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When The Economist coined the portmanteau ‘Brexit’ in 2012, they had no idea it would someday plunge the British pound to a 30-year low, cause a 2-trillion-dollar wealth wipe out, and lead to a geo-political crisis that might eventually trigger the break-up of the United Kingdom.
As Bill Maher summed it up rather novelly, the final Brexit tally was 48 per cent Sense and Sensibility, 52 per cent Pride and Prejudice. Clearly, those who wanted to walk out of the relationship with the European Union were thinking more ME than EU. Cricket legend Ian Botham couldn’t have explained it better, “We have lost the right to govern ourselves, to make our own laws, and to choose who comes here.” The loss of authority to faceless bureaucrats sitting in Brussels and being the ‘sewer for all and sundry from abroad’ obviously hurt the Brits. Hence Brexit. Curiously, the Queen didn’t offer a word of support for ‘Remain’ throughout the campaign. And that should offer a clue as to why respected names like Michael Caine and John Cleese decided to openly root for ‘Leave’. It wasn’t really about immigrants alone. It was about getting back the Britishness.
Somehow the rest of the world hasn’t taken the referendum result kindly. All those who’ve been easy targets of British humour have ganged up on the Internet to have a good laugh at the Union Jacked with plenty of Brexit jokes.
A Whatsapp forward went like this: After the EU break up, English will have only three vowels — A, I & O. Another one goes, ‘Hey, there’s this new diet that makes you lose pounds fast. It’s called the Brexit diet’. A Reddit favourite was, ‘I read a joke about the British pound. It didn’t make any cents to me.” Ryan Air rode on the mass frenzy with a banner ad to push its low fare seats from the UK to Europe. The headline read: “Just like the Brits, they’ll be gone very soon!”
The Europeans were very peeved. And they joined the ridicule fest with even more barbs. “May be instead of using the 50/50 option and asking the audience, Britain should have exercised the phone-a-friend option. That way, they could still have been a millionaire,” added a pungent Euro-fan. An acerbic bloke piped in, in an online forum, “You know why there’s been a steady decline in the British population? That’s because the Brits are really good at pulling out!” My point is, this Brexit or Bremain debate will continue till the day the English say, ‘See EU later!’
What’s your take on the vote? Share your thoughts with anantha@albertdali.com.

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    Walk in to Loft38 for a day of  CS:Go clashes, cosplay, VR demos, music and comedy

    IN A bid to make “the gaming culture mainstream in India”, Delhi-based NovaPlay (a platform for multiplayer gaming communities) will kick off the first edition of the SuperNova Gaming Carnival on Sunday. The five-city property will open in Bengaluru, and later travel to Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. The fest will feature a mix of face-offs over the very popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) game, apart from virtual reality demos, standup acts, DJ sets and a cosplay contest.
    The idea, as NovaPlay’s CEO Amitesh Rao tells us, is to integrate gaming with popular culture, much on the lines of music and comedy. “You often hear of hard-core gaming tournaments in India, where serious gamers compete. By serious gamers, I mean people who employ strategies, have great reflexes and mental conditioning to steer a game. They play for 7to 8 hours at a stretch, daily. But with SuperNova, we are trying to bring all types of gamers — professional, casual and fringe, on one single platform. Gaming is a legitimate part of popular culture, and we are trying to give it its due place in our country,” explains Rao, who likes racing, and gearshooting video games. He is currently hooked to Fallout 4, Project Cars, and Arma, as well as mobilegames like Pool, and Clash of Clans.
    Battle ground
    On Sunday, you can witness eight teams, each with five players, compete over the first-person shooter game of CS:GO. Four of these teams were selected from offline tournaments held in Bengaluru this week, and the rest, from a total of 150, sealed their slots online. The top two finalists from each city, who get to share a prize money of `5 lakh, will clash again in the grand finale in November. Meanwhile, avid gamers and geeks in the audience can try their hands at Vive, a virtual reality (VR) headset presented by HTC and Valve. The interesting bit is the product, which can turn a room into a 3D space via sensors, is not out in the market yet, so you can get an exclusive preview of the gadget that’s bagged awards in the categories of gaming, entertainment and others. You will get to play a few VR games as well.
    Caped crusaders
    The day-long event will also feature a cosplay competition. The 40-45 participants will be judged for their outfits, innovation, and their acts, and will share a cash award of `75,000. If you don’t wish to compete, but just show some love for your favourite gaming character, you are welcome to turn up at the venue dressed like one. In the evening, comedian Abish Mathew, DJ Vachan Chinnappa, and electronica act BLOT! from New Delhi will take turns to entertain the gathering.
    July 3. At Indiranagar. 11.30 am onwards. Register on novaplay.in
    — Barkha Kumari

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    Farzi Cafe
    The much anticipated Farzi Cafe launch had the city’s social set making their way to UB City last weekend. DJ Nishant entertainted the gathering, as they sipped on decadent cocktails and nibbled on some of the cafe’s signature creations.

    The restobar threw a party recently to unveil its new look and menu. Hosted by Kuldeep and Gurpreet Singh, the sundowner saw guests enjoying jelly shots, cocktails, and in-house creations, amidst the pristine white interiors,
    cozy nooks and cabanas.

    Galerie Sara Arakkal
    Artist Yusuf Arakkal launched his book,  Faces of Creativity, and threw open his solo exhibition of the same name last week. The book features portraits of 135 Indian artists, including Santhanaraj AP, Sunil Das and Thota Vaikuntam.

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