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Three-part tale
Directed by Chandoo Mondeti, Premam is a remake of Malayalam movie of the same name. The film stars Naga Chaitanya, Shruti Haasan, Anupama Parameswaran and Madonna Sebastian in the lead roles. Daggubati Venkatesh and Akkineni Nagarjuna have also a cameo in the film. Replete with soulful music, this tale of love and loss has captured the imagination of many. The movie also has Chaitanya Krishna and Praveen in vital roles.

Love and action
Introducing the former Prime Minsiter H D Deve Gowda’s grandson Nikhil Gowda and actress Deepti Sati, Jaguar is a Kannada-Telugu bilingual flick. Southern diva Tamannaah Bhatia makes her first appearance in the Kannada film in a special song opposite Nikhil. S Thaman has composed music for the film which has been produced by H D Kumaraswamy under the banner of Channambika Films. The romantic entertainer is helmed by Mahadev.

Star director
Actor Prakash Raj’s fourth directorial venture titled Mana Oori Ramayanam stars the actor himsef along with Tamil beauty Priyamani. The movie is a remake of 2012 Malayalam blockbuster Shutter. The film also has Achyuth Kumar, Rangayana Raghu, Raghubabu, Prudhviraj and Satyadev Kancharana in important roles. Ilaiyaraaja has composed the music for the film produced by Praksh Raj and Ramjee Narasiman under Prakash Raj Productions and First Copy Pictures.

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Whoever coined the word viral for things that spread online in a matter of minutes couldn’t have been more accurate. Well, now almost like that gossip spreads like wildfire as people, voyeurs that they are, want to know everything about the lives of celebrities.
Back in the ’80s there were only one or two magazines publishing a scoop here and there. But with the digital boom, getting a lowdown on the lives of the rich and famous has become so easy.
Radio, print, newspapers and the digital media at times publish things that are not entirely true or is merely a figment of someone’s imagination, bolstered by repetition.
Also, take note that the perception of a gossipmonger, most often imagined to be a woman, is fast changing. Young men, especially in the age group of 16-25, also do their part in circulating rumours. I am sure Shobhaa De would agree. Coupled with the power and speed of internet tales spread fast and far and wide. While scribes at times write based on their hunch, people discuss it like facts. Even more alarming is that there are pictures to support these points and nobody has the time to verify the source.
Cartoons also help the masses interpret news in a quirky way. The best one in recent times was the one where students were knee- deep in water during the Hyderabad flood in mid-September and the teacher continued with her class non-chalantly.
Meanwhile, it is time to say goodbye to the readers who have been reading my column for close to a year, ever since Indulge launched in Hyderabad last October.
It was a great platform to share my thoughts a�� some funny and some profound. I had a great time writing. I hope you had too, reading it. So long, then.

-Swapna Sundari


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Keeping alive the spirit of 1960s pop alive, Meghna Dundi Trio will be performing in the city next week

REVIVING the classics and keeping those music enthusiasts who crave for good old music from Beatles and Nirvana happy is what city-based band Meghna Dundi Trio aims to do. This three-piece acoustic band comprises lead vocalist/keyboard Meghna Dundi, rhythm guitar/backing vocalist Lokhi Pai and Pavan Kumar, drummer and they will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe in the city.
Speaking about their forthcoming performance, Meghna says, a�?We made sure we have an interesting mix of songs in the playlist. There will be something for everyone in the audience so the listeners wona��t even have to request for songs.a�? The banda��s performance is likely to be raw, energetic and emotional, as they croon to popular tracks like Hotel California, Zombie and some Coldplay numbers as well.
When we asked her about the reason behind having her name in the forefront of the band she said, a�?I wanted to name it something else but Lokhi and Pavan insisted that they want the band to be associated with my name and I still feel it is unfair because all three of us put in our 100 per cent and that is when the song comes alive.a�? The 26-year-old engineering graduate who went on to become a full-time musician also disclosed that the band will come up with a new release by the end of this month. That is going to be something that they have not done so far since their inception in mid 2014.
The trio will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe on October 20 from 8.30 pm onwards.
`1,400 per person.
Details: in.bookmyshow.com
a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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Funny man Atul Khatri to give his own spin to complex issues ranging from miltary manoeuvres to marriage and more

FROM recently quitting as a Chief Executive Officer at an IT firm to becoming one of the most watched comedians in India, Atul Khatri is surely proving that age is just a number. The 40+ plus comic began his journey through an open mic in February 2012. He is currently the senior most member of the East India Comedy along with Sapan Verma, Sorabh Pant and Azeem Bantawalla. Rated among the top 20 comedians to watch out for by CNN IBN, we find out what to expect from Atul during his performance in the city this weekend.
Speaking of his upcoming performance, he says, a�?The show will be a mixed bag. It will have a bit of my personal observations and conclusions, school life, marriage and children.a�? A post-graduate in business administration from University of Manchester, England, Atul recently quit his post as the CEO of Kaytek Computer Services.
This 48-year-old stand up comic is known for his digs at the corporate world, politics, Bollywood, casteism and general human behaviour. He expects a mixed crowd. a�?There will be young people, slightly older ones and of course the elderly ones during my performance because I have something for every age group this time.a�?
Atul loves to hand-hold the youth who are keen to enter the stand-up comic scene. a�?We have many schools and colleges and even private educational institutions and I believe if we imbibe this genre of comedy early ion life, I am sure we will see a rapid growth in the number of youngsters performing on the stage.a�?
The first Indian to be invited at the eighth Hong Kong International Comedy Festival in 2014, Atul has an interesting take on the recently completed surgical strikes. For those who does not understand what surgical strike means, Atul, who is proud of the Indian Army for conducting the action says, a�?Surgical strike is like someone cheating on his wife even after she warning him and one fine day she loses her cool and chops off his private part and you dona��t know about it and the next day morning you are wondering where did it go. This is exactly what surgical strikes are.a�?
When we asked Azeem Bantawalla, member of the East India Comedy about this a�?Horny Sindhia�� as Atul refers himself, Azeem says, a�?He is an elderly person and I think that is the key factor to his comedy. He has a different approach towards things that we as youngsters cana��t see. This gives him an edge where he has mastered the skill of looking at things in both funny and a matured way at the same time.a�?
His other counterpart from East India Comedy, Sorabh Pant has something different to say. a�?Atul gets the upper hand even if he says the most obnoxious things because people let him just speak and go because of his age. If we the younger ones did the same thing I am sure we would
be landing up in jail,a�? he laughs.
Atul Khatri will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe on October 16 from 8.30 pm onwards.
`1,000 per person.
Details: in.bookmyshow.com
a�� Nishad Neelambaran

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A sneak peek at the new wave of lighting fixtures

Imagine settling down in your room with some freshly brewed tea and a book and you could customise not only the brightness of the lights but also the colour, depending on your mood. Personalised lighting with state-of-art eco-friendly technology is exactly what Gurgaon-based Usha Internationala��s designer lighting brand Tisva specialises in. For their latest festive collection for the fall that has been available starting October 1, the brand has gone to great lengths to not only come up with a set of aesthetically pleasing illuminating options but also ones that are personalised to suit your taste and are eco-friendly as well. This designer lighting brand now also hit the headlines recently as they roped in celebrity interior designer Gauri Khan to endorse their line of lights. a�?She is an accomplished interior designer and the collection reflects her sophistication, hence she fits the bill perfectly,a�? says Vikas Gandhi adding that she will be adding in her personal touch.
Throwing light
a�?The upcoming Diwali collection focusses on modern design blends from wall lights, chandeliers to pendants, our family of lights can be customised, a�? informs the vice-president.

One can choose CFLs and halogens that are dimmable, chandeliers with eco-friendly LEDs etc. a�?If you are in the mood to relax, during the evening tune the warm yellow tone of light to
yellow and you are set,a�? he adds.

Personal touch
The team spends six months on each collection. There are some intricately carved pieces with steel canopy, glass flowers and chrome finish. The process of individualised lighting begins when you express an interest in their designer lights. The consultants in the city come over to your home (they have no light studios in the city), understand your living space and requirements then accordingly suggest the kind of lighting system you require after you screen the catalogue. This brand that started in 2014 plans is in the process of relocating its Hyderabad studio but plans to unveil it in a couple of months.
From `10, 000 to 1 lakh
Details: 18001033222

a�� Paulami Sen

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The new executive chef at Tre-Forni, Park Hyatt, shares his cuisine plans for this year

Michele Prevedello is a man with a mission. He presented the media table recently with dishes like Burrata Caprese, Homemade Pumpkin and Potato Gnocchi, Seafood Risotto, Sea Bass and Prawn Medallion followed by Tiramisu Gelato. The dessert was the star with crumbled cookies and coffee sprinkled atop it. We liked the tomato sauce the chef served the fish on.
An executive chefA�since five years, Michele started his carrer with Hyatt in 2003 in Australia. He hails from North Italy and holds Vocational Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Michele is fond of red meat particularly beef, pork and horse-meat which, he says, is enjoyed best in North Italy. He is a purist and says that even if hea��s not able to use these meats in Hyderabad, he would not like to compromise on the taste of the cuisine. a�?The essence is lost otherwise. I will be taking care of Tre Forni and will add a few more new dishes to the menu in the month of November,a�? he adds.
He worked as Chef de cuisine for events in Grand Hyatt Dubai and then an Executive Sous Chef in Azerbaijan for a centralised management of Hyatt Regency and Park Hyatt. He worked with Ekaterinburg, RussiaA�where he worked for five years.

a�� Saima Afreen

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Tatva, the new fine dining vegetarian place, takes you back to the Raj era with its ambience and eclectic cuisine mix

We may have left the Raj era long back, but ever so often, the blast from the past seems to come back and manifest itself in the form of dA�cor in homes, cafes and restaurants. Tatva, the new fine dining place at Jubilee Hills, is bringing back the same colonial look with gusto. The restaurant is liberal in the use of English flags, models of vintage cars and even in crockery that has been imported from England. The food, on the hand, is a mix of Mediterranean, Indian and Indo-Chinese. The menu is completely vegetarian. Says Arihant Agarwal, one of the owners, a�?We dona��t even use eggs or honey.a�? Ghee, however, is an exception..

Interesting interiors
A wall and a glass door split the restaurant into the fine dining and the cafe sections. As one enters, the cafe area with its faux leather seating arrangement and a wooden chest painted with the flag of England is catchy. Why the English decor? a�?When we tried to think of a unique decor, interior design firm Xerxes Pithawalla from Mumbai suggested this as Hyderabad did not have this kind of an ambience. We also felt the novelty will work well and decided to freeze on it,a�? Arihant says. The owners saw the previous work of the design firm and gave them the go-ahead. wThe opposite wall has charcoal prints of vintage cars. You even get to see the tiny models of these automobiles on the tables. The fine dining area has two private dining rooms (PDR) complete with metallic floral wall decoration in subdued tones and a foldable wall with the print of a huge painting. Both the rooms can be joined. The tables, when clubbed, take the shape of a keyhole.

Cuisine and crockery
Tatva has ordered special plates of 12-and-half inches from an English manufacturer called Churchill. The cutlery and glassware too are imported from Spain and Turkey.

Variety on offer
Instead of a bar, they have a mocktail counter and the highlight is Tony Special. Ita��s a double non-alcoholic drink served in a Columbian Glass. The way it is served is quirky. Both the drinks are brought in two conjoined test tube-like glasses and you get to empty both into your mouth at the same time for best results. They also have concocted a coffee called Coffella as it is made of Nutella. The main course has a good variety to choose from – like Burnt Garlic Fried Rice, Pesto Paneer Shashlik, Mixed Lettuce Salad and gluten free rotis. They serve shashlik and lettuce salad in the smoke of cloves and oregano.

Cleanliness quotient
The washrooms are separate both for men and women and is spacious adorned with frames of charcoal prints. Price for two: `1,400++ taxes. For lunch therea��s buffet and for dinner therea��s a la carte. Time: 7 am to 12 am. Details: 9985278880
a�� Saima Afreen

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Garo by Priyangsu and Sweta brings their new collection just in time for Diwali

When Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit was conferred with the Icon Of India Awards in Dubai last month, she opted for a bejewelled kalidar from Garo by Priyangsu and Sweta. From her to actress Kalki Koechlin, this designer label by two Kolkata-based duo has acquired quite a bit of prominence. Now, they are launching their latest festive Autumn/Winter Collection in Hyderabad at Angasutra, Banjara Hills on October 18. The collection is called Catalya and comprises kalidars that incorporates fine detailing.

Festive hues
Sweta Tantia and Priyangsu Maji explain what we can expect from. a�?A festive colour palette has been used throughout the creation. Our outfits come in coral, midnight and electric blue, bugundy and red,a�? says Sweta adding that they have also made extensive use of drapes. There are heavy floor-length kalidars with embroidery and beautiful appliquA� work.
The designer duo who have been collaborating since 2013 made sure to keep their collection versatile. a�?We also have traditional skirts, cape gowns and shararas in cotton -silk and chiffon for lavish Diwali parties, sangeet or wedding receptions as well,a�? says Priyangsu.

Perfect finish
What makes this collection stand out is how well they have concentrated on the finishing and how eclectic their cuts look. Apart from the design sequences and highlights, the designers A�have used bold motifs inspired by the indigenous culture. a�?We have effectively made use of bias cuts and draped silhouettes,a�? informs Sweta making sure that some of their kalidars have an asymmetric look in the process. Thata��s not all, there are straight pants in prints for the experimental dressers who want to incorporate prints in ethnic wear. Thata�?s quite a good mix one would say.
Price: `25,000 is starting range which goes to `75,000
Details: facebook.com/garo.kolkata
a�� Paulami Sen

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Festive music, performances and nights of dancing entertained the Hyderabadis in the week gone by. Scores of people celebrated Dusshera, Durga Puja, Navaratris with much aplomb.
The dandiya fever continued as city folks made a beeline at the garba hotspots. Some of the dancers took the traditional route and donned the ghagra-choli and they looked breath-taking. Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon flew down to participate at the famous Dildaar Dandiya event at Mallika Garden as a chief guest. She looked resplendent in an embellished blue floor length dress. Hyderabad-based singer Sreeram Chandra enthralled the audience with a mix of peppy songs at Legend Navratri Utsav held at SS Excellency.
Ladies club Beauty With Brains, popularly known as BWB, organised fusion dance festivity with disco and dandiya at Syn Taj Deccan. Sarita Lohiya and Namita Kanodia played the perfect hosts at the do and were seen greeting the guests.
Meanwhile, the launch of Beauty Bar by online beauty portal, Nykaa.com was attended by the creme de la creme of the city. The event was held at Taj Krishna. The chief guest were Pinky and Shilpa Reddy. Shilpa looked radiant in a red dress and a sleek updo. Sonali Sharma, Asmita Marwa, Pooja Chawla were spotted at the do.

-Rina Hindocha

Fine dining
October 14 | Banjara Hills
An exclusive pre-Diwali exhibition for all your fine dining kitchenware. The day long do starts at 11 am at the Garden Room, Taj Krishna. The event will showcase crockery sets, cake stands and many other exquisite kitchenware. Details: 9396536146

In cinemas
October 14 | Madhapur
Academy Award winner Ron Howard returns to bring Dan Browna��s billion-dollar Robert Langdon series, a�?Infernoa��, to the big screen. The symbolist again played by Tom Hanks, is on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. Fighting the odds of amnesia, Langdon (Tom Hanks) and Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) race across Europe and against the clock to foil a deadly global plot. Tickets available at bookmyshow.com

In cinemas
October 14 | Madhapur
Academy Award winner Ron Howard returns to bring Dan Browna��s billion-dollar Robert Langdon series, a�?Infernoa��, to the big screen. The symbolist again played by Tom Hanks, is on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. Fighting the odds of amnesia, Langdon (Tom Hanks) and Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) race across Europe and against the clock to foil a deadly global plot. Tickets available at bookmyshow.com

Pumped up
October 15 | Jubilee Hills
Party and dance till either floor breaks or your legs start aching with DJ Amour at Saturday Klub Night. With peppy music, delicious cocktails and your friends for company, make this a night to remember. The event is at Klub Trinity. Tickets are priced from `1,000 for a stag entry. Details:39594539

Feeling blue
October 15 | Hitec City
Add some music in your life with a one-night only Jazz and Blues extravaganza starring Soulmate, Vasundhara Vee, The Bird Experiment and Dennis Powell Trio. The event will take place at Novotel and HICC complex and the tickets are priced at `2,000 for a couple. Details: 66824422

Fashion lessons
October 17 | Banjara Hills
Adorn yourself with the latest of fashion and the snazziest of styles with Fashion Yatra. This exhibition is tailor-made for those who want to pick up prA?t and couture outfits from the best in the business. The event is on from 10am to 8pm at Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills.
Details: 66662323

Go figure
October18 | Hi-tec City
Figuring out with Figures is an upcoming sculpture exhibition which showcases some of the most beautiful and never before seen works in Hyderabad. K S Radhakrishnaa��s works will be on display at Kalakriti Art Gallery, Upper Lobby, Trident Hotel.
Details: 66036044

Sculptora��s endeavour
October 19 | Banjara Hills
If you are an art buff, then the memorial lecture on Ramkinkar Baij by Arundhati Nag is something you surely would not want to miss. Explore the history of the pioneer sculptor who revolutionised modern Indian sculpture. The event begins from 6 pm onwards and is at L V Prasad Eye Institute, Banjara Hills. Details: 23548267

Meditation time
October 20 | Sardar Patel Road
Flex those muscles and strike those poses to up your fitness stake with Sri Krishnamacharya. The yoga workshop is designed to help people deal with stress. The workshop is at Our Sacred Space, Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad.
Details: 9030013344

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