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The Bong ConnectBengal connection
July 1 | Prasads Preview theatre
Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival starts in the city and will continue till July 3. Select films will be screened. Bengali cine stars like Roopa Ganguly, Ananya Chatterjee and others will grace the festival. The inauguration will be at 6.30 pm. Details: http://hbff.in/


The X-Files
July 2 | Banjara Hills
Rana Ayyub, author of the book Gujarat Files, will be at Lamakaan for the launch. The event is being organised by All India Students Association. Ayyub in 2010, as a journalist with Tehelka magazine, spent eight months undercover in Gujarat doing her research. The self-published book unveils many controversies. Time: 7.30 pm. Details: 9642731329

Sea huntSea hunt
July 3 | Begumpet
Finally the monsoon is here and you can enjoy the weather with gastronomic delights at Taj Vivanta. The food festival of sea food titled a�?Treasure of Seaa�� is going on at Viva. One can relish dishes like Fish Savage, Seafood Pilaf, Patrani Machi, Prawns biryani. Charges: Rs 1,499 all inclusive. Time: 7.30 pma��11 pm. Details: 67252626

Mapping cityscapes
July 4 | Banjara HillsMapping cityscapes
A solo show by two artists Prasanta Sahu and Ushmita Sahu is ongoing at Kalakriti Art Gallery. Titled a�?Blueprint of a Citya�� the exhibition will showcases the opuses of both the artists done in various media. Time: 11 am – 7 pm.
Details: 66564466

Rare collection
July 5 | Dar-ul-Shifa
As part of Ramzan month celebrations Salar Jung Museum showcases its collection of 369 Qurans. On display are photographic copies of 47 verses and sayings in Arabic from the collection of the Salar Jung Library. The exhibition will be on till July 6. Time: 10 am-5 pm. Entry fee: `20. Details: 24576443

Star gazing
July 6 | Banjara Hills star gazing
Watch the sunsets, moon-rise and a dark starlit sky right under the roof at Birla Planetarium’s Enjoy the show An incredible voyage through the universe with family and friends. Charges: `35. Time: 7.30 pm. Details: 23235081

Fashion quotientA�Fashion quotient
July 7 | Banjara Hills
For the shopaholics ita��s a chance to buy designer items. They can head to Hi Life Exhibition being held at Novotel Hyderabad. The show will feature 150 designers from across the country. One can choose from the collect. Time: 11 am-7 pm. Details: 66824422

Back to blackBack to black
July 7 | Online
Fendi introduces the Black Edition, a capsule collection with an edgy twist. Options include the Dotcom (embellished with flowers and Selleria stitching), Mini By The Way (which is covered with a smattering of flowers), and Backpack (sporty yet girly with silver zips, and studded handles). `1,42,700 upwards. At DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Details: 011 46040777

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Great weather and action at the Ladies Clubs upped the fun quotient this week

Vidhi and Karan’s wedding anniversary celebration was a toast to a love story that blossomed at college and grew into a strong bond of marriage. Dressed in yellow with delicately paired up with sparkles, her ever engaging smile unveiled the challenges and rewards of a successful marriage. Karan in black and denim, opted for a look you would associate with a man of taste.
The Ladies Clubs in the city are making them put on their thinking caps. There has been immense action at the clubs. Samanvay Club’s musical event made Mridula opt for a blue sleeved top with a beautiful patch work of a bird. The chirpiness of the bird seemed like reflection of her vibrant
Shraddha Ladies Club’s installation had Anu turn up in whites. From the watch to the handbag to her top, everything fell in place perfectly. Nikita’s trunk show at Hotel Taj Deccan got the attention of many fashion fiestas of the city. The host carried off an Indo-western peach outfit which earned her many praises. Aparna, who looked composed in white teamed with earthy brown, was an example of ageless style.
The romantic weather with occasional downpours from the happy rain Gods made this a fun-filled week.
Monsoon Tip: Chew five basil leaves every morning on an empty stomach to up your bodya�?s immunity level.


(The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a people’s person with a finger on the pulse of the city’s happenings)

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Pepperfry has opened its latest experiential studio in the city

If you love to feel the way the sofa sinks in when you sit or the smooth undulating finish of the tablea��s edge, the a�?experientiala�� studio by pepperfry.com offers just that. Hyderabad is now home to the online furniture and home decor marketplace. The company launched its eighth studio in India and the first-of-its-kind in the city last week.
The 2,500 sq. ft. studio marks the branda��s physical presence for showcasing products in an offline retail style setting. The studio has been designed to give the customers an experience zone for those who are looking to enhance their living spaces.
The largest furniture retailer in India has more to offer for its Hyderabadi customers. The outlet is a space where one can also consult an interior designer who would not only help the customer with products from pepperfry, but elsewhere too. a�?Our interior designers would not be just branding our products. They would also help our customers find the right product elsewhere in the market,a�? says Ashish Shah, Founder & COO Pepperfry.
The outlet showcases a wide range of furniture and other home decors from pepperfrya��s online portfolio and serves as a design inspiration for customers. Each interior designer is provided with an iPad which is pre-loaded with pepperfry designs which would help the customer to get exact idea of how would their room look with further alterations and additions by pepperfry.
The outlet is filled with wall hangings, tables, sofas, chairs, bar tables, lights, mirrors, cushions, etc. It has furniture made with different materials, mostly wood. There are furniture with a dash of iron and wood, plain wood, processed wood, wrought iron plus wood and more. Besides this, the studio offers customisation and design tips.
About selecting the right furniture, Ashish Shah says, a�?It is always a complex process and with the busy schedule now, it has become difficult for people to even find out time to check out latest designs on our online portal. The studio will be updated with latest products so that customers can walk in and experience the same.a�?
Surprisingly, customers cannot place orders at the studio. a�?That is because we look at the studio purely as an experience centre. Eventually all the orders will have to be placed on our online portal. We want our customers to enjoy the shopping experience. Hence, we came up with the concept of studios where they can see our designs and choose the right product for their homes.a�? People who prefer taking an expert advice for their home decor can walk in to Studio Pepperfry. Details: Road No 12, next to Mamagoto restaurant. Average price:
Rs 18,000 Details: www.pepperfry.com

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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ITC Kakatiyaa��s dinner buffet ushers in the Independence Day spirit over the weekend

The a�?Fourth of Julya�� and the impending a�?long weekenda�� is so typical of America. Keeping in with the spirit of the countrya��s Independence Day celebrations, ITC Kakatiya is hosting the American Dinner Buffet that starts July 2 (ends July 4).
a�?America is the land of innovation and home to modern and scientific cooking techniques. It is here that concepts such as molecular gastronomy took birth and our fest too will celebrate the same experimental spirit,a�? informs chef Akash.
The dinner buffet in a fine dining setting at the Deccan Pavilion will feature a three-course meal. The North West Seafood Chowder with a distinct touch of America surprisingly seemed just right for the monsoon evenings. The main course has choices such as Bacon Wrapped BBQed Chicken and Herb Crusted Fish with cilantro
a�?Although we use indigenous murrel fish here, you will surely not miss the taste of USA,a�? he says. Both the delicacies come with shallots, boiled potatoes, edible flowers and of course the barbeque sauce for those who love extra flavours.
The dessert boasts of all the classics – cheesecake, red velvet cake, walnut brownie etc. The cake, with its slight tang flavour, thanks to the addition of vinegar to the chocolate cake, was the best.
Price Rs 1,499 plus taxes. Details 23400132

a�� Manju Latha Kalanidhi


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We often see fusion dishes as the trending food in many restaurants, but ita��s not often that you see food thata��s part organic where some of the ingredients are plucked from live micro-greens. Well, the newly-opened casual dine restaurant IndiBlaze at Hi-Tec City functions just that way. You can customise the layers of carbohydrates, proteins, greens, fats and even sauces and get your meal your way.

The decor
As you enter, the restaurant looks like any other international fast food chain. But look closely and yousee live kitchen stations with cooks preparing a Porotilla or packing an Edi Bowl. The decor is kept swanky with interesting graffiti on the wall complete with food charts and walls in bright red and yellow hues with expansive seating area. The large glass windows face the Cyber Towers. They have open display refrigerators that stock cold drinks and the guests can choose from different flavours such as guava, pineapple, lemon, kokum and even custard apple.

The platter
The brainchild of chefs Sanjay Thumma and Vikram Simha, the restaurant is a fast food chain but not the usual ones that metropolises boast of. Say the food experts in unison, a�?We want people to try fresh and clean food, thata��s why we have open kitchens. People eat fast food without realising that it comes loaded with too many preservatives which is not good for health.a�? They call it a�?good food in a flash.a�� They prepare their own sauces. You can customise your food, which is almost a complete meal. For example we chose Edi Bowl. We chose the edible bowl made with cornflour and herbs. In this we asked the chef at the counter to put a layer of brown rice in the bowl followed by sauteed veggies, Himalayan Black beans, Corn Salsa, Diced Potatoes with Peri Peri, Grilled Chicken Lettuce, Chilies, Crushed Avocado topped with sour cream and grated cheese. You can choose your micro-greens that they keep live in tiny tubs or plastic bags. We chose beetroot which was pink in colour but slightly bitter in taste. You can choose micro-greens of carrot, garlic, mustard and even celery. The overall taste was nice. We chose Sriraja sauce made from the hot chili variety of Thailand. They also have Jalokia and mustard.

Price and portion
The portions are large enough to satiate for one person. The combination was filling and seemed ideal for lunch time. We washed it down with bottled lemon drink mixed with the pulp and juice of aloe vera. It was refreshing and decently priced Rs 35. What we also liked was that the food is served in bowls made of bio-degradable material. Other than the Edi Bowl they also have Hearty Bowl, IndiPizza, Porotilla, Hot Kebab Wraps, Mini Bowls. For true biryani lovers they have the biryani box that comes for as little as Rs 99.
Cleanliness quotient
The floors are spic and span kept clean continuously by the house-keeping staff. They also keep flies at bay with a fly racquet. Some may find the unisex washroom a dampener.
Details: 33194264

a�� Saima Afreen

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Four comics to crack up the city with their take on technology and gadgets

Four young stand up comedians have decided to make gadgets and technology their butt of jokes at The Monsoon Comedy Show. The Hyderabadass comedy club has roped in Rajasekhar Mamidana, Hriday Ranjan, Avinash Agarwal and Toby Thomas for an entertaining evening at Lamakaan.
Stand up comedy has been on an upward spiral since the last two years in Hyderabad. The city has witnessed many prominent comedians coming and performing in the city. Kalyan Biswa Rath, Papa CJ, Abish Mathew etc. Setting the mood for the night would be Rajasekhar Mammidana. A techie and a business graduate, he loves to take a dig at human follies. He began his journey as a comic in 2012 and since then has never let the audience down.
Next in line is Hriday Ranjan, the Odiya boy who began his journey in 2013 by winning the Punchline Contest 2013 and since then has been entertaining his audiences in and around the city. a�?I will be talking about how technology impacts our lives in the small ways – our language, mannerisms, equations with family, etc. I would also be exploring the theme that technology not only impacts the big aspects – economies and markets – but also the small bits – family and relations,a�? says the 28-year-old comic, who aspires to become a writer someday.
The audience would then witness a performance by Toby Thomas and Avinash Agarwal. A newbie into the industry, Toby joined the league of stand up comedians last September. Drawing inspiration from Louis CK, Bill Burr and Ricky Gervais, this Keralite wou ld be performing at his first theme based show. a�?I would be speaking about technology, how it started, how it has become a crucial part of our life. and how bizarre all of this has become. Our bare necessities have changed, hopefully we can have a good laugh about it,a�? says Kevin Hart fan.
Avinash Agarwal needs no introduction in Hyderabad. He is one comic who has always inspired people to get on the stage and grab the mic, literally. Jokes apart, this 27-year-old would be speaking about the current generation of kids who according to him are a�?born and delivered on iPads.a�� a�?I feel out of place when I see this current generation kids who learn to send tweets to ISIS by the age of three. I would be comparing the old school technology where a watch was made to let us know only the time and not the date and if we wanted to check the date we had to buy a newspaper,a�? says Avinash.
The show is at Lamakaan, Road No 1, Banjara Hills at July 7 from 8 pm onwards. Price per ticket: `100 Details: facebook.com/hyderabadasscomedy a��Nishad Neelambaran

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From ghazals to Sufi music, the season 5 of Monsoon Nirvana will feature the best

It’s not just the rains, but the ragas too rendered by artistes from various genres of music that will bring down the heat this month. City-based event organisers Cisne for Arts is bringing young and talented musicians from different parts of India under one roof in Hyderabad as part of its fifth season of Monsoon Nirvana. An evening filled with ghazals, Hindustani classical, sufi music and much more awaits in the rainy days of July at Cybercity Conventions at Kothaguda. Making the evening a musical extravaganza would be Deepak Pandit, Aabhas & Shreyas Joshi, Antara Nandy, Janaki Iyer and Sneha Shankar.
Deepak, who began his musical journey at the age of six and is the youngest son of musician Shambhu Ji, learnt Hindustani classical vocal and violin from his father. Deepak is recognised as one of the serious and young exponents of Indian classical music. About Monsoon Nirvana, he says, a�?Hyderabad audience are informed about music. They know about various genres of music and I am looking forward to perform here.a�? Thanks to numerous years of training under the guidance of his father, Deepak has profound understanding of different gharana styles in music.
The stage would be set for a Carnatic performance by Chennai-based Janaki Iyer. The 34-year-old singer would be performing a few ghazals and classical pieces. a�?I would be singing a few ghazals by Mehdi Hassan, Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh along with a few classical compositions by Vyasaraja and Muthuswami Dikshitar,a�? says Janaki. On her maiden visit to the city, she is looking forward for a memorable debut in the city of Nizams. a�?I would be creating an atmosphere blending the music of north India and south India together,a�? she says.
Thereafter it would be time for some Sufi music by Aabhas and Shreyas Joshi. The Mumbai-based brothers promise to give the crowd a soulful evening. a�?We would be singing pieces by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and some of our original compositions,a�? says Aabhas. The brothers would be performing for the fifth time in the city and would be singing Moko Kahan Dhoondhe Re Bande, Jogi De Naal and Nachdi Ravan for their Hyderabadi fans.
Taking the centrestage later on would be 17-year-old Kolkata-based Antara Nandy. The Class XII student would be making her debut performance in Hyderabad. a�?The youth today connects with western music, but we should not forget our traditional music either. To bring them under one roof, I would be presenting a few songs fused with both classical and western elements,a�? says Antara. In a generation where people worship Bollywood music, Antara believes that it has lot of western influence.
The event will also feature Neha Shankar, Asia’s Singing Superstar winner and youngest contestant of Zee SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs Season 5. The nine-year-old composes her own songs. She is proficient in classical music, ghazals and qawwalis.
The Season 5 of Monsoon Nirvana would be held at Cybercity Conventions at Madhapur on July 9 from 6.30 pm. Entry Free. Details: 64553577
a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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DirectorRam Gopal Varma may have left A�the city two decades ago, but we still love him and his baby

CERTAIN people have a timeless appeal. No matter where they live, they manage to haunt us like a ghost. Filmmaker-turned-philosopher Ram Gopal Varma, RGV to his friends, fans and foes, is the man in context.
Hyderabad has had the pleasure of hosting him for a few years, in the 90s to be precise. Our city was perhaps way too much groomed for this man who gets bored in no time. We all know his three favourite a�?wa��s – wine, women and work. Or so proclaims RGV whether he is asked or not.
After engaging the Hyderabadis actively into conversation and criticism, the man who left from here pressed the restart button with his newly established Company in Mumbai. Of late, it has become so much of a tourist attraction that all my Hyderabadi friends were curious to know more.
RGV was always clear that he would never walk into someonea��s creation, but will build his own nest, with him as the centrepoint of course. It has always been his dream to thoughtfully do it up with things and people he loves and in that order. So one can naturally expect a Bruce Lee and a Big B for sure adorning his rooms. His place houses enough technology to take you fastforward 20 years from now.
I felt like I was entering a beast’s den. One where you may or may not come back alive! It was dark, deep and was telling me a compelling story. One that is about a man who lives in multiple realities at the same time. Dreams apart,the bigger story, however, is that people in Hyderabad cheered more for my Mumbai pics on Facebook as though I landed on Mars while I was actually at Company. I fell for it momentarily and started feeling like PSLV 10. That is when it struck me that it is not me and that the world is still awed by RGVa��s opinions.
Every interview he gives manages to get huge viewership and every one of his tweets is a point of debate. I have begun to understand that it is not what he says but more often how and in what context he says that strikes a chord. Being a city where we love spice all we need is that bit of pepper to make conversations more entertaining. The most entertaining star of the decade goes to…

-Swapna Sundari

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Originally directed in Tamil, director Cheran’s Rajadhi Raja released last week. The movie titled JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai in Tamil has Sharwanand and Nithya Menen in the lead roles. Acclaimed actor Prakash Raj and Santhanam also star in the supporting roles. G V Prakash Kumar has composed music for the film. The Tamil version failed to have a theatrical release back in 2013, but was released straight-to-video in March 2015. The Telugu movie was initially titled as Yemito Ee Maya.

Youthful entertainer
With Chetan, Parvatheesam, Kruthika and Tejaswi Madivada in the lead roles, Murali Krishna Mudidani has directed this romantic drama. Produced by Dil Raju, the movie is a youthful family entertainer. Kittu Vissapragada wrote the lyrics for Jeevan Babu’s tunes. Maruthi has written the story and screenplay for the film. The movie also stars Ali, Posani Krishna Murali, Raja Ravindra, Vasu Intoori, Jabardasth Appa Rao and Sashank in the supporting roles.

Suspense thriller
Directed by Dharani Dharan, Dora is a Telugu horror comedy film. The movie was originally shot in Tamil and later dubbed for the Telugu audience. Sathyaraj, Sibiraj and Bindu Madhavi play the lead role in the film produced under the banner of Sri Green Productions. Karunakaran also plays a vital role in the film. The movie also has American actor Zachary in a supporting role. The movie is described as a thriller dated back during the 1940s. Produced by M S Sharavanan, the music has been composed by Siddharth Vipin. This is director Dharani Dharan’s second venture after Burma.

-Team Indulge


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    Trunk selectA�MAALGADI
    July 1 | MaalGaadi
    Today, at MaalGaadi, a trunk show featuring 16 labels promises to showcase the latest in fashion. Be it menswear brands like Antar Agni or Nishka Lullaa��s flowy skirts for women, or even heritage jewellery by Anarae and Royal Enfield-inspired shirts from Sukhet Dhir, the choice is plenty. Till tomorrow. Details: 42103242

    Pastry lessons
    July 2 | Nickya��s Cafe and Fine PastriesA�choux
    Ever looked up recipes of choux pastry online, but failed to nail it? Try your luck at this workshop at Nickya��s Cafe and Fine Pastries in Egmore, where you can not only learn to make choux pastry, but also desserts like croquembouche, St HonorA� Gateau, and others. Also have a go at making flaky puff pastry from scratch. Rs 1,800. From 2-5 pm. Details: 8951176902

    Different strokesA�leelaartfair (2)
    July 4 | Bengaluru
    In Bengaluru this weekend? Head to The Leela Palace if you are interested in art. The hotel is hosting the second edition of the India Arts and Gems Fair, at The Collonade. Over 100 artists, galleries, art collectors and enthusiasts from across the country are showcasing their works at the event. Expect names like Yusuf Arakkal, Suhas Roy, Rini Dhumal, Shakti Burman and others. Till July 4.
    Details: 080 25211234

    Time to playshortandsweetfestival
    July 6 | Multiple venues
    Three weeks of high-quality theatre are all thata��s required to make your July a culturally rich one. The Short+Sweet Theatre festival has lined up 47 plays for its fifth edition, which starts next week. Elsewhere, The Little Theatre Festival has lined up four plays, from July 7. At Egmore Museum Theatre.
    More on P 18-19

    French connection
    July 3 | Le Creuset
    Stock up on the most exquisite pieces from French cookware brand, Le Creuset, as their ongoing end-of-season sale offers discounts of up to 40 per cent, freebies and more. Our pick is the stoneware pie bird (Rs 500 before discount) in almond, cerise and volcanic shades. We also love the Vitesse wine decanting fountain (Rs 7,000) which has a unique system that maximises aeration (buy this and get another free). Order from their store in Delhi and have your package home delivered. At Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi. Details: 011 41029592

    Feet precious
    July 5 | Bote A Mano
    When Italian leather meets fabrics from the East, a stunning range of footwear like that of Bote A Manoa��s is born. Founded by an Iranian-Italian couple, the branda��s products beautifully incorporate elements from multiple countries a�� like ikat from Tehran, brocade from Varanasi, striped cotton fabric from Bhutan, and more. More about their inaugural collection on P 7

    Brexit advantage
    July 7 | Britain
    With the pound falling hard and airfare prices dipping, one thing is certain: this is the best time to travel to the UK. Opt for this five-day, tailor-made luxury trip that includes a helicopter ride to Blenheim Palace, driving through the English countryside in an Aston Martin and living in a 2,000-acre, 17th century Jacobean manor house in Oxfordshire. From Rs 5,91,000 onwards. Till July 31. Details: elegantresorts.co.uk

    At the movies
    July 1 | SPI Cinemas
    It has become almost customary for David Yates to come up with something spectacular (take his Harry Potter movies for example). Before he takes us back into the wizarding world again, with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, catch his Legend Of Tarzan. The movie features an ensemble cast, with Alexander SkarsgA?rd in the lead, supported by Margot Robbie, Samuel L Jackson and Christoph Waltz.
    Details: 42244224

    Pedal power
    July 2 | France
    The cream of cyclinga��s top athletes will be at the starting line for the 2016 Tour de France. The 21-stage race that starts at Mont Saint-Michel and ends at Parisa��including a legendary climb up Mont Ventouxa��begins tomorrow. Watch Britaina��s Chris Froome attempt to become the first rider since Miguel Indurain (1995) to successfully defend his Tour de France title.
    Till July 24. 4 pm onwards. Details: tensports.com

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