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Was it the holiday mood or River Krishna that made the long weekend so beautiful?

t has been a rather wet week for most Hyderabadis despite the fact that it did not rain. Three cheers to our spirit of staying sane despite watching the stock markets dip, our hope for better roads dip and of course, holy dips in River Krishna, with equal commitment.
By Thursday last week, it was clear that many lucky ones would have a long weekend with Independence Day added to their holiday plus this new found excitement a�� Krishna Pushkarams. It is our very own version of the Kumbh Mela with Krishna in place of The Ganga.
I visited various ghats observing the urban people land up there and soak up the frenzy. The water was certainly not blue a�� between muddy brown and mossy green. The drive was long with added traffic on intercity highways. Trains and buses were packed and airfares skyrocketed. The heat was scorching at the ghats. Yet people showed up in large numbers.
No one batted an eyelid when they knew they had to park far away and walk in the hot sun to reach the waters. Some places reminded me of waterside resorts. The fact that a dip is directly linked to instant good karma one would earn made it into a wholesome family event.
I watched the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and the high profile guests dunk themselves into the water and then there were people of different sects, profiles and backgrounds. Rivers and such community events are great levellers. Celebrity musicians like MM Sreelekha and Koti drove down to perform on the banks of the river. At one point I wondered if anyone was left in Hyderabad.
As always, I am awed of our appetite to squeeze in so much. The same folks who crib about traffic jams drove hundreds of miles into unpredictable terrains and enjoyed clicking pictures and tagging friends. Perhaps it was the weekend mood. Or maybe the rivers do it to us. It all fell beautifully in place. I was inspired. What about you?

Swapna Sundari

a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi

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Evam Karthik to take on Shobhaa De and the class stuck between the rich and the poor this weekend

Chennai’s funny man Karthik Kumar will be in town with ‘Second Decoction’ and guess what he will celebrate? Being middle class. With a bit of sarcasm and his signature sharp wit, it is bound to be elite class in its comedy quotient though.
a�?The show has second in its title because the middle class would never go for the first. They are taught to think and act like that since childhood,a�? explains Karthik. His show on Saturday night will touch upon middle class upbringing, filled with hope, dreams and life savings; just enough to pay only the first EMIs for them.
Coming to Hyderabad after a gap of five years, Kathik would be speaking about his formative years. a�?I would be talking about how a middle class family would approach about staying in a hotel or pursuing education because that is the only inheritance we get. The way we look at values and what success means to them,a�? he adds.
A journey that began with theatre, Karthik along with his friend Sunil started Evam Entertainment. An acclaimed comedian now, he first performed in 2010. Apart from stand up, he is also an actor who features in Tamil movies.
Karthik is in his element when you ask him to comment on celebrities. About Shobhaa De ‘s recent Twitter saga, he chortles and says, a�?We’ve got it all wrong. She only meant that she was disappointed the way these athletes posted selfies and that they should be trained to click better pictures. At last what does she want anyway? She wants to look good and be at the right parties at the right time. I feel bad for that poor lady.a�?
Evam Stand-Up Tamasha Presents Karthik Kumara��s Second Decoction will be held at Bhaskara Auditorium, Birla Science Centre, Adarsh Nagar on August 20 from 7.30 pm onwards. Price for tickets: Rs 500 per person. Details: bookmyshow.com

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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Sapta, the band, to fill Sunday night with heavy bass and super hard drums

Indian in flavour, international in approach. That is how Sapta, the two-member music band from Chennai describes its music. They bring with them a different class of Electronic Music genre, they promise.
Conceived by Marti Bharath in 2007, the band is known for its energetic sounds. a�?Our tracks are electronic music that is a reflection of all the sounds that are around us everyday,a�? says Marti, the frontman.
Based in Chennai, Sapta was initially headed only by Marti. Tapass Naresh, who was Martia��s manager, joined hands later. The duo will be performing in the city at Heart Cup Coffee, Kondapur.
Coining their music as a�?pure drum and bass,a�� Marti believes that their first tour gave them the base to build an empire. a�?The first tour we did, after IndieEarth XChange made sure that a lot of people noticed us. After that the tour we did for our seventh album launch recently garnered us great response. We had put everything we had into it and the response at each city was amazing,a�? says the frontman of Sapta.
When asked what Hyderabadis can expect from their upcoming gig, he says, a�?We promise to deliver a night of super hard drum and bass, that’s going to make them jump and dance all night. We would be playing The Beast, Le Code D’Honneur and The Bite of the Cobra for sure.a�? The duo also plan to release a few singles in the coming months. About the band’s name, he elaborates, a�?Seven has always been a symbolic number, and it’s a code that we’ve used for everything we’ve done.a�?
The band would be heading to Pondicherry, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune after their gig at Heart Cup Coffee, Kondapur, on August 21 from 8.30 pm onwards. Tickets for Indie Sunday with Sapta is available on insider.in.
Price: Rs 300 per person.

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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Fusion fare
Celebrate the fusion of French and Indian cuisine better known as a�?Franco Pondicherrya�� at Dakshin, ITC Kakatiya. You can relish delightful Langouste Curry, Meen Elumicham Pazham Roast, Kothamalli Puthina Kozhi Kari and more. Time: 7.30 pm-11 pm. Price: on request. Details: 40081816

Arabian delights
Enjoy Arabic and Hyderabadi food fiesta at Noha, the fine dine restaurant by Four Seasons. You can relish items like Samak Al-Faham, Mandi Laham followed by Kunafa and Ummali. The festival will continue till Aug 21. Price: `1,500++ taxes for two. Time: 7.30 pm-11 pm. Details: 65533330

Ita��s a wrap
Relish a celebration of wraps at Daily Treats, The Westin. The tender and crispy delights will be available on Thursdays and Fridays. You can enjoy the chicken wraps with iceberg lettuce and exotic veggies. Price: a la carte. Time: 11 pm – 3 am. Details: 67676888

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Celebrating Parsi New Year with signature food loved by the community

This is the month of Navroz. Soda Bottle Opener Wala, the archetypal Bombay Irani cafA� and bar, is hosting Navroze Bhonu, better known as the Parsi feast. The Parsi food reflects their culture and they get busy celebrating the New Year with a hearty meal. In August, the community celebrates the new year’s arrival in India and the acceptance of their new homeland.
You can relish the non-vegetarian bhonu comprising sweet and sour brinjal pickle, Saria the Parsi papad, a classic Salad Shirazi, Chutney eeda na pattice or egg pattice with a hint of quintessential green chutney, Masala ni dal, feasty Mutton pulav, Kachumbar – the everyday salad mix, Jardaloo chicken cooked with apricots, a recipe passed down with every generation of a Parsi household and rotlis or rotis prepared the way Parsis do it. For dessert, therea��s delicious raspberry and white chocolate panacotta followed by sweet sev.
The vegetarians can try the Vegetarian Bhonu with beetroot cutlet, Vegetable Pulav and mouth-watering brinjal and drumstick curry.
The Navroze Bhonu is on till August 21. Time: 12.00 pm-11.30 pm. Charges: ` 700++ for non-vegetarian bhonu, ` 600++ for vegetarian bhonu. Details: 68888681

a��Saima Afreen

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Hoppipola has fun written all over, with its innovative delicacies that come with interesting activities

Remember your childhood days when youa��d scribble something with chalk pieces on your bench while finishing the tiffin box? How about reliving those experiences? Head to Hoppipola, the casual dining lounge at Hi-Tec City. It’s here that you can bite into yummy tacos and sip your drink as you play Monopoly, Chess or Battle Ship. The interiors are equally funky with a sense of comfort and playfulness.

Whata��s inside?
Wooden high chairs and tables in combination of white, electric blue and lemon yellow greet you as soon as you walk in. While you gorge upon the burgers or enjoy your margaritas, look up. You will find bird cages in wrought iron with a bird (not alive, of course) or two dangling from it. The lampshade looks classy too. The seating area extends further where the walls compliment the milky white walls adorned with with decorative plants on it. This gives the illusion of a closed garden area. Tiny semi-circular windows of the place overlook the hugger-mugger food-trucks in the space adjacent to the road outside.

The fun elements
After you finish your food, you can dig into the pockets in the centre of the table, fish out a few chalk-pieces and duster to scribble something the way you did at school. If your friends have kept you waiting, you can have the company of books. They have an interesting collection of graphic novels and paperbacks, though small. And if your group has arrived make the table your playground with games like ludo, cards, scrabble, or monopoly. Girls, pay attention. Open the cute wooden bird-houses arranged on the wall near the bar, if you find anything inside they will serve you Hoppipola shots free. A cool deal, indeed. The idea is to make the guests revisit their childhood as adults. A cool deal, indeed. The idea is to make the guests revisit their childhood as adults.

Food & drink
The fun elements return to your table when your order is served. What is your drink which arrives enveloped in thick white fumes? They have Hoppi Special Drink. Ita��s a cocktail of white rum, orange liqueur with pineapple chunks, hazelnut and pomegranate. And they serve it inside a bird cage with smoke curling out from the bottom. Says one of the staffers, a�?We put a bowl of dry-ice beneath the cage and pour hot water onto it, hence the smoke.a�? You can try Hoppi Bath Tub or IQ, a drink in an electric bulb. We recommend Paneer Sanskari Tacos: paneer with Indian sanskar and OMG which is deep mushroom balls. Also try Crispy Fried Sriracha Chicken Sliders that they serve on a cute wooden slider train. We loved Spring Rolls filled with corn seeds, chillies and cheese with sriracha dip.

Price and portion
The Chicken Trilogy that we tried served well for two. It had tender chicken sticks done in three different flavours and comes in a plate of six pieces. Ita��s priced at ` 215. Fishful Thinking, too, had decent serving. Ita��s also priced at `210. Costs `1,200 for two. Details: 33165103

a��Saima Afreen

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Syska LED opens its first lounge in the city

If you want a clean and green country, start with your home. With your lights, in fact. Green soldiers in the city will be happy to note that one can exercise a choice when it comes to energy efficient and durable LED lights with Syska LED brand opening its new showroom in the city.
The 1,200 sq.ft space houses the branda��s new product lineup in residential LED lighting – ceiling lights, compact ceiling lights, garden luminaries and wall scones. While the LEDs focus on energy-saving and durability, Syskaa��s RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant products are about protecting homes and lives from electrical hazards, reduce energy cost and minimising the environmental impact.
Besides this, the showroom also showcases high efficiency industrial range lights – bulbs, tubes and garden lights that range from 0.5 watts to 16 watts. a�?Unlike other tube lights that consume double the power, our tubes will consume only the mentioned amount of electricity,a�? says Sundeep Singh Sokhi, Proprietor, Syska LED Lounge, Hyderabad. The company also specialises in garden lights. They have a wide range in four bulb pole lights to vintage style lantern lights.
Syska LED Lounge is located near Ranigunj Bus Depot. Opp. Axis Bank, Secunderabad. Price: `45 and upwards. Details: 27540430

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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Bring back the love for jamdani this monsoon

sheer and wispy jamdani fabric is made with a supplementary technique of weaving using the most delicate of muslins, it is often woven during the monsoon season when humidity prevents the fine threadsfrom becoming brittle. With the festive season fast approaching, choose from these dresses, jackets,saris and stoles from designers like Rahul Mishra and Aartivijay Gupta.

Sunny skies
Go for a cheerful yet understated look with this stunning sari from Gadwal Verses. The handwoven
drape features a floral motif, with a geometrical border and pretty yellow and white tassels attached to the pallu. Wear with a turquoise blouse and matching necklace, we say. `9,490. On jaypore.com

Winged flight1
Opt for this striking piece from Anavila Misra, known for her handwoven linen saris. The combination of black and white make it an elegant number, while the bold black border ties the look together. The dragonflies on the pallu add some quirk and fun. `25,000. At Ogaan, Mumbai. Details: 09971894498

Silken strandsA�2
Perfect for a chilly day, this stole from Fabindia is a great way to stay stylish while also keeping warm. Made from matka silk, the beautiful deep green shade is well complemented by the muted yellow and gold accents. Wear with a plain white tee and faded skinny jeans. `2,290. At Commercial Street. Details: 41132429

Pink power3
Hot pink and cream come together in this delicate shrug from Good Eartha��s apparel line, Sustain. Made from pure cotton, the light jacket features embroidered and embellished floral and striped details. Wear over a tucked-in camisole top and fitted trousers. `6,800. At Walton
Road. Details: 40920986

Zip it4

Despite giving it a western silhouette, designer
Rahul Mishra manages to keep his dress looking ethnic. Bringing together black and icy blue shades, the outfit features embroidered diamond motifs on the bodice and skirt. The highlight is the thigh high slit, with a zipper detail on the front. `21,500 approximately. At Ensemble, Mumbai. Details: 022 40564800

Garden view5

Quirky and dreamy, this number
from Aartivijay Gupta is the way to goif youa��re looking to make an impression.Crafted from a gold jamdani fabric, the sheath dress bears a foliage print in contrasting shades of forest green and orange, making it a standout piece.Rs 21,000 approx. At Khar West,Mumbai. Details:09920050300

Handled with care6
Best paired with a plain cream coloured cotton kurta, this dupattastands out because of its unusual hue.
The silk fabric has a striped body with contrasting off white teardrop motifs on both ends. From textile revivalist Ghanshyam Sarode, this handwoven piece is a must-have. `2,790. On parisera.com


Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo

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Designer tips, friendship bash and tricolour dominated the week

Masaba Gupta was in town. Naturally the fashionistas in the city turned up in big numbers in their dazzling best for an interactive session with the ace designer. Organised by the FICCI Ladies Organisation at Park Hyatt, the event witnessed Masaba recount about her childhood, creative pursuits and fashion goof-ups. The designer known for her quirky creations looked stunning in her black ensemble.
Friendship Day Bash by Ritz and unveiling of Haute Affair by Akritti saw the creme de la creme of the city get together. The bash was attended by Pinky Reddy, actress Namrata Shirodkar, journalist Vanaja Banagiri, socialites Sabina Xavier, Bina Mehta, Sashi Nahata and her family and many more. Dermatologist Dr Shuba Dharmana stood out from the crowd in her uber classy off-shoulder blue top with a chunky neck piece. Sabiha Ali looked ultra glamorous in black and white monochrome short dress.
The group art show Tulikashi by artists from Banaras at Westin Mindspace had an interesting turnout. Model Sadhna Singh, Firdaus, Sazia, Sonali, Aanchal among others were spotted at this do. Furhung was seen conversing with the guests and elaborating about the new trends in art.
Two well known ladies club in the city – Pink and Phankaar – celebrated the Independence Day tricolour attire. It was a classy affair with almost everyone turning up in white with a hint of green and amber.

-Rina Hindocha

Go green
Aug 19 | Secunderabad
Want to smell the fresh vegetables directly from the fields? Head to Our Sacred Space for the farmersa�� market. They name it Adivaram Angadi where you can find fresh fruits to jute bags. Time: 10 am- 1 pm. Entry free. Details: 9030013344

Picture perfect
Aug 20 | Saifabad
As the world celebrates Photography Day, Telangana Photographic Society is hosting its annual three-day photography exhibition by various photographers at Ravindra Bharathi. There will also be talks by Arvind Chenji and Ravinder Reddy. Time: 11 am – 7 pm. Details: 9885499076

Legend recall
Aug 21 | Banjara Hills
Renowned Bengali writer Mahasweta Devi may have passed away, but her legend lives in her stories. City-based theatre group Shudraka is presenting a play based on her short-story a�?Aajira��. It will be staged at Lamakaan. Tickets: `50. Time: 7.30 pm. Details: 9440742760

Inky affair
Aug 22 | Somajiguda
Sameer Patange, the well-known tattoo artist, will be conducting a workshop at Aqua, The Park. It will continue till August 24. He has inked many Bollywood celebrities so far. For single entry charges are `1,500. Time: 10 am onwards. Details: 23456789

Fashion fire
Aug 23 | Banjara Hills
If you are a fashionista, rush to Taj Krishna for Da��sire Exhibition. More than 100 national and international designers will be presenting that haute couture which is droolworthy. You can choose from exquisite dresses, accessories to bags. Time: 10 am- 8 pm. Details: 66662323

Tollywood tunes
Aug 24 | Hi-Tec City
The much-awaited movie Premam which stars heart-throbs Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Shruti Haasan will be released soon. But its audio is releasing at Shilpakala Vedika amidst glitterati. The music is by Gopi Sunder and Rajesh Murugesan. Time: 6 pm. Details: 23112704

Kebab craze
Aug 25 | Secunderabad
Paradise, the biryani house of Hyderabad, is holding a 45-day long kebab festival at all its outlets in the country. Some kebabs are prepared using age old recipes. Some of the kebabs are Gul Lazeez Kebab, Kalmi Kebabs and Zaituni Tangdi kebabs. Details: paradisefoodcourt.com

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