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Five rising stars who have already tasted success and have a lot going on for them tell us that the journey to the top is back-breaking. It is sheer passion, not an illustrious second name or formal training of the craft, that can promise success.

Generico de betnovate creme Varun Tej, Ritu Verma, Vijay Devarakonda, Nitya Naresh and Nawin Naresh talk about ringing in new age cinema with modern sensibilities and what they want to do outside of movies to fuel their dreams

Ritu Verma | Actress

If she is being called Miss Midas of the industry, it is with a reason. On a lark, she acted in a short film titled Anukokunda and it went on to get screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May. The short film fetched her the chance to feature on the silver screen alongside reigning star Kajal Aggarwal. But before she could be branded as a girl who plays second fiddle, the 26-year-old actress played a keyrole in Pellichoopulu which celebrated 100 days last week, a rarity in the hit-starved industry. Speaking of her two-year eventful journey in tinsel town, Verma says, ai???Although I believe that destiny led me to movies, I can’t think of anything other than acting as a profession.ai??? Coming from a non-filmi background, she says, ai???I believe that every film that an actor does teaches him or her something. I believe I am getting better with every film I do.ai??? Her future plans? ai???Surprise people with my characters.ai??? When she is not in front of the camera, she would like to travel. ai???Nature beckons me. Adventure entices me,ai??? she says already looking forward to her next vacation to celebrate
her first ai???100-day clubai??i?? success.

Nitya Naresh |Actress

3At 24, she is pretty much sorted. ai???Iai??i??m clear about one thing. I want to spend my life doing what I love and what makes me happy. I love films and being an actor makes me happy. So thatai??i??s what I will be doing throughout my life,ai??? says the dimpled beauty who won rave reviews with her debut movie Nandini Nursing Home. A post-graduate in film studies from St. Xaviers, Mumbai, Naresh has always been fascinated by cinema. Although she only dreamt of being behind the camera, this Hyderabadi girl ended up posing for it. ai???I was on the verge of becoming an assistant director in Mumbai when I got a call from Tollywood,ai??? the newbie recalls. She started with Kerintha last year where she plays a small role, but 2016 made her join the league of actresses with central roles. About the support she gets from her family she says, ai???Without their constant encouragement I wouldnai??i??t have been here. Last year, I enjoyed quality time with my family at a massive reunion in Sri Lanka.ai??? The actress who likes to dream big says her bucket list includes skydiving, bungee jumping, backpacking around Europe, a ranch full of animals, hugging a panda. And finally, at least five blockbuster movies, including one with Amitabh Bachchan.

Vijay Devarakonda | Actor

4At eight, he told his seniors in school that he wanted to be a ai???starai??i??. Instead of bullying him, they let him go, awed by his confidence. At 16, he repeated his lines to impress the girls. At 27, Devarakonda has proved to friends and family that he did not say it just for the heck of it, but he worked hard towards nurturing his starry dreams. While some remember him as the Doodhkashi boy in Yevade Subramanyam, his recent outing as the bearded food truck guy in Pellichoopulu is what catapulted him to the top league of newcomers.

He started with theatre in his 20s and is counted among the promising newbies in the industry.ai???The taste of adulation is addictive. Once an actor, always an actor,ai??? he says.

Talk of his growth curve and he is quick to correct it, ai???Not a curve, but a straight line. When I look back at my theatre performances and my early films, I feel embarrassed. But then, most things appear that way once you move ahead. So while I am happy with what I am doing right now, I look forward to being embarrassed of my current work in the future,ai??? he says. ai???I graduated from ai???Who the hell is Vijay Deverakondaai??i?? to ai???get me Vijay Deverakonda for my next movieai??i?? in the industry. And all of this in 12 months,ai??? he says. With six movies in the pipeline, his confidence is justified.

Nawin Naresh| actor

1Movies have always been at the crux of his existence. After all, dad Naresh, uncle Mahesh Babu, grandmom Vijaya Nirmala are superstars of Tollywood. Cinema was not sheer entertainment, but part of his entity.

ai???When I watched the 1991-Kamal Haasan starrer Guna, I couldnai??i??t swallow a morsel. I am a foodie and can never resist food. It hit me then that a good movie or a good character has the power to move us. This made a lasting impression on me. I was exposed to a variety of movies from Chitram Balare Vichitram to movies like Edward Scissorhands. In all these movies, I practically saw how the audience connect with the characters. I would enact these scenes in front of the mirror. When my parents and friends gave me the thumbs up to my histrionics, I decided my choice of profession,ai??? says Naresh. Interestingly, this actor who debuted with Nandini Nursing Home last month has no qualms in revealing that he failed the audition to get into Satyanand Acting School. ai???Every film is a challenge. With every role, the actor is reborn and reinvents himself,ai??? he shares his credo.

As he starts his day working for his next movie, he tells what he wants to do soon. ai???Act in a movie alongside Kamal Hassan or Rob Downey Jr. or Ranbir. Then start my own production company.ai???

Varun Tej | actor

2Nothing is as easy as it seems. Actor Varun Tejai??i??s initial days in movies followed Murphyai??i??s Law to the T. First, it took some time for the best filmmakers to approach him. When they did, there were production delays. When that was sorted out, he had to face release hassles. However, he managed to overcome all that and went on to have two great releases in his filmography. Although he hails from the ai???Megaai??i?? family under the guidance of illustrious actors such as Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan, and his cousin Ramcharan known to be among the top dancers of the industry, Tej says he has his share of woes. ai???It took ace choreographer Brinda to elicit thebest dance moves that my family would be proud of,ai??? he says. After his debut Mukunda, Tej signed up for Kanche which announced his arrival. He played a miltary officer in the National Film Award winning movie (Best Feature Film in Telugu at the 63rd National Film Awards). The movie based on World War II went on to become the 14th highest grossing Telugu film of 2015, according to trade magazines. Tej says his dreams are simple. ai???Work in five meaningful movies in two years.ai???

Text: Purnima Sriram


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    From glow -in-the-dark parties toAi?? tracing the big cats, hereai??i??s everything you can sign up for this week.

    Film screenings and contests aside, thereai??i??s a lot to look forward to at the French City Film Festival next weekend. Besides a fashion show that will be choreographed by Karun Raman, there is also a Russian dance performance and a party to be hosted by a line-up of DJs including Rudy, Sultan Azeez, Goutam and Dominic. 6 pm onwards, at Ashok Beach Resort. Details: frenchcityfilmfestival.com

    Ceramic picks
    Stunning ceramic creations are on display at Tasmai Gallery at the moment. These are the work of Pondicherry-based sculptor, Saraswati Renata Sereda, who has also used other elements like porcelain, oxydes, metallic glazes, wood and more. The sculptures and installations carry natural themes, incluiding pieces like a bird taking flight, a flower bud, and so on. Till November 27. Details: tasmaipondy.com

    Page breaker
    Mark your pages with some handmade options from DakshinaChitraai??i??s latest one-day session on making bookmarks. The course includes 10 different kinds of bookmarks, to be taught by in-house expert Vignesh. `800 per head (including refreshment and materials). Open to ages 8-14. Tomorrow. 10.30 am onwards. Details: 9841777779

    Zyvox generic cost yogaposeAsana ascension
    The upcoming Yoga World Festival in Mahabalipuram enables you to be part of a world record event. More than 40 yogacharyas from across the world will arrive for the event, and will oversee various classes focussing on over 50 different styles of yoga, besides conducting mass sessions. There will also be cultural and music performances.
    November 30 to December 4. At TTDC Resort in Mahabalipram. Details: yogaworldfestival.com

    Wild things
    For those who have always been fascinated by Rudyard Kiplingai??i??s The Jungle Book, join the upcoming trip organised in Kanha Tiger Reserve by Pondicherry-based travel organiser, Beyond Wild. Kanha happens to be the place that inspired Kiplingai??i??s jungle stories, and is home to a number of species apart from the Royal Bengal Tiger, such as Indian leopards, sloth bear, Indian wild dog, and others. At `18,300 per head (including accommodation, meals and six jungle safaris). November 24-27. Details: beyondwild.in

    Lights on you
    This weekend, groove to some cool house, commercial and electro music at the glow-in-the-dark party, at Q Eco-Resort. Scheduled for tomorrow, it is organised by Pondicherry-based group, The Global Voyage. You will also get to purchase glow accessories at the venue. 8 pm onwards. Details: 9994399316

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      Our pick of everything to taste and nibble on at Old Mahabalipuram Roadai??i??s fast-growing culinary destination.

      WITH over 58 food stalls ranging from established joints like Ajanabi, Kumbakonam Degree Coffee and Tibbs to OMR-exclusive outlets offering delicacies from kebabs to kappa biryani, the OMR Food Street at Navalur has, since its launch in August, become one of the most popular food stopovers along the highway. Hereai??i??s our pick of what you shouldnai??i??t miss when you are in the vicinity.
      At Navalur, 9 am to 11 pm (open through the week). Details: omrfoodstreet.com

      Bottoms up
      Facing each other on the left wing of the food street are Jigar Rose and the Soda Hub.Ai?? At the former, enjoy a cold serving of the special Madurai beverageAi?? in addition to a range of mocktails. Their flavoured mojitos and Ultimate Bloody Mary are must-haves. Rs 60 onwards. Details: 9677198191. Meanwhile, Soda Hub has a range of fruit-based varieties, with their masala and litchee options being the most popular. Rs 10 onwards.

      How much does hoodia cost Revisiting the Malabar
      Bringing flavours from Keralaai??i??s hillsides, Malabar Camboose is sure to strike a chord with those who love the coconut-rich options of this cuisine.Ai?? Treat yourself to some delicious kappa and beef fry, fish curry and soft Malabar parotas. Their semi-gravy Camboose chicken, complete with a strong coconut oil aroma, is bound to take you back to your tharavad. Also try their tea and pazhampori (banana bajji) while youai??i??re at it .Ai?? Rs 10 onwards. Details: 8939033309

      Thick skinned
      For someone who enjoys a good plate of parathas with ghee and dahi any time of the day, Rasa Parathas comes closest to heaven.Ai?? While the regular aloo and methi parathas are done to perfection, complete with thick fillings, donai??i??t miss their capsicum and chanachur varieties. Pair it with a refreshing glass of lassi. Rs 40 onwards. Details: 9789895990

      Seasoned players
      The Ajanabi outlet here is hard to miss, flanking the entrance with a familiar aroma of ghee. Their rasamalai and savoury items have loyalists across the city. Kumbakonam filter coffee has carved a space for itself with multiple outlets in the city and is a great way to start your walk through theAi?? area. If youai??i??re more of an ice cream person, head to Milkyway to enjoy your favourite flavours.

      Bengal kitchen
      The overwhelming taste and smell of mustard and serious dinner table political arguments mark Petuk, the Bengali restaurant.Ai?? Its KottivakamAi?? branch is quite popular amongAi?? Bengalis and locals alike and the newly opened branch at OMR is drawing the crowds in large numbers. We pick the flavourful mutton kasha with its soft tender meat and spicy gravy, the traditional aloo poshto and fish cutlets, enjoyed best with a serving of steamed rice. Rs 50 onwards. Details: 9789826262

      Spice cartel
      Starbucks isnai??i??t the only place that personalises food orders with customer names. Hop over to Mexicana Food for customised sandwiches and tacos with your names onAi?? them. Gimmicks aside, the shrimp quesadilla,Ai?? their range of burritos teamed with aAi?? refreshing glass of virjin mojito, makes for quite a meal. If you have an appetite for it all, be sure to try out their generously portioned meal combos. Rs 60 onwards. Details:Ai?? 8056078370

      Shoppersai??i?? stop
      If youai??i??re not in the mood to head to the coast for your fish, head to Fish ai??i??O Fish for fresh seafood, from crabs and pomfrets to sharks and squids. Prices seasonal. For everything else, the Xpress Market is the place to go. Details: omrfoodstreet.com

      Fitness check
      Calories are not the only things available at the OMR Food Street. If youai??i??re a fitness freak, Flyerz Fitness Studio located in the premises offers Salsa, Zumba, Yoga, MMA and more. Rs 2000 onwards. Details: 9840084146

      Wider radar
      After the success of their Thoraipakkam and Navalur spaces, the Food Street will open new branches on East Coast Road and Guduvanchery, among other places, come 2017.

      Text: Lavanya Lakshminarayanan

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        Force 2
        Director: Abhinay Deo
        Cast: Sonakshi Sinha, John Abraham, Tahir Raj Bhasin
        The sequel of the 2011 film, Force 2 revolves around the mission that former ACP Yashvardhan (Abraham) and RAW agent KK (Sinha) take up to find the mastermind behind the assassination of three RAW undercover agents. With Tahir Bhasin playing the antagonist, Ai??the movie promises bigger and better stunts.
        Did you know: Abraham had to undergo three knee surgeries while performing stunts for this film.

        Tum Bin 2
        Director: Anubhav Sinha
        Cast: Neha Sharma,Ai??Aditya Seal,Ai??Aashim Gulati
        The film revolves around a woman who has lost her fiancAi?? and is trying to move on when life throws another curve ball at her. The movie, a sequel of the 2001 film, reprises Jagjit Singhai??i??s famous song Koi Fariyaad and seems to be an emotional rollercoaster.
        Did you know: Cricketer Dwayne Bravo sings for a Bollywood movie for the first time.

        Shut In
        Director: Farren Blackburn
        Cast: Naomi Watts, Olive Platt, Jacob Tremblay Buy shallaki benefits
        Following an accident that takes her husbandai??i??s life and leaves her son paralysed, a child psychologist (Watts) lives in an isolated home in rural New England, caring for her boy. During a storm, she starts to believe that someone is inside her house trying to harm them both.
        Did you know: Jacob Tremblay played the iconic character of Jack Newsome in the Academy Award-nominated film, Room (2015).

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          As Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them hits theatres today, actress Katherine Waterston tells us what to expect.

          With films like Inherent Vice and Steve Jobs to her name, itai??i??s surprising that Katherine Waterston is the only member of her family that didnai??i??t get cast on the hit legal drama series, Law & Order. The 26-year old, however, is all set to be a law enforcement officer in the magical world, thanks to her role in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie sees Waterston essay the role of an ex-officer of Magical Law Enforcement.Starring alongside the likes of Eddie Redmayne, Alison Sudol, Dan Fogler and Ezra Miller among others, the New York-based actress talks about the film, her character and her co-star.

          What does it feel like to be a part of the Harry Potter franchise? Buy aleve arthritis cap
          My first memory of the Harry Potter series was my little brother just falling into those books and not resurfacing until he was done. When it slowly dawned on me that I had been invited into this massive pre-existing entity, it was quite an overwhelming realisation.

          Did you find it easy getting into Tinaai??i??s character?
          To me, it all feels intuitive. Connecting to a character is like connecting to any human beingai??i??either you like them or you donai??i??t. Tina seemed to totally doubt herself and suspect that she wasnai??i??t good enough. And, yet, simultaneously, she possessed a confidence, a conviction that she could be great. I found that quality really beautiful and a condition, I think, that any human being can relate to.

          Please tell us about your characterai??i??s chemistry with Newt Scamander (Redmayne)?
          Tina and Newt start to recognise that theyai??i??re both outsiders and both a little bit odd, I suppose, and I love that. Theyai??i??re both starting to become the people they will be; theyai??i??re kind of dipping their toes in. What is interesting about the film is that itai??i??s a coming-of-age story about adults.

          On Redmayne as Newt Scamander
          ai???Most of my scenes were with Eddie, and heai??i??s just a dream. He works so hard, and is so imaginative, intelligent and generous. And he did such great work on Newtai??i??s relationship with all the beasts! All that physical stuffai??i??the mating calls, the way Newt communicates with them, the way they needed to be handledai??i??Eddie came up with all
          of that.ai???

          Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them releases today.

          ai??i?? Team Indulge

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            A 19-year-oldai??i??s take on LGBTQ issues and religion through his month-old web comic series.

            Saboor and Jameel make for unlikely roommates. The moody Jameel finds himself irked by Saboorai??i??s love for flowers, his tendency to laugh at his own jokes and his loud snoring at night. However their love story forms one of the three tracks of Puu, a web comic series on Tumblr by 19-year-old Akshay Varaham.

            Set in Chennai,Ai?? the comic also has two subplotsai??i??one revolving around a Brahmin woman who is secretly in a relationship with a Muslim woman and the other, a transwomanai??i??s journey. Talking about the use of religion, concept of isolation and queer rights, Varaham says,ai???A big reason for including religion in the story is because a lot of people think that LGBTQ people are all about sex and thrashing Indian morals and etc. However, most of us are just quiet, regular people. We can be religious too – and thatai??i??s why my characters belong to specific religions,ai??? says Varaham. One episode where Saboor wails in his sleep, dreaming about his father thrashing him is particularly poignant. The Tamil-origin art student based in California is a closet trans man himself and says, ai???I feel closest to Saboor because his family has been abusive to him like mine has been to me. My parents are the most homophobic people I have met. It was devastating to see the people who had loved you all your life suddenly hate you for who you are, for something you canai??i??t control.ai???

            To those who find solace in his caricatures, he says, ai???I want my readers to know that you can be Indian and LGBTQ; thereai??i??s nothing contradictory about being both. It will get better in the future for people like us.ai??? He has another web comic planned which will be set in the USA, addressing racism and imperialism.

            Details: hiranyaksha.tumblr.com

            Buy indocin sr ai??i?? Lavanya Lakshminarayanan

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              A new series of interactive programmes for children focuses on basic etiquette.

              Meet Prasanna Masillamanieai??i??Chennaiai??i??s very own ai???Ms. Mannersai??i??. Masillamanieai??i??s new venture, Kidequettes, organises interactive programmes imparting lifestyle lessons and etiquette for children aged four to 12. Started on October 6, Kidequettes focusses on imparting social skills whilst instilling good values in the kids, she tells us. ai???I know etiquette may seem like an old-fashioned word,ai??? the mother-of-two explains, ai???but I firmly believe that good manners will open doors that even good education cannot.ai??? The former vice president at HCL Technologies Limited confesses that this venture had been on her mind for years. ai???Unfortunately I can see the lack of basic etiquette and manners in kids these days. I saw this as my daughters were growing up. When we were brought up, etiquette was more important than how much we scored!ai??? explains the alumnus of the Sacred Heart School (Church Park).

              All round focus
              The 37-year old has put together original lesson plans based on UK & USA curriculum of similar programmes but tailored the lessons to reflect Indian value systemsai??i??such as taking oneai??i??s shoes off before entering a home, respecting oneai??i??s elders, etc. ai???Our lessons are crafted around stories, role play and craft activities that make it a fun learning experience for the kids. As dining etiquette is a tough module to master, the last 10-15 minutes of every class is devoted to eating healthy snacks so that our kids learn to eat everything from spaghetti to our local snacks, plus cleaning and peeling fruit,ai??? says the MBA graduate. The courses span from 16 to 20 weeks and classes are held once a week for 45 minutes to an hour.

              Order urispas 100mg Choose your lesson
              In addition to the customary lessons like ai???Meeting and Greetingai??i??, ai???Please and Thank Youai??i??, topics taught in every module include the importance of valuing money in ai???Money Mattersai??i??, ai???Giving and Receiving Giftsai??i??, being conscientious when ai???Being Out in Publicai??i??, ai???Telephone Mannersai??i?? and such. While the ai???Five Sai??i??sai??i?? of meeting peopleai??i??stand, smile, say (your name), shake (hands) and say ai???Nice to meet you!ai???ai??i??should get the kids started off in the right direction, Masillamanie works with only 15 kids per batch so that each child gets her individual attention.
              At Rs 2,500 onwards (four classes a month), within the Lady Andal School campus, Chetpet. Details: www.facebook.com/kidequettes

              ai??i?? Shibi Kumaramangalam

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                How much does lisinopril cost at cvs Gallery Vedaai??i??s ongoing exhibition looks at joy and happiness on canvas.

                BRINGING to fore the works of seven contemporary artists in the country, Gallery Veda is showcasing Visible Visagesai??i??a lineup of around 25 artworks. Exploring its underlying theme of joy, the exhibition will depict traces of figurative and abstract art forms. ai???Each of these creators, as talented as they are, have not got the attention that they deserve,ai??? says Preeti Garg, founder, Gallery Veda, who also curated the show. We spoke with two artists, Brajmohan Arya and Kappari Kishan. The other artists are Chandra Morkonda, Devulapally Hanumantha Rao, Kandi Narasimlu, Kiran Varikilla and Manisha Raji, from Hyderabad and Chennai.

                Brajmohan Arya: Illustrating a mix of human emotions and nature, Indore-based Arya is showing six paintings. Using acrylic colors, the 41-year-old artist uses his signature sgraffito technique, where he scratches off layers of paint to reveal layers of motifs. Picking up subjects based on everyday life, he probes human relationships and links to natural forces. Take for example, Flying of Dreams, which features a woman flying mid-air, surrounded by green foliage. ai???It symbolises mankindai??i??s aspiration to prosper,ai??? he explains.

                Kappari Kishan: Combining traditional and modern patterns, Hyderabad-based Kappari Kishan is displaying eight artworks, on canvas and plywood. Basing his creations on a dual narrative, Kishan captures urban Telangana women, set against the backgrounds of Buddha and scenic landscapes. ai???I wanted to draw parallels between my own philosophies (Buddhism) and elements from my Telangana tradition,ai??? Kishan says, referring to his painting of a woman gazing at the Gautamaai??i??s imagery. There are also plywood figurines of Buddha on display.
                Till March 15. At Gallery Veda.
                Details: 43090422

                ai??i??Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

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                  The beloved childrenai??i??s author in a chat on his new novel and whatai??i??s in store for his readers.

                  The first time I was lucky enough to meet Ruskin Bond at close quarters was about ten years ago at a bookshop in Mussoorie. As I pick up the phone to call the 82-year-old at his residence in the hills, his many well attended appearances at literary meetsai??i?? including him singing Sar Jo Mera Chakraye at the Jaipur lit fest this yearai??i??come to mind. Telling me about his morning spent outside an ATM which had no money followed by a lunch with author Gurcharan Das, Bond is his charming self as he speaks to me about his new novel, his writing process and why he doesnai??i??t tweet.

                  New frontiers
                  Bondai??i??s latest, Death Under the Deodars: The Adventures of Miss Ripley Bean, is a collection of stories set in the ai??i??60s and ai??i??70s in Mussoorie. The author starts off by saying, ai???They are not exactly detective stories but sort of mysteries or murders set up here and I told them through the medium of this elderly lady. They are a blend of mystery and humour, and I had fun writing them.ai??? On shifting genres from adventure and romance to murder mysteries, he says, ai???I try doing different things from time to time.ai??? So what is next? ai???Letai??i??s see. I have done poetry, I have done essays, I have done romantic novels. Something wicked, maybe,ai??? he says. And one genre that he would never like to dabble in? ai???Politics,ai??? he laughs.

                  Wording it right
                  The Dehradun-based author, who has been writing for 60-odd years, still writes all his manuscripts by hand. He says that while short stories take a couple of days to be written, a full-fledged novel takes him a few months. A chance remark about Shimla has the author reminiscing, ai???I had a girlfriend in Auckland House. The schoolai??i??s headmistress intercepted one of my soppy love letters and sent it back to my headmaster. I was summoned to his office and told to stop writing letters to ai???girls in Auckland Houseai??i??. I said, ai???Sir, I am not writing to girls, I have only one girl,ai??? he says, with a laugh.

                  Novel ideas Arimidex sale uk
                  Currently working on an autobiography, scheduled to be launched next year, there is also a childrenai??i??s book which is ai???half doneai???. I ask the Room On the Roof author about his all-time favourite writers and we find that he has a long list that includes PG Wodehouse, Agatha Christie, Somerset Maugham and Charles Dickens, besides many others. On his two-tweet strong Twitter account which he opened recently but has hardly used since, he signs off by saying, ai???I am not the twittering sort you know. I donai??i??t have time for it really. And then, who am I to impose my thoughts and views on the rest of the world? If I have something to say, I will put it down on paper.ai???
                  Published by Penguin Random House. Rs 399. Details: amazon.in

                  ai??i??Simar Bhasin

                  0 76

                  A artiste from Washington showcases his brand ofAi?? fusion dance at Kalakshetra. How much is naprosyn without insurance

                  BEST known for interweaving the ornate nuances of Bharatanatyam into modern dance, Washington-based choreographer and dancer Daniel Phoenix Singh is coming to the city with his troupe to perform Sangamamai??i??The Confluence, a three-piece syncretic act. Ahead of his performance, he speaks to us about his artistic journey, Indiaai??i??s contemporary dance scene and more.
                  Epic connection

                  ai???Confluence is a root idea in my danceai??i??whether it is with the audience or with dance forms, the ultimate goal is to make and sustain human connections,ai??? says Singh, who spearheads Dakshina, a 13-year-old dance company in DC. His signature fusion of the two dance forms is reflective of his own life as someone who treasures both his Indian and US identities. Expect specks of poetry, literature, and theater, as the three-act show opens with Chakra, which draws from the stories of how the metaphor serves as a theme in the life of Subhadra (a mythical character in the Indian epic, Mahabharata). The September Sonnet is a modern dance piece choreographed by the late iconic dancer Anna Sokolow. The closing act, Tulsi, explores why women are often pawns in the battles between men and gods. ai???My biggest interest lies in connecting dance to the audience. I donai??i??t think dance can exist in a vacuum,ai??? says Singh, who will be performing with a lineup of about 12 dancers.

                  Dash of hip-hop
                  ai???The artistes working in traditional styles have been charting new grounds in their own work. So the lines between traditional and contemporary are blurring,ai??? says Singh, who sought training for Bharatanatyam under Vannadil Pudiyaveettil and Shanta Dhananjayan in the city. He goes on to speak about promoting the art form in the country. ai???Iai??i??m hopeful that this interest transfers into the artistic pursuits as well and doesnai??i??t just remain as entertainment,ai??? he adds. Inspired by artistes like Leela Samson, Indira Kadambi and Pamela Mathews, Singh has explored a varied palette of styles. Next up, he looks to infuse Tango into his dance form. The choreographer will also be seen tabling a hip-hop workshop with the city-based Swingerai??i??s Dance Company. ai???It will be a fun and interactive class, where the dancers can learn hip-hop and elements that make it unique,ai??? he says.

                  Sangamam on November 21. At Kalakshetra, 7 pm onwards. Hip-hop workshop on November 22, 10 am to 12 pm.
                  Details: 24520836

                  ai??i??Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

                  Buy valium | Buy modafinil onlIne