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    Golden window
    Offering a quaint mix of traditional and lightweight pieces, CaratLane is introducing their Jarokha collection. With designs inspired by medieval Rajput and Mughal murals, the collection isA� fashioned with 18 karat and 22 karat gold, and features rings, earrings and bracelets among others. Rs 7,000 onwards.
    Details: caratlane.com

    Colour crush
    Fendi has a treat in store for women who like colourful accessories. Introducing Lace-Up Baguette as part of their Pre-Fall collection, the new line has an elongated look created in soft nappa leather with adjustable straps and macro-embroidery embellishments. They are available in five colours including red, yellow and white. Rs 1,30,000 onwards. Details: fendi.com

    Shoulder style
    Spice up this season with EskA� Parisa�� new collection that includes a range of classy bags for men and women. Offering luxury products at affordable prices, the line includes bags, purses and shoes andA� combinesA� elegant aesthetics using superior quality leather. Rs 5,499 onwards.
    Details: 9004015737

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      Chef Jarunun from Bangkok will whip up unusual treats at The Promenadea��s Royal Thai festival.

      THAI food lovers heading to scenic Pondicherry this weekend are in for a pleasant surprise. The Promenadea��s Bay of Buddha celebrates its first anniversary with the Royal Thai Festival, which promises authentic offerings. Designed by Bangkok-based chef Jarunun, the menu is elaborate with her signature dishes. There are the staples, of course, like geang kiew warn gai (chicken with peas and aubergine in green curry). a�?In Thai cuisine, the taste of food differs from North to South. However I am going to bring dishes from central Bangkok that will have flavours from all parts of Thailand,a�? assures the 40-year-old who has been part of various pop ups and festivals across the world, including Le Meridien Hotel in Bangkok and Por Thai Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Executive chef, Satish Rajshekhar, explains why Thai cuisine was their first choice for the occasion. a�?It is a great occasion to build on our Pan Asian repertoire. We wanted to bring something authentic and special to the people of Pondicherry, and heritage Thai cuisine hit the spot,a�? he says
      Chef Jarunun has come loaded with Thai ingredients like kaffir lime, Thai hot basil, birda��s chilli, Pandan leaves, pea aubergines, lemon grass and galangal, which, besides adding authentic flavours, also have numerous health benefits, like clearing sinuses. Dishes include phad phak roum fai deang (fried vegetable with birda��s eye chili) and massa mungue (lamb in massamun curry). a�?I have created a paneer satay for paneer lovers, on special request,a�? says Jarunun. Dona��t miss the sweet endings, faak thong cheam (sweet pumpkin) and gouy boudchee (banana in coconut milk).
      Till July 31. Meal for two at Rs 1,500 (dinner only). Details: 0413 2227750
      a��Saloni Sinha

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        Aparna Avinasiappan on the need to add some flair to everyday clothingA�

        BEING one of the only boutiques in MRC Nagar is a responsibility as much as an advantage. And in the last decade, Aparna Avinasiappan has been trying hard to live up to it. The brain behind Cohlers, the 33-year-old has been catering to the bridal and party wear market, designing and customising well-fitting clothes. Avinasiappan has now forayed into the casual wear segment, with the launch of her linen collection three weeks ago. Sourcing quality linen from Kochi and the North, Avinasiappan encourages her patrons to pick fusion concepts across the styles she offers.
        a�?People pay a lot of attention to the outfits they buy for an occasion, but often neglect the fit and design of their daily wear. As big brands produce and sell in bulk, you will lose out on uniqueness in the bargain,a�? says Avinasiappan, adding that she picked linen to ensure her pieces are elegant and unique.
        You can choose from 75 design samples that she has readya��most of them sporting simple, cleanA� lines and subtle embellishments. You can also pick from material blend options of linen and cotton, and a 40-colour palette, and get your designs customised. The idea, she says, is to break away from mass production and offer exclusive prints and styles unique to the wearer. You can also get your designs hand block printed and hand embroidered. Avinasiappan is also planning to introduce fabric painting soon. A customised design from Cohlers typically takes a week to 10 days to be completed. Next up, Avinasiappan will introduce a linen line for children.
        Rs 900 onwards. Details: 9941156531

        a��Lavanya Lakshminarayanan

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          Bringing you to speed on all things Rajinikanth as his Rs 100-crore Kabali releases today

          a�� Lavanya Lakshminarayanan

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            Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi had four sons: Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas and Devdas. One of them turned out to be a rebellious drunk and was disowned by the Mahatma. Which one?
            If Devdas was your answer, in all probability, you were heavily influenced by the Dilip Kumar-SRK classic about a drunken loser who gets sloshed to forget his true love. Thata��s what well-etched characters do to you. They grab precious real estate in your mind by becoming indelible makers for a definitive set of traits.
            Which is why screenwriters and directors spend countless hours debating every little detail about the character, right from the name (Phunsukh Wangdu in 3 Idiots) to how he laughs (remember The Jokera��s hysterical cackle?) to what she reads (Sharmila Tagore in Aradhana is spotted with the book When Eight Bells Toll) to what she wears (the Catwoman suit).
            Since we are name-ophiles, leta��s just stick to names of movie characters. George Lucas once said that a name should telegraph what a character is about. For example: Han Solo, the captain of Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, is a lone-wolf by nature. His surname is indicative of his one-man-army thinking.
            Key character names are not randomly plucked from thin air. A lot of research goes into it. When Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar were hunting for a suitable name for the villain in Sholay, they opted for Gabbar Singh aka Gabru, a real life dacoit from the 50s who had a gruesome reputation of killing 22 children.
            Even while christening the baddie in Mr India, Javed Akhtar was seeking an African-ish sounding name that felt exotically evil. He rummaged through very many Hollywood titles before settling for a 1952 Clark Gable movie called Mogambo.
            Quentin Tarantino, the master of the craft, invests as much ingenuity on his minor characters. One of the diamond thieves in Reservoir Dogs is Mr Pink, ostensibly a nod to Pink Panther, the fictional diamond with a distinctive flaw that resembles a leaping panther.
            More often than not, the name choice is whimsical. Like in Forrest Gump, the protagonist Forrest is named after a racist general just to serve as a reminder that a�?sometimes we all do thingsa��that make no sensea��. Whatever the source of inspiration, the big trick in naming characters is that the name should have some character.

            Anantha Narayan

            Got any favourite movie character names?
            Share them with anantha@albertdali.com

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            Not just monuments, but the real life beauties and dashing guys too who earn us that moniker

            Is it just a coincidence that the most beautiful people who get to wear sashes and walk away with the
            tiaras and titles on international stages hail from the city? Even if they dona��t belong here, they often attribute their success to it because there is bit of the city in them.
            The recent win of Rohit Khandelwal as a�?Mr. Worlda�� at Southport got me thinking on this. I understand that he beat 47 participants from around the world to bag this prestigious title and a prize of $50,000. I experienced the same euphoria when the girls won it too.
            At the risk of sounding pompous, almost everyone who made news as a man or woman of substance has had a city connect. May I jog your memory to a good 22 years ago and trundle you back to 1994 when Sushmita Sen was crowned the Miss Universe. I remember how Sush, as she is better called, was softly declared as a�?mana Sushmitaa�� or a�?our Sushmitaa��. She was born here and almost every interview of hers brought glory to us. I met her a few months ago at a big fashion event at the Taj Falaknuma Palace and it was great to see her remember the city with fondness.
            In the late 1990s and early 2000, it was Diana Hayden and then Dia Mirza, both of who have a strong bond to Hyderabad. Dia studied here and has always spoken about how the city gave her the attitude and mindset that has made her what she is today.
            Then Miss India Universe 2011 Vasuki Sunkavalli had a slice of the Pearl City in her too. Call me biased, but when people remember their roots, it feels great. And when dashing guys and beautiful girls open their speech on the dais with a a�?a�� I am.. and I come from the city of Hyderabada�� my heart swells with instant pride. Last week, there seemed to be a spate of beauty pageants in the city. While I always wish the best man/woman win the title, I secretly hope those who call Hyderabad their home should be a bit more equal than the others. Ita��s not for nothing that we are called a beautiful city or tiara town.

            -Swapna Sundari

            a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)

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            Linking seven different countries to the main stage at Belgium, Unite -The Mirror to Tomorrowland, will give the city a party it will never forget, this weekend

            Hyderabad, get ready to tap your feet, headbang and let yourself loose this weekend. Rated as the worlda��s best and the biggest music festival, Tomorrowland, returns to India. The extravaganza which began in 2005 in Belgium by the brother Beers, will be coming back for its Indian fans to Hyderabad this time.
            Tomorrowland expanded its global family last year and was a sensation in its first edition. Unite – The Mirror to Tomorrowland, would connect Mexico, India, Japan, Colombia, Germany, South Africa and Israel with the event in Belgium. The main event kicks off on July 22 in the land of Tin Tin. However, Unite would take place on the second day which would see live action from different countries across the world.
            Fans can look forward to DJ sets from Lost Stories, Anish Sood, Kerano B2B Joshi and Candice Redding, all EDM biggies, will build the Tomorrowland atmosphere before the full sets of Nicky Romero, Afrojack and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are streamed along with special effects like pyro and CO2 machines which will be synced with the Tomorrowland main stage in Belgium. With the DJs hitting the console tomorrow at Gachibowli Indoor stadium, we speak to them to get more about their show.
            Anish Sood
            Known for his weekly podcast – Sunburn on Air, in collaboration with Sunburn festival, the 26-year-old DJ from Goa, is one of the biggest names in progressive house, electro and techno genres. A mechanical engineer, Sood will be performing for the 25th time in the city. The GIMA award nominee promises to play his new track, a remix of Milkshake by Kelis, Cana��t Feel My Face by The Weekend, Dark River by Sebastian Ingrosso. a�?I think my usage of promos and labels fused with my own music and editing, is what makes my music different,a�? explains the Goan. The DJ who was listed amongst the top 50 best-dressed men in India by GQ in 2014/15 is looking forward to his break in August, releasing new tracks in October and a new album by next year.
            Born Karanvir Singh, DJ Kerano from New Delhi began his musical journey during his Delhi University days. a�?The DJing bug bit me when I started bunking college regularly,a�? says the 24-year-old. a�?I used to play house but I am now experimenting with different genres. Ia��m figuring out my next favourite genre,a�? he quips. Kickstarting his career with a collaboration with Tom Swoon, the duo became famous for their track – Here I Stand. Patenting his music as a�?soulful and melodic,a�� the DJ says he will perform B2B (back-to-back) with his friend Joshi. The Delhiite, who will be performing in Kolkata and Pune after Unite, revealed that he would be releasing three new tracks by the end of this year. He brings with him a bunch of unreleased tracks which he hopes would make the audience sway.

            Lost Stories
            Known for their a�?unpredictable and nostalgica�� dance music with an Indian touch, Lost Stories comprising Rishab Joshi (25) and Prayag Mehta (29) promise to enthrall the crowd with different genres and a special performance with YouTube sensation, Hasit Nanda. Pointing out their track with Armin Van Buuren, Rishab says, a�?We became internationally recognised DJs after that and going with that same flow, last year’s Tomorrowland was also another feather in our hat.a�? Bringing the new genre of future bass to India, the Mumbai-based duo would be performing a few tracks which they hope to set foot in India through their forthcoming performances. Travelling to Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru later, Says Rishab, a�?We never stick to one particular genre and if you see in India, if one DJ is known for techno he/she would only be performing that but, keep shuffling the genres and tracks keeping the crowd in front of us guessing.a�?
            Lost Stories would be releasing another track, an official remix of Alan Walkera��s numbers shortly.
            Ticket price: Rs 3,500. Details bookmyshow.com

            a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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            Biscotti love
            Now the famous Karachi Bakery introduces another of its branch at RP Road, Secunderabad. Other than its famous fruit biscuits, kaju biscuits and a variety of other items like cakes, cookies, breads the brand has also introduced oats biscuits. Prices begin with `50 for ubiquitous Osmania
            biscuits. Details: 8978111033

            Asian delights
            Relish delicious Rendang daging, ayam, itiak, tahu with an assortment of authentic side-dishes along with curries at the Rendang Festival at Syn, Taj Deccan. The items are served with gado gado salad and a choice of steamed rice or noodles. The festival will be on till July 31. Time: 7.30 pma��11.45 pm. Details: 66663939

            Mylapore magic
            Dakshin at ITC Kakatiya begins its food festival a�?Mylapore Magica��: a menu from the city of Mylapore. Chef Rajan curates the menu with an array of mouth-watering delicacies. The food festival starts on today and ends on July 31. Time: 7.30 pm-11 pm. Price: `800 ++ for veg, `900++ for non-veg. Details: 23400132

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            The clause a�?order responsiblya�� makes the Sunday afternoon session at Olive Bistro even more memorable

            Leta��s admit it.Hyderabadis are a lazy lot. And here comes a Sunday brunch from Olive Bistro that is bound to take them a step further in this league. But then, one has got to cut some slack on the weekend and indulge in it, especially when the key phrase is a�?Picnic by the lakea�� and comes with a spoiler alert a�?Order responsibly.a��
            Says Shaaz Mehmood, who owns the bistro that turns three next month, a�?The regular brunch was leading to a lot of wastage of food. Thata��s when we thought of curating a tabled brunch and since the weather is amazing in the city, what better idea than to bring in the outdoorsy element?a�?
            Says Executive Sous Chef Arun Da��Souza, a�?We insist that diners exercise their choice of option while ordering.a�?
            True to its name, the Olive Bistro SundayA�Picnic TableA�Brunch happens on an lazy SundayA�afternoon by the Durgam Cheruvu.
            On arrival guests are welcomed and given picnic baskets packed withA�French breads, fresh juices, fruits, flowers, napkins; everything needed to lay theA�perfect picnic table. TheA�brunchA�features a choice of specialties with live pizza and pasta counters, grills and a classic dessert counter.A�The chicken and waffles that comes with freshly orange juice and chilli marinated chicken, cornmeal waffles, honey chilli syrup and pickled watermelon rinds is definitely the highlight.
            A wide variety of wood-fired over pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and pastas, cocktails and mocktails will fulfill every foodiea��s desires. The dessert counter is exhaustive with a choice of Mirror Cake with Drunken Fruits Chocolate Mud Pie etc.
            Time: 12 pm a�� 11 pm. Price Rs 1,500 plus taxes and `2,000 plus taxes (with alcohol). Entry by reservation only. Details: 69999127

            a�� Manju Latha Kalanidhi

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            Hotel Junior Kuppana opened in Hyderabad and has brought in the unique Kongu Nadu cuisine to us

            Located bang in the middle of the Hitec City road, at the centre of the city’s IT hub, Hotel Junior Kuppanna brings to life even the dullest of Wednesday afternoons. The restaurant is part of the popular chain that gets a mention in definitive travel guide a�?Lonely Planeta��, nonetheless. The group founded by Kuppanna of Erode in 1960 and with a presence in Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru, now opens its first in the Biryani City.
            “I first came across this type of food in Coimbatore a few years ago and simply fell in love with it. Ever since, I wanted to set up a similar restaurant here. I personally set the bar high for myself when I eat out. If they can satiate me, I’m sure my guests will be happy as well,” says Andy Srinivasan who got the franchise to Hyderabad that celebrates southern spices unapologetically in gleaming stainless steel ware.
            The restaurant serves the cuisine of Kongu Nadu, which comprises western Tamil Nadu, parts of Karnataka and Kerala bringing in the best flavours of the three states. While the practice of serving food in a plantain leaf is very Tamil, the use of spices is straight from Kerala and the love for rice as a base has roots in the Kannadiga land. Coimbatore is the first city that comes to mind when you talk of this cuisine and Junior Kuppannaa��s food takes pride in its roots in the textile city.
            “The biggest challenge for me is to ensure we maintain the authenticity of the franchise and at the same time, appeal to the Hyderabadi palate. Mass food in a fine dining style is how I would sum it up,” adds Andy.
            Mutton Chukka was our appetiser and it certainly set the mood. Their Chicken Chukka is a Kongunad style kebab except that it’s served with the bone. In fact, the flavours ooze out almost in slow motion to make you cherish every spice they use. We tried the chicken leg a�� soft, tender and cooked deliciously, which was marinated with spices and herbs. It has strong local flavours, but none overwhelm you. Seafood lovers must head straight to the Vanjaram Fish which is cooked to perfection with just the right amount of seasoning. However, watch out for the little bones in the fish.
            The star of the main course may be biryani, but the parathas hold fort, too. Served with a gravy (choice of veg and non veg), the latter are super soft, spicy and simply melt in the mouth. And finally, a meal in Hyderabad is never complete without biryani. However, Junior Kuppannaa��s is nothing like its cousin in Hyderabad. Made of Zeera Samba rice with finely chopped mutton pieces, it is complemented by a spicy masala gravy and raita. The rice is soft and sticky and has very little oil. Those who don’t like this type of biryani can order the same dish with Basmati Rice. However, I would recommend visitors to try the one made in special Konga nadu style.
            For those visiting this restaurant, it’s important to have tolerance towards spicy food and to keep an open mind. If you haven’t tried this cuisine before, I suggest you go out there and experience it.
            Price: Rs 650++ taxes for two.
            Details: 33194281

            a�� Suhas Yellapantula


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