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EDM fever
December 10 | Beats Per Minute
This young Dutch international is fast gaining recognition as the ai???special oneai??i?? in the DJ fraternity. Jay Hardway, a natural drummer, has shot to fame in no time. After he got positive responses for his collaboration with wonderboy Martin Garrix, heai??i??s climbing his way to reach the number one spot. 7 pm onwards. Early birds at Rs 1,500. Details: in.bookmyshow.com.

LOL riot
December 9 | Heart Cup Coffee
To add some humour to your weekend, head to the Masala Mayhem Comedy Fest. Find the stand-up comics Sonali Thakur from Mumbai, Sanjay Manaktala from Bengaluru and Naveed Mahbub from Dhaka team up with Aamer Peeran and Pooja Vijay Ramamurthi at Heart Cup Coffee, Jubilee Hills, for a rib-tickling evening. At Rs 299, Details: in.bookmyshow.com.

Savoury stories
December 12 | Chowmahalla Palace
Get a slice of culture and history of the city with the SeekSherpa heritage walk. It starts at the Chowmahalla Palace and moves to Charminar and the Mecca Masjid. The route will take you through the hustle and bustle of the Old City, along with stories from the past. Taste the Irani tea, savoury snacks, haleem, and other signature delicacies. Registration for a group of six: Rs 3,500. Details: in.bookmyshow.com.

In focus Olanzapine cost ireland
December 14 | Secunderabad
The Alliance FranAi??aise Hyderabad will showcase the photographs of Aruna Chandaraju, journalist, lensman, translator and contributor to leading Indian publications. She writes on art, culture and travel. Take a look at what this multi-talented artist captured on her travel expeditions. The exhibition will end on December 16. Entry: Free. From 10 am onwards. Details: 27700736.

In cinemas
December 9 | Inox
The much awaited Dhruva, the Telugu remake of Mohan Rajaai??i??s 2015 Tamil blockbuster Thani Oruvan, releases today, starring Ram Charan and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead. Directed by Surender Reddy, the film also has actors Arvind Swamy, Navdeep and Mehaboob Nassar in important roles. Charanai??i??s body transformation is in the spotlight, as he dons the role of an IPS officer and has been trained by celebrity bodybuilder Rakesh Udiyar of Sultan and Dangal fame. The music has been composed by Hiphop Tamizha, who also composed the Tamil tunes. Details:

Blazing sitar
December 11 | Shilpakala Vedika
Get serenaded by sitar virtuoso Anoushka Shankar as she renders music from her new album, Land of Gold. The five-time Grammy Award winner, and one of the leading names in World Music, will be accompanied by well-known international musicians who will play alongside her
on drums, piano and shehnai. Tickets Rs 618 onwards. Details: in.bookmyshow.com.

Street eats
December 13 | Nimrah Cafe & Bakery
Aimed at the foodies, this walk takes you to the streets of Patherghatti. The itinerary also has a spot of shopping at the spice market. The highlights are the street offerings like nahari kulcha, roti kheema and bhaja curry, all of which are famous in Old Hyderabad, with the famous biryani for dinner. Registration for a group of 10 people is Rs 10,999. Details: in.bookmyshow.com.

Rock on
December 15 | Hard Rock Cafe
A five-piece rock band that originated in the jam rooms of a memberai??i??s house, Leela Fireworks prides itself on
quirky song covers as well as some hard-hitting original compositions that vary from hard to punk rock. The band comprises of Abhay Rao, Raul Das, Anantha Krishna, Aditya Bhargav and Harshit Madan. Catch them live at Hard Rock Cafe from 8.30 pm onwards. Tickets: Rs 1,500. Details: in.bookmyshow.com.

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    Aces high
    December 10 | Hyderabad
    Luminaries from the world of Tennis will converge at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium this weekend. Alongside homegrown stars like Sania Mirza (Indian Aces), powerhouses like Serena Williams (Singapore Slammers), Tomas Berdych (UAE Royals) and Kei Nishikori (Japan Warriors) are expected to hit the court, during the finals of the third edition of the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL). Rs 6,000 onwards. Details: kyazoonga.com

    Comedy central
    December 11 | Museum Theatre
    Mumbai-based comedian Zakir Khan comes to the city for the first time. To be presented in Hindi and English with Evam Standup Tamasha, he will speak about relationships and matters of privacy. December 11. Tickets from Rs 500 onwards on in.bookmyshow.com

    Up in the air
    December 14 | Sera
    ai???I love to travel because…ai??i?? ai??i?? complete this sentence in the best way possible, and stand a chance to win a trip to Madrid. Drop into Sera ai??i?? The Tapas Bar and Restaurant, complete the sentence and drop the form in a box at the restaurant. (Also, check out their new menu, which includes potato bravas and prawn and baked beans). The winner will get a couple ticket to Madrid. Contest open till December 31. Details: 28111462

    House music moguls
    December 15 | Online
    With top international artistes like Jody Wisternoff and Yotto on the bill, the uber-popular British record label Anjunadeep flies down to its spiritual home in Goa. Book your tickets now as this four-day festival ends only on New Yearai??i??s Eve. From December 28-31. At Waters Beach Lounge, Vagator. Rs 4,000 onwards. Details: submerge.in.

    At the movies
    December 9 | The Cinema The man behind Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Aditya Chopra is back with Befikre, starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor. The story is about the adventures of Dharam (Singh) and Shyra (Kapoor) who meet in Paris and end up in a roller-coaster of a romance. Music by Vishal-Shekhar. Details: 42244224.

    Eye for art
    December 12 | Kochi
    Helmed by internationally renowned contemporary artist Sudharshan Shetty, the third edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale begins
    in a few days. While adhering to a curatorial theme of ai???forming in the pupil of an eyeai??i??, art lovers can expect a mix of disciplines from poetry to installations with almost 36 Indian artistes and 97 international artistes. More on P 16-17.

    Cat costa crestor 20 mg Sunitaai??i??s show
    December 13 | Amethyst
    New Delhi-based designer Sunita Shanker will showcase her collection of tunics, jackets, cropped tops, saris, kurta sets, dresses, skirts
    and more at Amethyst. Made with materials like silk and chanderi, the collection features colours such as indigo, blue, crimsom, scarlet, fuchsia and ebony. Prices from Rs 7,500 to Rs 30,000. Till December 13.
    Details: 45991630

    In the ring
    December 11 | UFC
    Gear up for the upcoming featherweight bout between Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis, titled UFC 206. The mixed martial arts bout will headline the event, to be followed by other bouts such as Donald Cerrone vs Matt Brown, Cub Swanson vs Doo Hoo Choi, and more.
    At the Air Canada Centre, Toronto. On Sony Six and Sony Six HD. Details: ufc.com.

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      The weekend may have started off like any other, with us lookingAi?? forward to the start of Christmas festivities, maybe indulge in a little retail therapy, and perhaps catch a few shows as well. But all such thoughts were forgotten with the news of our Chief Ministerai??i??s passing, leaving the city in a state of shock. From the quiet and desolate streets outside, to the outpouring of feelings on social media, itai??i??s safe to say that her impact was great, and many find themselves pondering over the future. We spoke with some of the cityai??i??s prominent personalities, many of who have cancelled their events as a mark of respect.

      Tamil Nadu politics will never be the same without Amma, who was an inspiring, iconic and visionary leader. An era has come to an end. The lull in the city is very understandable. In spite of the passing of one of our greatAi?? leaders, there has been calm and peace in the city, which is incredible, and the police force has worked tirelessly round the clock. Being a neighbour of Amma for the last 20 years in Poes Garden, I have watched her convoyAi?? of cars go by every day. There is a hugeAi?? vacuum now and Poes Garden will neverAi?? be the same without her.

      Vidya Singh
      Wedding Planner, Sumyog
      It is a sad time for our state, with the passing of J Jayalalithaa ai??i?? an iconic fearless leader who was loved and worshipped with an almost cult status. With due respect to her demise, several events in our city have been cancelled. Among these events was a visit by Ritu Kumar, who was to talk to us about herAi?? journey with textiles and her involvement with the revival of ancient embroidery, and the art of zardozi work.

      Sameer Sethi
      Event organiser
      The ones who love us never really leave us! Our beloved Amma was an excellent administrator, and a messiah of the poor and needy. Loved, respected and adored by the masses, she was a larger-than-life personality for all of us in Tamil Nadu. Her demise has left a void in our lives, and in our hearts. Her legacy will live on with us, and we need to carry her work forward. She was truly an inspiration.

      Shweta Mahtani
      Curator, Big Feed
      As a mark of respect to a true and powerful leader of her own merit and her own making, who has done a lot for women and young girls,Ai?? we at Big Feed have postponed our launch to a later date, when we are all in a better frame of mind.
      ai??i??Ai?? paloma@newindianexpress.com Order dramamine patch

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      Gold is not the most expensive substance in this world. Sorry, it ainai??i??t platinum either. Nor diamonds. If you cared to look beyond the test tubes in your chemistry lab, youai??i??d know by now that itai??i??s Californium. The element number 98 apparently costs $27 million per gram. But those who dug out this figure perhaps didnai??i??t know that our planet produces just half a gram of the substance in a whole year. Thatai??i??s why it costs a bomb.
      Talking of elements, you must have read by now that we have four new entrants in the periodic table: Nihonium (Nihon translates to Japan), Moscovium (a nod to Moscow), Tennessine (after Tennessee), and Oganassian (homage to scientist Yuri Ogansasian). If youai??i??re wondering when weai??i??ll have a Delhium or Bangalorium, Iai??i??ll make your day by revealing that at least two chemical elements owe their names to Sanskrit. They are ai???Berylliumai??i?? (from the green gem Vaidurya) and Sulphur (from Sanskrit word shulbari meaning ai???copperai??i??s enemyai??i??). Bet you didnai??i??t know that.

      Actually, thereai??i??s a lot they didnai??i??t teach us in the classroom. For example, I never knew that copper is the only element thatai??i??s naturally anti-bacterial. Maybe thatai??i??s why our forefathers stored water in copper jars. Another thing I didnai??i??t know is, J and Q are the only letters missing from the periodic table.

      Had our teachers got to the root of element names, weai??i??d have probably shown as much interest as Dmitri Mendeleev and remembered the entire thing. Anyways, itai??i??s never too late to make a start.

      To my knowledge, there are 10 elements named after places of origin. Copper,Ai?? for example, is derived from Cyprus, and Scandium from Scandinavia. Nine are odes to heavenly bodiesai??i??Helium (Sun), Selenium (Moon), Mercury. Tellurium (Earth), Uranium (Uranus), Neptunium (Neptune), Plutonium (Pluto), Palladium (Pallas) and Cerium (Ceres). Eight get their appellations from scientistsai??i??Einsteinium, Bohrium, Fermium, Roentgenium, Copernicium Curium, Rutherfordium, and Nobelium.

      Mythical characters had their share:Ai?? Tantalum (Tantalus), Vanadium (Vanadis, Norse goddess of beauty), Thorium (Thor) and Titanium (Titans). Colours also had their say: Indicum (Indigo), Iodine (Violet), Rhodium (Rose) and Zirconium (Gold). Among the quirkiest ones is Gallium. Itai??i??s a pun on the surname of the discoverer Paul Emil Lecoq. Le Coq is French for the ai???Roosterai??i?? which happens to be ai???Gallusai??i?? in Latin. Also, his homeland was France (referred to as ai???Galliaai??i?? by the Romans). Hope that passed your litmus test of news you can use!

      Anantha Narayan

      Got anything explosive to say? Mail your chemical reactions to anantha@albertdali.com Where to buy kamagra oral jelly in canada

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        Buy carafate liquid Using the science ofAi?? Phonemic Intelligence,Ai?? Elaine Kueper plans toAi?? change the lives ofAi?? kids in rural India.

        ELAINE Kueperai??i??s story is as scientific as it is emotional. Triggered by a personal low over two decades ago, when her husband separated from her, she turned to Baskaran Pillai, of the Tripura Foundation, for help. He introduced her to the world of Phonemic Intelligence (PI), a unique method of using vibrations of the vocal chords to activate inner areas of the brain. The organisation collaborates with educational institutions, corporates, NGOs and governments who implement this science-based tool in their curriculum and schedules.

        EQ enhancing
        ai???Phonemic Intelligence involves recognising the smallest unit of sound by making specific sounds. These sounds activate a centrally-located region in the brain called anterior cingulate, involved in a humanai??i??s emotional regulation, learning and memory. Once activated, it consequently makes the mind calmer, and improves our ability to learn and concentrate,ai??? explains Kueper, who has been conducting these sessions for rural children across the country for over two decades.

        Goan collab
        Now, the 54-year-old American isAi?? planning to change the lives of many a rural child in Goa, courtesy her latest collaboration with the Goan government. ai???We have done pilot tests in around 20 rural schools in the state, and weai??i??re waiting for the results. Based on these, the government will decide whether to permanently implement the practice into the curricula or not,ai??? she reveals. ai???Most of the children that I teach this method to are from less-privileged families. However, that does not mean it cannot be used by anyone else. Baskaran Pillai and his teams take care of spreading the reach of PI in other quarters of the population as well,ai??? she assures.
        Details: tripurafoundation.org.

        ai??i?? Karan Pillai

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          As a compelling influencer and a symbol of feminism, the erstwhile Chief Ministerai??i??s wardrobe sense has always kept pace with her iconic status.

          When thousands gathered at the Marina Beach this Tuesday to bid adieu to one of the stateai??i??s most loved chief ministers, we lost more than just a political leader. A powerful style icon, be it in politics or films, the charismatic J Jayalalithaa has been a trailblazer for feminism. From her contemporary fashion sense in her Tamil debut film, Vennira Aadai (1965) to becoming the Iron Lady of Tamil Nadu who made the simple sari a symbol of power today ai??i?? she firmly stood her ground in the patriarchal environment. We pay tribute to her sense of style that represents more than mere fashion as we trace the five-time Chief Minister Jayalalithaaai??i??s iconic looks over the years.

          Cape code
          The high-collared cape era of 1993 offers a combination of style and functionality. Rumoured to have concealed a bullet-proof vest, Ammaai??i??s reason for her latest wardrobe addition was a simple, ai???I like it.ai??? Colour coordinated with her saris, her first stint as CM saw a profusion of heavy brocades and vibrant colours. ai???I believe she carried forward style into her political life as well. I remember, during her stint as Chief Minister, her signature style was a high-collared cape that you never saw any other politician wearing.ai???

          ai??i??Chaitanya Rao, fashion designer

          Plaid affair Purchase azulfidine
          The trend of snazzy plaid has marked a return over the last couple of years. Fashion forward in the mid-1960s, this chequered capri in shades of red and black, was a style statement for young Jayalalithaa. Teamed with a cream tank top and chunky jewellery, the outfit makes for a picture-perfect photo shoot with the young starlet. ai???For me the most iconic look would be her in those capris. It was a bold fashion choice for a young actress to try in that day and age.ai???

          ai??i??Sidney Sladen, fashion designer

          Deep cool
          Keeping up with the glamour of being a child actor and the star power expected of her, Jayalalithaaai??i??s choice to stick to single, deep-toned saris with delicate borders personified the confidence she exuded. Her solid-colour saris, which were always perfectly draped and never creased, in addition to her clear skin and perfect eyebrows, characterised the person she was ai??i?? enigmatic and classy. ai???Jayalalithaaai??i??s fashion, once she entered politics, was an extension of herself. Her choice of solid colours radiated the tenacity and poise she carried herself with through her career.ai???

          ai??i??Vivek Karunakaran, fashion designer

          Egyptian spell
          Known for breaking fashion stereotypes in the movies, it was Jayalalithaaai??i??s look in Kaavalkaaran that was a conversation starter. Donned in an embellished crop top, the actress went all glam in 1967, in which she carried a Cleopatra-like resemblance. With the right amount of Egyptian regality and urban heroine charm, she displayed a formidable onscreen persona. ai???Ninaithen vandhai was too cool for 1967. In the song, sheai??i??s wearing a long skirt and totally rocked the look. The style and charm that she emulated is unparalleled.ai???

          ai??i?? Karun Raman, fashion, choreographer and stylist

          Floral prints
          While her fashion sensibilities never strayed from the traditional six yards, Jayalalithaaai??i??s foray into politics was a subtle take on the star that she was. A half-and-half printed sari made of large handblock prints, detailed with smaller flowers, accentuated that affluent and grand quality about her.

          ai???Jayalalithaaai??i??s love for saris isnai??i??t unknown. She went from the pretty printed silks to the heavier crepes as time went by and as her public image transformed. The printed sari phase with those floral prints and bright colours, teamed with her long braids was a very pretty look and it showed a sense of innocence and vulnerability that we rarely got to see later. She had a pretty and youthful face and naturally she pulled that look off really well. As time went by, we saw the florals change to solid colours and change in fabric as well. Her sense of style in some sense mirrored her transformation as a person as well.ai???

          ai??i??Rehane, fashion designer

          ai??i??Team Indulge

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            This Buy actonel 35mg festive season, put your best foot forward for the marathon of parties on the calendar

            Winter has come and thereai??i??s a nip in the air, we hear. DefinitelyAi?? the season for boots, especially when we have the nod from actressesAi?? like Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, who have been spotted sporting the ankle kind in velvet and leather.

            Buckle up
            Tom Fordai??i??s latest offering is the buckled stretch-leather pair. With a sock-like upper, the boots feature brown andAi?? black buckles with a sleek and structural heel. Team it with a skirt and you are good to go. Rs 1,62,816 approximately. At DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Details: 011 141033059.

            Glam diva
            Marc Jacobsai??i?? latest fall collection gave us these glam ai???Camillaai??i?? golden boots. Made from smooth leather, the boots are covered in shimmering gold glitter, and are sure to steal the spotlight this party season. You won’t have any discomfort dancing all night long, thanks to the low block heels. Rs 26,814 approximately. DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Details: 9999997070.

            Go nude
            The beige Louis Vuitton boots made of nubuck calf leather and plain calf leather is a strappy number with intricate gold metal details. The
            mix of dark colours makes it an interesting pick for a feisty look.Ai??Ai?? Rs 1,24,230 approximately. At UB City Mall, Bengaluru.Details: 080 42460000.

            Cherry blossoms
            Aldoai??i??s Sully floral block-heeled ankle boots in jacquard material has a woven-in design that gives the pair an edgy look. The wine colour adds a vintage European touch and will make for a flashy addition to your year ending ensemble. Rs 8,589 approximately. At Phoenix MarketCity, Velachery. Details: 30083651.

            College chic
            This varsity-style pair of boots is part of Christian Louboutinai??i??s fall/winter 2016 Collegissima collection. With a yellow crest patch, the classic black calf leather pair is a certified conversation starter. Rs 72,264 approximately. At DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Details:Ai?? 011 41017111.

            Black velvet
            Go gypsy with Pradaai??i??s black velvet boots from the latest fall collection. The red glossy leather wedge heel is embellished with a gold anchor, comets and flowers, while the lace-up front adds to that wanderlust vibe. This made in Italy piece will make heads turn. Rs 1,14,929 approximately. Details: net-a-porter.com.

            Hot chocolate
            Burberryai??i??s brown textured-leather ones are the classics to have this season, and will give you that biker girl look. The shearling-lined pair has
            a spongy rubber soleAi?? and comes with a zip fastening on the side and buckle-fastening ankle strap. Rs 43,073
            approximately. At Express Avenue, Royapettah. Details: 28464135.

            Crimson canvas
            Heading to a Christmas party? Mark your entrance with these red perforated suede Jimmy Chooai??i??s boots, called Maurice. Artsy cut outs add a novel edge to this pairAi?? and the zip on the rear ensures a snug fit.Ai?? If you enjoy a packed social calendar, this medium stiletto makes for the perfect club-hopping companion. Rs 67,335 approximately. At DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Details: 011 46609069

            Text: Saloni Sinha

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              Quilt conscience
              Ideal for winters, this Wildcraft Light
              Quilt Jacket is a wardrobe essential. Specially designed for cold and wet December, this jacket is water-repellent. With a fit that aids non-restrictive movement, this is a perfect buy for the season. Available in blue, grey-orange and black. Rs 2,995. Details: wildcraft.in.

              School runnings
              Vansai??i?? new Old Skool collection brings back solid colours and prints like the iconic chequerboard, nebula mountain and florals. Available in leather and suede options, the shoes come in predominantly dark tones with colours like eclipse, ivy green and iron brown, besides neons and pastels. Rs 1,999 at Lulu Mall, Kochi. Details: 7034356256.

              Lustre and desire Zetia generic alternatives
              Enticeai??i??s new 9-to-5 collection will make for a sleek addition to your daily ensemble. Each set of earrings and necklaces comes bejewelled with diamonds, white and rosegold geometric motifs. Despite being minimalistic, the lustre goes well with celebratory outfits too. Rs 2,50,000 at their Bengaluru boutique. Details: 080 40948644.

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                Designer Krishna Mehta debuts her kidsai??i?? wear line and a new ramp collection for the city

                This week, the city will have an overdose of Krishna Mehtaai??i??s designs. Showcasing her latestAi?? collection straight off the ramp from Amazon Fashion Week, Curious Alice is flamboyant and theatrical. A shift from herAi?? previous collection that was in the city last month, which featured a muted palette. We caught up with Mehta, and her daughter Natasha, as they gear up for two different exhibits in the city.

                Showcasing at Collage today, the new series is inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic, and examines the designerai??i??s journey through uncharted territories. Though this self-confessed romantic usually makes her way through Varanasi, Pochampalli, and Manipur, amongAi?? other weaving centres for fabrics, it was the bold colours and fabrics of Maheshwar that did the trick. ai???During the 10 days I spent at Maheshwar, the way the cuts and silhouettes began to fall into place amazed me,ai??? says Mehta. Featuring different kinds of silk and cotton blends, Curious Alice is a mixture of detailed embroidery work and chequered Maheshwari fabric that manifests as tunics, saris with full-sleeve blouses, peplum tops with
                plunging neckline and narrow skirts. (Price: `8,000 onwards.)

                Meanwhile, Mehta and Natasha are also set to bring their childrenai??i??s apparel line, Little KM, to the city. The Mumbai-based label will flaunt large lapel jackets, narrow dhoti pants and cape-style dresses at a two-day event beginning today. Even as Little KM makes its city debut, Mehta tells us that father and son, and mother and daughter co-ords are topping
                fashion trends. Rs 2,500 onwards.

                Meet the designers at Collage, December 9-10, from 11 am onwards. Details: 28291443.

                Rebecca Vargese Levlen ed price australia

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                  After testing fashion trends at exhibitions, The S-Studio is openingAi?? a storefront in the city

                  The sari is her canvas. Literally. Subhashini Srinivasan, designer and owner of The S-Studio ai??i?? which opens this Sunday ai??i?? strives to showcase the art of fabric painting through her collections. From depicting scenes of rural India with Pattachitra paintings to touching upon the more familiar Kalamkari motifs, the 49-year-oldAi?? is also championing the cause of sustainable fashion and handmade saris. Having started in the year 2013 by participating in exhibitions, she was ready to set up a brick and mortar store early this year to showcase her collection. ai???Exhibitions are a seasonal phenomenon. ToAi?? maintain a steady clientele, you need to set up shop.ai???

                  Colour of passion
                  Set against a backdrop of neutral tones, the 1,100 sq.ft boutique is divided into sections for exclusive saris like Kanchipuram, for
                  handcrafted ethnic saris and for casual wear saris. Srinivasan hints that her stint as a graphic designer provided her with an understanding of colours and patterns. ai???The store is designed in such a way that the colour of each sari stands out.ai??? The boutique will soon launch its
                  festive collection, featuring heavy Kanjeevarams with pure zari ai??i?? the flavour of this season, in vivid shades of red, orange and pink.

                  Nombre generico de coreg Weave come so far

                  While the engineer-turned-designer picks organza for summer saris, her current collection reflects the ongoing Marghazi season. Expect Kanjeevaram silks with kalamkari applique, soft silks with mudra motifs and hand-painted musical instruments on raw silks. Sourcing her fabrics from various weaving hubs in the country, she tells us that, ai???We have limited editions of our designs. Customers donai??i??t mind the wait since a handwoven piece is pure art.ai??? Offering saris that range from traditional hand-woven Kajeevarams with light zaris, Mecca silk, soft silk, raw silk and kota silk, Srinivasan is also looking to diversify into semi-stitched materials.
                  Price: Rs 2,500 onwards.
                  Details: 9840476171

                  ai??i?? Rebecca Vargese

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