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    Woven wonders
    July 15 | Raintree
    Chennai-based Parisera, a curated platform for Indian handcrafted products comes to the city for a pop-up at Raintree. On sale will be handwoven saris, dupattas and stoles, sourced from Kancheepuram, Benaras, and Andhra. At Race Course Road. Details: 22354396

    At the movies
    July 15 | PVR Cinemas
    After Scrat sets off a chain of events that puts the planet in grave danger, Manny, Sid, Diego, and the rest of the crew embark on a journey to save themselves in Ice Age: Collision Course. On the way, they encounter many new characters, exciting new lands and a dangerous enemy.

    Rival camp
    July 16 | Atta Galatta
    Theatre On Bengaluru presents Fifth Enemy, a tale that centres around Ashok, a cheating and thieving young man, who has a fair share of enemies. So when he is warned that he is going to die soon, he asks four of his biggest enemies to join his a�?cluba��. Does Ashok outwit the grim reaper or does he succumb? Catch the play to find out. At Koramangala. Tickets (`200) on bookmyshow.com

    Creative pursuits
    July 17 | BHIVE Workspace
    Promoting all things artistic, the 17th edition of Open Sky Slam will see numerous theatre artists, poets, singers, dancers and magicians come together for a truly creative outing. Head to BHIVE to get inspired or stage a performance of your own. Entry free (for audience), `100 for performers. At HSR
    Layout. Details: 88238525

    Gaining ground
    July 18 | Bangalore Palace
    Take a walk through history with Seek Sherpaa��s heritage tour. The walk will cover Tipu Sultana��s summer palace, Bangalore Fort, Victoria Hospital, and KR Market, where you will also be treated to some South Indian snacks. At Chamarajpet. Tickets (`4,200 upwards) on eventshigh.com

    Defining heritage
    July 19 | Arnav
    Fine jewellery label, Arnav introduces their Heritage Collection, a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. Featuring gems, pearls, gold and silver, the line includes jhumkas, elaborate necklaces, chokers and more. `20,000 upwards. At Jayanagar. Details: 9986001216

    Working lunch
    July 20 | Kopper Kadai
    Kopper Kadai introduces the Lunch ka Dabba, which is perfect for a busy workday. The simple meal will include a starter, a curry, a main and a range of other accompaniments from rotis to rice. `99 upwards. At Koramangala. Details: 65658515

    France calling
    July 21 | blueFrog
    Catch French outfit EYM Trio live and kickstart your weekend a day early. Comprising Elie Dufour on piano, Yann Phayphet on double bass and Marc Michel on drums, the jazz banda��s sound is a mix of quick rhythm, soothing harmony and a hint of playfulness. At Church Street. Tickets (`300) on bookmyshow.com

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      Queen of the South, Star World Premiere HD, Monday, 10 pm
      Adapted from the Spanish novel, La Reina del Sura, the drama series revolves around Teresa Mendoza. When her drug-dealing boyfriend is killed in Mexico, she flees to America in search of a safe haven. There she meets an old acquaintance, and teams up to bring down the leader of a drug trafficking racket. But in due course, she ends up leading the drug cartel.

      ?Eureka (season three), FX,
      Thursday, 12 pm
      The sci-fi series is set in the mysterious town of Eureka, which is blanketed by an electromagnetic shield and is inhabited by bright minds. In this season, defence official Dr Allison Blake brings in her friend, astrophysicist Dr Tess Fontanaa��from Global Dynamics, the corporation that operates the Eurekaa��who will oversee the reopening of Section 5, the facilitya��s most guarded chamber.

      Queen of Baboons, National
      Geographic Channel, Friday, 10 pm
      Set in Botswanaa��s Okavango Delta, the show follows the life of a female baboon named Tubu, who is destined to be the queen of the troop. But the rise to the top is ridden with hardships. Watch her survive flood and famine, brutal male baboons, a deadly leopard, and even the loss of her mother, to emerge as a powerful monarch.

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      At the risk of sounding pompous, we are not cheerleaders, but champions of change

      While most peoplea��s eyes light up on hearing the word a�?free,a�� this week, the city dazzled at the mention of tree. We all witnessed a newa�s tree-dimensional’ Hyderabad this week, with everyone on a planting frenzy. Green was the colour of the week and everyone was part of the governmenta��s ambitious project a�?Haritha Harama��. It is no mean feat to plant 25 lakh saplings on a single day.A�Colonies, campuses, offices, the tinsel town, TV channels – everyone responded with tremendous responsibility. I saw cute teenagers holding up placards saying a�?Free Plants. Please Takea��.
      The festive look on Monday made us feel it was an extended weekend which started on Thursday for Ramzan. Come to think of it, it was a smart move to do it on aA�Monday. Just imagine if they had done it towards or on the weekend? I wonder if people would want to get out and plant trees early in the morning. But then,when we can wake up on aA�Sunday morning and run around the city or dance away to Bollywood tunes on vehicle-free patches, then this too holds promise.
      I would like to believe, and perhaps convince you too, that we are an evolved city with a decent sense of community awareness.A� Added to this stars and celebrities lead such initiatives with great dedication. From Lakshmi Manchu to Regina and Samantha who are usually the front-runners of positive change, we occasionally have our male stars coming out too.
      My instinct tells me that we will soon find ourselves in Guinness records for maximum number of city initiatives. Car-free Thursdays, Haritha Haram, health runs, fight for accident victims, candle rallies, protests and more… We are ready to drop everything and be out on the streets. It makes me happy and proud that we are not part of the slow-to-react cities. Nor are we the easily flammable Delhi. We are the poised positive new-age lot who are spirited to encourage great things and condemn bad things.
      I am now also hoping other sleepy cities and countries will borrow our spirit and knowledge to champion causes. Hey wait. We are not cheer-leaders, but champions of change. Keep walking people. The next one is round the corner.

      -Swapna Sundari

      (The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)

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      Island delights
      A lavish buffet spread prepared and presented by guest chef Nihal Senanayake and executive chef T Vinay Kumar, flown all the way from Sri Lanka, will greet you at the Srilankan Food Festival at Cayenne at Mercure Hyderabad KCP. The all-day dining restaurant will begin the event today. Price: Rs 1,499 plus taxes Details: 67888888

      Street fare
      All food lovers are heading to People’s Plaza from July 15 to 18 for the Humpty Dumpty Food Festival. The fest will feature over 100 food stalls and cuisines as well as entertainment options. The festival is expected to attract over 10,000 guests. The event is on from from 11 am to 7 pm on all days. Price begins at Rs 25

      Welcome ladies
      Enjoy the Ladies Night every Wednesday at Playboy Club at Hotel Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre. Enjoy their signature cocktails while at it. Of course, the ladies get their drinks served on the house. Price `3,000 for two with alchohol. Details 8099048048

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      Over 56 delectable dishes from the valley on to your platter at Siesta Hitech

      Kashmir is not 2,360 km away from Hyderabad anymore. It is right here at Siesta Hitech, the multi-cuisine restaurant near Kondapur. The Kashmiri cuisine or Kashur Khyon, however you would love to call it, is all set to treat not just your tastebuds with the taste of kesar but also soothe the eyes with the garnish that looks as exquisite as the Kashmiri scarves and carpets. The fest will break the stereotype that Kashmiri delicacies are not for spice lovers.
      Raj Singh, Vice-president at Siesta Hitech, says, a�?There are two types of Kashmiri cuisine one is that of the Pandits and the second of the Wazwans. The Kashmiri Pandits or Brahmins are famous across India as these pandits were known for eating non-vegetarian food except beef.a�? The festival will feature three local chefs coming all the way from Kashmir. The hotel staff will wear traditional pathanis.
      While here, also enjoy dishes from different communities of Kashmir – Pandit and Wazwan. a�?Kashmiri Pandits were known for eating more of lamb and the wazwans were known for preparing anything and everything out of mutton,a�? says Singh.
      The hotel would present around 56 dishes on a rotation basis. Going further deep into the menu, the hotel would have Aloo Badeh, Nadir Mand, Reshmi Kokur Kebab and Murgh Jafrani among others for starters. Ghostaba, Rogan Josh, Mujh Gaad are a few main course dishes that would be presented during the festival. The desserts would have special firnis, Kashmiri signature sweet dish. Besides this, the hotel would be serving Kahwah – the valleya��s very own green tea with a hint of saffron, dash of spice and fortified nuts.
      The Kashmiri Food Festival would begin from today at Siesta Hitech and would be on till July 24 daily from 7 pm to 11 pm. Price `750 (++) Details: 42420000

      a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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      The variety of handcrafted daiquiris at ITC Kakatiya will transport you from the city streets to the beaches in Cuba

      Despise the bitter taste of beer or whiskey? Love to guzzle something which tastes nice but gives you the light buzz of an alcoholic drink? Daquiris at Marco Polo is your answer.A�The Daiquiri Festival Spring 2016 at ITC Kakatiya in Begumpet, unveils a collection of 30 specially handcrafted daiquiri — each playing with different flavours and textures.
      Made with white rum, water and sugar, a daiquiri is an ideal drink during the glum monsoon season. The festival takes the diners on a journey of handcrafted cocktails rich in classic, fruit-based daiquiris.
      The star of the selection, however, is the one with a distinctive Indian touch. For instance, the tamarind daiquiri is made with white rum and lime juice flavoured with the sweet-tangy date. Each cocktail can be complemented with different types of appetisers, to balance out the flavour.
      Says Ashwin Narayanan, Manager F&B ITC Kakatiya, a�?Our special handcrafted daiquiri menu is a perfect blend of sweet, sour and spirit made fresh and served in a gorgeous slushy way. ”
      “The unique mixing time and specific portions lend a distinctive taste and is the perfect summer sipper of Cubaa�?s golden age,a�? he adds.

      The classicA�

      The best way to start your evening is to go with the old classic. Made with white rum, water and lime juice mixed with sugar syrup, this cocktail bares the essence of it. This drink is served with a plate of nachos. The crunchy element in the snack along with the sweet-n-sour taste of the drink is an ideal marriage. This sets you up to try out the others in the class.

      Irish Chocolate
      After a spicy cocktail, this drink is an ideal way to cool down the palate with its refreshing sweetness. Made of white rum flavoured with dark chocolate and Irish coffee, this is for those who dig dessert liquor.

      If you are sitting at the bar on ladies night, this is a drink you must order. Made with white rum, triple sec and rose flavour garnished with rose petals, this one steals the hearts of the ladies. The flavour, the fragrance and the after-taste makes it the perfect way to finish your evening.
      The Daiquiri Festival Spring 2016 is on at Marco Polo, ITC Kakatiya, till the month end.A�Price `600.
      Details 23400132

      For those who want to try out a fruit-based cocktail, the watermelon one is recommended. What stands out about this cocktail is that there’s water in this and is made purely with the fruit juice, white rum, triple sec (an orange-flavoured liqueur made from the dried peels of bitter and sweet orange) and a dash of sugar. The sweetness of the watermelon juice goes beautifully with the acidity of the rum. If you are a fan of fruit-based cocktails, this will certainly make you happy.

      Chilly Coriander
      This onea��s strictly for spice lovers. A headymix of white rum, triple sec and lime juice garnished with green chilly and coriander leaves. At the first sip, the instant heat of the chilly hits your palate. The mint and coriander do a tango on your tongue.

      a�� Suhas Yellapantula

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      From Bollywood fashion to handcrafted shoes, The Label Bazaar Season 2 by Anam Mirza features it allA�

      What began as a fashion pop-up earlier this year has now turned into a wave in the city. The Label Bazaar, which floored the fashionistas in February returns with the Season 2 featuring top listers such as Shilpa Reddy, Sneha Mehta, Anushree Reddy, Suhail Gulati, Bhakti Reddy, Divaa��ni, Eshaa Amin and Raajitha Jupally and their innovative designs.
      Young entrepreneur and stylist, Anam Mirza, sister of ace tennis player Sania Mirza, talks about her big event, a�?From bags, to shoes to clothes; from ethnic wear to casual wear to contemporary fashion; from fashion week labels to blooming new labels, from womena�?s couture to mena�?s. Therea�?s something for everyone at the Label Bazaar.a�?
      A few designers share about the highlights of their designs they will showcase at the second season of this fashion event.

      From the house of Indiaa��s most renowned film production house, Yash Raj, Divaa��ni brings the collection which is a combination of sensibilities of Indian cinema with the rich heritage of craftsmanship. One will see prA?t looks which are out of the box. Fun, flamboyant, playing around with pastels and daring silhouettes from the brand. Divaa�?ni products are known for being 95% handcrafted and its niche lies in zardozi karigari with dapka, naqshi, kachha resham elements, Banarasi weaves made in gold, silver and platinum, along with hand painted art on classic chiffons and georgettes.

      What started as a small revamp of capes, a brain child of Sneha Mehta, Kukoon is now a pioneer in the fashion industry. Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Jacqueline Fernandez are among the few who have adorned their capes. a�?Our capes are made with cashmere wool, pashmina silk, velvet and raw silk. The detailing on the capes are handcrafted and we use elements of metals and leather with 3D finishing,a�? says Sneha Mehta.

      Showcasing their bridal and casual wear collection would be Nishka Agarwala��s September shoes. A brand that houses customised and handmade shoes, their collection will include heels as well as flats. a�?We have comfort wedges and platform heels, which enable every bride to be comfortable in her attire. We make our footwear particularly for ethnic outfits, which are usually not readily available in the market,a�? says Nishka.

      Shilpa Reddy
      In a world where cultures are melting and individualism is becoming more important, Shilpa Reddy finds her metier in understated glamour. The former Mrs. Indiaa��s label is hence a blend of cultural foundation and modern interpretation where they are exhibiting silhouettes with innovative techniques and reinventing cultural embellishments and embroideries in sophisticated cuts, clean structure, premium fabrics, impeccable fit in couture – pret line. a�?To see what I have got, you need to visit the exhibition,a�? she quips.

      Doe & Deer
      Raajitha Jupally, a certified diamond grader and jewellery designer who recently opened the doors of Doe & Deer in the city, would be showcasing a wide range of bracelets, rings, earrings and many more jewellery. Primarily made of silver, these accessories sport an international look. Maharani chandeliers royal floral ruby cluster, five-tyre flexi multitone bracelet are a few products that would be showcased at the event. The brand also has accessories made with emerald, ruby and other crystals to give the ornament an elegant finish and look.

      Eshaa Amin
      Presenting her Summer 2016 collection, Eshaa Amin promises to offer a�?quirky, bright colour and wearable separates made of silk.a�� Besides this, the brand would also showcase Indo-western silhouettes. Eshaa Amin would be bringing to Hyderabad her ethnic collection. It would be the first time the brand would showcase their Indian wear. a�?This collection is specially made for the festive period that would begin soon in our country,a�? says Eshaa.

      a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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      Art show, beauty pageant, ring ceremony and lots more kept us busy this week

      Monsoon does set in the mood of love. Prerna and Taaruna��s ring ceremony at Marriott Hotel was an ode to what love can create between two people. Dressed in pristine gold, Prerna got drenched in a sea of compliments. Kushal and Shivani’s engagement ceremony at Taj Vivanta was a blend of royalty and modernity.
      Art shows are all about your aesthetics and your perspective in life. Imran in a sky blue shirt paired with a carefully crafted black trouser left a lasting impression on many who came to appraise the art exhibition a�?Colors and Moodsa�� held at The Westin. Sania made everyone go green with her blue dress that draped her
      Previously fashion shows, beauty pageants and ramp walks were events hosted only in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Now the citya��s convention centres are busy with pop-ups, expos, high life events and what not. There are at least five top events to choose from on any good weekend these days. The city witnessed a week with a play, beauty event, a fashion expo etc over the weekend.
      Health Tip: A tablespoon of virgin coconut oil on an empty stomach boosts immunity.


      (The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a people’s person with a finger on the pulse on the city’s

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      Jayanth to team up with Mutharvik and Vinayak for a live event

      One DJ is fun. Three is an explosion of music. DJs Jayanth aka Jitter will jam with DJ Mutharvik and DJ Vinayaka live this Friday at the Farm World Cafe. Jitter’s obsession with creating music started at school. While his buddies were busy finishing lessons, he immersed himself in creating his own unique brand of electronica. He has began producing music since 2003 and has worked with Anoushka Shankar, Chebi Sabah, Karsh Kale and Midival Punditz, to name a few. Hea�?s also produced music for a few film scores. DJ Muthorvic is a Hyderabad-based electronic producer and DJ Vinayaka sails in the same boat. The trio promise to set the house on fire at the venue, a platform for art, culture and music.
      Entry free.
      Details 09000700088

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        Game changer
        July 15 | Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
        With legends like Ryan Giggs, Ronaldinho and Paul Scholes participating, the first edition of Premier Futsal kicks off today. The franchise-based tournament will be held across six cities. With accredition from Association Mundial de Futsal and Futsal Association of India and Luis Figo as president, ita��s touted to change the footballing scene in the country. From today, 6.30 pm onwards. On Sony Six and Sony ESPN. Details: premierfutsal.com

        At the movies
        July 15 | SPI cinemas
        The fifth installment of the popular Ice Age animated series, Ice Age:
        Collision Course is directed by Mike Thurmeier. In this edition, Scrat,
        the silly squirrel is catapulted off the earth when trying to reach his elusive acorn. He accidentally sets off a chain of cosmic events that result in
        asteroids hurtling towards the Earth, which forces the furry troupe led
        by Manny (Ray Romano), Sid (John Leguizamo) and Diego (Denis Leary)
        to migrate and survive. Details: 42244224

        High voltage
        July 16 | The Park
        One of the most notable names in the EDM circuit, Ma Faiza is back in the city with her Maximum Tour. From humble beginnings on Goaa��s beaches to being called the Mistress of Electronica, this African-born British artist promises a mix of progressive trance, dirty house, techno and ambient grooves. Tickets at Rs 1,500. Details: 42676000

        Shoppersa�� stop
        July 17 | MadHattera��s Garden
        MadHattera��s Garden is back with their Sunday Souk. With an assortment of organic vegetables, bakes, bags, accessories and clothing up for grabs, the event is a unique initiative that seeks to support local growers and producers. Details: 208362163

        Fresh start
        July 18 | Prego
        Thanks to the new chef at Prego, Alessandro Bechini, Taj Coromandel has an revamped Italian menu. Featuring his signature soups (inspired by his grandmothera��s recipes) and mains like chicken with prosciutto ham, the menu has Bechinia��s expertise shining through. More on P 8

        Reel rewind
        July 18-20 | Max Mueller Bhavan
        Get to see socially relevant movies at the Swedish Film Festival organised by the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, in association with the Embassy of Sweden and the Goethe Institut next week. Dealing with subjects like prostitution, time travel and varied human emotions, the movies to be screened include Call Girl and Belleville Baby, among others. Free entry. Details:28331314

        Three to see
        July 19 | Amethyst
        Head to Amethyst for some retail therapy this week. Its latest exhibition features brands like Khara Kapas, Bias and AnaRae, and celebrates the uninhibited spirit and style of summer with pure cotton and linen clothing, woven fabrics and mesh knits. Expect embellishment with natural shells and mirrors and handmade jewellery drawing from ancient Rajasthani and Kenyan craft styles. Rs 2,000 onwards. Till July 21. Details: 43042099

        Return of Pokemon
        July 20 | Pokemon
        Twenty years after Japanese video game designer, Satoshi Tajiri, created the first PokA�mon game, the franchise has taken over the world again! Niantica��a San Franciso-based mobile gaming companya��has tied up with Nintendo to release PokA�mon Go, a free-to-play, GPS-based, augmented reality game that encourages people to explore the real world to collect virtual PokA�mon. Available on iOS and soon on Android too. Details: pokemon.com

        Sole confidential
        July 21 | Louis Vuitton
        Louis Vuitton is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its iconic loafer a�� the Monte Carlo a�� by launching its maiden made-to-order shoe service in the country. Debuting in DLF Emporio, New Delhi, the service will be available in Bangalore for four days, starting today. Choose from a range of 13 colours of Caiman leather and three buckle options.
        More on P 11

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