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Teenage romance
qNimmagadda Prasad on Annapurna Studios and Matrix Team Works, Nirmala Convent is directed by G Naga Koteswara Rao and features debutants Roshan Meka and Shriya Sharma in the lead roles. Nagarjuna Akkineni, seen in a guest role, has crooned a special song in this film after 17 years. Music is by Roshan Saluri.

The transformation

Siddhartha is the saga of a man called Surya whose raging violence is met with the innocent love of a girl and transforms him to Siddhartha. Sagar, known for his powerful roles on the populat TV series Mogali Rekhulu and Chakravakam, plays the protagonist. Ragini Nandwani and Sakshi Chaudhary are the female leads. This production of Dasari Kiran Kumar is directed by KV Dayanand Reddy and has music by Mani Sharma. The movie follows the template of a thriller with an action-based climax.

Thrills and chills
Starring TV anchor-turned-actress Rashmi Gautam, Jaswanth and Rajeev Kanakala, Charuseela also has popular comedian Brahmanandam in the lead role. Srinivas Uyyur has directed the movie which is being touted as a zombie comedy or zomedy. The woman-centric film portrays Rashmi as a girl possessed. Suman Jupudi has composed the music. Senior comedian Brahmanandam is likely to remind us of his role in Geetanjali released in 2015.

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My experiments with online browsing at a roadside kiosk in the city

In a good day, I can connect to my wi-fi at home and at office too. On a bad day, when I am away from both the places and stuck in my car and have to urgently send a mail, like this column for instance, my trusted data package comes to the rescue. However, it always pinches me to spend `21 to upload a picture or send a mail and that too on 3G connections as my driver negotiates the potholes and my network keeps reminding me that the connection is unstable.
The Rajeev Gandhi International Airport has free wi-fi. Now, Secunderabad station and Nampally too offer it through their RailTel networks. Ia��ve visited a cafA�, a boutique, a salon, a spa, a mall and a restaurant in the recent times and found all of them announcing free data they are offering. Interestingly, the board announcing wi-fi was bigger than their a�?special of the daya�� at an organic restaurant I went to last weekend.
Hyderabad has become so tech-savvy that even the ubiquitous tea shops have started offering it. This incident happened near the DLF campus at Gachibowli, the hub of IT companies. Amidst roadside parathas, avocado juice, paneer Maggi and soda hubs, I gravitated towards a yellow, sprightly kiosk serving tea and cookies. While I was admiring the variety in tea and the snacks to go with it, my phone scanner asks me if I want to connect to the network here.
Being a wi-fi glutton, I did ask my phone to a�?connecta��. While the picture I posted seemed to garner enough number of likes on Instagram, my tea went cold and the cookie soggy. My friend looked at me in disbelief to ask why I had to post the picture then and my explanation – it is a�?insta’gram and had to be done instantly. It cut no ice with him.
Interestingly, you can connect only if you place an order in some places. The manager now can identify freeloaders, or should we say free downloaders, from a mile. At other places, your details are promptly sold to a third party. There is no such thing called a free lunch. Or a free wi-fi. Alas.

-Swapna Sundari

a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)

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Young city artist and photographer Dia Mehta Bhupal
takes her art to Chinese shores

THE first edition of Yinchuan Biennale 2016 at Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan (MOCA), based on the theme For an Image, Faster Than Light is turning out to be a hotbed of artistic activity. Interestingly, the biennale being hosted in the Chinese city from September 9 has been curated by the renowned Mumbai-based artist, Bose Krishnamachari. And Hyderabad-based artist and photographer Dia Mehta Bhupal is one amongst the 74 international contemporary artists whose work will be on display at the biennale that will continue till December 18.
Dia, who left for Yinchuan for four days says, a�?There are multiple interesting dialogues amongst the works – some simple and others more complex. The biennale has been a platform to engage with visual intelligence.a�?
Arty construct
a�?As an artist I work with the a�?constructed image,a�� of primarily public spaces that make you contemplate on the basic realities,a�? says the artist who creates life-like installations of interiors supermarket, pharmacy and airplane. She uses old magazines, cuts the pages into strips and twirls them individually, after which each roll is crafted to create a structure. The concepts also impart a lesson in recycling.
Another dimension
Interestingly, what is displayed at MOCA, arena��t these life-like installations she creates, but its photographs. That way Dia, who is also a Parsons School of Design-educated photographer, adds another function to photography. a�?In a world saturated with manipulated images, my work re-evaluates the potential of the photographic medium. The images do not just depict the world around us but actively participate in its construction.a�? The snaps from two of her series, pharmacy and supermarket trolleys, are at MOCA alongside those of renowned artists like Anish Kapoor, Yoko Ono and Song Dong.

Details: http://www.biennialfoundation.org/biennials/yinchuan-biennale-china/
a�� Paulami Sen

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Is social media making us narrow-minded? Stand-up artiste Sapan Verma
promises to get you thinking

Stand-up comedy shows often follow the same pattern. The comedians begin by cracking jokes about themselves and slowly get into the crux of the show where they veer towards their observations and anecdotes about regional differences and their all-time favourite topic a�� politics. However, breaking this stereotype is Mumbai comedian Sapan Verma. A core member of the East India Comedy (EIC) group, he will be performing in the city on September 25 and says he will be different.
Speaking about his first solo act, he says, a�?My show will be like story-telling session meets comedy. I will be recounting everyday anecdotes. From the current education system to dealing with parents, house-hunting to GenX issues, it will encompass the entire spectrum.a�? He will begin the show with his take on OCD a�� Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
He began his journey in the industry five years ago when a bunch of comedians came under one roof to form the East India Comedy, now among the busiest in India with shows throughout the year. Sapan and Sorabh Pant have been doing solo shows. Now they want to take it easy and focus on content and show of EIC. a�?We are brainstorming and will soon announce the dates of our next show or concept,a�? he adds.
Stand-up comedy has become a tool where young people who are comedians deliver a strong message through their shows. The youth who attend the show generally have a few takeaways from these shows. So what’s Sapan’s value addition in his upcoming show? a�?There will be one story in this show where I talk about how the internet and social media are making us narrow-minded. I hope the audience get the point and I can get them to think about it long after the show,a�?says the artiste who just received the WCRC 21 Young Guns award for India’s New Age Most Versatile Comedian 2016.
The Funny Side Up presents Obsessive Comedic Disorder with Sapan Verma will be held at the Bhaskara Auditorium: Birla Science Centre on September 25, 7 pm onwards. Tickets `399 Details: bookmyshow.com

a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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Harvest time
Those who want to celebrate the festival of harvest no longer need to wait. They can head to Golden Dragon, Taj Krishna. Mid-Autumn Fest is being celebrated here with an array of delights like Moon Cakes, Ice Moon Cakes and more. The fest will be on till September 18. Cost: `2,500++ taxes for two. Time: 7.30 pm-11 pm. Details: 66293306

Seasona��s delights
If September is here, can Oktoberfest be far behind? The Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre is ushering in the fest with beers and exotic dishes. The menu has been curated by chef Yogendar Pal. Time: 5.30 pm onwards. Starts from Sept 17 and will be on till October 1. Details: 27522121

Regional flavours
Those who have heard of delicious Odia food but never had it can savour the same at Aish, The Park. The food festival is on till September 19. The platter boasts of dishes like Potola Rassa, Patala Ghanta Ambil, Sijha Manda and more. Cost: `799++ taxes. Details: 23456789

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Try Tre Forni’s new brunch with exciting house infusions

With rains lashing the city, weekends with family and friends can become more fun at Tre-Forni, Park Hyatt, as new cocktails, word-class wines and a wholesome Italian spread has been launched recently as part of the all -new revamped Sunday brunch.
You can celebrate your Sundays with soft notes as Tre-Fornia��s new Terrazzo seating area offers the best of Ibiza lounge music while the team of mixologists create a cocktail selection with seasona��s choicest ingredients, hand extracted juices and house infusions.
The all-new Sunday Bruncha��s menu highlights include live cooking theatres with Tapas style appetisers, panini station, anti pasti, exotic selection of grills and charcoal-grilled breads with an array of tapenade and spreads. The menu has been curated by Daniele Macioce, Chef De Cuisine at Tre-Forni, a�?Italian cuisine is all about fresh ingredients that are cooked quickly with perfection.a�? The children usually feel left out, but they are bound to have loads of fun at the new kidsa�� zone. Children up to ten years can enjoy a complimentary Sunday Brunch meal. Timing: 12 pm-4 pm. Cost: `2,850 ++ taxeDetails: 49491222

a�� Saima Afreen

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Cafe Cilantro is the new kid on block that offers a variety of dishes round the clock

Amid the hubbub of new openings, especially in the thickly populated IT zones, few restaurants make a mark. And if they do, the key to their survival is interesting platter with excellent service. Another casual dine restaurant, Cafe Cilantro comes up at Hi-Tec City offering delicacies from select regions of the country. It offers a cosy environment complete with glass walls overlooking lush green lawns. The best part is that the restaurant offers services almost 24×7 as they have midnight menu as well that is served till 7 am. That’s going to be a major attraction for foodies and late-night corporates alike.

The interiors
The place sports a quaint appearance with dark flooring and wooden furniture. From the ceiling hang brass vessels that double up as lamps lighting up the chairs that are woven with thick jute strings. The same metallic pots have been used as wall decor one one side of the cafe. The cutlery and crockery is simple, but neat. The place has two counters as part of the buffets services during lunch. One serves starters and non-vegetarian items while the other is for the vegetarians. The ceiling-to-floor glass doors throw back the light back to the furniture. The plants outside present a soothing view to the eyes.

Whata��s on the menu
The food is a mix from different regions classified into categories like breakfast, evening snacks, appetisers, Indian breads etc. We tried starters. The Cheddar Cheese Shammi Kebabs were juicy with balanced flavours that didna��t overpower one another. Dakhani Kozhi Fry lived up to its name with the spices and the colour of the succulent meat pieces served. They have a couple of dishes that share the name of the cafe and have cilantro leaves as the main ingredient. A few such dishes worth mentioning are Cilantro Tengdi Kebab, Cilantro Fish Croquettes, Cilantro Fish with Tomato Caper Sauce. The regional dishes like Kolkata Style Aloo Biryani, Meen Moilee (Kerala), Lamb Vindaloo stand out because the same arena��t easily available in the city.

Global cuisine
Those who have a penchant for pastas and sauces can find something to suit international food category they have Fusilli in Creamy Walnut Sauce, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Chicken Scallopini with Spaghetti and Lemon Cream. Says owner chef Chandra Shekhar Pandey, a�?We are still evolving and will add more dishes from different regions. We also plan to host corporate lunches soon.a�?
Price and portion
The serving is enough for a person and costs `950++ for two. The portions are just right. For example, the Gulab Jamuns were not only soft and light, but came in medium size that can be eaten in one go. Details: 33165730
a�� Saima Afreen

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Customfurnish.coma��s first experience store is for those who are still not sure of buying bespoke furniture online

IF you were setting out to do up your home, wouldna��t it be ideal, if you could get the wardrobes, coffee tables, sofa, curtains etc designed online to meet your needs? The two-year-old city-based Customfurnish.com does exactly that and more. But what if you are the a�?touch and feela�� kind? To make the shopping experience better the brand has launched its first experience store in the city.

Spread across 3,500 square feet, the store in Kondapur launched on September 10 features, as the Chief Technology Officer Sharma T puts it, a�?All that one needs to furnish a plush 3BHK apartment.a�? Perhaps thata��s where lies the importance of an experience store as it instills trust in the buyers and the allows them to look at the finished product .

Founder and chief
exe cutive officer Madhukar Gangadi explains that the buyers who are unsure about shopping online can visit to the store, have a word with the sales personnel, who can help them understand their choices, show how they modify it on an LCD screen set up for the very purpose. The price of furnishing an entire 2BHK for instance can go up to `5 lakh. He plans to open similar stores in Bengaluru, Chennai, Nagpur and Pune.

Diverse range
When you enter the store, what strikes you is the selection of sofas that occupy almost one half of the store. From minimalistic designs to the striking options, these living room pieces are designed for different needs.

So far so good
They have interesting names as well; from the neatly designed three-seater Soho (starting at ` 28,598) to the plush Vanity (starting at `77,511) there are many choices. Cesare Giacomuzzo, the Italian production supervisor of the brand, says, a�?Not only do we have a whole range of sofas, we also let the customers modify everything, from the choice of fabric or leather to the dimension.a�? The prices, especially of the leather ones, can go up as high as `2 lakh. The sofas are designed by Cesarea��s wife Mariella Longo and her team comprising other Italian designers. They also have an equally fascinating range in dining and coffee tables, upholstery and beds.

a�� Paulami Sen

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The week started on a fashionable note, courtesy the ladies of Divinos Ladies Club who celebrated the grand launch of their second chapter at Park Hyatt. Emcee Sunny Khandelwal made sure the ladies were entertained with a great mix of games, music and dance. Next up was the launch of Sosho Lounge and Bar at Madhapur where revelers had a fun time grooving on the floor.
Sonali Sharma and Poonam Chowdhuri organised a unique ‘Soul Dance Therapy’ session by Ashuma Sachdeva for the Hyderabadi women at Taj Krishna. The invigorating session was a step forward in helping women get in touch with their core and rediscover themselves. The ladies looked ethereal in white as they danced like there was no tomorrow.
The launch bash of Audi A4 at Taj Krishna saw a huge turnout of socialites. Live music, delish food and beverages turned the bash into quite a happening one. Kavitha Reddi played the perfect host; Anju Jain, Sashi Nahata and Sushila were also seen at the do.
The much-awaited fifth-edition of the fund-raiser, a�?Hyderabad Walks for Heal-a-Childa�� at HICC, Novotel had the stunning Namrata Shirodker as the chief guest of the event. She looked gorgeous in a black ensemble.
People from various walks of life took the ramp by storm as their friends cheered them on. Seen at the do was Sabina Xavier, Karen Campos Bhatia, Inam Rehman Khan, Sridevi Jasti and others.

-Rina Hindocha

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Find yourself
September 16 | Jubilee Hills
For all those who crave some peace in their hectic life and want to be fit and focused, there is the Heartfullness a�� Meditation Session at Grycs Fitness Hub which will help you reconnect with yourself. Time: 7 am onwards. Details: : 7032123869

Go dancing
September 16 | Secunderabad
As the festive season approaches, everyone is gearing up for different occasions. This Navratri get on the floor and flaunt your garba and dandia skills to the beats. To learn the dance form, attend the workshop at Our Sacred Space. Time: 4 pm onwards. Details: 9030013344

Cosplay wizard
September 17 | Kondapur
With Alto Hyderabad Comic Con all geared up to welcome Afshan Azad aka Padma Patil as the special guest, ita��s a perfect way to kick start the Harry Potter themed party. An evening filled with theme based cosplay, quidditch beer pong, photo opps and more. Heart Cup Coffee. Time: 8 pm onwards. Details: 65555254

Gig alert
September 17 | Jubilee Hills
Sahil Sharma, also known as DJ Zaeden, will be performing in the city at Pier 33. The musician recently collaborated with Nina& Malika ofA�The Electrovertz toA�release a track titled Never Let You Go in association with a massive Dutch label Spinnin’ Records. Details: 39560655

Pet special
September 18 | Gachibowli
Calling all pet lovers and pet owners for the upcoming Petting Puppies event organised at Happy Dogs Kennel near Movie Towers Road, next to actor Allu Arjuna��s guest house, in the area. Bring in your pets and meet, share and learn new things about them. Entry `500. Details: 9515129872

Vintage moves
September 19 | Kundanbagh
If you’ve been pining to become a movie star for at least a day, here is a chance to live your dream. Get on the dance floor and vintage actors and actressa�� at Vintage Monday a�� Rock-N-Roll Party at 10 Downing Street. Time: 8 pm onwards. Details: 66662001

Paint Ganesh
September 20 | Jubilee Hills
We may have bid goodbye to Lord Ganesha on Thursday but a group of artists are celebrating him on canvas long after the immersion day. Pegasus Art Gallery is hosting a group show on the elephant God. Details: 9700416357

Fun time
September 21 | Khairatabad
This week do something different apart from the regular midweek activities. Indulge in fun at the Kayaking and Sailing event being organised by The Yacht Club at Sanjeevaiah Park. Time: 7.30 am onwards. Details: 8885062220

Think ink
September 22 | Somajiguda
If you love tattoos, meet celebrity artist Sameer Patange at The Park. He has inked celebrities such as Shruti Haasan, Hrithik Roshan and Sushmita Sen. Understand the art and interact with him. Time: 10 am onwards. Entry
Rs A�1,500. Details: 23456789

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