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Staging on
May 13 | Banjara Hills
For an evening of five award-winning plays head to Lamakaan. Dramanon presents an amalgam of these plays. The artistes are Ganesh Nallari, RK Shenoy, Harika Vedula and others. Tickets:`100. Time: 8 pm. Details: 9701052861

Musical delightsA�bhimsen-joshi-2
May 14 | Ibrahim Bagh
As part of Bhimsen Joshi Music Festival which will see a range of musical events in the city, noted Kathak exponent Pandit Birju Maharaj will be conferred upon Suranjali Ratna Lifetime Achievement Award. Tickets: Rs 100. Time: 8.30 pm. Details: 9989821333

Nature trailA�Of strokes and dots
May 15 | Banjara Hills
Kalakriti Art Gallery is hosting an art exhibition by artist Rakesh Agarwal. The solo show is entitled a�?An Appointment with Naturea��. The paintings are of different moods of nature in water colours. Time: 11.00 am-7 pm. Entry is free. Details: 66564466

Sunset sailA�Sunset sail
May 16 | Hussain Sagar
If you want to sail on waters right in the middle of the city that also to the setting sun Yacht Club of Hyderabad is organising learning sessions every week with seasoned sailors to make you ready for kayaking. Time: 5 pm. Charges: Rs 650. Details: 64640518

French connectionA�French connection
May 17 | Banjara Hills
This summer send your kids for learning French at Alliance De Francaise. There will be a workshop by Tutor Margaux. He will teach basic French conversational skills with special fun-filled activities. Charges: Rs 4,000. Time: 10 am-1 pm. Details: 23554482

Delights of MalaysiaA�Delights of Malaysia
May 18 | Tank Bund Road
Marriott Hyderabad is hosting Malaysian Food Festival from today. It will continue till May 22. Chef Ruhizad Muri from Kuala Lumpur has been flown in to curate the menu. Price: On request. Time: 7.30 pm-11.30 pm. Details 27522567

Right clickclick 2
May 19 | Charminar
If you are a shutterbug, here’s a good chance for you to capture moods of the streets. Join group street photography that gathers at Nimrah Cafe. You need to form a group of at least 10 people. Time: 8 am. Charges: Rs 5,000. Details: 9643982934

News spreadA�News spread
May 19 | Banjara Hills
A movie based on how New York Times works will be shown at Lamakaan. Directed by Andrew Rossi, the movie explores the scene inside news room of NYT. The movie Page One will be shown by US Consulate. Time: 7.30 pm-9.30 pm. Details: lamakaan.com

Seafarers alert

Fascinated with pirate tales? You must try to get your hands on Montegrappaa��s limited edition pens inspired from pirates. Offered as piston-fed fountain and rollerball, the pens are engraved with skulls, eye patches, cutlasses and pirate hats. Made with an 18K gold nib, each pen comes in treasure box style box packaging. Only 399 pieces of silver and nine pieces of gold pens are offered for sale. Price: Rs 3.59 lakh onwards. Details: montegrappa.com


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Wonderla, the new theme park in the city, promises Recoil, Wonder Splash, Equinox and more such adventure games

Unwanted honks, toxic exhaust from autos, traffic woes and the pressure to be on par with the trending rat race has got on to every Hyderabadia��s nerves. There are umpteen number of getaways in and around the city but nothing can quench the thirst of adventure in both water and land. The newly launched Wonderla in Hyderabad is taking the timeline of city Facebookers by storm as pictures on how enthralling and exciting the place is.
It is not even a month of its launch and it has more than 10,000 visitors a day and summer holidays too supporting it right now. “This amusement park has been quite a known name, but it is for the first time that we have landed in the city to redefine interactive fun and I am sure we will be the hot favourite in no time,” says Arun K Chittilappilly, Managing Director, Wonderla.
Spread across 50 acres at the Exit no 13, ORR, and built in a record 15 months of time, the amusement park offers an array of 43 rides, 25 on the land and 18 water-based.
It is the third such facility established by Bengaluru-based Wonderla Holidays. The Bengaluru and Kochi branches has been popular for the past decade. “All the three branches have Indiaa��s first space-themed a�?Flying Theatre Experience,” adds Chittilappilly.

The attractions one shouldna��t miss out at Wonderla Hyderabad are the following:

It is Indiaa��s first reverse looping roller coaster which will give a whole new experience of thrill. This high tech roller coaster is imported from the Netherlands, and has two track ramps that go up to 40 meters (think 11 storey building). The train climbs one ramp and accelerates to about 80 kmph in 1 second, before encountering a a�?cobra rolla�� and a a�?loopa�� in the tracks, climbing the second ramp, again to a 40 m height, and then doing it all over all again, only this time, backwards.

Wonder Splash:
This thrilling water slide attraction, A� a version of roller coaster and has two vehicles running simultaneously each having capacity of 11 people, goes to a height of 12m by means of electro mechanical drive and falls to the pool making a big splash. Lap locks and belts are provided to ensure passenger safety. This ride covers an area of 75m x 20m and includes a waterfall.
This is a high thrill ride with a capacity of 24 seats. The seating platform will rotate 360 degreesA�in the vertical axis at the same time it will have a swing of 120 degreesA�like a pendulumA�which will give a whole new experience of thrill.
Wave Pools:
This is an artificial sea with waves. There are two wave pools. The area of the pool is around 1400m2. Around 800 people can enjoy at a time. A maximum of 11 shows can be done in a day and the duration of each show is 20 minutes. Water depth increases from zero to 1.5m.

Five-themed restaurants :
The other facilities at the 50-acre park includes 1,500 unit capacity car park, 2,500 electronically controlled lockers and changing rooms, five themed restaurants and food courts with seating capacity of 1,200 people at any point in time, eight merchandise shopping areas and a number of ATMs. It also has a multipurpose hall fitted with the latest light and sound systems. The park has a team of 700 dedicated and experienced staff, courteous and highly trained lifeguards, ride attendants and security personnels.
The ambience in the park has been carefully designed keeping the weather patterns of Hyderabad in mind. The park will be comfortable even in summer as there are shaded areas.
Eco Friendly Amusement:
The park is committed to reducing its environmental impact, observes stringent measures to maintain a clean and pollution-free operation, says the management. In line with its philosophy, it is said to generate over 1MW of solar power from the panels used in the large car park area. This will reduce peak electricity load of the park. The park also features rainwater harvesting system that will collect over 1crore liters of rain water, enabling the park to run without any external water for up to a month. Price: `600 per head Details: 9100063636

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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Happening Hyderabad had unexpected rain and the chaos that followed. As it was off season we valued it more and I think it was good. Life seemed to change a bit on these rainy days.A�However, come rain or shine the film eventsA�continue to entertain in reel and real life.
I was at home watching someA�movie promotion events on YouTube. Firstly, a whole lot of praise for the hero from the director, especially if it is a big star. It starts with aA�standard punch-lineA�praise where the audience gets to scream hystericallyA�and clap. Then it goes into thanking this star for the life-changingA�opportunity to work with him. (This holds good whether or not the movie is a hit). ThenA�invariably it is followed by a cheesy compliment to the actress – usually comparing her to a food item or a Bengali dessert. Laughter from the audience followed by a zoom into the heroinea�?s face follow.
Considering most actresses in Telugu cinema are from Mumbai, they love to flaunt their limited knowledge of the language in broken Telugu. Going by the cheers, we presume she has charmedA�the audience. Then it is her turn to thank all the ‘sirs’ who made this happen and how it is a a�?very different filma��. It could be truly differentA�since she would have worn a red mini instead of a blue one in her last film.A�A few character artistes or the producer also mention how they all had picnic while shooting and felt they were family. Now I wonder if their off-screen feelings make a difference to the audience or the film’s success.
Hello.. Wait. The high point is to come. The music director comes on and invites the protagonist – the reigning star of the day – to render a song in the movie. He also explains why and how he bumped into this new singing genius during the film. ThisA�spontaneous talent recognition really inspires, doesna�?t it? I mean, for setting aside all those idols who are now idle and making a non-singer sing it takes a lot. But when it comes to the hero’sA�live singingA�gig on stage – we mayA�feel like hummingA�aaj gaane ki zidd na karo. Obviously- no auto-tune and retakes here.
We must salute tinsel town for not breaking this ritual and the audience for cheering every single time. And let us not forget the TV channels who set aside news stories to actually cover this a�?livea��. After all, news is people and people love this.

Swapna Sundari

a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)

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Pandit Bhimsen Joshi National Festival is bringing in artistes A�to do the honours

hen it comes to Khayal form of singing, there is only one name that rushes into your mind – Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. The legendary vocalist from Karnataka was awarded the Bharat Ratna for his contributions in the field of music. Paying a tribute to the maestro Suranjali Foundation, a non-profit organisation working towards promoting Indian classical music, is organising the 5th season of its annual Pandit Bhimsen Joshi National Festival of Music & Dance 2016 in association with Telangana Tourism from May 13 to May 15 at Taramati Baradari, near the Golconda Fort.
The festival is organised in aid of children with autism at Autism Ashram, Shamirpet in association with Simplygive Foundation. The three-day carnival will witness 14 artistes across India performing under one roof. Mahalakshmi Iyer (Bollywood singer), B S Arun Kumar (drummer), Shama Bhate (artistic director), Hridaynath Mangeshkar (music composer), Satyajit Talwalkar (tabla), Bharat Mohan Balvali (vocalist), Purbayan Chatterjee (sitarist), Rajpura Chowdhury (sarod), Shinjini Kulkarni (Kathak) and Pt. M Venkatesh Kumar (Vocal) are among the favourites who will set the tone for the event.
New feather
It would be the first time that the festival would mark its presence in Hyderabad. Bollywood singer Mahalakshmi Iyer who is known for her vocals in Ae Ajnabee (Dil Se…), would also be making her debut performance in Hyderabad. a�?This is a very different event for me. I generally go for commercial music events but this is something I am going to do for the first time in Hyderabad.a�?
The singer who debuted with Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy says that she would be performing a fusion of Indian classical music with western elements. a�?Fusion music is an amalgamation of a lot of elements and I would be performing on Raag Jog, Yaman and will also have a form of thumri,a�? she added. The singer would also be performing a bhajan which she says would be a different melody.
The singer who would be in the city on May 15 is prepping up for her debut performance in the city of Nizams. a�?It is going to be a new feather in my cap and it makes it moreover special because it is in Hyderabad a city which has been carrying the cultural values and traditions for generations now. The crowd there are open to all genres of music and I hope they accept the alternative music like other cities,a�? she smiles.
Hailing from a musical family, the singer feels that commercial music is now inhibiting a lot of western elements. a�?Commercial music has always been open to changes and it has changed over these years. It allows itself to adapt to different types of risky lyrics which at times are too embarrassing. I believe that we are bringing too many western elements which I feel can be avoided,a�? she explains.
With an experience spanning over 19 years, Iyer has proved her skills in Marathi, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Assamese and Bengali. When asked about her favourite music directors in Bollywood she said, a�?I have worked with a lot of music directors and I like everyone for their style. However, I loved working with A R Rahman sir and I share a really good rapport with Sbankar, Ehsaan, Loy.a�?
Her performance is at at Taramati Baradari .
Legacy continues
Leading the forefront of the ninth generation of Kalka Bindadin lineage, Shinjini Kulkarni, granddaughter of Kathak maestro Pt. Birju Maharaj, would also be seen performing for the first time in Hyderabad. Kulkarni, who began her training at the age of five, enthralled the crowd for the first time when she performed at the age of eight.
Dancing her way to glory, the 23-year-old dancer would be in the city on May 14. a�?I would be performing specific highlights like Thaat from the Lucknow Gharana. Besides this I would also be presenting Kathak on teen taal, Jhap taal and a few other songs for Abhinay,a�? she added.
A graduate in history honours from St. Stephena��s College in Delhi, she is all excited for her debut performance in the city. a�?Lucknow and Hyderabad both have the Nizami culture. In Hyderabad even the layman is extremely knowledgeable about the cultures and traditions. I am looking forward for a good performance in Hyderabad,a�? says the artiste.
Apart from the performance, she is looking forward for some fun shopping adventures across the streets of Hyderabad.
a�?I would do anything and find sometime to buy some pearls from the city of Nizams,a�?says the dancer who would be performing at Taramati Baradari on May 14 from 7.30 pm on wards. Tickets available at bookmyshow
Details 9885018725

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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If you plan to relax in a lounge and enjoy some good finger food, try Sky Lounge of Avasa at Madhapur. They are launching new finger food with local flavours to cater to those who love regional flavours.
Their offerings range from fused appetisers, pub classics, comfort food to interesting range of desserts. The wide variety that they are going to introduce consists of: Honey Chili Cashew nuts – the nuts coated with honey, kaffir lime, lemongrass and Thai bud chili; Tai Chien Chakodi – the spicy loops with Asian condiments; Sky Style Mirchi Bhajji – fried fat green chillies with Mexican flavours; Vol Au Vents of Masala Egg Bhurjee – Mumbai style eggs done French way; Bloody Mary Fritters; Fish and Chips – fish in local flavours and spices; Khichadi followed by Baked Alaska for dessert.
Price: approx Rs 2,000++ for two. Details: 67282828

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Mekong introduces ‘contemporary cuisine ‘

Restaurant Mekong at Marigold Hotel in Ameerpet introduces its new menu of contemporary cuisine. You get to eat deep ocean European fish cooked with Japanese sauces, which is a complete surprise. This change is what, the hotel, defines as ‘contemporary’. On the platter you have items like Lemon Grass Scented Mushroom Soup, Fresh Spinach Puree with Crab Meat Soup, Steamed Bun Basket, Hibachi Grilled Salmon, Butter Garlic Crab along with delicious dessert tray named Mekong Delight which consists of White Chocolate Blue Berry Mousse, Dark Chocolate Mango Jelly Mousse etc.
The king of the cuisine is Baked Chilean Sea Bass, a deep Atlantic fish, priced at `1,800 per plate. Ita��s Miso glazed baked cod-fish.
Says corporate chef Tarak Nath Mukherjee about the dish, a�?We marinate it for 12 hours with Japanese paste Miso. We bake it in oven for 10 minutes on 200A? C using steam and heat method.a�?
The next dish we tasted was Rock Shrimp Tempura made of prawns found in deep ocean beds. Made usingWasabi Mayo, it had a delightful mint green colour. Japanese Ginger Salad was an interesting mix of Goji Berries, and Gari served with slices of avocado. Prices start at Rs 450 ++ taxes. Details: 67363636

a�� Saima Afreen

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Drunkyard at Gachibowli boasts of offbeat decor and rustic flavours

Deconstruction. Thata��s the new word the upcoming restaurants are following, especially when it comes to the interiors. The look is worn-out and gives an impression of rugged, used surfaces. The newly opened restro-bar Drunkyard at Gachibowli is no exception. Barely a month old, its interiors are done with used bicycles, bonnets of old cars, beer bottles and even junked attaches. What makes this place worth exploring is the authentic rustic flavours of food even when the cuisine is Chinese or Indian.
The entrance divides the open kitchen and the restro bar. The pathway lit up with Chinese lanterns leads you to an area that is divided into an open and closed zones. The latter is a dimly lit with the bar at the end. The walls look quirky – used bicycles hanging with the help of thick white ropes. On the adjacent wall are hoods of two jeeps in bright green and yellow with some interesting graffiti done. In between the creative works on the wall glow yellow bulbs that give the entire area an eerie look, more so when the bar-counter is bathed in midnight-blue light. The ceiling is fitted with used wooden boxes used for shipping fruits. The lids are closed from which filter dim light of bulbs.
The other wall is dotted with wooden mini frames of closed doors and windows. Naked brick-walls peep here and there. Open the glass door in the middle and outside is the smoking zone with wooden benches and tables. Above hang ropes in criss-cross pattern with glowing bulbs that dangle with the cool breeze. Outside wall is of wooden planks jammed with used beer bottles in green and red colour. You also get to see truck tyres painted and arranged on top of one another.
Says owner Priyanka Mechineni, a�?I have designed the restaurant myself using materials that were recycled.a�?
The food is of rustic flavours even if it is a platter of kebabs. The reason? The chef hails from a small village 80 km from Hyderabad. He had added 14 types of spices to the Fish Kebab that we had. The restro-bar has an interesting array of Chinese and Indian starters, fries, main course and desserts.
They also have different varieties of biryanis for late comers who want to eat their meals, wash it down with a few drinks and drive home. We tried Matka Biryani in a nice clay pot place on a jute sack for effect. The chicken pieces were succulent and rice grains finely done. We washed it down with a blue icy mocktail called a�?Avatara�� titled after the Hollywood hit of the same name. They have a range of interesting cocktails, mocktails, fruit punches apart from regular breezers, beers and other alcohols. Prices start from `199. We just wish they had not played Himesh Reshammiya’s numbers so often. Details: 33165180

a�� Saima Afreen

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Always wondered how celebs manage to look flamboyant all the time? Six stars from North and South reveal their closet love and shopping stops. From Dior to Chanel, from Mac to Bobby Brown…

Captain Jack

Sreenath Bhasi, who is known for his witty roles in the new-gen Malayalam movies, says he loves to shop from Dubai. The 27-year-old actor is a huge boot fanatic and loves experimenting with different types of boots and shoes. a�?Currently, I have a Jack and Jones boots which I just cannot leave aside. I used it even during my Himalayan trip and still it is just the perfect one I want,a�? says Sreenath.

Happy clothingA�Ishita
Ishita Dutta, Drishyam actress loves shopping and her favourite shopping destination is Dubai and Bangkok. The mall of Emirates has it all, from shoes to accessories. a�?It took me eight days just to go around the mall.a�? says this 25-year-old. Honk Kong is another city where shopping is a must. She prefers buying stuff that is not easily available in India like electronic gadgets and hair products. Her favourite brand includes Sephora and Mac and prefers wearing light and comfortable clothes while on a holiday.

Sneaker hungerA�Sreeram LV bag
Sreerama Chandra, who became an overnight sensation with Indian Idol owns more than 80 pairs of shoes. a�?Sneakers are my first love. Rome is my destination to heavy my shopping bag. European shopping mechanism attracts me a lot. I recently bought a LV bag for myself and LV wallet for my dad. Dubai is for electronic cravings. I am on my tour to US, on my way back I am going to halt at Dubai to shop the latest TV. Cana��t wait for the addition,a�? he shares. Adiddas for shoes, Diesel for jeans, Armani and Ferrari for shades and Apple for gadgets are his go for.

sana 3Mac and no cheese
Sana Khan, the Bigg Boss contestant who shot to fame with her Bollywood debut Jai Ho says that her favourite International shopping destination is Dubai. a�?The Dubai mall has it all, my absolute favourite.a�? smiles Sana. She loves to experiment with everything, be it cosmetics or clothes. However, she cannot do without her Mac foundation as it gives her that instant glow. a�?Sunscreen is an absolute must for every holiday.a�? says this 28-year-old shopaholic who loves to shop at the holiday destination rather than lugging suitcases around.

Exotic streetsA�Shriya 4
Shriya Pilgaonkar, daughter of veteran actor Sachin Pilgaonkar is not very brand conscious. a�?Ita��s always comfort before brand for me.a�? says Shriya who loves traveling to exotic places and shopping at shops on the streets. a�?These shops always has some hidden surprises for you.a�? says this actress who recently shot to fame with her appearance in Fan. Shriya also loves styling her own clothes and stitches them too. The 26-year-old actress prefers high-waisted pants, cosmetics by Coco chanel, shoes by Valentino and jackets by Uniqlo.

Italian ecstasy
Raai Lakshmi, the girl who made every head turn towards her even in a role of a ghost in her recent Tamil flick loves a�?Pradaa�� for bags. Of course like the saying goes, a�?Devils love Pradaa��. a�?Europe is my favourite for shopping. I become shopaholic as soon as I step into any big city of that continent. My billing of Prada and LV is done at Milan in Italy. Shoes are first thing that grabs attention of the other person. I want the best of them and thus Valentino happens. Brands do not matter for clothes, all that matters is , is it funky and trendy. I love picking clothes from the alleys of London. Sun shades add to my style statements, so I prefer Dior and Jimmi Choo,a�? Raai reveals.

a��Nishad Neelambaran (with inputs from Soumyani Ghoshal)

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The week veered from the modern Mothera��s Day celebrations to the traditional Akshaya Tritiya, keeping everyone on their toes

The weekend saw the Mothera��s Day mania everywhere. From malls to supermarkets to salons, everyone seemed to get a sudden surge of love for mommy. Well, good for moms. Any reason to celebrate a day, frankly. An empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description, just like mothers. A flash mob held at Inorbit Mall on Sunday at the central atrium celebrated the same. The mall came to a standstill when the youngsters did a quick jig to a popular number, extolling mother.
Meanwhile young and dynamic Sathvika Gupta, Director of Sathvika Fire Services, organised an unprecedented event in Hyderabad for moms. Actresses, models and socialites came together for the event which saw a guest list that included Poojasree , Neelima, Ashish Gandhi ,Vineeta Surana, Geet Gupta, Mansi Gulati and others.
Again, both stores and shoppers needed an excuse to shop. So the auspicious Akshay Tritiya on Monday, known to be the festival of the elite thanks to the sentiment of buying gold and diamonds, threw up offers and discounts for all. Manepally Jewellers came up with a timely collection. We also saw designer store Mebaz unveiling its summer pret collection with its new branch at Kothapet. Actress Nyra and her team showcased the collection which had lots of vibrant pinks and gold.
Veteran actress Sharmila Tagore and her daughter, also an actress Soha Ali Khan came together for the #ShareTheLoad campaign. Hyderabad loves the graceful actress and she was at her charming best.


(The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a people’s person with a pulse on the city’s happenings)

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This new party at the Hotel Novotel Hyderabad Airport promises to revamp the trend of partying in the cityA�

Partying just got cooler this summer. What better than a good pool side party can help you beat the heat? Hotel Novotel Hyderabad Airport has launched its new pool side party titled Sundowner Pool Party. The five star hotel near Rajiv Gandhi International Airport recently announced the launch of this new pool-based party.
The pool-side party that happens every Saturday at the hotel premises is water-themed party, but with no particular dress code. But it is safe to carry extra clothes if you prefer to get drenched. Guests have two restaurants and bar from where they can avail any drink or food of their choice and shake a leg near the pool.
The party is set in the right tunes by different DJs. Every Saturday there would be a different DJ who would be performing at the pool side. Roshan Rajpal, Executive Assistant Manager, Hotel Novotel Hyderabad Airport, says, a�?We began this new party for setting a new trend in beating the heat in summer. There is a lot of demand in Hyderabad for a fun pool party and we just want to give our guests a cool experience of what exactly is a pool party.a�?
For those who prefer to unwind themselves and let their hair loose at a pool side, the Sundowner would be happening every Saturday at Hotel Novotel Hyderabad Airport. The destination is 30 kms from the city. Entry: `1,250 (++). Details: 6625000

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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