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    As you like it:

    Today, impromptu will be the word of the day, at The Little Theatrea��s 25th anniversary celebrations. Artistic director Krishnakumar Balasubramanian and his team will spin stories on the spot, based on what their young audience (children between five and 15) suggest, and then perform them, too. From 6.30 pm, at The Playhouse, Nungambakkam. Rs 300. Details: 9677125738

    DSC01338 (1)Tales of the Ganges
    Kala Sadhanalaya, the city-based Bharatnatyam dance institute, is presenting Jagat Pavani Ganga, a performance to turn the spotlight on the Ganga, its heritage and its present state. Twelve artistesa��including actress Revathi and dancer Manaswini Ramachandrana��will be part of the event that combines theatre, dance, music and mime. Tomorrow, from 5.45 pm, at the Narada Gana Sabha. Free entry. Details: 9176619355

    Quilt 2_Shruti DandekarPicture this
    Pune-based portrait quilt artist, Shruti Dandekar, will be conducting a two-day workshop on reverse applique quilting. Participants can bring along a photograph (or get one shot at the event) to work on. Sunday-Monday, from 9 am, at Square Inch, Thiruvanmiyur. Rs 8,500 (inclusive of kits). Details: 9551655776

    Bombay dreams
    May 6 | Kavuri Hills
    Alankritha Art Gallery is holding an art exhibition of the various sides of Bombay by various artists. The exhibition is titled a�?Mumbai Contemporariesa��. It will be on till May 31. Time: 11.30 am-7.30 pm. Entry free. Details: 833 10 98765

    Art stagedArt staged
    May 7 | Banjara Hills
    City-based theatre group Lord Chamberlaina�?s Men are going to present a play at Lamakaan about art and its value. The story is told through three friends. Ita��s an independent translation of Yasmina Rezaa�?s Art, winner of the 1998 Tony Award for Best Play and of the 1996 Olivier Award for Best Comedy. Tickets: `100. Time: 7 pm. Details: 9948661033

    Mango timeMango time
    May 8| Banjara Hills
    Khandani Rajdhani is having Aamlicious Festival with a variety of mango delicacies served at the restaurant. Savour recipes like Kairi Daal, Mango Raita and Mango Jalebi. The food festival will be on till May 31. Time: 12.30-11.30 pm. Price: approx `600++ taxes. Details: 30534131

    IPL is here
    May 8 | Kolkata
    Cricket mania has erupted again in the country thanks to the Indian Premier League. Get glued to your TV sets. Watch the clash of titans between Gautham Gambhir’s Kolkata Knight Riders and Zaheer Khan’s Delhi Daredevils at Eden Gardens. Time: 8 pm. Details: iplschedule2016.co.in

    sunset sailSunset sail
    May 9 | Hussain Sagar
    If you want to sail on waters right in the middle of the city while watching the setting sun, Yacht Club of Hyderabad is organising learning sessions every week with seasoned sailors to make you ready for kayaking. Time: 5 pm. Charges:`s650. Details: 64640518

    Dump itDump it
    May 10 | Banjara Hills
    As part of a�?Earth Day: E-Waste Collection Drivea��, Goethe Zentrum raises awareness through cultural programmes encouraging people to bring e-waste to their centre when they come fro a German Movie Night. The collected e-waste will be processed for three Ra��s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Time: 7 am. Details: 23350443

    Tomboy1Screen time
    May 11 | Banjara Hills
    Alliance Francaise de Hyderabad will be showcasing a movie titled Tomboy. The story is about a 10-year-old child who looks and lives like a tomboy. Another girl befriends her and the story takes a turn. Time: 6.30 pm. Entry free. Details: 27700734

    Right clickRight click
    May 12 | Charminar
    If you are a shutterbug a good chance for you to capture moods of the streets. Join group street photography that gathers at Nimrah Cafe. You need to form a group of at least 10 people. Time: 8 am. Charges: `5,000. Details: 9643982934

    Artistically yoursArtistically yours
    May 12 | Banjara Hills
    A series of art related events will be held at Park Hyatt as part of a�?A Retrospective Carnivala��. On display will be art works of renowned artist Surya Prakash. Entry is free. It will be on till June 5. Time: 11 am-7 pm.A�Details: 49491234




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    Stop adding me to yet another group my friends

    Last night I dreamt of Bugs Bunny. Only, this time he saida�s “WhatsApp doc”.A�It was almost a nightmare and I jumped out of my bed with the sound of a WhatsApp messageA�tinkle. I realised that someone added me to yet another group.
    This was my 27th group starting from friends of animals to Hyderabad Hungama to soul sisters group. There were many unknown faces on each group randomly sharing, commenting and wishing everyone on anything but the purpose of the group.
    For example I got Saibaba pictures in groups like save water and I never understood why. Initially it felt great like we all like to belong. But soon enough messages would pour in like rain and it was getting hard to keep track of conversations.
    Added to this there is a constant need for people to share positive quotes. Some of them are ridiculously untrue and the intentions of those posting become questionable.A�Many of them randomly wish good morning with a bright sun shining picture or a bouquet of flowers. Now just imagine festival days.
    From short videos on happy Holi to various other wishes, the sound of music goes on. Of course the option of muting notifications exists but then who would want to wake up to a thousand unread messages piling up like bills. From display of emoticons to talent shows of flowers from ‘my very own garden, this new medium certainly brings out the juvenile emotions of many.
    I realise that WhatsApp groups are beyond mere info sharing or action plans. They are a hangout joint for most stressed out or lost souls. Maybe there are a few purposeful ones too which form during major events and occasions and disbanded after the task is complete, but it is quite an expenditure of emotional energy to be present and track the chaos that happens in a group. So the easiest way out for me now is to exit the group as soon as I am added. Not to push people away, more to add a bit more real connect in my life. Hope you all understand.
    By the way, I plan to start a a�s I dona�?t like Whatsap groups a�s group. Anyone interested?

    Swapna Sundari

    a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)

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    Winged wonders
    TGI Fridaya��s in its city outlets is going to include a variety of chicken wings on its menu such as Chimichurri Wings, Parmesan Garlic Wings, Ghost Pepper Wings and Dragona��s Blood Wings etc. Details: 40151925

    Mother's love
    Mom’s magic

    Bring your mother for a sumptuous treat at Olive Bistro with delicious inclusions like Pina Colada Jam, Lavender Jelly and Bacon Jam along with a variety of other dishes. Price: on request. Time: 12 pm- 4 pm. Details: 69999127

    Indo-Chinese fusionIndian Chinese
    At Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya, you can enjoy a combo of Chinese food with Indian flavours as part of their food festival they have interestingly named a�?Indian Tiger meets Chinese Dragona��. It will be on till
    May 15. Time: 7.30 pm-11.30 pm. Details: 23400132

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    Slice of Malaysia on your A�platter at Marriott

    How about enjoying South East Asian cuisine with a difference this month? We are talking about sumptuous Malaysian delights. Hyderabad Marriott Hotel will host an 11-day celebration of Malaysian food at its restaurant, Okra.
    The fest begins on May 12 and continues till May 22. Chef Ruhizad Muri from Kuala Lumpur, who is quite a globe-trotter and has two decades of experience, has been invited to curate the menu.
    This festival will
    feature scrumptious dishes such as the Laksa, Mee Goreng, Nasi lemak, Char Kuey Teow and also some dishes crafted as chefa��s special.
    Says chef Muri, a�?Ita��s a presentation of the best of Malaysia on a platter. We will cook a selection of
    traditional recipes at Okra. This time Hyderabad Marriott through its partnership with Tourism Malaysia and Malaysian Airlines promises to offer the warm hospitality with services and cuisine.”
    Time: 7.30 pm-11.30 pm. Details: 27522567

    -Saima Afreen

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    City restaurants are going beyond the regular sorbets to offer unique flavours this season

    The Mercury is rising and with it are coming up different summer coolants with a twist. Sorbet is one such thing. Many city restaurants and cafes are coming up with a variety of unique sorbets ranging from flavours like Jaljeera, Aam Panna, Rose Petals and even Nimbupani. Sorbet is often confused with a�?sherbeta��, an Arabic word for a drink of mashed fruit and cool water. Sorbet is a frozen dessert made with water, syrup and fruit pulp of choice. The legend goes that it was Roman Emperor Nero invented sorbet as he used to relish frozen fruit juices. So try out these coolants in their new avatars. We bring our picks for you:

    Watermelon sorbetGinger and watermelon sorbet
    This one is a classic combination. The coolness of summer fruit and ginger gives you that punch of spiciness and sweetness. The combination is not just mouth-watering, it keeps your system cools as well. a�?We have this preparation only for special occasions. However, an order can be placed beforehand on request,a�? says chef Chandra Shekhar Pandey. Price: Rs 350. Details: 67331133

    litchi sorbetLitchi sorbet
    Relish it at a place known for authentic Chinese food. Litchi, which is originally a fruit of China, finds delicious makeover in the form of litchi sorbet at China Bistro, Jubilee Hills. What you will enjoy the most is that the glass of this sorbet comes with a popsicle. The taste is sweet with a delightful hint of sourness. Price: Rs 190++ taxes. Details: 65160999

    Chili mango sorbet
    Remember those childhood days when on hot afternoons we all would relish sour raw mangoes with a dash of chillies and rock salt? Get the similar taste when you put a spoonful of chili mango sorbet in your mouth. This blast of tangy-hot taste is available at Gallery Cafe, Banjara Hills. Says owner Supriya Lahoti, a�?We keep experimenting with different flavours like Kala Khatta, watermelon and lemon-mint. This one is a hit among our customers.a�? Price: Ita��s complimentary to the order you place. Details: 9030616161

    rose sorbetRose petal and dateA�sorbet
    Sounds Oriental? Well, at Casbah, The Westin, you can relish this sumptuous delight that cools your mind and body instantly. The recipe is based on that of gulqand, an age-old health tonic made with rose-petals, slivers of dates and
    honey. And thata��s how they make it at Casbah. Says chef Mukesh Sharma, a�?The texture comes out really smooth. Ita��s both a cleanser and coolant.a�? Price: Rs 250. Details: 67676767

    Buttermilk sorbetNimbupani and buttermilk sorbet
    Well, try out these two local common local flavours in your chilled glass at Novotel. They use basic sorbet syrup stabilizer, lemon juice and rind. The mixture is churned in the machine. Added with rock-salt, ita��s a sweet-tangy delight sure to excite your tastebuds. Similar is their buttermilk sorbet with relevant flavours. Says executive chef G. Muthu Kumar, a�?We get local clientele as well during the lunch-time and for summer brunches we present these local yet unique sorbets.a�? Whata��s more they are working on thandai sorbet as well. Price: Rs 250++ taxes. Details: 66824422

    Text: Saima Afreen

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    Summer is soaring upon us, and while we love the sun it is vital to keep our skin summer ready. Brace yourself for the oily summer months; leave your skin moisturised and glowing with Just Herbsa�� range of alcohol-free facial toners. These toners come in 3 different flavours for different skin types taking on clogged pores and grease-slick situations caused by heat.
    There is one for all skin types. Sacred Lotus-Green tea skin recovery toner for all skin types, Pomegranate Mandarin pore refining tonique for enlarged pores and Myrrh Sandalwood restorative tonique for oily/combination skin.
    Sacred Lotus- Green Tea skin recovery toner is an alcohol-free toning formula loaded with anti-oxidants. Where as, Pomegranate Mandarin pore refining tonique is a formula traditionally used in Ayurveda for a variety of skin benefits.
    Myrrh Sandalwood restorative tonique is a harmonious alcohol-free blend of steam-distilled waters of Myrrh, sandalwood and certified organic Aloe Vera juice to remove the last traces of dirt and grime and cleanse skin pores. Price: Rs 495 Details: www.justherbs.in


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    From shoes to chewing gums to iPods, here are a few travel essentials that leading designers pack in their carry-on luggage while going on a holiday

    Nike my love
    Ganesh Nallari, a post-grad from Domus Academy in Milan, believes in the mantra of travel light. a�?I prefer shopping at my holiday destination to carrying my clothes with me,a�? says the owner of Chic Pea Studios. Though the designer prefers comfort to brand, he carries any comfortable or stylish t-shirts in his carry-on luggage. Justifying his down-to-earth trait, he explains why he does not prefer any trending brand, a�?I do possess things that are branded, but I am not brand-consciousa�?, Ganesh says. The emphasis for him is on good quality and comfort. However, the designer says his must-carry thing while on the go is his favourite pair of Nike shoes.

    Anushree ReddyCast a shade
    Anushree Reddy, a familiar name in the fashion industry who is barely out of her 20s, is a graduate from the London School of Economics. The designer who made a mark at the Lakme Fashion Week 2013 says her protective cosmetics and accessories never leave her company while on a holiday. She ensures that she carries her Neutrogena sunscreen, Rayban aviators, her swimsuit and shorts made of light and breathable fabrics. The one thing that no one should forget is sunglasses. a�?My person pick is Rayban, as they have a diverse collection which fits the bill wherever I go, be it to a beach destination or a hillstationa�?, says Anushree.

    Vijay RanaMake it Armani
    Vijay Rana, who is regarded as a top notch fashion figure for his distinguished sense of colour combination, says his essential companions on a vacation are always a nice hat and blazers. The 33-year-old prefers the likes of Calvin Klein and Armani which according to him have best finishing. These two brands top the list of this designera��s go-to brands, no matter what season it may be.

    Gaurang ShahWater works
    Gaurang Shah, who is known as the master of weaves, is a travel master too. Before speaking about his clothings or accessories, the designer mentioned that he just cana��t travel without his reusable water bottle. Besides this, he also prefers carrying a canvas bag which according to him is one of the most handy essentials everyone should have while going for a beach holiday. He believes that every man should have simple but high quality shirts, perfectly cut chinos, jeans and formals to suit ones personality.

    Shravan kumar (2)Technology needed
    Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, believes that travel is never complete without his iPods, chewing gums, tan lotions and comfortable t-shirts. Shravan does not prefer any particular brands but he likes Reebok and Puma over other brands which according to him is comfortable and trendy.

    Black’s bestNeeraja Kona (2)
    Neeraja Kona, a designer who has styled the top stars, prefers slacks, leggings and maxi dresses while on a vacation as she feels they are the easiest to pair with t-shirts. Apart from these, sunscreen, shades and scarves are her travel companions. She prefers the a�?all blacka�� look over other colours. She loves picking her travel attires from Zara. “It is the more durable, long lasting and easily available brand and one can never go wrong with it,” she says.


    a�� Nishad Neelambaran

    With inputs from Soumyani Ghoshal and Drishika Adhiya


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    The showers brought in relief and the city partied away merrily to mark the moment

    Just like the monsoon showers, the National Green Tribunala��s stay order for the cutting of trees around the KBR Park has come as a relief to many nature lovers who know cutting of more than 3,000 trees will be detrimental to the entire ecosystem. After all, these are the lungs of Hyderabad.
    The ring ceremony of Saakshi and Tejas at The Park Hyatt was bestowed with blessings of loved ones and well wishers. Dressed in aqua green, Saakshi was a perfect match to Tejas who looked dazzling in a dark navy blue Jodhpuri style outfit. The smiles on their face said it all. They were looking forward to an exciting journey together.
    Gold always stands apart and its beauty was reinstated by the evergreen love and charming couple – Koyal and Anup. Dressed in copper gold, they were all out telling the world they are made for each other.
    Whata��s the best to welcome the monsoons? The party loving girls of Hyderabad know it best. Catching up over some lip smacking delicacies in no-fuss attire were Shweta, Aarti, Trushna, Donna, Archana and Tammana.
    Meanwhile, Kalyan and Oleesya told the world what a love-struck couple they were. Filled with vibrancy, the couple always spread their soothing vibes around. Oleyssa in an Indo-Western outfit in green and red was simply the best.
    Tip of the week: Drinking water from copper jars helps replenish essential minerals in our body and improves metabolism.


    (The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a A�people’s person with a pulse on the city’s happenings)

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      captainamerica1At the movies
      May 6 | SPI Cinemas
      The big fight is here. Based on a 10-year-old Marvel crossover comic series, Captain America: Civil War takes off when the US government wants to install a system of accountability to control the Avengers. This results in the ensemble fracturinga��with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) opposing it and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), agreeing with it.
      Details: 42244224

      A click away
      May 6-7 | Shannon Zirkle
      If all the worlda��s a stage, then we need more people with cameras taking pictures. A workshop hosted by city-based photographer, Shannon Zirkle, is the ticket to help your child master the basics of photography. Participants can bring any kind of camera (even an iPad) and can be accompanied by their parents as well. Techniques like focus, composition and aperture will be taught. Till May 7, Rs 1,000 per head. Details: shannon@shannonzirkle.com

      shivannreshCruise control
      May 6 | Evoluzione
      Get fashion ready for the beach with the workshop at Evoluzione today. The Art of Holidays masterclass by beachwear designers, Shivan & Narresh, will cover all your vacation plansa��with instructions on resort and cruise wear, besides honeymoon and wedding looks.
      12 pm to 1 pm. Details: 28333627


      Mix and match
      May 7 | Kanakavalli
      A bright pink kanjeevaram sari gets cheekier when teamed with a green blouse in pure silk. This is just one of the combinations to be showcased at the three-day Festival of Blouses at Kanakavalli, where you can choose from a variety of fabrics. You can also take pointers from founder Ahalya S, who is known for her keen eye for gorgeous drapes, who will be available for bespoke appointments. May 6-8, 11 am to 8 pm. Details: 4270165

      A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� Moma��s day out
      beestingcakeMay 8 | ITC Grand Chola
      For those looking to treat their mums on Mothersa�� Day, ITC Grand Chola has a plan. Offering a specially-curated meal a�� where the highlight of the menu is a special bee sting cake along with a Gujarati khandawi a�� the Madras Pavilion also has its special Sunday brunch. Music and select beverages promise to make the evening even more special. From Rs 2,195 plus taxes onwards. Details: 22200000

      forevermark (2)Diamond edge
      May 9 | Forevermark
      Bring some extra shine this Akshaya Tritiya with Forevermarka��s collection of nose pins, called the Capricci, which comes with seven changeable nose pin jacket designs in gold. The centrepiece diamond, like all De Beersa�� stones, comes with a unique identification number and an indiscernible inscription that is less than the width of a human hair. At Joyalukkas, Malabar, VBJ and other select stores. Details: forevermark.com


      kidsandscienceChain reaction
      May 11 | Phoenix MarketCity
      Therea��s plenty of time now to help your children explore their a�?nerdya�� side. ScienceAdda, the upcoming summer camp at Phoenix MarketCity (in collaboration with Discovery Kids), is holding six sessions to explore real-life application of scientific concepts. Participants will also make their own home sensor kits like touch sensors, motion sensors and pressure sensors. Open to children of classes five and above. Rs 3,999 plus taxes (including materials).
      May 9-14. Details: 9940497079

      Ride ready
      May 10 | Royal Enfield
      Considered the ultimate biker pilgrimage, the Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey is back. For its 13th edition, Royal Enfield has launched an exclusive experience for women. The 17-day trip covering 2,500 kilometres will ultimately lead bikers to Khardung-La, the worlda��s highest motorable road. Registrations from Rs 44,000 onwards, on first-come-first-serve basis. July 9-23. Details: royalenfield.com/ho

      collage (2)Three to see
      May 12 | Collage
      Take stock of the new range of Indian silhouettes at the Almaari promotion at Collage. As the name suggests, the event is inspired by how clothes are stacked in cupboards. It will kick off with a showcase of three labels a�� Kora-Visions (Mughal bootis), Madsam Tinzin (bridal trousseau) and Nupur Kanoi (classic silhouettes). Prices from Rs 15,000 onwards. Details: 28291443

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