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    Boardroom essentials to party favourites, this startup founder shows you how to play it right

    Slinging it
    I love this sling bag because it’s just so edgy. That metal chain strap makes such a strong statement and dresses up an outfit in an instant. `2,25,100 approx. Details: chanel.com

    Ia��m obsessed with this
    delicate and feminine pair by designer Sophia Webster. Adds a little fairytale element to any ensemble, I absolutely love. `48,884 approx on neimanmarcus.com

    Class apart
    I love that this iconic Kelly bag from Hermes has
    a simple, classic structure, but comes in a fiery red shade! Perfect for when I want to make a statement at meetings. `16,09,295 approximately on portero.com

    Star studded
    I like how the super edgy studs
    contrast with the soft, feminine pink pastel in these stilettos from Valentino. Ia��ve worn them for both day and night events. `80,036 approximately on

    Sole reason
    A pair of nude heels is a must-have in any closet and when it comes with Louboutina��s signature red sole, it is sure to turn heads! This is a versatile piece that Ia��ve worn with many different outfits. `69,485 approximately. Details: neimanmarcus.com

    Fade to black
    Just like how every
    woman has her go-to LBD,
    this is my go-to a�?little black baga��. Ita��s perfect as it easily transitions from day to night. `1,08,251 approx. Details: prada.com

    Victorian dream
    Black and gold is a classic combination. And this is one of my favourites. The gorgeous embellishment makes it a standout piece for a glamorous evening do. `17,000 on asos.com

    Rashi Gulati Menda,
    founder and CEO of Zapyle, a platform that lets women exchange styling tips and luxury products, gives us some wardrobe tips

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      In an age when creating art knick-knacks seems to be all about knowing photoshop tools and software skills, handmade products are a rare happening. But Nishka Mehta, founder and artist, Art Beat objects to this point. a�?In the last three years, since we started out, we have managed to help customers understand the value of handmade and hand- painted products. Today, we create everything from interior home decor products, wall murals to customised gifts,a�? she says.
      Her one-off hobby of painting and creating art pieces is paying her back with not just steady orders but is also establishing her website as the go-to online portal for collectibles. a�?I started Art Beat during the break after graduation. I painted a lot and decided to sell all my paintings at an exhibition, but honestly, I didn’t sell much! However, those who had seen my work called me with orders.” After that there hasn’t been any backtracking for Mehta.
      Her wall paintings at the OnePlus India’s office, startup Roadrunnra��s wall installation, and interiors of The Orange Bicycle/Kitschdii Store in Indiranagar are notable from over 30 projects that she has worked on. Ita��s her stark sense of creating colourful art that got her a chance to be a live artist at the Under25 Summit held in the city in January this year. a�?I love colour, very rarely I traverse through the black and white zone,a�? she explains.
      But ita��s not all about the creativity, Mehta equally understands the economics of running an online retail business.
      She also believes that the city is providing a favourable ecosystem for art startups like hers. a�?With the startup culture at its peak, ita��s easier to start something new and investors are willing to invest in your dreams.a�? Though ita��s the Facebook page that has been her primary platform for showcasing her work and getting orders, Mehta is focusing on promoting her website.

      Details: artbeatpaintings.com

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        Posing for pictures like tourists at international film studios is perhaps what every Indian visitor would like to do. But for Sam Thomas it’s always been a different experience. Instead of clicking pictures, Thomas, a pilot with one of the leading airlines for over a decade, would be busy exploring beyond the usual and not just marvelling at the technical advancement. If it is possible to build and run such phenomenal studios abroad, he wondered why the same cana��t be done back home in India, where one of the largest film industries exist.

        Ita��s been four years since he thought of it and his thought has translated into reality with Golden Baritone, a Digital Creative Collaborative Centre. a�?Ita��s more than just a simple studio complex. With a patented cloud-based solution (from Avid) creative professionals from the world over can collaborate in real time on audio visual projects,a�? says Thomas. With the likes of Oscar-winning sound designer, Resul Pookutty coming forward to help, Thomas realise his dream. It has been an ambitious startup for him. a�?For me, it isna��t about dropping names, I was keen that the best minds work with us,a�? he says.
        The fact that Golden Baritone has been built as per specifications from Dolby and designed by well-known French recording and mixing engineer Didier Weiss adds to the image. a�?The reason for most of these artistes to willingly collaborate with us is because they like Bengaluru. Ita��s quieter, ita��s not star-studded, there is enough talent and people do their work quietly and efficiently,a�? says Thomas. With such detailed spade work, Golden Baritone is set to start up on high voltage.

        Details: goldenbaritone.com

        a�� Ayesha Tabassum

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          These startups are redefining the norms of literature and art

          If sage Valmiki were to revisit the 21st century, he would perhaps be pleased with his namesake, Valmeeki Books, the virtual publishing house. While the former is celebrated as the harbinger-poet of Sanskrit literature, the latter is virtually redefining the vernacular publishing space. Valmeeki Books is an app that helps unknown and lesser-known vernacular (and English) authors in getting their works published.
          a�?The idea came about as a result of our huge appetite for reading and observing the shifting habits among the present generation to read content on the go,a�? says Kuruvilla Chacko, co-founder and managing director of the publishing house.
          Valmeeki started as a social venture in 2015 to promote new talent, and provide readers with raw, authentic vernacular content. But in this age of millenials where patience levels are fizzier than soda, the team behind Valmeeki Books exercises extreme discretion in selecting work for publishing. a�?Content is scouted keeping in mind modern mobile reading preferences. Our mobile app acts as the primary distribution channel,a�? says Chacko. Since the launch, Valmeeki has vaulted from representing a handful of Malayalam writers to 400 writers from Kannada, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam.
          The company was initially incubated at Kitco Techno Lab in Kochi for three months and then the team moved to NUMA Bengaluru. a�?This city is the place for people who want to create a legacy as much as we do. Ita��s multi-cultural and therefore it allowed us for better product testing, additionally, there are a good number of mentors, investors and well wishers who want to be part of a startupa��s journey,a�? says Chacko, who worked on this idea with his core team of founders a�� Suhair Zain, director, R&D, Vishnu GP, director, technical and Vishnu M Unnithan, director, operations.Today, with a user base of 10,000 and NASSCOMa��s Startup of the Year Award-IT-2015-16 to their credit, the team says therea��s more to come.

          Details: valmeeki.com

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