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    The rarest of handwoven carpets are up for purchase. Cheap diakofakboy

    Carpet collector Danny Mehraai??i??s passion runs deep. He romanticises carpets to such an unfathomable extent that he has named his beloved pet dogs after his hobby. The male dog is named Tulu, after the Turkish long-piled and large-knot rug. The female dog is named Luri, after the Persian tribe of carpet weavers from South-Western Iran. ai???Itai??i??s been 25 years since I started collecting and have probably seen a million carpets so far. But the more I learn, I believe the less I know,ai??? says Mehra who will be hosting his tenth exhibition-cum-sale of carpets titled Carpet Stories, that showcases select pieces from his personal collection at Rain Tree this weekend.

    Mehra has now taken up this hobby full-time. ai???I spend at least 12 hours every day, reading and researching about carpets, following international auctions and collectors,ai??? he says. Evidently, his collection is a mix of the best woven carpets from the five regions of Armenia-Azerbaijan (Caucasian), Iran (tribal-nomadic), Turkish (tribal Anatolian) and Central Asia (the Stans countries) ai??i?? the hubs of native carpet weavers. He will be showcasing 80 pieces at the exhibition. One of them is a vintage piece thatai??i??s over 200 years old.

    Undoubtedly, Mehra takes pride in having developed an eye to identify such authentic pieces. ai???There are two important components to identify an authentic handwoven piece ai??i?? the composition is never rigid, it is disorganised with spontaneous designs by women weavers who improvised as they progressed. Secondly, tribal carpets are woven with a tie and knot and you cannot expect ai???so manyai??i?? knots per square inch like factory pieces,ai??? explains the seasoned collector. With Central Asia marred by political disturbances, the art of handwoven carpets is nearly extinct, a fact elaborated by a New York Times report. ai???The only authentic pieces available are with collectors,ai??? concludes Mehra. Rs 40,000 upwards. December 9-10. At Rain Tree, Vasanth Nagar. Details: 22340365

    ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum

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    Indiaai??i??s cultural landmarks come alive in a new book Price of voveran injection

    THE WORDS ai??i?? chaos, raunaq (Hindi for ai???an atmosphere of excitementai??i??), bazaar, congested, dirty, etc. ai??i?? are often associated with the traditional Indian city,ai??? suggests the mythologist and author Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, in a Foreword to the book Celebrating Public Spaces of India. The average Indian city, he says, unites multiple layers of ai???activities, rituals and multivalent functions which coexist in harmony despite the apparent chaosai???. Compiled by the architects Archana Gupta and Anshuman Gupta, the new release by Mapin Publishing focuses on ideas of the ai???public spaceai??? and ai???evolving modes of urbanismai??? in India. In chapters covering public buildings and monument plazas, city squares and cultural spaces, city-level urban parks, bazaar streets and market places, waterfront and religious spaces, and heritage monuments, the authors document Indiaai??i??s cultural landmarks.

    The attempt was to highlight spaces that are ai???naturally activated and happening as a city-level public space (despite any/all odds),ai??? offers another essay. ai???These spaces may not conform to urban planning, but within their own frameworks are essential landmarks.ai???
    Patnaik elaborates on his concept of cities as ai???a combination of organic (slums) and inorganic (planned)ai???. These forces need to be appreciated in an integrated manner, he says. The first step to that end would be to leaf through this book, to gain a broader understanding of Indiaai??i??s cultural histories.

    Celebrating Public Spaces of India, Mapin Publishing, Rs 1,800. Details: mapinpub.in

    ai??i??Team Indulge

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      Haldol buy Freeze It adds a twist to nitrogen-based ice creams with an array of natural flavoursAi??

      If Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford had been alive, he would have perhaps been pleased to see his discovery getting its due. The chemical element, nitrogen, seems to have become the darling ingredient of chefs. Its omnipresence in the culinary circuit can either delight or irk you. So when Freeze It opened as the newest joint serving nitrogen-based ice cream, it just left us perplexed. To try or not to try.

      Nitro boost
      But they promise us more than just nitrogen. You can choose the colour of your ice cream (extracted from natural ingredients) and make your own combination of flavours, and opt for sugarless ice cream as well.This is what led us to their outlet in Jayanagar. While we waited for our turn to order, Divya Jagadesh, one of the co-founders explained how different nitrogen-based ice cream is. ai???Itai??i??s lush, smooth, and creamier. The science behind is that, liquid nitrogen freezes ice cream instantly and we serve it on the spot. So the ice crystals are smaller and intact. In comparison, regular ice cream texture is grainy, because the crystals expand in size when melted and frozen again,ai??? elaborates Jagadesh, who along with her sister-in-law, Pranitha Badrinath opened the Waffle Stories in 2014.
      Chatpata chill
      Happy to have discovered the secret behind the nitrogen-based ice cream concept, we decided to place our order. But it isnai??i??t as easy as we thought it would be. With over 24 flavours to choose from, it seemed quite a task. Classic flavours apart, it was the list of Indian flavours that caught our attention ai??i?? Chilli Guava, and Tangy Imli, for instance. We decided to start with one of their most popular flavours ai??i?? Chatpata Aam (Sweet nai??i?? sour, tangy raw mango). The cold tanginess of raw mango combined with the piquant chaat masala and the crackle of the crunchy cone reminded us of summer afternoons. Next, we tried the Mojito, with a twist. Instead of going with its natural colour, we requested for a shocking pink hue. Finally, it was the turn of the most innovative flavour on the menu ai??i?? Marvels. This one is a combination of Kit Kat, Snickers, Gems, Oreo, chocochips, nuts and chocolate sauce. All these are added with the base (milk, cream and sugar syrup), whipped for a few seconds and frozen with -360 degree liquid nitrogen. Apart from the ice cream combos, Freeze It also serves freshly made waffles paired with ice cream. This place is for ice cream addicts, and is sure to spoil you with its creamy options. Rs 300 upwards for two. At 4th Block, Jayanagar. Details: 9008175321.

      ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum

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        Raise a toast
        Whitefield Socialai??i??s week-long anniversary celebrations are coming to an end. For just `365 you can have unlimited drinks for one hour. Choose from whisky, vodka, rum, gin, beer and Socialai??i??s all-time signature, Trip on the Drip. Tonight, 7 pm. At Whitefield. Details: 40515253.

        Santaai??i??s kitchen
        The Leela Palace Hotels organises Breakfast with Santa. Children can meet Santa and help him as he cooks up a breakfast spread which will include rolls, pancakes, waffles, cookies and more. `1,600++. Tomorrow, 8 am. At Old Airport Road. Details: 25211234.

        Baking diaries
        Cakelicious organises a workshop on eggless cakes and pastries. The session teaches participants to make vanilla, chocolate, marble, butterscotch cakes and more. Along with printed baking manual, participants can take home samples of the cakes. `1,000. December 14, 10 am. At Mahadevpura. Details: 9886094406.

        Choco overload Buy voveran sr
        Jusai??i?? Trufs introduces an exclusive and unique Chocolate Tour. Learn how cocoa is grown, how chocolate is made and the art of tempering your own fine chocolate. Also in store is a chocolate tasting session and other activities. Tomorrow, 3 pm. At Jakkur. Details: 9886166468.

        Street eats
        Dot.Yum organises a street food festival. On offer are favourites like paani puri, and vada pav, which will be served at live stations. Dig into authentic kebabs as well. `1,299. December 14, 7pm. At Aloft, Whitefield. Details: 39511628.

        Xai??i??mas trail
        Biere Street hosts a Gala Christmas Market. An indulgent Christmas menu that includes a variety of puddings, cocktails and custards will be available. Also enjoy live music performances and shop for interesting products at their pop-up market. Entry free. December 11, 12 pm. At Whitefield. Details: 9845887454.


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          Kahaani 2
          Director: Sujoy Ghosh
          Cast: Vidya Balan, Arjun Rampal
          This is gripping tale about an affectionate mother who is frazzled about her daughterai??i??s kidnapping. The movies is not exactly a sequel to the 2012 Kahani, as it was touted to be but Vidya Balan yet again carries the entire film on her shoulders. Arjun Rampalai??i??s performance and the spell-binding background score complement the racy thriller until the end. An impressive first half but a cliched climax. Watch it for the performances!
          ai??i?? TI

          Buy antabuse online Moana
          Directors:Ron Clements, Don Hall,
          John Musker, Chris Williams
          Voice cast: Auliai??i??i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson,
          Rachel House, Temuera Morrison
          Disney is back with another animation film that will be remembered for long. Moana, the adorable princess of an island is on a mission to find Maui the demi-god who stole the heart of Te Fiti, the goddess of creation. Inspired from a Polynesian legend, this tale focuses on the brave-heart that Moana is. The interesting screenplay and creative animation make this film a must-watch.
          ai??i?? Team Indulge

          Director: Denis Villeneuve
          Cast: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner
          This science-fiction film, based on a short story by Ted Chiang, follows a linguist and a theoretical physicist as they make contact with an alien fleet hovering over our planet. Adams has given a stellar performance and the intelligent plot is designed to make the viewer think hard.

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