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The American shoe brand has brought in new professional and A�performance based shoes to the city

Sports apparel has got a new address in Hyderabad. The American sport shoe pioneer Skechers has opened its first outlet at Banjara Hills. The 1,400 sq ft showroom is home to a wide range of performance, casual and walking shoes for kids, women and men. From professional running and walking shoes to trendy casuals and flip flops, one can find it all under one roof here. Incidentally, Skechers shoes are super lightweight and have no visible stitch marks.
Under the performance section, the brand offers a wide range of products with different base and technology for men and women. However, the highlight is the Ultra R and Forza series. The Ultra R shoes are made of a base patented for Skechers called Resalyte which provides maximum cushioning, comfort and an added pressure to bounce back. The shoe also has a new feature called the a�?M strikea�� which allows the runner to use his/her mid-heel to push forward, instead of putting pressure on the heels. The upper portion of the shoe is designed with the Fitknit (similar to knitting) material which makes the shoe breathable. It also an outer sole which enables air and water to flow out automatically to make it lightweight.
Speaking of the Forza series, the shoe has been voted as the winner of Competitor Magazine’s Spring 2016 Best Debut Road Running Shoes. It has similar features as compared to the Ultra R. The base here is again made of Resalyte and uses the M strike feature to help use the mid-heel. The shoe, however, does not have the outer sole drainage like Ultra R, but is seamless and has higher abrasion rubber on its sole for sustainable and comfortable running. The shoe also has molded heel counter and inner support strap that helps gives the user a stable and secure fitting.
The kids section also has a wide range of shoes. To begin with, the store has managed to segregate the patterns and design according to the age group – which means that there are normal velcro strap shoes with bright colours and battery attached lights which allows the sole to light up when he/she is walking. The next section have shoes with different soles and inner cushioning with normal colours for a comfortable, yet trendy look.
Besides all these, there are another set of shoes in the store that are made with memory foam and goga mat. Memory foam is hard foam which acts as the inner cushion giving the user a comfortable pressure and then retains its original shape and size. On the other hand, the goga mat is the inner cushion of the shoe which is made of the material that is used for yoga mats.
The store is located opposite TV9 office at Banjara Hills. One can also place an order for any shoe that he/she has seen online. Price range for shoes begin from Rs 4,999 and goes up to Rs 8,999. Details: skechers.com
a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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The city enjoyed hosting a business forum that turned out into a bonding zone

Rekha Mahajan’s interactive session at Park Hyatt was well received by the FICCI FLO members. The zeal and enthusiasm of Rekha influenced several participants positively. Rituu, dressed in red, pushed the boundary of popularly accepted colours at such corporate forums. A red suit accompanied with a carefully designed stole spoke volumes about this confident lady. Sudha in a bold blue saree depicted the firmness and yet the ease required in the world of business.
The city also enjoyed a a�?Rock & Rolla�� kitty party. Hosts Priyanka and Sahil in pink and blue charmed their guests with the hospitality and fun. Birthday fun can be crazy and who else can better showcase then the city’s evergreen couple Karen and Nitin. Nitin’s birthday celebrations at their Club House had the city’s elite present in good number.
Birthday Boy Nitin chose to define elegance by turning up dressed in white with a dash of pink. Karen dressed in a long flow with myriad of colors was about how love fills the vibrancy in life. Yashwant matched well with the spirits of upcoming International Yoga Day. A cool orange shirt just accessorised his ever dynamic persona. All in all, with the annual monsoon ball event at Park Hyatt, the city enjoyed an engaging week.


(The writer runs her own organic A�cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a A�people’s person with a finger on the pulse of the city’s happenings)

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    Dive in
    June 18-19, Covelong beach
    Before the summer ends, pack your bags and get ready to spend a beautiful night camping at the beach. The two-day workshop, conducted by Exoticamp, in association with Surf Turf and Barefoot Scuba, will include basics of scuba diving. End your day with a campfire.A� Rs 3,500 per person.
    Details: 9790000401

    Daddya��s own
    June 19, Express Avenue
    Forest Essentials celebrates Fathera��s Day with this special package. Consisting of five productsa�� sandalwood and orange peel shaving cream, after shave, facial scrub, facial moisturiser and face wash a��they are made from ingredients like cinnamon, neem and amla leaves extract. Rs 3,850. Details: forestessentialsindia.com

    Gold souk
    June 17-19, Hyatt Regency
    Those who love everything that glitters should head to the jewellery exhibition at Hyatt Regency. Over 50 jewellery houses from all over the country are coming together to display their latest pearls, gold, diamond and platinum collections. Choose from brands like Rose from Mumbai, Viswa & Devji from Coimbatore and PMJ from Hyderabad. Rs 2,000 onwards.
    Entry at Rs 40. Details: 45501036

    Get the look
    June 18-19, Skulpt Make-up Bar & Fusion Studio
    Learn to nail your day-long look and how to get the perfect smokey eyes at the two-day makeup, skin and hair workshop being conducted by Skulpt- Make-up Bar & Fusion Studio. Attend guest lectures by city-based cosmetic dermatologist Zenaide Peters and hairstylist Jayanti R. Dona��t forget to take your certificate and free make-up goodies at the end of the course. June 18-19. Rs 6,000 fees. Details: 98847001176

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      When not at Zumba and art workshops this weekend, slap on the sunscreen and join the Pondy coastal cleanup

      Shipping between channelsA�CAROLINE_1
      Explore the world of Radio France with the movie La Maison de la Radio by Nicolas Philibert. The movie takes you on a tour of the studios and inside the recording rooms, with its presenters and journalists. An engrossing real life documentary, it promises to be a feel good film. At Alliance Francaise. June 19, 6 pm onwards. Details: 0413 2334351

      ECR tastingA�burger
      Go on a gastronomic journey with ITC Grand Cholaa��s food fest, ECR Route 49, where chef Sandeep Kapoora��s special menu will delight. Expect dishes inspired by the east coast stretch, like thengai paal (hot coconut milk, jaggery and cotton seeds) and gigot daube (local lamb braised). Till June 26, 7 pm to 11.30 pm. Buffet (dinner only) at Rs 2,200 plus taxes per head.
      Details: 22200000

      Mission cleanupA�pondy-001
      Pondicherry is getting ready for its third cleanup session by Chennai Trekking Club. Join the session to create awareness and help clean a two kilometre stretch of our coastline.
      Kids can also improve their knowledge about the environment by participating in a drawing competition themed on the topic a�?Avoid Plastica��. Register for free at facebook.com/PondicherryCoastalCleanup. On June 19. At Auroville. Details: 999468824

      Soccer supperA�football1
      Root for your favourite football team while watching UEFA Euro 2016 live at La Planchaa��s rooftop restaurant. Grab a beer the to wash down restauranta��s popular burgers and enjoy some nail-biting sporting action. Live broadcast and highlights on all match days coincides with lunch and dinner; Entry free. Details: 0413 4300333

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        Ita��s time to move on from comic books, as A-list actors are now signing up for video game adaptations

        BE IT Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft) or Mark Wahlberg (Max Payne), top-billed actors have never been shy to try their luck in video game adaptations. Although many of them have not struck gold at the box office, the success of Warcraft and The Angry Birds Movie promise to change the trend. Our pick backs the drift. Read on.

        After six films, Jovovicha��s swan song in theA�Resident Evil movie franchise is finally here.A�While the final instalment, Resident Evil: TheA�Final Chapter, is currently being shot in SouthA�Africa, the developers of the game, Campon,A�unveiled the seventh part in the game series,A�Resident Evil 7. In the movie, the Ukranian playsA�the lead role of Alice, who leads a final standA�against the Umbrella Corporation. The actressA�recently tweeted a picture of herself from theA�set, where she dons the make up of an a�?oldA�Alicea�?. We can presume there is some timetravelA�involved, as she says it is a�?not for theA�end of the moviea�?.

        Alicia VikanderA�Alicia-Vikander_bangtidy-net_1861902
        Still fresh from her win at the Oscarsa��for her supporting role in The Danish Girla�� Vikander is now readying herself to get into the togs of Lara Croft, in Roar Uthauga��s reboot of the original franchise. We are well aware of how the role (of the original Croft) changed Angelina Joliea��s career. So to step into her shoes will not be easy. But considering that Vikander (27) has three movies lined up this year, including the new Jason Bourne movie, ita��s fair to sayA�the Swedish star is up to the task.


        Tom HardyA�Tom Hardy
        The ever-dependable Hardy, who has essayed diverse
        roles in his career, will add another feather to his cap when Splinter Cell releases. Like Fassbender, he was roped in four years ago, but the project is yet to get off the block. However, a fresh announcement from Ubisoft, the creator of the game, has confirmed that the 38-year-old is still attached to the project. The English actor will be
        playing the role of Sam Fisher, the protagonist, who is a former CIA agent now involved in black ops.Splinter Cell is the first of a series of seven games.
        Do we see a major franchise in the making?

        Michael Fassbender A�Michael Fassbender
        In 2012, Fassbender was announced as the lead actor in Assassina��s Creed. And going by the trailer that was released last month, we think he has blended in wella��what with the fantastic costume and fancy parkour moves. Playing both Callum Lynch and his ancestor Aguilar, the German-Irish actor is subjected to a technology called the Animus in the film, which unlocks his pasta��where he joins a secret society called the Assassins and fights the Knights Templar. With a cast that also includes Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons, this is one movie that should be on your checklist.

        Jake GylenhaalA�Jake Gyllenhaal (1)
        Ubisofta��s newest adaptation, Tom Clancya��s The Division (based on the open world third-person shooter game that was released this March) is already getting its Hollywood upgrade with Gyllenhaal in the lead role. There are two reasons to get excited: The Division is Ubisofta��s most successful game in a long time and the actor is no stranger to video game movies himself (think Prince of Persia). The 35-year-old is supposedly playing an agent fighting a virus outbreak. Prince of Persia may not have been a success, but Gyllenhaal has evolved, and so has Ubisoft. Will they click this time?

        Yesteryear video games are also being adapted into animation movies. Sonic The Hedgehog will be getting a reboot in 2018, thanks to Sony Pictures and SEGA Sammy Group. Also Sly Cooper, featuring the raccoon thief, will have Ian James Corlett as the lead voice actor.

        a�� Compiled by Karan Pillai

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          The second edition ofA� PondyPHOTO gets bigger. Plus, a crowd-funding campaign

          PONDYPHOTO returns with its second edition. Bigger than the first edition in 2014, it will have add-ons like documentaries and feature films. The 16-day festival starting August 27, and taking place at the Old Port, will see a participation of 40 photographers from across the Indian sub-continent and will also include workshops and outreach programmes. Organised by PondyART, the theme of the festival is a�?Watera��. a�?I believe that the festival will get people thinking about how they can help initiate positive change at home. We have a special multi-media focus on the December floods in the region,a�? says Kasha Vande, founder of PondyART, who is expecting a footfall of 50,000 visitors during the festival (last edition saw 10,000, at Old Distillery).
          The festival has also initiated a crowdfunding campaign for the event at Generosity.com and has already raked in $481 (`32,369 approx.). Talking about international participants, Vande informs us that a�?The Kitchen Sinka��, an exhibition by Cheryl Newman, from Norway, will focus on water from different countries. a�?She volunteered to bring an international exhibition to the festival. Due to her years with The Telegraph as Photo Director before going freelance, she has a wide contact network in the international photography scene,a�? Vande adds. They are not accepting any more entries, but the festival will host several workshops like introduction to photography and storytelling by renowned wildlife photographer Senthil Kumaran in Tamil and English for which people can still send the photos taken from any kind of medium till July 10.
          From August 27 to Spetember 12. Details: pondyphoto.com

          a�� Saloni Sinha

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          The loophole in the governmenta��s small car definition that has made compact sedans and SUVs common today

          In 2006, the Indian government decided to give a huge boost to the small car market by giving it excise duty exemptions. The logic was simplea��smaller cars have higher fuel efficiency, take up less space on the road and are considered cleaner for the environment. The excise duty went down to 12.5 percent from the 24 percent that regular cars manufactured locally were charged. As long as the vehicle fit within a 4,000 mm length and was powered either by a petrol engine lower than 1,200 cc capacity or a diesel engine lower than 1,500 cc capacity, it was classified as a small car and could avail the excise duty benefits that manufacturers passed on to the customer to make these cars affordable.
          Taking a shortcut
          Nowhere did the definition of the small car mention the word a�?hatchbacka��, so it was pretty much open to any kind of body style that you could fit into 4,000 mm. The first company to take advantage of this was Tata Motors. They simply chopped the boot on the Indigo sedan to create the Indigo CS (for compact sedan and the rest is history. Over the years, there have been sedans and now even SUVs that have continued to exploit this little loophole to their benefit. The size restriction does come with its own engineering challenges, but judging by cars like the Volkswagen Ameo, Ford Aspire, EcoSport and even the Datsun Go Plus, the packaging has been mastered quite well.

          a��Muntaser Mirkar

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          Meet the petrol versions of the cars the VW Ameo is going up against

          Maruti Swift DZire
          Probably the most popular of the cars in the segment, the Swift DZire comes with the legendary Maruti reliability and service. It may not be the best looking, but it has done wonders to the companya��s sales figures. Boot space: 320 litres. Rs 5.3 lakh onwards (ex-showroom, Chennai) Details: marutisuzuki.com

          Hyundai XcentA�cats5
          The Koreans resurrected the Accent with a twist, on what is essentially a Grand i10 with a boot. The formula attracted some attention owing to the hatchback versiona��s great success in the Indian market. Boot space: 407 litres. Rs 5.4 lakh onwards (ex-showroom, Chennai) Details: hyundai.com/in

          Ford Aspire
          The American manufacturer updated its Figo hatchback last year and, along with it, introduced its Aspire compact sedan. Probably the best looking in the segment, the Aspire is also cheap to maintain owing to more sub-assembly parts. Boot space: 359 litres. Rs 5.3 lakh onwards (ex-showroom, Chennai) Details: india.ford.com/cars/figoaspire

          Tata ZestA�cats7
          Tata Motors kicked off the compact sedan space with the Indigo CS, but now the Zest has taken over. The modern Tata car is not only great to drive, with spacious interiors loaded with gadgets, it is also the cheapest among the competitors. Boot space: 390 litres. Rs 5.1 lakh onwards (ex-showroom, Chennai) Details: zest.tatamotors.com

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            Do Lafzon Ki Kahani
            Director: Kshitij Gulati,A�Deepak Tijori
            Cast: Randeep Hooda,
            Kajal Aggarwal
            This is Hoodaa��s first out-and-out romantic film. And, as always, he nails the nuances of his character. The actor dons the role of a part-time boxer in Malaysia, who falls in love with a visually-challenged girl, Jenny (Aggarwal), and goes to great lengths to help her get her eyesight back. But sloppy direction and melodramatic dialogues bury Hoodaa��s performance. Aggarwal fails to make much of an impact either. Watch it only for Hooda.

            a�� Team Indulge

            The Nice Guys
            Director: Shane Black
            Cast: Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Matt Bomer
            Holland March (Gosling) is going
            through a rough patch in 1977 Los Angeles. A private investigator, he finds an unlikely ally in Jackson Healy (Crowe) a�� a hired enforcer, who makes a living by hurting people a�� after the mysterious disappearance of a young woman. Hilarious and action-packed, therea��s a never a dull moment in this one. Relatively new to the genre of comedy, both Gosling and Crowe have done a good job.

            Oru Naal Koothu
            Director: Nelson Venkatesan
            Cast: Dinesh, Nivetha, Mia, Rithwika
            A contemporary take on gender-relationships, the script tracksA� the lives of three women from different professions and backgrounds, and the men in their lives. Touching on love and marriage, the director has crafted the situations and charactersA� with intuitive understanding. Beautifully filmed almost throughout, ita��s the climax that is a tad unsatisfactory in an otherwise impressively-narrated tale.

            a�� Malini Mannath

            a�� Team Indulge


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              Director: Ralph Fiennes
              Cast: V Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Brian Cox
              This onea��s for all the Shakespeare fans out there. The European Union Film Festival is heading to Chennai this Saturday, with an adaptation of the Barda��s Coriolanus. Directed by Ralph Fiennes, the 2011 adaptation is set in todaya��s Rome where anarchy reigns supreme, as the citizens are deprived of basic civic liberties. On June 18, at 6 pm, at the British Council, Anna Salai. Free entry. Details: susan.chettri@britishcouncil.org

              Central Intelligence
              Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
              Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Danielle Nicolet
              An action comedy starring Dwayne a�?The Rocka�� Johnson and Kevin Hart, the story is centred around the two characters who used to be friends in high school. After a reunion, they find themselves embroiled in the world of international espionage.
              Did you know: This is the first joint venture between Warner Bros and Universal Pictures after 20 years.

              Now You See Me 2
              Director: Jon M Chu
              Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson
              A sequel to the 2013 heist thriller, Now You See Me 2 has the members of the Four Horsemen (a group of illusionists) resurfacing to pull of another assignment in a bid to clear their names. This time, their challenger is tech prodigy Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe).
              Did you know: The movie was originally titled Now You See Me: The Second Act.

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