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    This fantastic car may be shortA�on length, but it has the capacityA�to fit four individualsA�comfortably. Using concepts of
    aircraft space planning, accessA�through a single rear door andA�high ceiling in the centre, theA�Provocator is easy to drive, easyA�to park and can be used forA�business purposes like couriersA�and mobile stores as well.A�Coming soon. Mirrowcars.com

    Nissan X StorageA�gadgt5

    The X Storage is similar to Teslaa��sA�Powerwall and will be available toA�pre-order from September. The unit,A�when hooked up to the grid or solar
    panels, can charge when energy isA�either cheaper or renewable, andA�can release the energy whenA�demand/cost is higher.A�Nissan-europe.com

    This kickstarter project sounds great and isA�basically a device that captures solar energy andA�converts it into electricity used to treat water andA�make it safe for drinking. The battery also powersA�a hub that provides wireless internet up to 800mA�and a charging station for devices. PrototypesA�being tested in Africa currently. Indiegogo.com

    These smart trainers connectA�to your mobile phone, lettingA�you know your location andA�where you need to go. SensorsA�in the shoes buzz to let youA�know which direction to take.A�Under development fromA�airline Easyjet .A�Barcelonastreetproject.com

    This is an app-controlled scent dispenser whichA�aims to energise, relax and make you feel great.The smartphone app will control how and whichA�flavour of scent gets dispensed, according to yourA�needs. Cyrano is called a scent speaker. SomeA�olfactory notes include guava, peppermint,A�lavender and lilac. Onotes.com

    Garmina��s upcoming watchA�provides advancedA�running, swimming andA�cycling dynamics. ItA�measures heart rate,A�offers estimates of VO2
    max and lactateA�thresholds. Ita��s also aA�connected watch thatA�offers live tracking onA�demand. Make noA�mistake, the 735XT is aA�serious activity watchA�with state-of-the-artA�metrics. Coming soon.Buy.garmin.com

    Rapha SunglassesA�gadgt3
    Raphaa��s Pro Team Flyweight glasses areA�supremely light and comes withA�interchangeable hi-tech Carl ZeissA�lenses. Available in four frame coloursA�and four optional lens replacements,A�these glasses dona��t just look great oncyclists. Rapha.cc

    -Ashok Pandian



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      Snacky bites
      Del Monte introduces Dried Apricots a�� apt for those looking for something snacky minus the calories. A flavoured source of cholestrol-free dietry fibre, these apricots can also serve as toppings, to enhance the flavour of your dish. `175. At Reliance Fresh, Koramangala. Details: 22965436

      Seventh heaven
      Upsouth presents a�?uthlya��, an
      innovative dish made from wholesome South Indian ingredients. An Indian version of a burger, it features seven layers including, toasted rice patice, crispy lettuce, garden fresh salad, Malabar croquettes, a sauce and podi-coated lentil cakes. `40. At Orion Mall, Malleswaram.
      Details: 22682268

      Keep it light
      This summer, experience a twist in flavours with Foodhalla��s summer salads. Perfectly suited for the rising temperatures, each of the salads can be served as a side or even as a nutritious and wholesome meal. The menu includes dishes such as the Tandoori Paneer Salad with Pomegranate Dressing, Grilled Fig and Arugula Salad and more. `100 upwards. At Trinity Circle. Details: 22086533

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        Friday, May 20

        At the movies
        May 20 | PVR Cinemas
        Sarbjit is a film that will tug
        at the strings of your heart. Emotionally gripping, it revolves around Sarbjit
        Singh, an Indian resident of Bhikhiwind village at the Indo-Pak border, who was convicted as a terrorist by Pakistana��s Supreme Court in 1991. After 22 years on death row, he is attacked by fellow inmates in jail and dies in a Lahore hospital six days later. Watch Randeep Hooda play the lead role and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan play his sister, Dalbir Kaur.

        Sand and stone
        May 20 | The Ants Store
        This pop-up will see Hreem, a
        terracotta label and Akkriti, an Indo-Western jewellery brand come together
        for a sale at Ants, which is dedicated to promoting local crafts. Choose from a
        range of intricately designed earrings, necklaces, bangles and more. `100 upwards. At Indiranagar. Details: 41715639

        Saturday, May 21

        Dram it
        May 21 | Multiple venues
        With an aim to make whisky fun and non A�exclusive, World Whisky Day, founded by BlairA�Bowman is being celebrated today. We suggest you let your hair down, hit the nearest whiskey club and a�?caska�� for the establishmenta��s finest. With a number of exclusive members-only clubs in the country, it sure is a big day for whiskey obsessives across India.

        Sunday, May 22

        Burmese flavours
        May 22 | High Ultra Lounge
        Indulge in delicious food and go
        on a gastronomical trip to the land of gems
        a�� Myanmar. The Burmese food festival,
        with a versatile menu, will feature special dishes like Mohinga a�� a bowl of rice noodles covered in a fish-based soup and sprinkled with deep-fried fritters. `250++ upwards.
        At Malleswaram. Details: 45674567

        Monday, May 23

        Stars align
        May 23 | Las Vegas
        The 24th edition of the prestigious A�Billboard Music Awards will witness new artistes like, Fetty Wap (of Trap Queen fame) vying for the top honours alongside names like Adele and The Weeknd, at the T-Mobile Arena. Fans can also enjoy live performances by Rihanna, DNCE, Fifth Harmony A�and Pink, followed by a special A�tribute to Prince by Madonna. A�5.30 am onwards. Details: vh1.com

        Tuesday, May 24

        Going Italian
        May 24 | UB City
        Make sure to create a style A�statement this summer with A�the new Spring-Summer collection
        by Corneliani. The collection carries a range of footwear for men including exquisite and classy leather and suede shoes. Be it a formal or informal occasion, these shoes A�will make you stand out. Rs 32,000 upwards. At Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 41738170

        Wednesday, May 25

        Artistic calling
        May 25 | Mahua a�� The Art Gallery
        Go on a journey to the land of creativity showcased by the artists in this gallery. The work will be an eclectic mix of paintings and sculptures by 30 established and emerging artists from over 10 Indian states. The works reveal the timelessness of traditional and modern techniques in contemporary art. At Sadashivnagar. A�7.30 pm. Details: 23616971

        Thursday, May 26

        Fusion rock
        May 26 | Hard Rock Cafe
        Agam comes to this popular A�watering hole, for an early start to A�the weekend. Known for their contemporary Carnatic rock sound, their songs combine melody, rhythm from Indian music with Western aesthetics, for a truly unique experience. Rs 1,000 upwards. A�At St Marks Road.
        Details: 41242222

        Comedy central
        May 22 | The Humming Tree
        Ungendered features some of Indiaa��s favourite comics, as they delve into and break harmful stereotypes. You will surely find yourselves in splits at an intersection between complex social issues and entertaining narratives! With artistes like Vasu Primlani,Suman Kumar, Punya Arora, Sri Gaddam, and Kelsey Willman, this will sure be a memorable night. Rs 500. 7.30 pm. At Indiranagar. Details: 9886618386

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