nitin.
The store has designs imported from Germany, France, Portugal and other countries. What highlights the brand is that INV not only has a set of pre-designed furnitures and other home decors but also is open for any sort of customising. However, any product, depending on the size, shape and materials used will at least take a minimum of 30 days for delivery.
When asked about the story behind starting INV Homes, Nitin says, a�?INV is derived from initials of our children Ishaan and Viaan. We were looking for setting a house for our kids when we thought of coming up with INV Homes. We have traveled places for assembling things at our home, but we want to give people a one stop solution for their search.a�?
The brand already exists in New Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai. With the fourth showroom in Hyderabad, Nitin hopes to open the fifth store in Chennai this year. Price ranges from Rs600 to Rs.15,00,000. Details: 66757677

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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Neo Fabrique has an entire range of home furnishings to revamp your house

What’s the best way to redecorate your house to bring in a cool and bright look apt for the summer? Begin with changing your upholstery. Neo Fabrique, the newly opened store at Gachibowli, promises to give your home that look with its entire range of cushions, sofa fabric, curtains and other home furnishing. The store’s collection also offers a wide range of curtains, sofa fabric, bedsheets, wallpapers, carpets, blinds, wooden flooring, bed linen and upholstery. Spread over 3,000 sq. ft the showroom has more than 50 international brands in display. Da��Decor, Homes, Sarom, New Castle, Decomax, Dessentials are a few to be named. Shankar Choudhary, owner, Neo Fabrique says, a�?We are mainly focusing on the different varieties of fabrics for furnishing. We get majority of our designs and fabrics form countries like America, England, Italy, etc. We aim to deliver the best from around the world to our customers in Hyderabad.a�? The showroom has a wide range of mattresses for its customers. Ranging from 6 to 10 inches, these beds are made of choir and spring to give the required comfort. The store has dedicated sections for different products. An entire wall to the left of the entrance is dedicated to different varieties of blinds made with wooden finishing. The central portion of the showroom has different sofas, floor mats and carpets which gives it an experiential theme. Further ahead on the right corner of the store is the section where customers can sit and check out different designs of curtains and wallpapers. The rest of the showroom is covered with bedsheets, cushions, mattresses and pilows. Price: Rs.299 to Rs.10,000 per metre of upholstery and furnishings. Details: 9246286695

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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Anuj Madaan Couture, an Indian designer label that specialises in high-end western and Indian bespoke tailoring for men introduces an innovative goth inspired line for men christened as Stance Noir.
The collection is all about the attitude in which you can position yourself shattering the stereotypes embracing the spirit of individuality. Drawing inspiration from goth, the designer proficiently elaborates conspicuously dark, mysterious, exotic and complex features with a strong presence of leather and velvet fabrics in the assortment.
Emphasising on the dark romantic aesthetics the assortment ranges from jackets, double breasted suits, waist-coasts, Hoodies, etc. Ita��s a perfect range of menswear essentials breaking through the old school thoughts of festive and casual wear.Collection is strong and bold manifesting the sense of dark glamour in forms of designs, fabrics and techniques.
Price: Rs.25,000 onwards. Details: www.anujmadaan.com

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