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    Oscar-winning director Andrew Stanton on making the sequel of Finding Nemo

    DIRECTOR Andrew Stanton is on his way to find the forgetful Dory, 13 years after he found the wildly-popular clown fish, Nemo. The sequel of Finding Nemo (2003), Finding Dory revolves around the blue tang fish and her journey to find her family. The 50-year-old Academy Award winner, who last directed the live-action film John Carter (2012), said that hea��d felt Finding Nemo was incomplete after he saw the film again when Disney released it in 3D. Stanton tells us about his experience working with the cast again and working with Ellen DeGeneres.
    What was it like to work with the cast again?
    When we started recording in 2012, it felt like wea��d picked up where we left off. Ita��s a bit of a reunion. You already know how you work together and thata��s enjoyable.

    Wea��ve seen a lot of Hank (Ed Oa��Neill, the octopus) in the promos. How is he?
    Hank is very solitary and uncooperative, but he has a heart of gold. I think he is very frustrated by this. Dory senses it and she kind of brings him out of his shell.

    How is it working with Ellen DeGeneres?
    She makes things that you think are not meant to be funny, funny! Shea��ll give even a a�?How is it going?a�� her own flavor and suddenly it is the most charming thing in the world.

    Five things to know
    ?A�A� To get the story right, the team did a lot of brainstorming. It took about 1,03,000 storyboards over a period of three and a half years before they got the final blueprint.
    ?A�A� Alexander Gould, the original voice of Nemo, has been replaced by seventh grader Hayden Rolence in this movie. Twenty two-year-old Goulda��s voice was deemed no longer suitable for the tiny clown fish. However, we can still get to hear him in his cameo as Passenger Carl.
    ?A�A� Dory is the most-liked Disney/Pixar character, with more than 25 million likes on Facebook.
    ?A�A� Hank was the most challenging character to animate because an octopus has no bones. Generally it takes around six months to animate the first shot of a character, but for this movie, it took two years to animate Hanka��s first shot.
    ?A�A� After 2013a��s controversial documentary, Blackfish (on a captive killer whale), Finding Dorya��s makers changed the venue of several of their scenesa��from a sea-park to the Marine Life Institute. The latter is an aquarium where Dory meets Hank.

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      The actor is keeping busy with Tadka and a possible new Hollywood project

      FROM the stage to the big screen to a hugely-successful web series, Ali Fazal has never shied away from experimenting with different mediums. One of the few Bollywood actors to have made it to a major Hollywood production, the 29-year-old believes in constantly reinventing himself and creating his own path in the industry.

      Future of entertainment
      Fazal, whose mini web series, Bang Baaja Baaraat (seasonA� 2 is on the cards), gained him good reviews from critics and the audience alike, feels that the internet is the way forward for the entertainment industry. Produced by Yash Raj Films, and released on their YouTube channel, the seriesA� relates the story of a new-age couple and the days leading up to their marriage. The webisodes had its own share of cuss words and explicit content (with dildo jokes and sexual innuendoes abounding). a�?The whole idea of cinema is to offend,a�? says the actor. For Fazal, the web provides a medium where creativity can be showcased without restrictions and offers a�?at least one forum where we arena��t checkeda�?.

      Hollywood calling
      With his maiden Hollywood venture, Furious 7, premiering on television this month, he shares that the multi-starrer franchise (and actor Paul Walkera��s last film) was a learning experience for him. In Fazala��s opinion, the major difference between shooting for Furious 7 and a Bollywood film lies in the technology. a�?They are a good 20 years ahead of us,a�? he states. Currently wrapping up the shoot for Prakash Raja��s Tadka, Fazal also has another possible Hollywood project in the pipeline. Keeping mum on the details, he jokes, a�?I cana��t talk about it right now or Ia��ll lose my job (laughs).a�? 

      Furious 7 premieres on Sony Pix onA�June 19.A�1pm and 9pm. A�

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        Writer-director Soumik Sen on why filmmakers should explore the censor-free medium, the internet

        UDTA Punjaba��s recent run-in with the censor board has led to a lot of questions on a directora��s creative license. While filmmakers took to social media platforms to express their opinions, Soumik Sena��who has written and directed the recently-released web movie, Badman, starring veteran actor Gulshan Grovera��tells us about the liberating alternative offered by the internet. The Mumbai-based filmmaker explains how the future of the entertainment industry might lie online.

        Cutting corners
        Relating his experience of making the countrya��s first a�?mockumentarya�� on retired Hindi film villains, Sen (who debuted with Gulaab Gang) says that since there is no censor board, he a�?could use expletivesa�? and a�?do certain things, which, if you do in a film, you know that because of one shot of somebody screaming an abuse, your whole film becomes a�?adulta��a�?.A� Although a clipa��where Chunky Pandey spoofs a rape scene from the 80a��sa��was cut because it was seen to be a�?in bad tastea�? by an internal committee, his movie went online with minimal changes and no censors.

        Film with a view
        Badman was released on Voot, a recent addition to the OTT (over-the top) online video platforms, joining the likes of Hotstar, Ozee and Ditto. The success of a web feature film does not depend on any a�?box officea�� collections, but on the number of views, downloads and ratings by viewers. As a director, Sen feels that the only major challenge of shooting a web movie is its low cost. With a limited budget, you have to shoot in a limited number of days and a�?everyone has to be on their toesa�? he says.

        The theatre complex
        With subscription-based or advertising-driven modules, a viewera��s monthly subscription will cost less than most movie tickets (under Rs 200) or can even be free of cost. With the growing popularity of web series such as TVF Pitchers and Permanent Roommates, web movies are another step towards digitising the entertainment industry says Sen. But he adds that, unlike in the West, where big budget web series are becoming the norm, a�?our entertainment monetisation is still primarily theatres, the multiplexes, a�?the movie going experiencea��.a�? Meanwhile, Netflix and Amazon originals have set a new bar for online entertainment, he concludes.

        What next?
        After the success of Badman, Sen is working on more ideas specifically for the online platform, in addition to working on a gritty thriller and a feature film on the life of magician PC Sorcar for the big screen.

        Looking West
        Sen feels that the West has advanced a lot more faster with the online entertainment business than India. For him, web series in the US and the UK, such as Fargo and Black Mirror, take the cake when it comes to good screenplay and high production value.
        Details: voot.com

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          Two women will take on the Porsche Cayenne challenge on a 4,000-km Himalayan trail

          Given the miles Delhi-based adventurer Nidhi Tiwari had spent behind the wheela��including an overland trip from New Delhi to Londona��her drive to the Himalayas tomorrow seems like a cake walk. The founder of Women Beyond Boundaries (WBB), a Delhi-based organisation that advocates womena��s empowerment through mobility, Tiwari will embark on the three-week-long drive in a Porsche Cayenne to drive home the point that women shouldna��t shy away from pursuing extreme overlanding. a�?The dangers for women travellers are over-hyphed. In fact, dangers on the road are gender neutral. A thorough knowledge of your machine, common sense and research on the places you will be driving through helps,a�? begins Tiwari, who remembers towing a car full of men out of the slush when she was driving through Imphal.
          a�?Every trip has its own challenges. On the cross-continent drive to London, it was driving through long roads for days together, but on the Himalayan trail, it will be driving through roads that are barely snow-free for two out of 12 months,a�? adds the mother of two, who will be driving through Zozila Pass, Zanskar, Kargil and on to Marsimik and Khardung laa��the highest motorable road on Earth. On the trip, Tiwari will be joined by Neha Sadananda, who will act as her navigator. They will be using a combination of GPS, maps and inputs from local communities to navigate the terrain. Enroute, the duo will also work with local women to advocate the importance of prioritising womena��s health, which they add the German carmaker is passionate about as well.
          Porsche India Adventure Trail can be tracked through facebook.com/PorscheIndia

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            What better way to celebrate French culture than this two-day showcase by IFCCI

            Turns out you dona��t have to book a flight ticket to shopA�at France. The first edition of the much awaited French Market is set to hit the city this weekend a�� promising everything from that perfect croissant to caftans all the way from a Parisian embroidery house. If that doesna��t get you excited, picture this a�� flowy Arabian-style tents for stalls, a trampoline just for kicks and to set the mood, soulful notes from a trio of musicians led by master violinist David Wacheux.

            Bazaar look
            Put together by the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI) over the last two months, the event (to be inaugurated byA� Jean-Marc Fenet, Minister Counselor of the Regional Economic Servicea��Embassy of France in India) promises a taste of all things French, starting from art and decor to adventure sports, language, tourism and gastronomy. So expectA�brands as diverse as Renault, Saint Gobain, Decathlon, Air Austral and of course, the Alliance FranA�aise of Madras. Merlin Simon, Regional Director of the Southern Chapter, IFCCI tells us, a�?The idea is to showcase the creativity and flavours of France in an accessible and friendly environment.a�?A� To do this, she adds, a�?Wea��ve tried to recreate the scene at a market in Paris. So instead of basic stalls with one entrance, we have set up beautifully draped tents, open on all sides. Also, much of the cheese and chocolate sourced from Chennai and Puducherry will be available for tasting.a�?

            Sugar rush
            If you have a sweet tooth, dona��t miss out on NitinA�Chordiaa��s exclusive range ofA�limited edition chocolates inspired by his travels around France.A�Chordia,A�who is Indiaa��s first certified chocolate taster collaborated with Valrhona, a premium chocolate manufacturer in Lyon and even went so far as to visit their factory before he set out on this experiment from his kitchen on Greams Road! a�?Instead of add-ons like nuts or fillings, Ia��m focusing on flavours that are actually inspired from the cocoa bean like raspberry,A�lemon and coffee,a�? he surprises us, adding, a�?Did you know that cacao (the fruit from which chocolate is made) has more flavour notes than wine?a�?
            Other highlights of the two-day market include a a�?sari reinventeda�� by designer Fernand Ratier from Paris, art pieces from Puducherry-based painter Jacques Beaumelle and home decor from La��Atelier Design.
            June 18-19A�at Phoenix MarketCity. Details: ifcci.org; 42178710

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              Tara Sharma Saluja returns with her show on parenting and other social issues

              NOBODY is as efficient as a multi-tasking working mum, and Tara Sharma Salujaa��s husband Roopak often tells her this, jokingly. The former actress laughs at her entrepreneur husbanda��s observation and says, a�?Half the time, I am working out of a soccer field (where my sons play), or restrooms during parties, sending out important emails. I have actually closed brand deals when Ia��ve been out with my kids!a�? The mother of two boys, Kai (five), and Zen (going to be seven), Saluja, who has appeared in films like Om Jai Jagdish, Saaya and Khosla Ka Ghosla, tells us, a�?When you have kids, you learn to manage time. They are the best teachers of parenting. You might make routines, but you have to be open to last-minute changes. I do most of my work when my sons are in school.a�?

              Talking it out
              While parenting is the premise of her TV series, The Tara Show, (which entered season four last Sunday), the 39-year-old admits that every woman should figure out a schedule that is best for her family. a�?To each his owna�� is her philosophy. The talk show features celebrities, common people from all walks of life, and mompreneurs, and will now take up related social issues, without a�?being preachy, or judgemental.a�?
              In the coming episodes, actors Soha Ali Khan and John Abraham, cricketer Virat Kohli, and Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil will discuss a range of topics a�� from marriage, fitness, letting children pursue their passion, to coming out of the closet a�� and how they were influenced by their parents. The first episode, about a�?emerging trends in the parenting workspacea��, featured choreographer-director, and mother of three, Farah Khan.
              Being positive
              a�?My show might be smaller than a movie, but it is my own thing (co-produced with Roopak). Sometimes, I think if I do item songs, I will get more publicity!a�? shares Tara, while agreeing it is a rewarding experience, especially when she is thanked by mothers for highlighting the cause of children with special needs, and showing them the way to turn entrepreneurs.
              Tara has always been routine-oriented, from her days at London School of Economics, as a financial consultant at Accenture, and then in showbiz. What is a day like in the Saluja household now? a�?Roopak and I wake up at 6.30 am. Drop our kids to the bus. Two days a week, they have soccer classes at 6.45 am. Since I am very devoted to fitness, I exercise 15 minutes daily. I also do yoga three times a week. Sundays are quite special, because Roopak is at home, so we swim, watch movies or just chill,a�? says Tara, admittingA� that she is a softie, and Roopak, a�?the strict onea�?, when it comes to their kids.

              Sundays, 11 am on Star World and Star World HD

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                Actress Carice van Houten on the big reveal of GoT season six

                ONE of the many revelations that shocked the Game of Thrones fans this season was the one involving the Red Woman, aka Lady Melisandre. The glamorous witch, played by 39-year-old Carice van Houten, let her guard down and revealed her true self in season six a��a frail lady who is a few centuries old. This happened after she removed a magical necklace that she has worn since season two, when she entered as the powerful counsellor to Lord of Dragonstone, Stannis Baratheon.
                Now, as the latest season draws to a close, Houten tells us about the big moment. a�?Youa��ve never seen Melisandre in a state of vulnerability. So as an actor, it was a great opportunity to show a different side to her after building up all this aura of self-belief,a�? says the Dutch star, continuing, a�?Melisandre almost felt like a different character at some moments this year. As an actor, I felt like a�?Wherea��s she gone?a��, a�?What am I going to hold on to?a�� The Lord of Light has left me alone, Stannis Baratheon and Jon Snow had died. a�?
                Unpredictability s the biggest draw of this epic-fantasy series, says her co-star Liam Cunningham, who appears as Ser Davos Seaworth. a�?You (viewers) are not being put on the sofa and told youa��ll be safe here, the good guy is going to do well, and the girla��s going to be saved,a�? says the Irish actor. To which, Houten nods, a�?Everyonea��s going to die, is more how it (the current season) feels.a�?
                She tells us about a�?the scenea��, which took six hours of makeup to turn her into an old lady. a�?You saw me looking at myself in the mirror. Then you saw me put the necklace down and the hand that puts it down is already an old hand. I think I played a 250-year-old (laughs). People couldna��t believe it was me, I couldna��t really either. What was great though is it was just one short moment. You didna��t see her talk, you didna��t see her move; you just got to know a little background information about her. Then, we (the makers) went straight back to what she normally looks like.a�?

                Tuesdays, 10 pm on Star World Premiere HD

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                  A new app promises to change the way we listen to classical music

                  The newly-launched Saraga app is for those who understand or wish to learn the intricacies of Carnatic and Hindustani music. Boasting a library comprising 218 tracks from 21 main artistes (like Ajoy Chakrabarty and Sumithra Vasudev) across 42 concerts, it has ragas and taalas displayed on the screen, along with the composersa�� names. Gopal Krishna Koduri, an IIT alumnus and one of the brains behind the app, explains, a�?When a novice Carnatic music lover like me listens to a recording, I have no clue whata��s happening. I have tonnes of questions, like what are the different sections of the song and the names of the various improvisations.a�? The answers to these queries are offered on the screen as the song is played. Another unique feature that sets the app apart from the likes of the Saregama app, is their a�?Chakraa�� visualisation. Srikumar Subramanian, one of the developers who comes from a lineage of veena players, explains that in Saraga, when you play a song, the timeline of the song is shown in the form of a circle rather than a straight line. This is most apt for classical songs as a�?their structure is more circular than lineara�?. The app, which is still in its nascent stage, has city-based artistes spreading the word and actively lending their support. While singer TM Krishna has been involved in its development, theatre artiste Akhila Ramnarayan has been promoting it on social media platforms because of its a�?phenomenala�? potential to change how we consume classical music.
                  Available for free on play.google.com

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                    Sing along
                    In a bid to bring together the music community in the city, Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music is hosting an open mic night. From veteran artistes to novice singers to music enthusiasts, everyone is welcome to join in and celebrate World Music Day (June 21) in style. On Tuesday, at Tryst Cafe, from 5.30 pm onwards. Free entry. Details: 7358000770

                    Love of music
                    While Hard Rock Chennai is not joining in, the rock a�?na�� roll themed chain is organising a series of performances across the country to mark World Music Day. With an impressiveA� line -up of artistes, including Indian Ocean and Parikrama, catchA� Benny Dayal performing live in Bengaluru this Sunday. From 7.30 pm onward. Rs 500 onwards. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

                    The sundowners
                    Get your dose of fusion, jazz and hip-hop this weekend at Phoenix MarketCity, with Indo-French music band Emergence, and Dilip and Sounder, who are known for their fusion beats. End on a high note with Pondy Vibes, a musical trio led by French violinist David Wacheux. Today till Sunday, from 6.30 pm onwards. Free entry.
                    Details: 30083007

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                      Anita Naira��s crime solving inspector will soon be back on duty

                      ANITA Nair says she hasna��t read much crime fiction. But having cut my teeth on Agatha Christie and her ilk, I can truthfully say I enjoy the crime-solving skills and gruffly appealing personality of her very own detective, Borei Gowda. Gowda appeared in 2012 in her first crime fiction novel, Cut Like Wound. And in a fortnight, he will reappear in the next in the series, Chain of Custody.
                      Particularly appealing to me is Gowdaa��s fallibility, his normalcy. He is cranky, cynical, paunchy (though hea��s taken up running now) and not entirely satisfied with his life, but his sleuthing ability a�� his sixth sense a�� remains stellar. I asked Nair how she thought up his character and its idiosyncrasies. a�?From the start, I had a mental image of a policeman called Gowda on a bike (a 500 cc 1991 Bullet). But his character built up gradually. He likes to drink a�� first, I thought whisky a�� but later changed to Old Monk rum. As an ex-Josephite of his era, he likes listening to hard rock a�� he has an urban streak though he isna��t sophisticated. At almost 50, he decides to get a tattoo a�� a 3-by-5-inch motorbike wheel with wings. Ita��s his secret joy, one that he hides from his wife. Hea��s like a young person who hasna��t blossomed fully.a�?
                      Distracted by the return of his college sweetheart, Urmila, Gowda rediscovers his lost youth and a frozen part of him comes to life even as he fights to keep his attention on the job. a�?Hea��s not a casual philanderer. Just a good man with flaws.a�?A� So how does Gowda grow in the new book? a�?Hea��s more introspective now. Hea��s got a wife and a mistress. He isna��t willing to relinquish Urmila who gives him emotional sustenance, yet wona��t consider divorce.a�? His trusty sidekick, Santosh is back from the jaws of death, and therea��s a new female sub inspector in the mix.
                      For Nair, whose primary genre is literary fiction, the switch to crime wasna��t hard. She says Gowda a�?allows me to make social commentary, and I love that. So in some sense, Ia��m using literary fiction techniques in crime fiction a�� literary noir really.a�? The a�?noira�� here is the dark subject Gowda must grapple with this time a�� child trafficking a�� a subject Nair wanted to address. a�?I wanted to bring a sense of immediacy to the book and since I already had Gowda, I could deal with this subject in a real, tangible way, not from a distance as in literary fiction. The reality of child trafficking is hard to deal with even for the police, so you get a sense of what his character is going through.a�?
                      Nair mentally works through the storyline before she starts writing. She explains, a�?I have a rough structure in my head and know where the storya��s heading, but occasionally move things around. The story must be clear, the thoughts completed and loopholes plugged. As a reader, Ia��d be disappointed by unfinished thoughts and irrelevant characters.a�?
                      Therea��s nothing unfinished about Inspector Gowda. Youa��ll soon see.

                      a�� Ruma Singh
                      m firstimpressionsblr@gmail.com

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