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World’s a stage
June 3 | Darulshifa
At Salar Jung Museum, Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation will be hosting its well-known play a�?Saavan-E-Hayata��. It is based on the life of the de-facto empress of the Golconda, Hayat Bakshi Begum. Tickets: `100. Time: 7.30 pm. Details: baigtheatrefoundation.org

Slice of Telangana
June 4 | Banjara Hills
As part of Telangana Formation Day Taj Krishna will be hosting a food festival of Telangana Food Extravaganza at Encounters. It will comprise a variety of food items like Majiga Pulusu, Alugadda Vepudu, Mamdikaya Pappu. The fest will be on till June 5. Time: Lunch and dinner. Price: starts from `1,200++ taxes. Details: 66293326

Wedding bells
June 5 | Banjara Hills
Based on Anton Chekova��s short story a�?A Marriage Proposal,a�� a city-based theatre group performs this satire on stage. The story revolves around what the characters want from a marriage and how much they have to shell out from their pockets. It will be performed at Lamakaan. Time: 8 pm. Tickets: `100. Details: 9642731329

On sail
June 6 | Hussain Sagar
If you want to sail on waters right in the middle of the city that also to the setting sun Yacht Club of Hyderabad is organising learning sessions every week with seasoned sailors to make you ready for kayaking. Time: 5 pm. Charges: `650. Details: 64640518

Art from heart
June 7 | Banjara Hills
Spring is coming back to Hyderabad in the sultry month of June. It will be a celebration of flowers on canvas at Kalakriti Art Gallery. Artist Anand Bekwad will be hosting the solo show of his paintings at the gallery. The exhibition is entitled ‘The Song of Flowers’. Time:
11 am-6.30 pm. Details: 66564466

Word power
June 9 | Secunderabad
Our Sacred Space, in association with Goethe Zentrum, will conduct a German language workshop for children in the age group of eight to 13. They will teach the language through games, puzzles and songs. Charges: `5,725. Time: 9 am-12.30 pm. Details: 9030013344

Musical night
June 8 | Jubilee Hills
Delhi-based Electronica music producer, DJ and artiste Soulspace will perform live at Farm World Cafe. He has played with some of the well-known artistes and fests like Magnetic Fields, NH7 and Future Theory Festival. Time: 9 pm. Tickets `399. Details: 24451023

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Mercedes to Lamborghinisa��sportscars that can give the Audis some competition .

If youa��re not a big Audi fan and still want a great supercar in the same price range as the R8 V10 Plus Coupe, these options should get you drooling.

Aston Martin DB9
James Bond fans will lean towards the Aston Martin DB9. With its iconic design and legendary performance pedigree, it has 470bhp from a six-litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine, which can accelerate up to a top speed of 306 kmph. When it comes to performance, it may be slightly slower than the Audi, but therea��s no doubting its everyday practicality, which comes with all the bells and whistles and a decent boot space.
Rs 1.9 crore (ex-showroom, Chennai).
Details: astonmartin.com

Lamborghini Huracan
Youa��ll have to extend your budget
(compared to the R8) if you want to consider the Huracan. But this mean little supercar is the Audia��s cousin in many ways. They share a lot of bits and bobs underneath, including the engine, but the Lambo is pure-bred aggression and brutal in performance. The legendary Italian logo on the bonnet also makes
all the difference. Rs 3 crore (ex-showroom, Chennai). Details: huracan.lamborghini.com

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S
One of the best from Mercedes, the AMG GT S has been impressing buyers all over with its distinctive design and impeccable performance. This one comes with a 510bhp and four-litre bi-turbo V8 engine, which can sprint to 100 kmph in 3.8 seconds. The AMG GT S is an attention grabber regardless of whether youa��re rocketing down a racetrack or parked out in the open. Rs 2.5 crore (ex-showroom, Chennai). Details: mercedes-amg.com

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If there were a pretty picture of the prim and proper, it must be that of Aishwarya Rai. Politically correct to a fault, every pose and every smile is made for the fawning press. So when the porcelain goddess of perfection a�� some would say plastic a�� committed a fashion faux pas by sporting purple lips, the internet quaked with laughter.
It was the equivalent of a Black Rolls Royce trying to look very blingy. Naturally, the trolls on Twitter had a field day. The jabs flew thick and fast. a�?Did she binge on jamuns? Did she feast on Black Currant ice cream? Did she kiss a Smurf? Is Asian Paints her sponsor?a�? asked her not-so-well wishers.
In the melee of taking pot-shots, everyone forgot that the decision to flaunt a bold shade was that of La��Oreal, the brand that showcases Ash at Cannes. Barbs aside, the purple experiment got immense coverage. Not sure if Aishwarya benefited from it, though.
Methinks the brouhaha had very little to do with the hue, but was more about chucking pies at a star who has positioned herself as the epitome of grace. But some are of the view that mean tweets from armchair critics is a form of a�?celebrity bashinga�� and it stems from a�?pure jealousya��. If one takes director Mahesh Bhatt seriously, he believes ita��s the national sport of India.
One research that can shed a little light on the topic was conducted recently by the learned folks at Beihang University in China. The study probed over 70 million tweets from 2,00,000 users and explored the question: which is the most influential emotion on social media? They put four emotions under the microscope a�� sadness, disgust, joy and anger. The findings were quite surprising. For people who are used to the adage a�?good news travels faster than bad newsa��, herea��s the real deal.
Apparently, anger is the one emotion thata��s super contagious. It instigates people to act, retweet, share or behave like jerks by joining the a�?Who Can Be Nastiera�� fest. Honestly, I was not at all surprised with the findings. Celebrity bashing is a manifestation of an inner anger. Ita��s the same rage that fuels communism. We, the social animals, hate other social animals who are far more successful and this makes us do stupid things. Even if it means bashing someone black-and-blue over the colour purple.
Disagree with my take on Ash? Share your views with

Anantha Narayan


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A nagging problem that everyone in a fancy car faces on the city roads these days

One of the most happening cities on its way to the world canvas, Hyderabad is buzzing with activity at all times. So much that even when we pause at intersections during the rush hour, we are still given work. I mean by beggars at every block who flock around cars and bikes persistently, begging for alms.A�Ita��s not just mebut every Hyderabadi tastesA�this nagging every day.
I read recently that the City Mayor is all set to get beggars off the street. We have seen how they were off streets when US President came to visit us a few years ago. We wanted to flaunt a developed city and get a pat on the back.A�One of our previous Mayors tried to solve the issue earlier, but in vain.
Frankly there is no humane angle that justifies them on streets merely because most of them are beggars by choice. Notice how healthy and able they seem? Have we not noticed shabbily clad, almost in a ‘costume’ woman with her hands bandaged and fresh Dettol on it and head tilted and nodding with a face full of despair pleading away?
I know that is a lot of detail to recall A�but the best part is that evenA�six months later,A�her wound willA�be fresh and she will look the same. Surprisingly, we find this batch of beggars with the same costume inA�almost all high-end pockets of the city. It is as though they wake up, put on make-up and leave. No wonder that my neighbour’s three-year-old daughter wanted to dress as a a�?beggar’ for her fancy dress in school. Unlike other cities we actually have our own signature beggar costume that haunts us the moment we pause at the traffic light.
Now just in case anyone wants to plead on their behalf about poverty and unemployment, let us understand that this is an organised racket that operates professionally. Most are street-smart, savvy and know their target audience. Most beggars choose cars with kids for the additional emotional drama. Fancier the car, more the number who flock at it. How do we deal with it? Well, roll your windows up and pretend not to look. Please contact the Mayor for further assistance. It seems he has an idea sir ji. Before you judge me, I have a heart too, but it doesn’t go out to these people.

Swapna Sundari

a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)

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Remix king DJ Zaeden promises to get you on the dance floor with his new singles

DJ and music producer, DJ Zaeden is known for his remixes like Magic by Coldplay and Animals by Maroon 5. The youngest Indian DJ to feature at the Tomorrowland alongside Borgeous, this 20-year-old remix king will be in the city for celebrating the World Music Day with Anish Sood, a veteran at Sunburn festivals.
With a few new singles lined up, Sahil A Sharma a.k.a DJ Zaeden, who would be touring Europe in July and August, says, a�?I’ve been producing progressive house so far. My last single and two remixes were progressive house, but I’m excited about my next few singles coming out this year as I’ve tried something different from my style.a�?
Describing his music as a�?fresh, simple and expressive,a�� he reveals, a�?My next single is going to be out on July 29 on Spinnin with Nina & Malika.a�?
Eternally on a a�?I-am-running- out-of-timea�� mode, the DJ is always away from his family. However, his Hyderabad visit has a personal factor too. a�?Ia��m excited to meet my brother Sanchit who is studying in Hyderabad. I havena��t seen him in a while. Besides this, Ia��m looking forward to the show at Hard Rock Cafe and of course, Paradise biryani.a�?
DJ Zaeden would be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe at Road No 1, Banjara Hills on June 19. Book your tickets at bookmyshow.com. Price: Rs 1,000. Details: 33165099

a��A�A�Nishad Neelambaran

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Four artistes from different entertainment industries come together to enthrall the crowd of Hyderabad next week

Whata��s common to TV actor Parth Samthaan, standup comedian Kenneth Sebastian, singer Mohit Gaur and DJ Lil – B? The passion to perform and entertain. The foursome from four different lines of entertainment are coming together for Wingding 2016, a live concert by Leo Entertainments and White Pearl Events promises to give the city a new spin this weekend. We talk to each of the four artistes about what they have to offer to the city.

Parth Samthaan
The Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan actor who would be also making his Bollywood debut this year would be one of the highlights of the evening. Rated as the 11th sexiest Asian, Parth is looking forward to meeting his fans on Wingding. a�?I love Hyderabad for its hospitality and food. I would be meeting one lucky fan who wins the competition during Wingding,a�? he adds. The organisers have initiated a lot of competitions on their Facebook page where one fan would get the chance to meet Parth on the stage during the event. Besides his singing prowess, he says he would also showcase some of his acting skills.

DJ Lil-B aka Bhavini ShahA�DJ Lil 'B (2)
Creating her music from the past 10 years, DJ Lil B was roped in as the official DJ for IPL Extra Innings in 2015. Beginning her career at 15, she was known for her hip-hop music. However, she is now known for her Bollywood numbers across the globe. Expecting sheer fun in Hyderabad, she says, a�?I am coming with an open mind and all I want is energy from the crowd. I am going to play for the crowd and I am sure I would play every song that would help them burn the floor.a�? She is the only commercial female DJ in India to spin a complete digital set using Ableton Live Interface, MOTU soundcard and Vestax VCM600 midi controller for her meticulous sets.

Kenneth Sebastian
Kenneth Sebastian (1)

This stand up comedian needs no introduction. Better known as Kenny Sebastian, he is not just a comic but a singer, writer, painter, music composer, graphic designer and a film editor too. a�?I am also trying hard to get into motorcycle riding and racing if time permits,a�? he says. He has always managed to tickle his audiencesa�� funny bone whenever he has performed. The comedian is expecting nothing but a a�?warm crowd who wants to have a good time.a�� Kenny also promises to deliver new content which will have a lot of crowd interacting session.

Mohit Gaur (2)Mohit Gaur

Known for his energy on stage, Mohit Gaur, who rose to fame with his song Cupcake says, a�?I want this show in Hyderabad to be like a mad house. I want the crowd to sing with me when I am singing and dance with me when I am dancing.a�? Mohit would be coming to Hyderabad for the second time and he says he wants to explore the city. a�?Hussain Sagar is in my to-do list. I am a foodie and would love to eat from the streets of Hyderabad,a�? he smiles.

These artistes would be performing in Wingding 2016 on June 17 and June 18 at N Convention from 7 pm onwards. Tickets on meraevents.com. Price: Rs 1,500 per ticket. Details: 7893377333

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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Telangana special
As the state celebrates its second birthday, Royal Reve Hotel, Secunderabad, is organising Telangana Food Festival till June 5. As part of the menu will be Sorakai Kura, Baghara Rice, Karam Pappu and more. Price: It is both a la carte and buffet. Time: lunch and dinner. Details: 66677888

Ramzan flavours
The Holy Month is just round the corner and Hyderabad is introducing ‘Zaiqa-e-Ramzan’ from June 6. On its menu will be delights like haleem, biryani, Pathhar Ka Gosht, Paya Shorba, Kaleji, Qeema and other dishes. Prices start from `120. Time: 5 pm-5 am.Details: 66751188

Celebration times
Kuchipudi restaurant, Hotel Katriya, is also hosting Telangana Food Festival till June 12. The platter is rich with a lot of dishes like Puntikura Mamsam, Kodi Kura. The highlight is the snack platter with delicacies such as Sarvapindi and Ravva Laddu. Price: Starts from `700++ taxes. Details: 23325678

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Enjoy mouth-watering new additions at Chili’s

Chilia��s American Grill & Bar is introducing its new menu this month. The launch will be about American favourites from the south-west. It is called Fresh Mex Selection with inclusion of burgers, fresh pickles, different meat patties. Whata��s more, they have introduced even low-calorie items. The meal can be capped with mouth-watering desserts. You can wash it down with a selection of cocktails, mocktails and fruit-punches. The outlets at Banjara Hills and Hi-tec City.
The new addition in the section of appetisers is Tableside Guacamole. And why is it named so? Because it is prepared fresh right on your table with freshly scooped avocadoes and ingredients that you can customise. It is served with tostada chips and salsa. There are other additions as well in the appetiser section like the white Spinach Queso and the Panko Crusted Onion Rings. For burgers they are offering a choice of four patties such as buffalo meat, mutton, chicken and south western veggies.
Even the Tacos and Quesadilla section has been revamped by adding Smoked Chicken Quesadilla, Santa-Fe Chicken Quesadillas, Club Chicken Tacos and Basa Fish Tacos. Therea��s more in the fajitas section also. You can choose your own mix. You can wash down the goodies with drinks like Hawaiian Margarita ,Worlda��s Freshest Margarita and Corona Rita, along with additions in refreshing cocktails like the Long Island Mango Tea, Long Island Strawberry Tea, Michelada and the Island Punch Splash. Price: Starts from `650++ taxes. Details: 42219494

-A�Saima Afreen

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Used in perfumes, Bakhoor wood is not part of any cuisine. But Steak House brings the expensive fragrance to your table as Bakhoor MandiA�

Bakhoor, cultural history tells us, is being used for centuries in the Arabian peninsula both by the royalty and the prophets. Bringing this tradition in food, chef Inam Khan of Steak House, Banjara Hills, sources chips of Bakhoor and prepares Bakhoor Mandi. Nowhere else, Mandi, a dish of meat, rice and spices that originated in Yemen, has been prepared with this fragrant wood. And he is launching this dish in his restaurant a week before the Holy Month begins.

The dish
Noteworthy is the mention of Arwa Suleyhi, Queen of Yemen, who would send the perfumed wood as gifts to Najaf, Egypt, Karbala and other parts of the surrounding topography. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Bakhoor would be burnt and people in distant cities would know that the gift of scent has arrived. As we talk to the chef, a huge mound of yellow rice arrives, atop which sits a large piece of tenderly cooked mutton sprinkled with browned onions, fried nuts and raisins. The sweet fragrance catches the other guests unawares. The aroma is of Bakhoor. And the Mandi is made with that. Shares chef Inam, a�?I soak the wood chips in milk in which saffron has been dissolved, put it in the fridge and then take it out the next day. The chips go in the burner while the milk is added to Mandi when it is half-cooked.a�? The meat that he chooses for the dish has to be really soft and succulent and for this he selects goats that do not weigh more than five or six kg. He shows us the wood chips in two colours. One which is black and is sold for a whopping Rs 1 lakh and the other variety, dark brown priced at `10,000. a�?The wood is mostly used in scenting rooms, but this is the first time anyone is using it to cook food. Surprisingly this wood grows in North East of India and not many people know about it,a�? shares chef Inam. But then possibly, in ancient times, through merchants and travellers it reached Middle East and became popular.
Mandi is usually cooked in a pit. But he makes it on burners in his kitchen. He uses a heavy-bottomed pan. Along with rice, spices and meat, he adds vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, bell-peppers and onions to extract the flavours. He adds, a�?I marinate the meat with fruit juices and chefa��s special mix of spices. Spring lamb of five kg is cut into 12 pieces and then cooked for three to four hours.a�? Bakhoor can be ordered online.

Good for health
The scent of Bakhoor had mingled with each grain, when we tasted the dish. What we liked more was that the chef had sprinkled the powder of Bakhoor on the rice which gave it an exquisite sweet fragrance. Experts say that Bakhoor helps in calming down excited nerves and brings serenity to the mood. Thata��s how even today a lot of people in Middle East burn this wood to make their houses fragrant and the burner is offered to guests so that they can take a sniff of the scent. Chef served it with carrot chutney and yakhni soup. Price: `750++ taxes. Details: 69994858
a�� Saima Afreen

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A week that ranged from fundraiser to birthday bash and a pool party in betweenA�

Ability was the keyword this week. Model Shilpa Reddy and actress Regina Cassandra did their bit at the Ability Unlimiteda��s event at Iorbit Mall where the Aditya Mehta Foundation felicitated differently-abled champions. It was heartwarming to listen to their gritty stories on how they overcame their limitations.
Summer is almost ending and in a week or two, schools in the city are set to reopen. Radhika Agarwal of Memories, an event management company, has come up with a pool party where parents and their children would bond. The curtain raiser had models Pratyusha and Preity telling us about the initiative that would also raise funds for a charity.
Ita��s been a year and SodaBottleOpenerWala, the Parsi eatery in Jubilee Hills decided to get over the mid-week hump with a Daruwala weekend first birthday party. The invite to the event read: a�?No presents, only your presencea��. It was a three-day celebration that began with DJ Rishabh Jain took over the console on day one on Wednesday. Kshamita looked cool and casual in a one-piece floral outfit at the party. Day two had author Clement DeSylva reading out from his latest book Bandra Buggers. A live band performance will mark the wrap up on Friday, we are told.


(The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a peoplea�?s person who has a finger on the pulse of the city)

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