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Romantic thriller
Directed by Gautham Menon, Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo, has Naga Chaitanya and Manjima Mohan in the lead roles. Music maestro
A R Rahman was confirmed to have composed the music for the flick. Pop singer Baba Sehgal plays the lead antagonist as a police officer. The film has been rolling since 2013, however, other changes in the schedules casued the production to be further delayed. The movie was also kept on hold as Menon had got busy with his Tamil blockbuster Yennai Arindhal.

Action packed
Another official remake of Malayalam movie Laila O Laila, Mohanlal and Amala Paul will now be seen in the Telugu version directed by Joshiy. Titled as Iddaru Iddare, Satyaraj plays an important role in the film. Gopi Sundar has composed the music for the movie. Mohanlal, who is known for his dialogue deliveries had impressed the Malayalam audeince in the film. Will he impress the Telugu people too?

Fantasy world Bystolic sales rep
Directed by Ramprakash Rayappa, Pokiri Raja is the Telugu dub of his Tamil film of the same title which was released early this year. Jiiva, Sibiraj and Hansika Motwani play the lead roles where as, Manobala, Yogi Baba and Chitra Lakshmanan are in the supporting roles. D Imaan has composed music for the flick. The movie is a comedy-fiction which received mixed reactions in Tamil. Will they be able to pull it off in Telugu?

Team Indulge

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Freshly brewed ale is the seasonai??i??s flavour, but for how long?

Nobody has beer these days and it has nothing to do with the weather. Winter is here but beer lovers have not moved to sterner stuff; they have just shifted to freshly brewed beer. Micro beer is the trend the city is loving to chase and those who still order their beer in bottles are fashion Luddites to be frowned upon.
The little birdie told me this herself. ai???Pint? Are you out of your minds? Who has bottled beer? What would you do next ai??i?? book a taxi by making a phone call through a landline?ai???
Shaken, and stirred, I tried to order a fresh beer when I also discovered there is a choice of flavour to be made ai??i?? wheat or fruit cider, English ale or stout, or pilsner or this-or-that-something. Used to be nice, I felt for a while, when they just came as light or strong, big or pints, and a few colours for the bottle max.
We love to chase trends and be consumed by them so bad, we can ignore everything else. In a different age, it was ice-cream parlours, then came the burger joints, then Chinese foods, then Mexican, then came the early pubs, then the pool parlours,
then the cyber-cafes, then the bowling galleries, and the sports bars, then discotheques, then lounge bars, coffee bars, then pubs went obsolete to be replaced by a new-generation-same-things called clubs; then stoned ice-cream mixes and salad bars.
This season, head to a micro-brewery, take an Uber home and, if hungry at midnight, stop over at a food truck.
We also ditch trends real bad. The very places we are thronging to today are the ones we will refuse to be persuaded to visit in a while. Let the micro-breweries make beer while the hay lasts or the sun shines or whatever till the Hyderabadiai??i??s favour remains with them.
Beer goes flat after a while, even freshly brewed one. And the words that echo will be the words you play today; nothing lasts forever. And you might add, in Hyderabadai??i??s social life.
TAILPIECE: When you are tired of trends, you come back to good old things; tastes you never grow too old, always linger, never die. These are the classics, the relics, the epics, the icons, the forevers. The biryani and irani chai, paya and haleem, idli and masala dosa, pani puri and falooda. Did I mention a paan?

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Celebrated playwright Mahesh Dattani opens up about his journey, future plans and the present scenario of theatre in India Terramycin price malaysia

A playwright who gives 60 million English-speaking Indians an identityai??? ai??i?? nothing sums up Mahesh Dattani better than Indian theatre legend Alyque Padamseeai??i??s words. From gender related issues, to child and women abuse, to religious fundamentalism and homosexuality, Mahesh Dattaniai??i??s plays have touched issues that would have caused many others to shy away. There is a lot more to the first Indian playwright in English to receive the Sahitya Akademi award than we know.
Althought Dattani started his journey as an actor in 1979, he carved himself in the role of a director effortlessly. Commenting on his journey so far, he says, ai???I started writing for the theatre in the mid-eighties. My first play was Where Thereai??i??s a Will in 1988. Then I wrote Dance Like a Man in 1989 which is still being performed. It has been a fabulous journey since 1985, over 30 years now. And it hasnai??i??t stopped.ai???
In these three decades of his work, he has had many pit stops. When asked to highlight just two he says, ai???One was definitely meeting Alyque Padamsee. He saw my play and was keen that I write more. It was only when he chose to direct my play that I gained national recognition. The second was meeting Lillete Dubey in the mid-nineties.ai???
A person known to handle three productions in a day in different cities, he says he does not want to be remembered as a legend, but just ai???as an artiste who did not give in to popular tasteai??i??. When asked about his future plans and projects he replies, ai???I am working on another musical and directing film versions of three of my plays.ai???
The noted writer and playwright is upbeat about the survival of plays and performance. ai???Traditional theatre survived because it was a family profession. Like a cottage industry, many folk forms survived. Even classical music survived because of the Gharanas. In todayai??i??s scenario, theatre is an orphan. But that doesnai??i??t mean it is not doing well, it only means that it has to take care of itself,ai??? says the 58-year-old director asserting that artistes have to find means and ways to sustain the art form independently without help from theatre or state.
The playwright is in the city for the Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival where his play Gauhar directed by Lillete Dubey will be staged. ai???It is based on the life and times of the celebrated thumri singer Gauhar Jaan. She lived life on her terms. She changed the course of Indian music by singing her three-minute Thumris for the gramophone company, over a hundred years ago,ai??? he concludes.

Details: Gauhar written by Mahesh Dattani will be staged on November 11 at Ravindra Bharati.
Ticket prices: From `200 to `1,000

ai??i?? Nishad Neelambaran

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Mamagoto, the pan Asian restaurant, opens its second outlet in the city Charboleps over the counter

Mamagoto, the ai???fun Asianai??i?? restaurant, has opened its second branch in the city at Kondapur. The first which opened its doors for the foodies in the city last year succeeded in creating a loyal fan following for itself with its varied oriental cuisine and chic decor.
The new outlet will have a buffet lunch during the weekdays and special brunches during the weekends. Mamagoto literally means playing with food and justifying this, it has special Tah-Koh where they feature innovative ways to have the Asian flavoours.
Porky, Smoky, Prawny are some of the Tah-Koh that Mamagoto Kondapur offers. The restaurant also offers unlimited alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks during their weekend brunches.
Price for two: `2,000 ++
Details: 33999610

ai??i?? Team Indulge

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Sheraton brings the taste of Rajasthan with dry spices and sour curd to the Land of Biryani

Ever caught yourself drooling over a Facebook post that read something like ai???20 Delectable dishes from Rajasthan to eat before you die?ai??i?? Sheraton Hyderabad mustai??i??ve understood your cravings and has lined up the best from the desert state for you.
Chef Sumit Kedia, who has served the kings of Jodhpur effortlessly, brought in the royalty by playing with dry spices, ghee, salt and nuts at the Marwari Food Festival at Feast in the hotel.
ai???Fresh vegetables donai???t grow in the region and thus it is imperative that food be preserved for a longer time. Sour curd and dry spices are the fundamental elements used in most of the dishes,ai??? he informs. ai???I am a Marwari myself and that reflects in the food,ai??? he adds.
Sticking to the conventional hospitality of the community, Jaljeera, one of the coolants of that region, was served in a copper glass. In the starters, paneer ke sule (cottage cheese cooked on charcoal sigree) has the smoked flavour to it and yet the spices are dominant. In Rajasthan, the sigree is fired by dried cow dung. Lasoon ki chutney, palak patta chat, club kachori chat, sev puri are a few attractions.
The signature dish dal, bati, churma-bati is made of wheat flour, stuffed with masala and is crushed before eaten. While dal adds moisture to the dry bati, the churma, which is powdered bati mixed with sugar and nuts, adds some crunch and sweetness to the dish. Ghee, of course, yields richness to the dish.
Missi roti, kadi pakoda, moong dal halwa and gewar will surely satisfy your urge to taste the local flavours of the city of palaces.
Price: `1,175 plus taxes,
Details: 49251111

Actonel generic ai??i?? Purnima Sriram

With breakfast on till twelve and haleem all through the year, Spice It Ai??at Ibis offers Ai??more than just a local touch

or corporate jet-setters who wake up at wee hours, rush to their engagements in a new city and then head out to the airport again, a delectable multi-cuisine spread can be a source of comfort. Thatai??i??s why, the 24-hour restaurant, Spice It by Ibis from the Accor Hotels group takes additional care to serve a delectable spread made of fresh ingredients. ai???The eatery caters to the guests of the hotel and the software professionals in and out of Hi-Tec city who are always on the look out for a new place to catch a break, post work,ai??? says Rubin Cherian, general manager.

Colour and craft
As you enter the premises of the corporate hotel, the signature Ibis colours of red and peach, the artwork on the ceiling featuring monuments from the city, offers a fitting welcome. The see-through glass decor, oodles of natural light and coloured bottles in the bar counter (they are yet to acquire their liquor license though) lift your spirits even before you dig into your sumptuous spread. The photographic images depicting Hyderabadi monuments could be an apt welcome for those who have stepped into the city or the first time. The management believes in an interactive dining experience, conversing with them, understanding their tastes and preferences and encouraging the concept of live kitchen.

Zovirax cream generic brand Sumptuous spread
We started our meal with the soup of the day ai??i?? Minestrone. This warm, thick preparation with the addition of finely chopped vegetables, pasta and beans was comforting and served hot. A perfect panacea for the travel weary would be suitable definition. If you want to begin with Hyderabadi dishes, try the marag instead. This traditional spicy soup with tenderly cooked mutton could be the ideal starter as well. The menu here is divided into Indian, Western and Oriental specialities apart from its signature Great Indian Breakfast which is available from 4 am till noon.

Next, we tried fish and chips: the beer batter fried basa with French fries and tartar sauce: This would be ideal with your cup of joe. The deep-fried fish was crunchy and the tartar dip was flavourful.
We tried the boti kebab; the meat was soft and the mint chutney went well with it. The meat ball lasagna can be quite filling in itself. ai???It could be of some interest to people travelling here and want to taste Hyderabadi haleem as it is available over here not only during Ramazan but round the year,ai??? says Punit Kumar, chef and beverage manager.
Also, there is keema gosht, sarson machchi and subz meloni in case going desi is on your mind. It would be fair to say that the Hyderabadi section of the menu fares better than the others. The presentation of the desserts and drinks, be it the lemon tarts or the miniature rasgullas and double ka meetha in jars or buttermilk in electric bulbs make for attractive features on the table.
Price for two: `1,200++ taxes.

ai??i?? Paulami Sen

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From office to parties, one statement piece can add panache

At TIMES, just one statement jewellery is enough to catapult you to the club of fashionistas ai??i?? maybe just a stunning dangler, a pearl neckpiece a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanyai??i??s. Especially for those who do not believe in clutter in the name of accessorising, designer jewellery brand Entice, a KGK jewellery subsidiary has come up with a work wear collection called 9 to 5.
There are days when you want to wear one piece which can brighten your office look. Keeping the minimalists in mind, Manju Kothari, the creative head of the brand , and her team, have designed danglers, necklaces and bracelets which will help you heighten your glam quotient up a few notches and ensure that you arenai??i??t a misfit at the cocktail party post that. ai???The collection is targeted at working women for everyday wear. The designs are simple but classy,ai??? says the designer who studied at Gemological Institute of America.
These exquisite pieces combine yellow, white and rose-gold and some of these motifs come in edgy geometric patterns that are sleek. Manju, who shuttles between Hong Kong and Jaipur is well-versed in fusing Indian accesory traditions with contemporary ones. ai???I have grown up surrounded by traditional kundan, meena jewellery, fine art and classical music,ai??? says the designer who moved to Hong Kong after getting married and thatai???s when she began exploring contemporary accesories.
So now, her designs fuse both the worlds to create wardrobe staples that are trendy and high on craftsmanship. They have been sported by the likes of Malaika Arora Khan, Dia Mirza and Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur.
The brand is yet to come up with a boutique in Hyderabad. However, the enthusiasts can call them and place their orders, following which it will be delivered to their doorsteps.
Price: Starts from `25,000 onwards
Details: www.entice.in,

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The new Shantanu and Nikhil flagship store narrates a story of elegance

magine a fashion multiverse that is as modern as itai??i??s antiquated, as historic as contemporary. Well, it wouldnai??i??t be off the mark to say that Shantanu and Nikhilai??i??s flagship store at Banjara Hills is much like that. The New Delhi-based duo has channelled their love for simplicity to make this store a sophisticated couture haven. Since the earlier store was at 36, Jubilee Hills, the idea was to move to a location which is more of a designerai??i??s hub. The unveiling took place last week after a grand launch.

Colour coded Order actoplus generic
A white marble staircase leads you to the store that amasses 1,700 square feet and spans several sections divided into two broad zones for men and women. Currently, it houses two of the
latest Fall/Winter collection 2016: the Matadorai??i??s Mistress for women and the Mutiny 1919 for men apart from a few outfits from their earlier hit collections. The store houses prA?t and couture from Spring/Summer 2014 onwards to their latest Fall/Winter Collections. As you enter, what strikes you are the artfully placed mannequins donning the duoai??i??s midnight blue ensembles. Also, you notice outfits that you might have seen your favourites from the Tinseltown wearing, for instance, the black and gold, outfit recently sported by Bipasha Basu at a recent style award. The decor is as subtle as their couture. The grey complements the whites, navy blues and turquoise in the menai??i??s section and the ivory-themed womenai??i??s arena perfectly brings out the rich hues of the ensembles. The colour palette comprising emerald green, midnight blues, plum and black is well brought out with the aid of strategically placed focus light.

Vintage touch
Not just the couture but the decor too draws inspiration from history. The antiquated pieces in the decor adds some old world charm to the store. It could transport you back to a 1960s Hollywood classic. The shelf dedicated to clutches have replicas of a brass telephone, a gramophone and an antiquated clock. And they certainly add a dash of character to the decor. The rack of shoes has cobblerai??i??s tools set to highlight that most of the shoes are handmade.
The trial room surrounded by rust coloured walls is as plush as the store. ai???Hyderabadis can look forward to minimalistic ensembles albeit with a modern approach. It took us eight months to decide on the concept of the store and from now on all our stores will have a similar decor,ai??? says Shantanu and Nikhil, excited about their revamped venture in the city.
Price: Starts from
`40,000 onwards,

ai??i?? Paulami Sen

A store launch, cake mixing and a play kept us engaged this week

Last week started off with the Shantanu and Nikhil store launch at Banjara Hills. The ace designer duo showcased their latest collection at the launch. Merging drapes with the Nehru collar, they added a new twist to menai??i??s apparel. On the other hand, the female couture had a lot of Spanish influences. Deep purples, reds, cobalt blues dominated the stands.
Meanwhile, the 11th edition of the Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival kickstarted at Park Hyatt. Actress Lillette Dubey, IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan and IAS office Navin Mittal attended the event. The opening ceremony was followed by a play, Dr Khanna, written and directed by actor Tom Alter. The audience sat in rapt attention throughout the 45 minute philosophical drama. Theatre lovers got to witness a powerful performance by Tom and Divya Arora.
Elsewhere, the Golconda fort turned into the venue for Jayaho Golconda and Telangana Vaibhavam Cultural programme organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation of Hyderabad. The 300-plus audience were taken on an exhilarating journey showcasing the rich and cultural heritage of the city and Telangana with the magnificent backdrop of the fort. Deepika Reddy, eminent dancer, choreographer, one of the leading exponents of the Kuchipudi art form along with her 25 students presented beautiful thematic dance pieces.
Apart from this, the aroma of dry fruits mixed with spirits was in the air during a cake mixing ceremony hosted by Ananya Simlai at The Park hotel, recently.
Although Christmas is more than a month away, it did bring in the traditional cheer to the city. Socialities Manjula, Siirisha, Ashu and others happily mixed the ingredients with liquor while they chatted up each other and exchanged friendly banter.

Altacef cv 500 price Rina Hindocha
(The writer is a yoga exponent and co- founder of Touch a Life Foundation. She loves connecting with people)

When will coreg cr become generic Doggyai???s day out
November 12 | Gachibowli
This weekend, come with your pet dogs to let them have a great time with other pets at the Play Day with Dogs event. Organised by Happy Dogs Kennel, your dog can also get pampered and groomed too here.
Details: 9000999918

Rock the cinemas
November 11 |
Banjara Hills
One of the most anticipated musical thrillers of the year, Rock On 2, directed by Shujaat Saudagar, releases today. The sequel to 2008 blockbuster Rock On has Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli and Shraddha Kapoor in key roles. After eight years, the Magik is back. Details:

Scholarly moves
November 14 | Saifabad
As a part of the South Indian Cultural Associationai??i??s 58th Annual Art Festival, Bharathanatyam dancer and research scholar Baladevi Chandrasekhar will be performing a dance recital on her act titled Karna. Catch this artistic director of the New Jersey Bharathanatyam School live at Ravindra Bharathi from 4 pm onwards. Details: 9849124675

Yard sale
November 13 | Khairatabad
The Backyard Club presents Backyard Craft Mart. The event being held at an open terrace will have art and craft work by professional artists, craftsmen, designers and dilettantes at the venue. Select from a wide range of handmade gift boxes, wall and car hangings, decorated bottles and much more. The event begins at 10 am. Entry free.
Details: 9949540244

Valley wonders
November 16 | Banjara Hills
Kebab-E-Bahar presents the Kashmiri food festival at Taj Banjara where chef Taniq Ahamad Parry will rustle up a few delicately flavoured wazwan dishes. Enjoy these dishes whose origin can be traced back to the royal kitchens of Iran. Enjoy a wide range of dishes such as Rogan Josh, Mujh Gaad, Modur Pulaav, Goshtaba, Gogji Raazma, Qeleeya and Yakhni. Available for dinner. Details: 66769999

Evening raga
November 15 | Saifabad
Chennai musician Sanjay Subramanyam will be in the city at Ravindra Bharathi. This chartered accountant by profession is known for his unique style of vocals and his charismatic onstage persona. The musical journey begins from
4 pm onwards.
Details: 9440884863

November 17 | Banjara Hills
As part of their No Shave November campaign, the big British salon brand Truefitt & Hill is offering a complimentary beard and moustache grooming session for those who opt for all the royal services. The proceeds from the same will go towards prostate cancer awareness.
Details: 8885302199

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